Dead at Golden Gate: Power of Ten, Gunslinger Rules, Black Clover

Dead at Golden Gate (from Stewards Minutes):

Power of Ten, March 16 – “horse fell during training…vanned off…euthanized”

Gunslinger Rules, March 18 – “horse worked but became lame walking back to barn…major injury to sesamoids…euthanized”

Black Clover, March 20 – “horse vanned in from Santa Anita, but showed lameness…condylar fracture…euthanized”

Three more animals sacrificed – for gambling.

End it. Now.

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    According to, connections as of last start were –
    Trainer – Lloyd C Mason
    Owner – Jones, Robert and Mason, Lloyd
    Breeder – Lloyd Mason & Robert Jones

    Just days away from attaining the age of 6 years, this grey/roan mare was killed when in training.
    Fell, vanned off and then euthanased.
    That’s it folks – no disclosure of the injury she sustained necessitating in her being given a lethal injection to finish her off.
    She has been racing since June 2012.
    Her “career” 43 starts: 7 wins, 9 seconds and 10 thirds: earning $265,496 (averaging $6,174 per start)
    26 of her starts were in claiming races. It appears that she retained same ownership/trainer throughout.
    Proud of yourselves breeders/owner and trainer? You bred her to use and exploit her at the obvious high risk of her suffering injury and death.

    Well you damn well achieved that, didn’t you!

    • Carolyn McDonald….
      Obviously you did not do any research on Power Of Ten…she was “Claimed ” out of her last start and was Euthanized approximately 2 Months Later Due to Founder in a Hind Foot…This is a Viscous and Bogus article you have Written, full of Lies…Research before you “make up” Stories !!!!!!

      • Brett, I do my research and it’s correct and I stand by my comment.

        It appears you’re refuting the facts contained on as well as the facts contained in the stewards’ report.

    • Carolyn…..go to Equi base “Full Charts ” on November 29th 2015…1st Race at Golden Gate Fields…you will see that was the last Race for Power of Ten, she was “Claimed “that Day by Trainer John F. Martin for Owner Robert D. Bone…after which she Passed a Mandatory Vet Soundness Exam to Verify the Claim…within the following 2 Months she contracted Acute Laminitis and was Humanely Euthanized by Dr. Kenneth Allison ,..anyone who Owns Horses knows this can happen to any Horse anytime, anywhere…you should check these facts which will 100 % validate your incompetent comments that you “stand by”…it will also make cleat that any Story you wrote past,present or future cannot be believed until you “get it right ” !!!!

      • Brett, it appears that you didn’t read my last comment to you – see at very end of the comments on this post.

      • Brett…you seem to have YOUR facts quite skewed – your words here…”she was claimed out of her last start and was euthanized approximately 2 months later due to founder in a hind foot”.

        She was claimed on November 29, 2015. “Approximately two months later” would be the end of January, first of February when you claim she was euthanized due to “founder in a hind foot”. Yet the stewards notes state MARCH 16. Now is March 16 when she fell during training?…or is March 16 when she was euthanized due to founder in a hind like you claim? Either way, she was still alive on March 16. Your scrutiny of someone else’s words should be directed back at your own. Get it right, Brett.

        As far as Power of Ten – laminitis and subsequent founder is very rare in a hind. Hind foot involvement is most often due to trauma. Also, following non-weight bearing lameness on an injured hind, the contralateral limb is more susceptible to laminitis. This is MOST likely what happened to Power of Ten. She was injured, fell during training, endured a painful injury then suffered with the most excruciating pain of laminitis. ALL so fans could be entertained and bettors could get their fixes. Inexcusable.

        What we can say with absolute certainty is this – Mr. Jones and Mr. Mason didn’t LOVE Power of Ten…they didn’t cherish her like a family member. Because if they did, they would not have sold her. We don’t SELL our family members that we love. But as we all know, racehorses are just objects to be used for financial gain – they are bought and sold and used and tossed aside. This industry SETS THEM UP for bad endings.

