Regal Soldier Dead at Parx

4-year-old Regal Soldier is dead after breaking down in the 7th yesterday at Parx – another intelligent, sensitive being sacrificed for $2 bets.

Please stop betting on animal races; please stop patronizing racinos.

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  1. Patrick, thanks so much for all your hard work to obtain and expose the fact that racehorses are dying on a daily basis on racetracks in America. They are dying for $2 bets or dying trying to get to a race during training hours.
    Please anybody who is reading this, PLEASE STOP supporting this cruelty circus.
    The most important step to ending this abuse is to pass the DECOUPLING act. Until then, don’t gamble at racinos because you are inadvertently supporting the ongoing maiming and deaths of racehorses on racetracks.
    In Florida, they are so close to passing the DECOUPLING ACT which would not require casinos to 1. conduct live race meets (including greyhounds) 2. Not provide financial funding to the horse racing industry.
    With the loss of this funding it would have an immediate impact on racetracks resulting in less racehorse lives being lost. It’s been announced that about 5 greyhound racetracks would immediately close (which is a good thing since it’s equally abusive like horse racing) and any other horse racing tracks would close except Tampa Bay Downs and Gulfstream.
    It will eventually erode these 2 tracks once decoupling is implemented, and hopefully they too will eventually close.
    I don’t understand that in a capitalist free economic society like the USA casinos are legally mandated to financially support horse racing. It goes against the very grain of Free Enterprise. I’m not a legal eagle, but I can’t for the life of me see how racetracks get away with this. There are so many laws that could immediately put a halt to this requirement that casinos must conduct live racing plus financially support a shipping sink called horse racing.
    Out of this entire scenario the saddest part is that racehorses pay with their lives every day.
    This is an outrage. It’s so upsetting I don’t know how people can participate and support such blatant animal cruelty.

  2. What I don’t get is how anyone can watch these deaths occur and then go back. I cannot believe that an educated person, compassionate and forward thinking can endorse such brutality. But then yesterday I watched a video of a baby picking up a puppy by its tail and swining it afer throwing the puppy down. His parents were laughing and congratulating the baby. If we do not see how our meat culture has deadened us to peace – we do not understand how manipulated we are to the marketplace.

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