Pair of 2-Year-Olds Dead After Colliding and “Going Over the Rail” at Fort Pierre

The Associated Press reports that a pair of 2-year-olds are dead after colliding and going “over the rail” during a race Saturday at the Stanley Country Fairgrounds (South Dakota). Dying, horrifically, in the same race is not all By Mistake and Bhr Flash and Fly shared, however: Both were born on April 29, 2014; both made their racing debuts at that same track on April 30 – a mere seven days prior to their death runs.

Incidentally, the chart on this one offered not one hint as to what befell these equine babes. The complete note for each: “lost rider.” Imagine – two horses collide, go over the rail, break legs, are euthanized – probably where they lay – and all the chartwriter has to say on the matter is “lost rider.” They don’t care, folks. They simply don’t care.

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  1. I think we can all assume that the reporters of this industry deliberately avoid using such terms as: killed in action. sent to their murder. snapped its legs off. collapsed and died. whipped until it dropped and died. blood pouring from its compound fracture of the tibia while it laid in agony. vet late on scene while horror unfolds (more common than you think). thrashing in pain waiting for the needle.
    So it doesn’t surprise me when they resort to such generic terms as: vanned-off. lost rider.
    These terms present a very inhumane, pain, and suffering scenario as a tidy present, but this is horse racing.
    Thanks for all your dedication Patrick.

    • 2 yr olds racing. The racing industry is as greedy as the guys that buy horses for slaughter.
      horses are horribly mistreated and owners, breeders, trainers just Move on. Like a broken piece of machinery with no heart.

  2. I’m not sure where to post this but I came across an article from 2014 stating that prominent owners and trainers would be releasing horses vet records to the public through the jockey club website only one problem I can’t find this information at any place I look so my question is this is this just another bullshit ploy by the industry or did this actually take place n happen curious to see wha5 I can find….thank you all once again for you honesty integrity n most important your morality as a human being from what I can see no person with actual moral values would take part in this nonsense no dirty dollar is worth an animals life and we’ll being

    • Billy, to this day the industry continue to protect the vet records as “private.”
      Even when countless racehorses die, especially in multiple drug violating Trainer’s barns, they still won’t release the records citing “privacy” laws.
      This is absolute bullshit. For one thing, thousands of vets across the country share domestic cat and dog vet records. So the industry conveniently, and deliberately ensures that this doesn’t happen for several reasons: 1. Lawsuits. When a jockey is injured or killed the family can file a wrongful death lawsuit. Very few have. When they do it’s always settled out of court prior to the vet records being exposed. 2. the owners of this industry are usually well aware that their horses are being doped up on a regular basis. So the owners don’t want their fancy hats, and mint julep image tarnished. In order to keep owners investing, they must protect them from the “ugliness” of this business. 3. Vet records would expose the excessive, and daily use of doping in order to keep lame horses filling races, and running.
      It would be a nightmare for this industry if vet records were made public.
      That said, a recent PETA video of top Trainer Steve Asmussen’s daily racing operations showed just how extensive the ongoing doping is. Video’s don’t lie. On YouTube if you care to watch.
      For years, insiders of the industry who left, myself included, were exposing the dirty little secrets of this industry. The industry kept refuting it. They even implemented an extensive character assassination on me by saying that I was crazy, and upset that I was not successful in the industry!
      These people are dirty, and there are no limitations as to what they will do to keep their ongoing slaves making money for them.
      So the video blew the lid off their doping culture. Thank-you PETA. I was redeemed.
      Now you would think they would acknowledge, and immediately implement change after this video was exposed??
      No, not this industry. Instead, they turned around and actually indicted Steve Asmussen to their Racing Hall of Fame!
      A nice follow-up to this is that they allowed a multiple drug violating Trainer who has many racehorses die in his care return to Training and actually win this years Kentucky Derby!
      This is astounding. All l can say is that I feel so sorry for the profit slaves (the racehorses) of this industry.
      This industry consistently sends a loud and clear message that the ongoing doping, abuse, animal cruelty, excessive whipping when tired, dumping when no longer profitable, breeding irresponsibly, and excessively is all okay by them.
      There’s no amount of fancy hats, and mint juleps that can justify this blatant animal cruelty, slavery ring, and death camp.

      • Gina thank you for the response. I am well aware of all the information provided I have watched the peta video previously I am a bit confused though not much one for knowing laws I am aware of the record transfers for cats and dogs from my own experience resently I transfered my dog from one vet to another and to my surprise they already had every bit of information on him my instant thought was horse racing so how does this work with the privacy deal if one vet can disclose information to another on my own personal dog that I own without my consent no problems does this work the same in horse racing say I purchase a racehorse from an owner or claim that horse now that I am that horses owner am I privy to those records on that horse or is that still part of the privacy deal I’m aware that if one trainer claims a horse from another those vet records are not transfered correct? I realize hundreds of vets could have given this horse medication but say there was only one vet taking care of this horse would you be able to obtain those records legally once you own that horse thank you all once again for your knowledge and information I’m trying to learn here the more knowledge I have the better I can stand up to this bullshit cause at this moment that’s all horse racing is to me a bunch of bullshit for a old stinky dollar I want it changed for the horses and will do my damnest to make that happen cause where I live in pa even with all scandals doping cheating off shore bets and every thing else that goes on that the commision track and all parties involved know about I don’t believe it’s going away any time soon at least in pa they get bailed out by slot revenue n why is that cause nobody cares about horseracing can’t say for parx but penn is always empty wagering is way down across the state something like 75 percent in ten years it’s a shame