  2. I’m sickened by this cruelty circus. I can’t stand it. Anybody who partakes in this industry in any capacity are accessories to murder. Almost every day, there are racehorses being maimed and killed on racetracks throughout North America. This is cruelty to animals folks.
    No fancy hats, mint juleps, or opulent farms can take from the very fact that horses are dying for this industry. I don’t for one moment believe the recent survey released, financed and managed by the horse racing industry, claiming that deaths are down 14%. When I looked at it closer all of the numbers were manipulated to fit this figure so that they could release it, look good, and pat themselves on the back.
    They make me sick. Everyone of you disgusting pro-horse racing idiots that read my posts are responsible either directly or indirectly for these deaths. You all make me sick.
    This industry has got to go. It is an antiquated business model that supports maiming and deaths of sentiment beings.
    Please support Decoupling. Cancel the Interstate Horse Wagering Act that was only supposed to be temporary and was never cancelled. To this day, the industry makes billions on interstate wagering with no accountability and no taxes. While people like you and me struggle to survive. We don’t get these kind of tax breaks. Not only do they make billions from this Horse Wagering Act, but they give little or nothing back to the racehorses. We need to mobilize, contact politicians, and start being a voice for these racehorses. If this Act is cancelled then a huge portion of their financing will go with it, and so will much of the exploitation.

  3. Black Clover, not even three years old, is trailered to the track and THEN they find a broken leg?!?!…what, did she fracture her limb on the ride over? SHAME ON YOU, Kentucky West Racing (owner)!!

    • If they can they will van the horses off, and put them down off of the racetrack. Then they don’t have to report it as a racing death. Honestly…you can’t make this stuff up.

      • That’s right, 20yr+ industry insider…or they give the injured horse to a rescue to carry out and pay for the euthanasia. It’s still a racing death…just not recorded anywhere in the industry’s shoddy record keeping.

      • I am grateful to hear the words of a 20+ year industry insider. Thanks for being willing to speak the truth. What amazes me is how few “20+ year industry insiders” speak out. The code of silence is sickening. I had one tell me that they “don’t want to hurt the good people in the industry by slamming the bad ones.” That kind of logic is dumbfounding. The truth is that they know what they will get — ostracized or worse. I proudly put my name on my posts, comments, rants, raves, etc. and I get the hate email that goes along with it — some less than subtly threatening. The scum who make veiled threats only make me more certain that this cause is just and true.

        The bottom line is that no matter how good one thinks they are as a person, you can’t support this industry and not share culpability and responsibility. In words even the brightest horseracing supporter can understand. You can’t roll around in a pile of horseshit without some shit, and some stink, sticking to you.

      • ‘The code of Silence’. You said it right Ray. ‘The good people of the industry’ Thanks to their greed and denial, I have been broken and injured, never to be fully healed, only to be replaced as if I was never there. At some point I needed to face the truth. The horses I love so dearly, and the sport, the real truth is ugly. What has been made public is only the TIP of the iceberg. I have a young child I have to raise here, so I can’t go screaming off the rooftops. Exposure and decoupling…the only way.

      • I’d love to talk with you. I’d gladly be your “voice onbthe rooftop.” I won’t rest until this industry is a pariah to anyone but the sickest of racing slobs. Feel free to reach out privately if you would ever be willimg to share the hidden base of that iceberg.

      • Thank you for having the guts to speak up, 20yr+industry insider.

        After working in the industry for a couple of years, i just couldn’t take it any more and really lost it one day with the cruelty being inflicted upon a horse and was warned by a prominent trainer at the track that when i turned up in the early hours of the next morning to make sure that i was wearing a bullet proof vest. I turned up the next morning for the old timer trainer I worked for, who was born into racing, who knew nothing else in life and lived in the stables with the horses because he had nowhere else to live, he had also been threatened “get rid of her or else”. He didn’t get rid of me but i immediately left and it was especially hard because i’d become attached to the horses under my care, but I had also taken on this job to see for myself what really goes on with the racehorses because my father had been told that some of the family’s racehorses had been mistreated (at another track). I was determined to expose what really goes on with the mistreatment of these horses. The old timer trainer is still a dear friend of mine today and he urges me to write a book but i just don’t have the time or emotional energy to do that. How sad is it that a person like him who was born into racing like myself, knew nothing else in life, he was a jockey when he was young and now in the last years of his life he is facing reality and realizing just how cruel this industry is – too old to do anything else and not enough money to retire.
        Didn’t mean to rant on 20yr+ but many thanks again for commenting on this site. Your anonymity protects you big time and hope to hear from you again.

  4. That is just sad!! How does a horse break a leg in transit??? Was it broken before she loaded?? I guess they will collect from insurance huh?? Couldn’t be insurance fraud??? Poor horses are abused and no one even cares!!!!

