A Report That Should Shock – Pennsylvania’s Dead, 2015

“open disarticulated RF fetlock with ruptured sesmoidean ligaments”
“heart attack – dropped after finishing race”
“collapsed and died on track following 1/2 mile work”
“horse fell and broke neck – someone saw blood from the ears”
“exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage”
“traumatic head injury”
“became weak and fell to the ground; horse was having trouble breathing and died naturally within two minutes”
“flipped in paddock – fractured pelvis”
“skull fracture”
“severely injured leg – in stall, worsened over time”
“broken carpus, very thin, very lame”
“found dead in the stall; pneumonia or possible head trauma during shipping”
“euthanized [after some] thrashing”
“shipping fever”

Through a FOIA request to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, I have confirmed the following 118 kills on Pennsylvania tracks in 2015. (Unless otherwise noted, fatal injury was a fracture of one kind or another.)

6-year-old Calvados, January 3, Parx 9 (euthanized January 4)

3-year-old Mar de Mares, January 10, Parx, training

6-year-old Pick Four, January 10, Penn, training

4-year-old For All the Kathys, January 11, Parx 6

5-year-old She Be Bunny, January 17, Penn 3

4-year-old Save This Dance, January 29, Penn 8

4-year-old Rock Shaft, February 9, Parx 4

4-year-old Trust in Tebow, February 9, Parx 4

4-year-old Astral, February 10, Parx 9 (euthanized February 11)

6-year-old Razmataz, February 12, Penn, training

7-year-old Drink With Pride, February 13, Penn 8

3-year-old Okey Dokey Smokey, February 14, Parx, training

3-year-old Sendme Some Lovin, February 14, Parx, training

2-year-old Fastique, February 18, Parx, training

4-year-old Doubly Smart, February 22, Parx 3

3-year-old Hurricane Turn, February 22, Parx 3 (euthanized February 28)

3-year-old Heretodaygonetmrow, February 25, Penn, training

7-year-old Bracket Buster, March 1, Parx 1
“heart attack – dropped after finishing race (poor performance)”

4-year-old Stormy Dan, March 1, Parx 2

2-year-old Moonshine Express, March 6, Penn, training

Head of the Barn, March 11, Meadows (pre-race)

3-year-old Irish Jones, March 13, Parx, training

4-year-old Quietly Prim, March 17, Parx, training
“collapsed and died on track following 1/2 mile work”

3-year-old Miss Siphon, March 18, Penn, training

3-year-old Saratoga Sundae, March 19, Parx, training

3-year-old I Forget, March 26, Penn 7

3-year-old Albert P., March 27, Penn 4 (euthanized March 30)

6-year-old Quiet Title, March 28, Penn, training
“sudden cardiac arrest; horse fell and broke neck – someone saw blood from the ears”

5-year-old Landry Jack, April 3, Penn 2
“horse collapsed – sudden death”

3-year-old Formal Call, April 6, Parx, training

4-year-old Mr. Giovanna, April 6, Parx 1

Bubs Desire, April 11, Pocono 13

3-year-old Charm City Dancer, April 13, Parx 7

4-year-old Wise Remark, April 14, Parx 6

4-year-old Circular Drive, April 17, Penn 7

4-year-old Elda, April 23, Penn 2

7-year-old E. Espee, April 24, Penn, training

7-year-old Above The Stars, April 24, Penn, training

3-year-old Eddie’sinthewoods, April 24, Penn 1

4-year-old Hooked On the Lady, April 29, Penn 7
“horse collapsed and died just past the finish line”

3-year-old Nasdaq Princess, May 2, Penn 8 (euthanized September 14)

5-year-old Fire I Am, May 15, Parx, training

5-year-old Bluecam, May 17, Parx 6

6-year-old Shoplift, May 19, Parx, training

2-year-old Bossy Betty Lou, May 24, Presque Isle, training

4-year-old It’s Charlie, May 25, Parx 2

5-year-old Bella Afleet, May 25, Presque Isle 7

5-year-old Global Risk, May 27, Penn, training

4-year-old Thou Art Mary, May 29, Penn 8

5-year-old Player to Be Named, May 29, Penn 8

6-year-old Widow’s Jewel, May 31, Penn, training
“exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage”

2-year-old Cowabunga, May 31, Presque Isle 2 (pre-race)
“traumatic head injury”

8-year-old Vision of Romance, June 1, Presque Isle, training
“possible aneurysm”

