Good Times at Penn National

Wednesday at Penn National (from Equibase charts):

race 2: Stand by Your Man – “vanned off”

race 4: Arrest in Pieces – “ran off when he got to the gate, reluctant to load once they got him back”; finished last, 21+ lengths back

race 6: MJ Plus – “reluctant to load”; finished 7th of 9

same race: A. Rod Again – “reluctant to load…stopped”; finished last

race 7: Show Ya Luv – “pulled up lame, vanned off”

race 8: North Forest Star – “fractious in the gate…gave way”

same race: Gingers Hero – “fractious in the gate”; finished second-to-last

Yup, sounds just like every other sport in America – ambulances, non-willing contestants. It’s a (bad) joke, folks.

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  1. And they love to run – that’s what the’re bred for !!! We hear that all the time from the apologists.

    Truth is, they are forced to run and bred to lead miserable unnatural short lives full of jnjuries and suffering where death is the only escape..

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