    • Good question, Nola. It is very possible that she did not sustain the injury in transport. They declare that she was showing lameness on arrival, she would’ve been showing more than lameness in my opinion, she would’ve been in so much pain I just hate to think about it. I don’t know how long it takes from Santa Anita to Golden Gate. She was still a two year old (foaling date) – poor little girl.

    • Nola, that would be my educated guess…that her leg was broken before she was transported to the track. The blatant abuse so many racehorses endure is incomprehensible.

  5. Just to add, Brett, that the fact that POT was claimed in her very last race is neither here nor there. Her connections as at her last race start had stewardship of her from the day she was foaled and throughout her racing career to her very last race. More than half her starts were in the notorious Claiming races – keen to dispose of her it appears. Averaging over $6,000 per start why would the connections be wanting to be rid of her?
    Perhaps she had health issues. And there’s no getting away from the fact that racing killed her – as the Stewards officially stated “in training”.

  6. Carolyn…Power Of Ten did compete in Claiming Races, the majority of Horse Races are Claiming Races..she dI’d it quite successfully… no Athlete in any Sport can be competitive at the Highest level throughput their Careers.!!’s obvious that Lloyd Mason & Robert Jones were placing Her in events that She could thrive and be a Winner as evidenced by her entire Stats and her Final Race !!Laminitis is an act of Nature, not Humans…it happens to Polo Horses, Show Horses, Barrel Racing Horses and even Horses that are Retired from any activity and spending their time in someone’s backyard. …Carolyn, She was Euthanized due to Acute Laminitis. not from Injury or Horse Racing… you are invited anytime to visit Golden Gate Fields, the Barns of Lloyd Mason or John Martin and introduce yourself to all the Men and Women who cared for Power of Ten….we can’t wait to meet you…perhaps you can educate anyone involved with Horses of any Career on how you would prevent Laminitis !!

    • Brett, I’m from a racing family and I’ve worked in the industry hands on in a stable when I wanted to find out for myself what really goes on when it was reported to my father that some of our horses were being mistreated. I’m also equine educated, rode trackwork, owned ex-racehorses, was an equestrian albeit for a short time and I believe I’m qualified to make the comments I do. Agreed, laminitis can occur for numerous reasons, however, it’s overwhelmingly far too common in racehorses due to the unacceptable stress placed on the equine in racing.
      Given the stewards stated she fell during training, was vanned off and euthanased, tells me that she was forced to train when she was suffering from acute laminitis.
      No wonder she fell and broke down resulting in her inexcusable death.

      • Carolyn. ..The Girls at our Barn are Cordially Inviting you to come to Golden Gate Fields…come out from hiding like a Coward behind your Screen of False Accusations and a Lifetime of Innacurate Stories, Teach us all how to Prevent and Cure Laminitis.,stop wasting you Time writing Fake Stories and actually do something worthwhile like Curing Laminitis. ..then and only then will anyone believe what you have to say…!! ….Guaranteed that you Carolyn, will be the one that goes Home “Schooled”…Not only have you probably Failed at every attempted endeavour in which you pursued in Horse Racing, its obvious that you are a very Bitter and are also a Failure at writing Accurate Stories…let us know when you have the Guts to Show up.. we can’t wait !!!!

      • Brett, you are a participator and supporter of this racehorse cruelty circus, and death camp.
        Nobody wants to go to any barn to see this unfold in front of their eyes unless they are masochistic, and demented.
        Your remarks about failure in horse racing is so typical of you despicable people who support this despicable industry.
        You attack people while defending whipping/beating, doping, maiming, dying, and killing racehorses.
        Since people don’t want to support, and implement these FACTS in the stable area of any racetrack they are labeled unsuccessful.
        Those are the people who are the best – the ones who don’t make it on a track.
        They are the true horse lovers.
        You people are not only heartless, but gutless because you use, and abuse racehorses for your own selfish means.
        You are gutless because you don’t speak out about the FACTS of horse racing because if you did you would have be ousted on your butts, and you know it.
        People like myself, and Carolyn are brave to speak out about the horrific lives of racehorses.
        Power Of Ten was suffering.
        “The most common causes of laminitis include excessive ingestion of carbohydrates (grain overload), grazing of lush pastures (especially in ponies) and excessive exercise in adult horses. It also may occur secondary to post-parturient metritis, endotoxemia, colic, enteritis, or administration of excess corticosteroids.”
        So we can immediately eliminate grazing of lush pastures since this profit slave was confined in a stall for the majority of 24 hours.
        Grain overload? Hardly.
        Look right there Brett: “EXCESSIVE exercise in adult horses – absolutely.
        Probably beaten to a pulp to perform as well.
        Look right there Brett: “administration of EXCESS CORTICOSTEROIDS – absolutely.
        These 2 causes are most likely in a racehorse scenario.
        So Power of Ten suffered laminitis probably due to her connections being ignorant, heartless, and focused on profit over her well-being. Very typical of you horse racing people.