5-year-old Pitch N Roll, June 2, Presque Isle 4

5-year-old Sixteen Stone, June 6, Penn 7

Digital Z Tam, June 6, Pocono 3
“became weak and fell to the ground; horse was having trouble breathing and died naturally within two minutes”

4-year-old Total Talent, June 8, Parx, training

5-year-old This Kat of Mine, June 10, Parx, training
“collapsed and died on track”

4-year-old Aces Are Wild, June 15, Parx 3

6-year-old Pistoria, June 17, Penn 2

4-year-old Double Jock Mount, June 19, Penn 7

5-year-old Black Lagoon, June 26, Parx, training

3-year-old Stop the Nonsense, June 26, Penn 7 (euthanized June 30)

3-year-old Willful, June 27, Parx 5

2-year-old Patchouli, July 9, Presque Isle 1 (euthanized July 11)
“euthanasia chosen because of severe pain; disposed off property prior to examination by Commission Vet”

7-year-old Cortado, July 13, Parx 3

5-year-old Main Entrance, July 16, Parx, training

7-year-old Holy Royal, July 16, Presque Isle 5
“heart attack”

7-year-old Wicket Ewok, July 22, Penn 3

2-year-old Summer Mesa, July 24, Penn 1 (first race)

4-year-old Stormy Stepper, July 24, Penn 2

3-year-old Top Dead Center, July 25, Penn, training

10-year-old Dream Maestro, July 26, Parx 3

4-year-old Sleepy Jean, July 30, Penn 7

3-year-old So Trusty, July 31, Parx, training

5-year-old Jay Eye See, August 4, Parx 7 (euthanized August 5)

4-year-old Duck Duck Goose, August 7, Penn 8

4-year-old Silver Reward, August 10, Presque Isle 8

5-year-old Empire Star, August 14, Parx, training

7-year-old Espresso Royale, August 14, Penn 8

4-year-old The Mooche, August 25, Presque Isle 7

4-year-old Boss Cat, August 28, Parx, training

3-year-old Dash, September 5, Parx 1

4-year-old Aunt Ellipsis, September 12, Parx 7 (pre-race)
“flipped in paddock – fractured pelvis”

5-year-old Zuma Moon, September 12, Penn, training
“skull fracture”

4-year-old Harvey’s Bear, September 16, Presque Isle 1

10-year-old Rough Road Ahead, September 23, Presque Isle, training
“cardiac arrest”

5-year-old Outhaul, September 30, Penn 3

6-year-old Gold Mantis, October 3, Penn 6

2-year-old Candy Skirt, October 4, Parx, training

4-year-old Armani the Won, October 4, Parx 3

4-year-old Tizjohn, October 4, Parx 6 (euthanized October 9)

5-year-old Morning Cigar, October 5, Parx, training

3-year-old Face, October 5, Presque Isle 2 (euthanized October 6)

4-year-old Crossing, October 9, Parx, training

3-year-old Dakota Fox, October 13, Parx, training

7-year-old Destiny Joy, October 16, Penn 8

4-year-old Heavenly Girl, October 18, Parx, training

8-year-old Giopi, October 19, Parx 9

8-year-old Huff’n Hughes, October 20, Parx, training
“collapsed and died on track”

3-year-old Star Actor, October 30, Parx 3

4-year-old Surprise Success, November 3, Parx, training

7-year-old Awesome Indy, November 4, Penn 8 (euthanized November 6)

2-year-old Squad Girl, November 9, Parx, training

6-year-old Quotable, November 10, Parx 4

3-year-old Fit to Keep, November 11, Penn 4 (euthanized November 12 at Parx)

3-year-old Empty Backfield, November 14, Parx 9

4-year-old Thrill Show, November 14, Penn, training

3-year-old Tip Toe Joe, November 17, Penn, training

4-year-old Thick as Thieves, December 1, Penn, training

4-year-old Who’s Z Daddy, December 6, Parx 9 (euthanized December 16)

6-year-old Zealevo, December 11, Penn 5

4-year-old Saratoga Woods, December 12, Parx 4

3-year-old The Red Baron, December 14, Parx 8

3-year-old My Dutchess Kate, December 19, Parx, training

3-year-old Gangstress of Love, December 19, Parx 8

2-year-old Kandy Andy, December 21, Parx, training (euthanized post-surgery)

3-year-old Lake Ouachita, December 21, Parx 3

th (1)

In addition, the following 22 still-active racehorses died on track grounds from what the industry calls “non-racing” causes. While technically true, morally they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