      • The key issue here is “owners consent to release records.” For example, when you had your dog records transferred you probably signed a consent form at your new vet office authorizing them to acquire those records.
        In horse racing, any time an owner is asked to consent for release of the vet records – they refuse. It seems obvious that the reason why they refuse gets back to my previous explanations: 1. Lawsuits 2. Owner Image 3. Owner investment.
        Essentially, the industry protects the owners who, in many cases, are complacent either directly or indirectly to both equine, and human injuries – sometimes death.
        Moreover, the fact that the industry doesn’t transfer records equates to a racehorse being repeatedly subjected to invasive procedures such as needles, doping, and diagnostics.
        So if a potential new racehorse owner was aware of previous medical issues then few would purchase it and this would upset their entire disposal system known as the “claiming ranks.”
        For the racehorse – it’s a life of misery involving regular doping in order to fill races, keep them running, and generating profit.
        When a racehorse is repeatedly treated for the same issue there is no way to determine how serious that issue is because nobody knows the medical history when the racehorse has changed hands. In many cases, racehorses do change Owners and/or Trainers so there’s nothing to compare it to. You can’t tell whether the injury is getting worse or better if you don’t have the original details.
        So that hairline fracture is now a bone getting primed for breaking or that bowed tendon is about to separate from the bone. In short, a disaster waiting to happen.
        It’s just standard vet, and safety practice to share domestic pet records, and these pets are not running 45 miles per hour on probably previous injuries with a human being on their back. The current system in place is insanity. It sets up disaster for both human, and equine athlete.
        The current policy of not releasing previous medical records for racehorses is, essentially, playing Russian Roulette with their lives. Sadly, they have become a disposable commodity for this industry it seems as they scoop up the dead, and replace them with more accidents waiting to happen.
        Heck, the Trainers who order the administration of dope via the vets don’t even have to keep records of the medication in many racing jurisdictions! This should be standard operating procedure, and these med records should be available at any time for inspection, and mandatory anytime a racehorse breaks down.
        Yet again, this industry deliberately, and repeatedly ignores the plight of racehorses. Any time they actually do something it’s usually to cover-up the doping, death, and destruction instead of trying to prevent it.
        The results of their deliberate inaction or lip service is to maintain a system for profit resulting in the extensive death list posted on this blog.

      • Gina thank you for the education you are so right about the dreaded claiming game n the fact of the way the current system is set up is insanity it makes no sense to me it’s a shame this sport is about the money influence and that is it I wasnt aware of thisHeck, the Trainers who order the administration of dope via the vets don’t even have to keep records of the medication in many racing jurisdictions! That essentially means to me that even the track itself can’t possibly regulate itself ( not like there trying either ) I don’t consider horse racing a sport by definition it is. But by human standards this is far from it this is the wild west in the 21st century if you look at any other sport it’s the athlete that is the show it is the athlete that is taken care of and put in a spot to flurish every sport that has had safety concerns has made drastic changes to make it safer for all parties involved and to provide a better sport why has horse racing gone by the wayside with that just for the simple fact they are animal n not human is not right the horses need a voice DESPERATELY ever one of them.

  3. Horses should not be raced. Horses should be left to roam and enjoy their own lives, fed and cared for by humans who love them. Love them, I said, not exploit them. The deaths of By Mistake and Bhr Flash and Fly were avoidable. As for the rider? The rider had a CHOICE. By Mistake and Bhr Flash and Fly did not have a choice. Rest in Peace, little colts, my heart aches for you.

    • Thank you, Dinah – you said it perfectly…horses (and ALL animals) should be loved, not exploited. And there’s nothing about this gambling industry that is compatible with genuine love for the horses. My heart aches, as yours does, for every horse that suffers in this unnecessary and barbaric business. Please share this blog and the Horseracing Wrongs Facebook with your friends who share the belief that NO animal should be used in animal-for-profit and entertainment industries. Thank you…

  4. The chart offered not one hint…Yeah, I hear this loud and clear. Looked up an athlete that broke down and was vanned off. Not one mention in the charts. I noticed he was missing from the list so I went looking for the info. Not one mention. This horse was made to run sore for a VERY long time. I always knew they would destroy him, before retiring him. I was on the track the day he was vanned off, not one mention! Yes, a BIG cover-up!

  5. Billy -100% correct.
    The main reason why this cruelty circus has been getting away with so much drug abuse is because the racehorse has no voice.
    Please join us in speaking out for these racehorses as they lay dying in the dirt on tracks.
    All of this carnage for $2 bets.
    Have we all lost our minds?

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