  7. Carolyn,

    I have been the barn foreman at Lloyd Mason Racing Stable for the past 20 years. I’m sure you are well intended and have a deep compassion for all animals. What you experienced during your years on the backside, does not allow you to paint all racing participants with the same broad brush. I’ll admit that this industry does have it’s bad apples, and they give the majority of us who are hard working, conscientious, and caring people, a bad name. Most people in this industry have a deep love and respect for these animals, which is what drew us to this sport, a chance to spend our lives working with horses. I am not here to get rich, as there are countless other occupations where the remuneration for the hours worked are vastly better.

    As to those “notorious claiming races”, most owners and trainers do not wish to lose their horses through the claim box. Horses work their way up through a series of racing conditions from maiden races to races restricted to age, sex, state bred races, races won, and money won. After a horse wins out of these conditions, they either have to race in stakes races, open allowance races, or claiming races. Not all horses possess the same athletic abilities, and to race them over their heads is neither profitable, nor fair to the horse. The connections of these horses must look to spot their horse at the claiming level in which the horse remains competitive, while not risk losing him via a claim.

    Concerning “being keen to dispose of a horse because of health issues, via claiming races”, Brett Mason was absolutely correct in stating that a claim can be nullified if the horse is found to be unsound during the post race vet exam.

    You really do need to do your homework and vet your sources, because, while you are entitled to “your own opinions”, you are not entitled to “your own facts”.

    • Dianne, you are spewing the same old rubbish that all pro-horse racing people spew as they allow their horses to be whipped/beaten, doped, maimed, killed, and dumped.
      You can’t explain away these FACTS – neither one of you “good” folks of horse racing.
      Every one of you are living in this delusion that you are good – you can’t love a horse and exploit it.
      I know that every single participant in the stable area participates in one or more of these aspects of the horse racing business model.,
      You are no different than anybody else. There are no “good” folks – just slave masters.
      Sadly, racehorses pay every day with their lives.

    • Dianne, you don’t know what I experienced when I worked at the coalface in the racing industry and you also don’t know what work I’ve done for the welfare of the racehorse since. I do not appreciate being patronized and lectured. Most people in this industry do not have “a deep love and respect for these animals”as you have alleged and I hasten to add that this is a perception generally held by the public. The public see/hear/read about the drugging, beating them with whips, 23 hours a day confinement (which contributes to laminitis, colic, etc.) training and racing horses when they’re sore and/or carrying pre-existing injuries, overracing them, overworking them, abusive and negligent riding, electrical devices, injecting their joints to mask pain, bashing them and the journey to the slaughterhouse for most of them to suffer a horrendous torturous death – the ultimate betrayal to the racehorse that gave his all and suffered in silence during his “career”.

      And you’re wasting your time attempting to justify the Claiming races.

      As for the vetting tests, well, some horses don’t even get trotted up and don’t have to pass a flexion test. Yes, the standard of vetting in the racing industry is abysmal, to say the least.

      And in relation to your last paragraph – what a strange thing to say?

      • Carolyn ….you not worth the Time of Debating the passing of Power of Ten….if you are so positive of what happened you are invited to show up Face to Face and prove what you say….bring Photos of Power of Ten Fallen on The Track…bring photos of Power of Ten being Vanned Off….100% positive you can’t because it did not happen that way….if you can’t or “don’t appreciate ” a Lecture, then don’t Fabricate an article in which you were not present or have no proof..!!

