Native Heart Dead at Golden Gate

The California Horse Racing Board reports the training death of 4-year-old Native Heart at Golden Gate February 2:

“Midway through a workout…something went wrong. The horse suffered a compound fracture of the left fore ankle and was euthanized…”

And the beat goes on…

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  1. NATIVE HEART this 4 year old filly began her racing career when a 2 year old. She had eight (8) starts from Aug 29, 2014 to Jan 9, 2016 and I find this puzzling. Perhaps she had an issue.
    She had the same trainer and owners for all her starts with the exception of one, her very first race. She seemed to have time off between most of her races and I’m wondering how she was pulling up because her racing program was not normal.

    The equibase Chart describes her last race on Jan 9, 2016 as follows –

    “tracked to the pace to the turn, saved ground to the stretch but did not rally when asked” she came home 2nd last and this was about 6 weeks from her previous start – she did not rally when asked because obviously she had a problem.

    Then 3 weeks later she’s DEAD – died in training – a catastrophic limb injury (and I wonder how long it took for a vet to appear to euthanase her, rarely is a vet around in training) it would’ve been absolutely terrible for her.

    They were playing Russian roulette with this filly and she lost her life. Those responsible utterly disgust me.

    According to, this 4 year old filly’s connections as of her last start were –

    Jockey – Julien Couton
    Trainer – Jerry Hollendorfer
    Owner – Tailwind Racing Inc., Hollendorfer Jerry, Melen Steve and Schlaich Mark.
    Breeder – C Kidder & N Cole

    • I’ve noticed Hollendorfer shows up as part owner along with a slew of others as was the case with shared Shared Belief .

      R.I.P. Native Heart.

      • One can usually assume that a Trainer with his win record is winning by doing things that others may not be doing. That can include dope either legal or illegal, machines in the whips, your guess is as good as mine. This pathetic dope factory that they call horse racing is managing itself so who the heck knows what’s going on?
        The racehorses pay the price as they can be used like animal experimentation. They sure count on the voiceless horses not to tell their dirty secrets, but you know what?
        The horses are talking to us as they snap their legs off, break down, and die.
        They are speaking to us in their death.
        I, for one, will speak on their behalf. I pledge to be a voice for the voiceless as they die for this horrific cruelty factory they call horse racing.

  2. Just when I thought the industry couldn’t get lower. It just lowered the bar yet again. I don’t know where to post this so I used this post.
    An 11 year old retired stallion has been put back in training, and they are getting ready to race it!!!
    Yes, that’s what I said. Unbelievable! Somebody please shut down this abuse factory down.
    Here’s the link to confirm what I posted:

    If this isn’t cruelty then there is no such thing as cruelty. This poor horse. How dare the industry even consider allowing this horse to run or even be put back in training.

      • This industry has not only lost all sense of decency, but it does ZIPPO to correct blatant animal cruelty, and abuse.
        The racehorses pay the price every day.
        They don’t even enact preventative measures to keep situations like this from proceeding.
        It’s like the wild west.

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