Up Front Biz, January 10, Meadows

13-year-old Capo, January 10, Parx
“horse bolted and ran into a gate”

5-year-old Dancewithcourtney, January 12, Parx

6-year-old Zamita, January 30, Penn
“severely injured leg – in stall, worsened over time; humanely destroyed”

6-year-old Pretty Mr. D, February 2, Parx
“cellulitis – two-week duration”

5-year-old JC’s Dream, February 14, Penn
“broken carpus, very thin, very lame”

18-year-old Ladys Bad Boy, April 4, Penn
“[found] the horse dead in his stall”

3-year-old Blow By, May 16, Presque Isle
“found dead in the stall; pneumonia or possible head trauma during shipping”

9-year-old Butterscotch, June 2, Presque Isle
“pony horse – fractured femur”

Joscoc, June 9, Meadows

Rebel Strike, June 29, Pocono
“joint infection”

6-year-old Runnin Bull, July 8, Parx

4-year-old Riot Squad, July 8, Penn
“colic of unknown ethology; euthanized [after some] thrashing”

5-year-old Kettle’s Kid, July 15, Presque Isle
“shipping fever”

7-year-old Blue Tick Hound, July 24, Penn
“infected hock”

Automatic Teller, August 27, Pocono
“fractured pastern in the stall”

8-year-old Marie’s Babe, August 28, Parx

3-year-old Giant Swing, October 24, Parx

5-year-old Dean the Man, November 9, Parx
“terminally ill”

3-year-old Rangersleadtheway, November 14, Parx
“severely neurologic”

2-year-old Lady Lion, December 13, Parx

Wok N Roll, December 16, Meadows
“cardiac arrest”


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  1. I have to invent a word to accurately describe this horrific report on racehorses dying for this despicable industry.
    It looks like I’m reading a report from the holocaust that listed the names of the dead. This is a death camp! This isn’t a sport.
    How can our society continue to support, via our politicians, such a blatant act of homicide?

  2. No other creature on earth has been so used and abused by man as the horse. There is no excuse for the number of deaths caused by the racing industry. It’s time to advocate for these innocent creatures and put an end to their torture.

    • Agreed. I, for one, will continue to be a voice for these voiceless racehorses as they are enslaved, exploited for profit, doped up, maimed, and killed.
      If they make it out alive, and I emphasize IF then their retirement plan is usually a kill auction or subsequently a slaughterhouse floor.
      For those who make money on the track? A life of forced impregnation, a baby factory to produce future slaves, and usually dumped when no longer viable.
      So yes I will be a voice even when this industry discredits me, labels me in a negative way, and wrecks havoc on my personal life.
      Anything they do to me is not even close to the pain, and suffering that these sentiment beings endure.

  3. The carnage of these precious souls is unspeakable, and the pain of such horrific injuries they endured, a tragedy of immense proportions, which hurts me to the core. My heart aches for each and every loss, of a once whole being, whose life held so much promise. Born innocent, and defenseless, trusting their lives to the care of their enslavers, and so brutally betrayed by a life of drug cocktails, abuse, isolation, neglect, suffering, and death.

    I can think of no other creature that has been so decimated by humans as the Thoroughbred. If not productive, they are cast aside like trash, having no value, and many are shipped to meet the most cruel and inhumane death imaginable.

    They bleed as we do, they feel pain as we do, they have brains and a soul like we do. They are magnificent creatures, they can be tender, they can be loving, who on earth can justify what humans have done to them? I dream to see a day when they are free from their bondage, and suffering, and can live in peace as God intended. This murder of Thoroughbreds must end, it is criminal and it is unjust, and we as humans who feel and understand their plight must continue to fight for the victims, and make no mistake, they are all victims.

    This list makes me physically sick, because I know tomorrow will come and there will be another list of beautiful babies who have suffered and perished, where is their savior? Will you come forward today and pledge that you will never place a bet on their heads. For together we can end this all if you would just not bet and walk away. All life is precious, and should be respected. Just walk away – for them…….

    Marlene Thornley

  4. How many die show jumping, eventing, trail riding, polo, etc. etc. Racehorses enjoy a standard of care much superior tot any other discipline.

    • Susan, anyone who thinks that racehorses receive a “standard of care superior to any other discipline” is either delusional or incredibly stupid, perhaps a bit of both. I spent years on the backside of a low level track and, as you well know, most tracks are low level. Also, for some reason that continually escapes me, the racing supporters who post here are unavailable to grasp that this blog is called “Horseracing Wrongs”, not “Polo Wrongs” or ” Eventing Wrongs”. Got it?