        • California horseracing scum. Aren’t they the same people who just RAISED the limit on the number of times you can whip a horse. The same dichotomous fools who say things like “the $200 fine was worth it” because the bettors want them to do their jobs regardless of the abuse the one true athlete in the mix suffers. Maybe if they were as vocal about that type of injustice as they are about calling a woman out like a school-yard bully they’re have even a modicum of credibility. Maybe then it wouldn’t be so obviously that they will say or do anything to protect their failing industry. one that they are all killing far more easily than we advocates for its demise could ever do ourselves. Of course, the school-yard bully is most often a less than intelligent fool who hides behind a big mouth but wouldn’t know what to do if his challenge were met. How typical of horseracing scum these people are. I always sort of pitied the school-yard bully. Their sad minds had to be tough to live in.
          “You can love horses. You can love horseracing. You can’t do both.”

      • Brett, given your claims that “it didn’t happen that way” (which appear to contradict the Stewards’ reporting), it is incumbent upon you to provide the evidence that POT was NOT vanned off after she fell during training and then euthanased.

        It appears that you are alleging that the Stewards have fabricated their report that on March 16, 2016, POWER OF TEN fell during training, was vanned off and euthanased.

        Now why would the Stewards do something like that……..?

  8. Carolyn…when you get to Golden Gate Fields just ask for Faith Taylor…3 Time Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame Saddle Bronc Rider…and Assistant Trainer of 30 Years of the Lloyd Mason Racing Stable…looking forward to your anticipated arrival! !

      • Consider yourself invited as well Joy if you have “True Facts” to discuss Face to Face involving Power of Ten….Obviously Carolyn has no Clue as to what happened. …She never Fell, was Never Vanned Off, was never Forced to Train suffering from Laminitis. ..Inaccurate Story

      • Got ya, Brett…so I will go slowly for you..

        1), I don’t need to see anymore cheap tracks and the horses exploited there. I saw enough in my 6 months/year for nearly ten years.

        2), so since YOU are saying POT never fell and never was vanned off, we can safely move forward with knowing NOT to believe what the stewards report. The stewards lie, correct Brett? I’m not surprised since this industry does its best to hide the truth.

        3), did you not read my reply to you at 7:43 this evening?…you stated POT was euthanized approx. 2 months after Mason and Jones unloaded her. Not true. But who’s lying?…it’s either you or the stewards. Again, not surprised that either or both would lie.

        4), we can safely assume Mason and Jones didn’t consider POT a family member and they most certainly didn’t LOVE her as so many racing industry members like to exclaim about the horses they exploit…Mason and Jones SOLD her, treating her like some object they merely possessed, used, then discarded when she no longer met their expectations.

        5), so again, you might want to refrain from accusing others of failure in the industry…From the book, “A Breed Apart: The Horses and The Players”; “Lloyd Mason I thought was going to be a good outfit for me, but he went backwards this meet. He was trying to make it big in southern California. But they picked his bones and sent him back.” Hmmm…..

      • So the Stewards’ Minutes on POT are a fabrication, are they Brett? Perhaps read again the very beginning of Patrick’s post.
        And if you believe that the Stewards have lied, suggest you take it up with them.

    • Come on out Carolyn.., and anyone else that thinks what you have to say is True….we can set up a Time and Date with Stewards. …100% confident you will be proven wrong….Power of TeN was NOT Vanned Off nor dI’d she Fall while Training…whatever you read regarding the Stearns Minutes is incorrect….you are Invited to come and prove yourself…come on out Carolyn !!!

      • Brett, you seem to be having difficulty in comprehending much of what I’ve said and in particular my last comment at 11.49am on May 31 as follows –

        “Brett, given your claims that “it didn’t happen that way” (which appear to contradict the Stewards’ reporting), it is incumbent upon you to provide the evidence that POT was NOT vanned off after she fell during training and then euthanased.
        It appears that you are alleging that the Stewards have fabricated their report that on March 16, 2016, POWER OF TEN fell during training, was vanned off and euthanased.
        Now why would the Stewards do something like that……..?”

        In your latest response at 12.36 pm on May 31, you categorically state that the Stewards were incorrect in their reporting. You are essentially saying that on March 16, 2016, POWER OF TEN did not fall during training, was not vanned off and euthanased. No doubt you are aware that the Stewards’ Reports are public documents. Neither myself nor the Stewards are obliged in any way whatsoever to prove anything and for you to suggest otherwise is utterly ridiculous. I’m not going to waste any more of my time on this and anyone reading this can make up their own minds as to who is telling the truth.

