Three Killed in Back-to-Back Races at Santa Anita

By any measure, Santa Anita is one of America’s elite racetracks, with its meets typically garnering a little extra attention from the racing press. So it is a bit perplexing (not really, of course) how three horses – 3-year-olds Rastanora, Send Me a Sign, One of the Greats – dying there in back-to-back races on New Years Day did not, as far as I can tell, qualify as newsworthy. Anywhere.

(While the CHRB would not confirm the deaths till a few days later, there were, for those who cared, leads to pursue: The official Equibase chart, published that very day, had two of the three as “broke down,” the other as “pulled up in distress, vanned off.”)

Three dead at Santa Anita and not a word, proving (yet again) that this industry’s precious “equine athletes” are, in truth, nothings – beyond, that is, their capacity to make money for men. How profoundly sad.

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  1. Sue, you took the words right out of my mouth. Recently in New Mexico the Owner of racetracks there, Hubbard, was using heavy pain-masking drugs on his racehorse while winning tons of money ( He was caught cheating, and the Racing Commissions did little or nothing. So what does this have to do with this article?
    For one thing, the continual use, and abuse of drugs on racehorses masks chronic issues often resulting in catastrophic breakdowns. Drugs are regularly used to keep lame, and/or sore horses running greatly increasing their eventual demise whether that’s in the claiming ranks, dying on tracks, or becoming non-usable for other careers.
    We now know that Racing Commissions often stand down in favor of the drug users instead of protecting the health, and welfare of the racehorse. So it’s very plausible that these 3 horses were doped up to run, and probably given shock wave therapy on their legs, which is rampant on racetracks throughout North America, but especially in California. The combination of these 2 things basically deadens the nerve sensation in the racehorses legs so it doesn’t feel its pain, it doesn’t protect itself, it just keeps running until its leg snaps off. Any normal horse needs to feel pain, and will slow down to protect itself also protecting the rider. The industry takes away this very natural defense mechanism that horses, and all of us, have. It’s disgusting.
    In Kentucky, the so called horse capital of the world – there are no whipping rules! A racehorse can be beaten as many times as the jockey deems necessary, and there are no repercussions! So just think about that for a moment. When a racehorse can actually feel its pain, and slows down to protect itself – it gets beaten. This is blatant animal abuse. The whip is the same as a bullhook designed to make the animal perform, to exploit it for profit. If PETA, and other organizations can get the bullhook banned in California, then I think they can get the whip banned as well. It’s going to take a dedicated animal rights organization with the political clout, and funding like PETA to get the whip banned altogether.
    Just recently, there were over 30 racehorses abandoned on a farm in Lexington Kentucky, and the racing industry did little or nothing to financial assist with this horrible situation. The horses were very neglected. To this day, nobody can find out the NAME or connections of the people involved. There is this big shroud of secrecy surrounding who was responsible. Again, the industry flexing their muscles over the local media it seems by not allowing the names to be released. I’m still trying to find out.
    So racehorses are being doped up, whipped, dying on tracks, dropped off at kill auctions, or just left on a farm to die, the industry that exploits them does little or nothing. The so called folks who “care” about their horses, who “love” their horses are nowhere to be found when these situations are going on. They are part of the exploitation.
    It’s a very sad state of affairs for racehorses all over racetracks in North America. They have become just another number it seems, just another disposable commodity.

    • Yes, thank you, Gina, for providing the link from the pro-racing Paulick Report about abuser Hubbard. There’s so much abuse and exploitation but not enough time in the day to share it all!

      I’m sure you saw Chenery’s latest in the PR today?….she was invited in 1982 – 34 years ago! – to speak at a Senate hearing about TB racehorse drugging issues! And she was “hoping” things were on track to get better for the horses. Now she’s asking for federal intervention – isn’t it so telling when racing insiders must finally admit defeat and humble themselves, requesting assistance to “fix” the mess that this industry IS! Here, Ms. Chenery;
      “But even another succession of Triple Crown winners would not return this sport to the glory days.” That’s right, Ms. Chenery…there’s no glory to be found in this “sport”.

