Dead in California: Time for Action, Salah Loves Teagan, Sundar Drums

From the Los Alamitos Stewards Minutes:

February 19 – “Following the completion of the first race, Time For Action collapsed and died on the track. Racing Veterinarian was on the scene immediately but nothing could be done to save the horse. A heart related issue [she was four years old] is thought to have been responsible for the horse’s demise.”

“Nothing could be done to save the horse.”

From the Golden Gate Stewards Minutes:

February 28 – “Salah Loves Teagan broke down near the 3/16 pole and was pulled up. Track Veterinarian reported the three year old gelding severely injured his right foreleg and was given a ride home in the horse ambulance. It was later reported that Salah Loves Teagan was euthanized at the Papaprodromou barn.”

“Given a ride home.”

From the Santa Anita Stewards Minutes:

February 28 – “Sundar Drums – pulled up, vanned off, euthanized.”

“Pulled up, vanned off, euthanized.”

This is horseracing.

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  1. Another dead filled day on racetracks in America. They call it racetracks, but it seems more accurate to call them death camps. Shameful that this slavery continues in the 21st century.
    I noticed that the CHRB refused to release Trainer names on particular racehorses. We can only guess who that may be.
    This is the shroud of secrecy, the unaccountability, the lack of transparency that racehorses endure every day. They pay with their lives.

  2. Oh how the industry minds its words when addressing the deaths of their horses – regarding Time for Action…”Racing Veterinarian was on the scene immediately but nothing could be done to save the horse. A heart related issue is thought to have been responsible for the horse’s demise.” Regardless of how quickly the vet was there, this 2012 dark bay filly DIED because she was being pushed beyond what her DRUGGED body could take. Take at look at her PP…in her second start, she finished last of 9 and over 34 lengths behind. She didn’t race again for nearly a year – something wasn’t right with this filly. And a heart related issue is to blame?…very possible, but when a horse is dehydrated and her electrolytes skewed because of the Lasix she received before demanding the maximum cardiac output necessary while running a race, what does one THINK might happen to the horse?!? Her “heart related issue” wasn’t a congenital disorder that no one could predict so therefore, absolves the industry, veterinarians and Time for Action’s owner and trainer blameless in her tragic death- that’s bullshit and we know it.

    And how damn insulting! – Salah Loves Teagan was “GIVEN A RIDE HOME”?!?! How comforting! Unbelievable…
    Check out this 2013 bay gelding’s PP – he only ran three times. His first race, November of 2015, where he “gave way”, was “eased”, and finished up last by 60 lengths. His next race was in January – he won. But what I found “interesting” is this – he didn’t wear front wraps for his first two races…in his third and final race, his death race, Salah Loves Teagan’s forelegs were wrapped. Euthanized because of a “severely injured right foreleg”.

    Sundar Drums. Another young life cut short…and for WHAT? This 2012 dark bay colt ran only 8 times – and in his last race, “pulled up in distress”. IN DISTRESS.

    The suffering these horses endure is unimaginable. Like Gina said, they pay with their lives.