    • Susan, if anything, the standard of care for racehorses is hugely inferior to many equine disciplines.

  5. Timely for you to bring up Pennsylvania as today presented one of the more disturbing race cards in the US this year. Parx has been closed for their “winter break” since December 22. They have delayed the reopening of the track for a few weeks and only very recently opened the track for training.

    They made the heartless decision to waive their workout requirement for today’s card which predictably lead to fields of horses that had not run, worked or trained for well over 2 months. There was a breakdown in the first race and the horses basically ran erratically all day with some heavy favorites just lingering at the back or “working” 3-4f and then stopping.

    Rather than handle the situation in a humane way for the horses, they are taking wildly unnecessary risks with the horses while also putting on just about the shittiest horse racing product you could possibly imagine. Awful.

    • And this is not one bit surprising. To this industry, money ALWAYS comes first.


    • Daniel, in full agreeance with you. They forced these horses to race when they had full knowledge that the horses were not anywhere near being fit and had been deprived of being conditioned in readiness to race.
      A classic example and evidence of the fact that the racing industry blatantly abuses, mistreats, injures and kills its horses.

      Dr Christopher Riggs, BVSc, PhD, DEO, Dipl. ECVS, MRCVS, head of Veterinary Clinical Services at the Hong Kong Jockey Club, in 2014 suggested horses resuming high-speed work after a period of rest were at more risk of catastrophic fractures. Riggs said research has shown that horses appear to be at higher risk of injury if they have started more than 30 times and have accumulated more than 178 kilometers (110 miles) in their training and racing careers. Veterinarians should identify horses that fall in this “high-risk” group and use diagnostic imaging to examine them more closely for subtle signs of lameness or injury, he said.


  6. We utilize the ‘Horse’ unlike any other species, and yet we still justify slaughtering them instead of a respectful burial/cremation for the honorable service that horses perform everyday. If they could talk!

  7. To me, the racehorses are talking. It may not be words coming from their mouths like us humans, but the broken bones, snapped-off legs, torn ligaments, heart attacks, maiming, and deaths speak volumes.
    Yes they are speaking to us.
    Even when they are not speaking via physical manifestation they are speaking silently which is exactly why this industry gets away with such blatant cruelty, and abuse.
    Being confined 23 hours per day while needles go in and out of their veins, their joints, and who knows what else? They remain silent.
    Even when they are standing in a kill box waiting for a captive bolt to their head – they are silent.
    The videos speak for them, but it falls on deaf ears because this industry cares about profits despite the show they put on.
    Let’s not forget they call themselves the “good” folks of horse racing.
    Well if this is good then something is wrong with the definition because this is evil – pure evil.

    • The fight is to wedge our voice between the business of abuse and its use of nonhuman beings. They do have a voice. They speak constantly. It is specism to accept they are dumb and need protection from their feeble ways. Equines generate enough ERGs just in standing to power a house of lights for an hour (ERGs – units of energy). Equines speak in our physical world and our spirit world. The fight is not to BE their voice but to be OUR voice. That these incredibly kind beings are respected and treated with as much dignity as we expect other humans to treat us. I am a member of the popualtion on this Earth, an incredile flow of life in many forms. It is disgusting to see behavior of brutality and debasement of anyone.

  8. A quote from Dan Ariely, WSJ, Feb 20th : “Sadly our choices -moral and otherwise-often aren’t the result of what we know but what we feel. He goes on to say there is something called the “Identifiable Victim Effect” which shows people can care deeply about a single specific tragedy, yet care little about vast atrocities….

    Speaking in general terms, I believe that is the case with the plight of horses.. As we know, the public was pretty outraged by what happened to 8 Belles, George Washington, Ferdinand and Excellor , to name a few. Also we remember the outpouring of sympathy for Barbaro. Racing is very clever at hiding the daily carnage and abuse but, of course, it can’t hide the high profile incidents. Many who actually witness a horse dying on the track are turned against racing and that is why horses are forced into vans to be killed out of view.
    The extreme of “hiding” the carnage is Indiana refusing to even name the horses that died in the name of this “sport” !!

  9. This post was especially disturbing. I wish I could offer the honor that each of the horses listed here deserves.

    RIP to each precious life – each horse – named here. You mattered to us.

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