1-Year-Old Among Dead in California

February deaths reported by the California Horse Racing Board:

Golden Gate
2-year-old Lots of Luck – “horse had surgery to remove bone chips, but went into cardiac arrest and died in recovery.” Last raced on January 24.

2-year-old Elrond – “cooled out after exercise but next day was unable to put any weight on hind limb and was euthanized.” Being prepped for first race.

6-year-old Mum’s Truckee – “unsaddled after race [Feb 15] and was returning to barn when the horse reared and fell over in front of jockey’s room and died.”

1-year-old (yes, 1-year-old) Meister’s Top Cat – euthanized after he “slipped in [the] barn and fractured [his] left tibial.” Yet to be raced.

Santa Anita
Feb 1-Feb 7, 2 “deceased”
Feb 8-Feb 14, 2 “deceased”
Feb 15-Feb 21, 1 “deceased”

Identities withheld.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Their young lives stolen from them, just babies. Shame on this industry and the continued murder of thoroughbreds. This all needs to end now, it is an outrage that this blatant negligence and abuse continues unabated.

    A 1 year old shouldn’t even be at the track for any reason. It is sickening what these low life people will do for money. No common sense, no dignity, no discretion of any kind, and completely devoid of any shred of integrity. These are the caretakers of these innocent souls who rely on them for their lives. Look at what they are doing to them on a daily basis. Who on earth would want to be associated with an industry who murders on a daily basis and never looks back. Isn’t it time we start holding them accountable. It is long overdue for some strict regulation. Better yet, shut the whole thing down!!!

    Marlene Thornley

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