Dead: Cockeyed Cowboy, Gentle Buzzing, Power Crazed, Basanite

Thursday night at the races…

In the 1st at Charles Town, 7-year-old Cockeyed Cowboy “broke down midstretch” (Equibase) and, I have confirmed, was euthanized. ‘Twas his 46th time under the whip.

In the 7th at Penn, 3-year-old Gentle Buzzing “broke down in early stretch and was humanely euthanized” (Equibase). The pot she was being whipped for: $14,300.

Also – from NY (Gaming Commission):

4-year-old Power Crazed “sustained shoulder injury” while training at Belmont January 29, “developed nerve damage” – euthanized yesterday.

3-year-old Basanite “died 10 minutes after being medicated with Prednisolone and Acepromazine” March 20 at Belmont – an “adverse drug reaction,” they’re calling it.

Four more animal sacrifices – for gambling.


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  1. More horses killed by the racing industry!

    These deaths are ongoing, never ceasing.

    When are the Governments going to step in?

  2. SHAMROCK ROAD last raced and won on Feb 22 with new owner/trainer no. 2 being Richard Zielinski.
    SR was claimed for $5,000 on Feb 22 with new owner being Timothy B Troup and new trainer being Richard L Markham.
    It appears that Richard Zielinski’s name still appears as owner/trainer on the Equibase record.

    Oh, this poor horse after being raced into the ground having 24 starts from January to Dec in 2015 and now he’s where? like what’s his status?

    Does anybody out there know?

    • Agreed Joanne, thank you for comment.

      I had lunch with my elderly mother yesterday, she comes from an English racing family and racing
      has been such a big part of her life. I was determined not to bring up racing so as not to upset her
      in any way and when she asked me how my research was going ….. she responded
      It’s such a dirty cruel business!

      Does this industry realise how much it distresses people?

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