Concert Man Dies on the Santa Anita Track

According to Equibase, Concert Man “collapsed and fell at the top of the stretch” of the 7th race at Santa Anita Sunday. Officially, “vanned off.” As it turns out, the Ruben Gomez-trained 8-year-old “died on the track” (from the just-released Stewards Minutes). Dead. Concert Man was coming off two second-to-lasts and a last (of 10).

This is horseracing.

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  1. At Okaklawn Park on the 20th two horses died. Both, Kyriakis and Demonica, were trained by Eurton. According to the report, Kyriakis “made it back to her stall” and the vet who made the initial dx said she had the “thumps” caused by an electrolyte imbalance. Ten minutes later she was dead. Then it was reported that the theory was ”
    she severed a femoral artery during the race which may have been caused by a fractured pelvis”. Really !! Which is it guys ??? With a severed artery I do not believe she would have “made it back to her stall”. There is no way one can believe these liars. Perhaps they feel the severely symptomatic electrolyte imbalance would cast a shadow over how Lasix is abused. Considering it’s cavalier use one would never think it is such a potent drug that can have serious side effects, especially when given into the bloodstream (IV)

    The other mare, Demonica, collapsed and died after placing last in the Irish O’Brien. She is “believed to have suffered a cardiac event” Could it be a cardiac arrhythmia because of an electrolyte imbalance caused by Lasix or some other drug combo.?

    There will be no follow up on these deaths and no questions asked. Just two more dead horses at the track…

    RIP Demonica and Kyriakis.

  2. So the horse racing industry just released their annual report of fatalities on American racetracks, and it’s exactly the same as every year: deaths are greatly reduced it claims. It’s always timed to be released just before the infamous Kentucky Derby. It adds to the image of fancy hats, mint juleps, and horses grazing in beautiful paddocks for the rest of their lives. Kind of like the commercials that SeaWorld put out in the past. All the same to me.
    Just remember 3 things about this report: 1. It’s funded by the industry. By the Jockey Club. 2. The detailed mathematical figures don’t add up properly. They fail to release the details. 3. The guy paid to submit this report is from Ireland for a reason. He simply can’t be easily questioned for putting this paper out. 4. Kentucky paid vet supports the report. 5. It’s just a public relations stint it seems with numbers manipulated to make the industry look good.
    Here it is some more racetrack propaganda if you care to review it:
    They all make me sick.
    Shut this cruelty circus down by 1. Support Decoupling. 2. Cancel the Interstate Horse Wagering Act. 3. Don’t wager or watch horse racing. 4. Educate.

  3. What went on with CONCERT MAN?

    He first raced as a 3 year old in 2011
    2 starts in 2011
    No racing in 2012
    4 starts only in 2013
    5 starts only in 2014
    5 starts only in 2015
    and then 5 calendar months no racing until his lethal start when he collapsed in the race – no disclosure as to the cause of death?

    A total of 17 starts over a five year period is strange. It is possible he had a health issue.

    Another innocent horse sacrificed all in the name of gambling, greed and big egos.

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