  2. No mention of hundreds of other horses who most likely died on the same day , no mention by you fine folks , why ? I can answer that , because the racing industry is easy for you fine folks to exploit , easy for you fine people to judge and make broad assumptions , and that is what you do make assumptions and twist things in the worst way you can , PETA has groomed you well .
    Not one of you know all the facts , not one of you can honestly say whether or not someone mourns the loss of their horse , you sit on your high and mighty thrones and pass your version of Judgement .
    Also Gina you might want to fact check a little on your New Mexico story.

  3. Your mentor , and you have the nerve to sit in judgement .

    Treatment of Animal [PETA] in 1980, Ingrid Newkirk has loudly renounced the torture and killing of a myriad of animals, including cows, minks, monkeys, elephants, fox, pigs and chicken. Hundreds of thousands of animal sympathizers, horrified by dramatic expos�s, rushed to join PETA’s ranks to end the suffering.

    But for a quarter of a century Newkirk was conspicuously silent on the slaughter of hundreds of millions of companion animals at municipal pounds. PETA was mum on the tradition of executing man’s closest friends and housemates: dogs and cats. INGRID NERK PETA

    However all of that changed recently. In the wake of a growing global cry to end pound deaths, followers and foes alike demanded PETA take a position. Slow in coming, they finally got their response. It was nothing short of explosive. INGRID NEWKIRK PETA

    In 2003 we learned for the first time that Ingrid Newkirk – tireless defender of animals – has another face. During the 1970’s her chosen profession was “dog catcher” and killer. Newkirk unabashedly describes her zeal for killing in her own words: “I’d go to work early, before anyone got there, and I would just kill the animals myself…I must have killed a thousand of them, sometimes dozens every day.” She was so good at it she rose through the ranks to become director of District of Columbia’s high-kill pound where she reigned for some years. There, under her rule, untold thousands more died. INGRID NEWKIRK

    The next revelation is even more appalling: Newkirk has never stopped killing. Not only is she non- apologetic about her murky past, she quietly continues her murderous avocation. She turned PETA’s Norfolk, Virginia headquarters into her own personal killing field. There she hauled in more than 17,822 puppies, kittens, dogs and cats since 1998 and executed 14,419 of them. This does not include wild animals – in 2005 alone, PETA admits to killing 141. In 2005 Newkirk killed 90% of her defenseless captives and adopted only 6% – a ratio far worse than almost any pound in the country. Read her own grim statistics: INGRID NEWKIRK PETA

    • Ms. Olivas: First off, you did not write this, so who did? Second, this is an old, tired “argument” against PETA, one that happens to be unconscionably misleading. No one has done more for domesticated (enslaved) animals in the past 35 years than Ingrid Newkirk. To characterize her and her organization as heartless “killers” is obscene. PETA’s position – and one I subscribe to – is that euthanasia is a necessary evil, made so because of vile puppy mills, backyard breeders, irresponsible “owners,” and, to bring it back to this site, industries like your own.

      Ms. Olivas, you have no rational answer to what I publish here (unassailable facts, that is), so you resort to cesspool attacks like the above. How empty and sad your life must be.

    • Ms. Curtis-Olivas, just to clear up confusion on your part, Ingrid Newkirk is licensed to euthanize animals. PETA does take in animals rejected by other shelters and is considered to be a shelter of “last resort” but I’m sure someone as knowledgeable as you would certainly be aware of that. LOL!