  3. Love your posts Joy. So true. They refer to all of these medical conditions as to why the horse died. Yet, they fail to address the human condition of people who support this cruelty, abuse, and exploitation. Therefore, I will address the human condition of these Trainers or anybody associated with this massive suffering: they all need a mental health check. Everyone of them.
    In actuality, they are horse hoarders. Many of the big million dollar farms are horse hoarders. The racehorses are nothing more than prized possessions bred for profit. Most are egotistical bastards.
    Anybody who supports this industry has a screw loose as far as I’m concerned. They are living in a prehistorical bubble.
    Isn’t it funny how they labeled me “crazy” when I was a Trainer as soon as I started questioning what in the hell was going on? They were onto me like a mosquito needs blood in the spring. It was so quickly circulated around the stable area both at Ft. Erie and Woodbine that Gina Powell was crazy, had a screw loose, and needed mental help.
    Yes I became crazy after what I witnessed. I couldn’t possibly justify the cruelty, abuse, pain, suffering, and exploitation in order to fill races for profit. I could no longer do it.
    I confronted people. I told them how I felt. I reported the abuse I saw in the stable area to the racing commission.
    I went from being a respected Trainer to being a “crazy nut” overnight. Then the gauntlet came down. They Fined me for scratching my horse Wolfie because he was sick! Unheard of. Unprecedented. They didn’t even give me due process of law! They made it very clear that I was to get the hell off of all racetrack property. They said the next fine would suspend my license! That would be the fine that they generate of course.
    Oh yes, the racing commission that’s supposed to protect the racehorse squashes those who do. Imagine that!
    Right then and there I knew how low this business had sunk. I went back and got Wolfie. I slapped my halter and shank on him and walked him to my horse trailer. Just as we were loading, Wolfie stopped took a good look around, and on he walked. I told him to take a long look because he would never see a racetrack again, and either would I.
    The people in power are pure evil. They are greedy bastards, and if you get in their way they squash you like an insect. With the increase of purse money the evilness rears it’s ugly head on a daily basis.
    So sad that the racehorses pay with their lives.

  4. “Give you due process of law !” What law Gina ? These people do not follow the law. Why should they when NOBODY holds their feet to the fire. A corrupt business that polices itself is a recipe for disaster. The horses bear witness to this disaster every day and people connected to the business who dare to make waves are punished.

    Gina, I appreciate your posts. Keep up the good work.

  5. I, too, appreciate your posts, Gina. You express better than I why this awful industry has sunk so low. Punishing, marginalizing those who report abuse. I experienced this as a fan who witnessed the abuse of a horse by a groom, in full view of the public. The horse was sweating rivers, the groom was yanking, pushing, prodding the horse. Anyone could see the horse was extremely anxious and in distress. When I finally caught the attention of a racetrack official in the paddock I was essentially told not to worry my pretty head about it. It made me realize so clearly how racing depends on the betting public knowing as little as possible about horses as thinking, feeling animals. I’ve been around and worked with horses, including racehorses, on and off much of my life so it was probably inevitable that I would one day turn my back on racing and go from advocating reform–hopeless cause–to advocating for abolition. Like you, Gina, I got tired and angry at seeing decent, honest “oats and hay” trainers becoming increasingly marginalized–by clients, breeders, agents, jockeys, track racing secretaries, etc. I couldn’t continue cheering on gallant and courageous Thoroughbred winners when their comrades were forgotten and disposed of like old, broken appliances. It’s an ugly business and getting uglier every day.

  6. Thanks so much for your support and comments Rose and Kari. Rose, you touched on such an important issue: they police themselves. We know what happened to Wall Street when they policed themselves. Middle class hard working people had to bail them out.
    We are bailing out the horse racing industry every day. If it isn’t the casinos then the taxpayers. In Ontario, the budget last week by pro-horse racing Kathleen Wynne gave them another 100 million per year for the next 5 years citing jobs. This is when the province of Ontario is on the verge of bankruptcy while she hiked taxes considerably for the already taxed out middle class. What a treat she is to the industry. I guess their financial donations to her political campaign came with some strings attached right?
    Then if it isn’t for taxpayers then it is kind hearted compassionate people who rescue these racehorses from kill auctions because they have been dumped by the industry.
    Kari, love your comments. Advocating reform has been done since the onset of this horrific industry. All these meetings, committees, discussions, and nothing has changed only worse.
    The Derby is around the corner and many more racehorse casualties usually occur around this time of the year because these horses are being pushed to the limit. After all, they must satisfy their egotistical owners who want to see them perform. That way, they can flash their fancy hat, and buy mint juleps for everybody.
    Meanwhile in the stable area the racehorses are being doped up to run.
    Please shut this cruelty circus down.

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