  9. Hooray to Brett Mason for his knowledgeable responses to your posts and for his invitation for you to visit GGF. However, you seem to be missing one of the main points of his messages. You have made an apparent slanderous attack on the reputations and integrity of Lloyd Mason and Robert Jones when neither of them was involved in the incident regarding Power of Ten. You claim that your sources are accurate, but the disclaimer from the Equibase site warns that their information cannot be guaranteed to actually be accurate. Or are you one of those who believes “if it’s on the internet, it has to be true”? If, as you say, you have experience with horses, then you should know that laminitis is a very common and dreaded condition. It is, in fact, the reason that the great Secretariat was euthanized at the age of nineteen. You, of course, are entitled to your opinion on any subject including horse racing, but, please, in the future, make sure your information is correct — which it most certainly is NOT in this case — before you start naming people who are not involved and try to drag them down to your level. Your animosity and “witch hunt” attitude make all your posts suspect and open to question.

    • Barbara, if the disclaimer on the site warns that their information cannot be guaranteed to actually be accurate, then perhaps POWER OF TEN was not in fact claimed on 11/29/15……

      If I can direct you back to my original comment, you will note that I said “According to….”.

      It appears you haven’t read my comment re laminitis in response to Brett. The comments of Gina Powell and Joy Aten on this subject are illuminating – highly recommended.

      In reference to Brett’s statement that I have probably failed at every attempted endeavour in which I pursued in horse racing, is incorrect. My career has been in the legal profession. My time in working in the industry was purely to find out what really goes on with the horses after my family received indisputable evidence that our horses were being mistreated. Needless to say, they were immediately retired to pasture to live the life they deserved.

      Brett claims that POT was euthanased because she was suffering from acute laminitis in one of her hind feet, just 2 months after her last start on November 29, 2015. That would’ve been the end of January and yet the Stewards report that POT was vanned off when she fell during training on March 16, 2016 and then euthanased.

      My comments questionable?

  10. All this talk about how these racing people “love” their horses and are in the game for “love” and admiration of the horse does not hold water. They are in the game for the money. There is no way one can “love” the horse and risk losing him in a claiming race as finally happened to Power of Ten.
    Primarily, those in the business are gamblers. They gamble with the breeding, they gamble with the life of the horse every time it starts and, of course at the claiming level, they gamble with losing the horse to a claim. And when the horse is claimed those who profess to “love” the horse have no say in how the horse is treated. It is very easy to see how these “claimers” are abused. They are at risk of being started too frequently as well as being drugged and injected as they descend in the ranks and, all too often, pass from barn to barn.

    Further, how can people say they “love” the horse while they are part and parcel of a game that races 2 yr. olds, whips and drugs them, and kills horses every day on tracks across the country plus sends their used up racers to the tune of around 10,000 a year to slaughter.

    There is a wealth of information concerning what racing does to the horse and none of it is good.

  11. The local governments make a lot of $ off of horseracing , and I think they should step up to the plate and help with the horse’s retirements and medical. Horseracing is a beautiful sport. One of the only sports without a bunch of referee interference and only of the only sports men and women both compete in. Some things like running them too often or whipping them too often/hard should be studied and fixed possibly. I think the animal rights people should put their money where their mouth is and maybe just buy the horses in the claim races and retire them if they feel strongly.

  12. Another idea would be for the animal rights people to buy the horses themselves and run them for charitable casues, have the profits go to fund animal rights groups etc. Leftists tend to want to dictate to everyone else what everyone else should do . Its a free market though is the thing they cant deal with. If they cared so much about horses then people like Soros could easily buy most of them up and retire them or whatnot. Seems like an easy thing to do – to sit around and complain and feel morally superior. People get injured and sometimes die in sports too . Should NFL be cancelled also?

    • Steve, you’re wasting your time comparing horseracing with other sports (and let me make it clear, horseracing is NOT a sport).

  13. I worked in an industry that was dangerous and where I was treated not well ( porn) . Yet, I believe in the free market. So I wouldn’t sit back and say it should be shut down/regulated to death. I tried to start my own where i treated people decent. Then I simply found another industry to work in.

    The critics could start their own league called ‘ humane horse racing ‘ for instance . Leftists never do that . They never open up their own business to compete . I think that’s why its hard to take them seriously.

    That said, probably a percentage of winnings should be automatically set aside for retirement etc . Maybe this occurs already. im not an expert. These are just ideas.

    the free market has the answers to this, but only if people really step up to the plate.

