2-Year-Old “Shatters Knee” at Los Alamitos – Dead

2-year-old Fire At Will is dead after breaking down in – or to be more accurate, after winning – the 8th yesterday at Los Alamitos. Track announcer Ed Burgart put it thus (Twitter): “Sad to report that Los Al Winter Derby winner Fire At Will was euthanized after shattering left knee past wire of Grade I win Saturday.”

Just another “shattered knee” – and another kill.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Probably excessive use of joint injections, and drugs could have been covering up chronic conditions of the knee which eventually gave out.
    This industry is knowingly risking racehorses lives every day. The ongoing use of dope to cover-up chronic conditions is playing Russian roulette with their lives. This industry is nothing more than a death camp so that a few wagering outlets can make billions while the majority suffer.
    This is an inexcusable business model that needs to shut down.
    My only hope is that Texas and Florida horse racing are the next ones to close down.
    Under the current situations it looks like Tampa Bay secured a future for itself.
    Then again the owner is a high powered very wealthy attorney with high level connections with politicians, and the legal process.
    Doesn’t surprise me that she secured a future for her racetrack.
    Anyways, the entire death scene sickens me.
    Fire at Will. You were a hero in action. May your spirit come down and curse this industry along with all the others who have lost their lives on their racetracks.
    I hope all the dead racehorses comes back to haunt them so they get what’s coming to them.

  2. I get it it is sad to lose one whether it’s in the race or in training. Since you’re so keen on reporting about all the deaths in horseracing you could at least get your facts right. Derbies offer 3 year old not 2 year olds

  3. Thank you, Patrick, for reporting about all these horses, hopefully something will be done soon about this evil sport. There’s a special place in Hell waiting for the owners, trainers, jockeys, and everyone that work with these beautiful animals. Some people will do anything for money, even if they have to sell their souls.

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