Whipped Into the Ground

King’s Fortune’s last three races (all “claiming”):

Jun 27, Arlington: carted away by ambulance
Jul 30, Arlington: finished second-to-last
Aug 27, Arlington: “broke down” – dead

Thunder Deville’s only four races (all “maiden”):

Jul 16, Indiana: 10th of 11, 30+ lengths back
Jul 29, Indiana: last of 9, 41 lengths back
Aug 21, Indiana: last of 10, 34 lengths back
Sep 1, Indiana: (probably – Indiana refused to identify its dead) “fractured neck”

Schuylercountyline’s final three races (still “maiden claiming”):

Oct 23, Hawthorne: 8th of 11, 16+ lengths back
Dec 1, Hawthorne: last of 10, 55+ lengths back
Dec 18, Hawthorne: “open comminuted fracture, euthanized on track”

Abuse first – then killing.

This is horseracing.

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  1. These horses are doing their best, they become fatigued in the final stages of the race, some are sore, carrying pre-existing injuries/conditions and/or cannot cope with the stressful demands of racing and these jockeys think nothing of inflicting pain upon them both physical and psychological. These horses are being beaten with a whip when their central nervous system is telling them to slow down which is nature’s way of protecting the horse from injury/breakdowns. But, the whipping forces the horse to keep up the momentum and the horse just cannot escape this brutal treatment. Speed kills and horseracing is maiming and killing racehorses every single day. In a New York Times investigation it is reported that in the US, twenty-nine (29) horses die each week on the racetrack (Bogdanich et al. 2012).

    “It’s become an extremely important issue because it is arguably the most visible form of violence to animals.” Professor Paul McGreevy, Sydney University, Australia.


  2. Agree Carolyn 100%.
    PETA got the BAN on bullhooks. I know they can get the BAN on whips. The industry, via the racing commissions, certainly isn’t going to protect the racehorse as previous records show. In fact, the racing commissions have merely become window dressers for the abuse often upholding the abuse. After all, a pathetic $100 Fine is endorsing the abuse.
    It will take either a group like PETA or wealthy individual(s) to file a lawsuit against a jockey who excessively whips a horse. Bring it into the court system away from the commissions & industry.
    There’s no doubt in my mind that the legal system will view it as animal cruelty and/or abuse.
    Once we get one ruling in our favour then it will set a precedent.
    This can be done. I swear if I had the funds I would do it myself.

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