    • “It’s hard to take them seriously” you say Steve
      Well, given the qualifications. experience and knowledge of us “critics” you obviously have no idea as to what we’re about on Patrick’s blog. Not only do we have firsthand experience in the horseracing industry but we stick to the facts substantiated by indisputable evidence e.g. Patrick Battuello’s unceasing reports on Horseracing Wrongs of innocent horses dying on racetracks, or in training, or in their stalls on a daily basis – did you get that Steve? ON A DAILY BASIS.
      Make no mistake, we’re not an unintelligent lot, we’re organised, experienced and knowledgeable especially when it comes to the life of the thoroughbred racehorse.
      And just to let you know Steve, “animal rights people” are made up of people who are office workers, factory workers, medical practitioners, dentists, lawyers, school teachers, nurses, truck drivers, real estate agents, veterinarians, vet nurses, restaurenteurs, grandparents, college students, university graduates, university lecturers, bus drivers, shop assistants, successful business people, celebrities, musicians. I could go on forever, in other words, people from all walks of life who make up our invaluable society which decides what is acceptable and what is not.

    • Steve, to say the “free market” has the answers to this is ridiculous. What is it that you do not understand about animal cruelty ? Horse racing is inhumane no matter who is involved, “leftists” “rightists” and everybody in between.

      Further, these horses are way overbred and they die during their “careers” or in the slaughterhouse, most before they reach maturity. This exploitation can never be justified.

      In a nutshell the racing business is through with the majority of horses when they are 5-6 yrs. old. Racing, at that point, has no plan for the horse. The horse is now “homeless” and winds up in the slaughter pipeline. That is how the “free market” works in this business !

  14. Steve, it’s almost laughable to read your comments.
    So here it goes:
    “The local governments make a lot of $ off of horseracing , and I think they should step up to the plate and help with the horse’s retirements and medical.”
    WRONG STEVE. It’s incumbent upon the horse racing industry to take care of the horses that they breed, and bring into this world. It’s also incumbent upon them to provide funds for them when they are done.
    After all, they alone are the ones that exploit them for profit so they should take care of them.
    Furthermore, governments have financially propped up this crumbling industry for years.
    Without them, every racetrack would close it’s doors.
    Just about everybody has helped this industry except for the industry themselves.
    “Horseracing is a beautiful sport.”
    First of all, horse racing is NOT A SPORT.
    It doesn’t qualify for a sport.
    It does qualify as a cruelty ring, death camp, and corruption pit.
    You pro-horse racing people constantly make derogatory comments against animal rights people as if they are responsible for the carnage.
    Just remember that animal rights people have NOTHING to do with the exploitation of racehorses – only the participants and supporters of horse racing are solely responsible for this.
    Therefore, they are the ones who should take care of the horses.
    Your always passing the blame onto everybody else by the industry who uses, abuses, and exploits these beautiful horses.
    “Another idea would be for the animal rights people to buy the horses themselves and run them for charitable causes, have the profits go to fund animal rights groups etc. ”
    The only good idea would be for this industry to shut down one racetrack at a time then there wouldn’t be unwanted racehorses.
    “The critics could start their own league called ‘ humane horse racing ‘ for instance . Leftists never do that . They never open up their own business to compete . I think that’s why its hard to take them seriously.”
    To say that all leftists don’t open their own business to compete is completely inaccurate, and absolutely laughable.
    Some of the best business minds in the country are “leftist.”
    There’s no such thing as “humane horse racing.”
    That’s not possible.
    Racehorses are maimed and/or killed daily, and dumped when no longer profitable.
    It’s blatant animal cruelty conducted under the guise of mint juleps, fancy hats, and parties.
    So Steve you need to incorporate your “rightest” motivations to find homes for the thousands of discarded racehorses standing at kill auctions all over the country.
    Since it’s only “rightists” who are capable of business ideas (according to you) then put all that to good use, gather up your rightist buddies to save these discarded crippled racehorses.
    Hell, go out and buy a farm save a whole bunch and put your words into action.
    Let us know how it goes.

    • Gina….I actually have a disagreement with you! – first time! “Almost laughable”?, regarding “Steve’s” comments? …SIMPLY laughable, with a generous amount of desperation thrown in.

  15. Thank you Gina, for yet again a very well thought out comment with the facts and saying it as it is.

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