      I have been involved with rescue for many, many years and, at one time, volunteered with the Capital Area Humane Society here in central Ohio. On one particular Saturday, the vet clinic within the CAHS euthanized 37 animals…yes, 37 animals (cats and dogs)….because the cages on the floor and in the holding area were full. There was simply no room. It broke my heart because the majority of those animals that were euthanized were healthy animals. In a perfect world, all shelters would be “no kill” but anyone with minimal intelligence should know that we do not live in a perfect world. Euthanasia is certainly more humane than sending the animal back with an owner who could potentially dump that animal on the side of the road, at least in my opinion. Oh, and let’s not forget that humans are largely responsible for the problems we encounter with animal overpopulation….breed, breed, breed…then dump, dump, dump. I’ll never forget New Vocations promoting a low level Standardbred broodmare on their adoption site after she had produced SIX “unprofitable” foals. Idiocy, at its best!

      It is now time to put on your “big girl pants” and name your source for the information you took out of context and posted on this blog….Horseracing Wrongs. For the life of me I can’t understand why you struggle with the title of this blog. Are you really that dumb? It isn’t about PETA. It isn’t about Quarter horses that fracture their legs while trotting in pastures. It is about the exploitation of the racehorse. Seems simple to me.

      Finally, I thought it was an opportune time to let you know that I sent PETA a year end donation (as I do every year). You may want to post that info on every racing site you can find along with the fact that PETA is still in my will. Thank goodness the value of my estate dictates that I have a will!

  4. debraolivas78, not everyone interested in abolishing horseracing in the US is a PETA supporter. I, for one, part ways with many supporters of this blog and have little use for the organization. Its many inconsistencies and hypocrisies, some of which you name, are manifold. For the good it does, like the undercover story on Steve Asmussen’s appalling stable practices and (legal) drug abuse of racehorses, its polarizing stance on most animal welfare positions/policies prevent it from being the necessary powerful counter-lobby to well-heeled Big Agriculture and horseracing lobbyists.

    So please do not lump all those desiring an end to horseracing in the US as easy-for-you-to-dismiss “PETA kooks.” I’ve simply given up on the idea of any real reforms on drug use, overracing, whipping, etc. and have come to believe the only solution is an end to the racing “industry.” I was once an avid and fairly successful handicapper but along with the epiphany moment that I just didn’t want to see one more horse die for my gambling and viewing pleasure (Spook Express, November 2001) came the realization that I wasn’t as good a handicapper as I could be BECAUSE of the drug abuse, nerve cutting, electrical shocking, etc, etc. — information that is deliberately withheld from the gambler.

    Spook Express’s owner “sobbed” when she realized her mare had to be euthanized, So what? It should not be the amount of grief or love that one has for one’s horse that makes racing “OK”, it’s that the horse died while doing something that it may have been doing under physical or mental duress or under the influence of a drug that makes racing *wrong*. Again, I know I part ways with some readers of this blog who believe all domestic horses are essentially slaves and “fur babies.” I won’t give up pleasure riding. But my horse is not stabled 23 hours a day, is not fed and watered at MY convenience, has a lot of paddock room to roam around in, is free to go into shelter or remain in the open, receives no performance “enhancement” or masking drugs, etc. And he seems to not mind carrying me around on our trail rides. Really! Our relationship is not one of coercion or abuse but one of interspecies partnership.

    You are miffed because Patrick did not mention every dead horse that died yesterday. Yes, many horses died yesterday. Not all of them on racetracks. Some died from criminal or ignorant neglect. Some died from having been beaten. Some died in slaughterhouses. Some died running around in their paddocks. Some died being born. Some died of old age. Patrick is not ignoring or denying that. This blog is about just what its title says, the wrongs of horseracing.

  5. It is a waste of time trying to reason with debraolivas78; she is neither logical or open-minded, and clouded by her narrow minded, unrealistic, views. I have no idea why she bothers to comment on this site, other than to stir up trouble with her convoluted, twisted, opinions. She is a supporter of the sordid racing industry period!!

    You cannot dispute the facts of all the dead racehorses, yet she always tries to discredit the facts; their daily pain and suffering, and their catastrophic injuries in the hands of unscrupulous owners and trainers. She refuses to accept the fact that these TB’s are virtually running for their lives each time they race. From the minute the gate opens, they are frantically trying to escape, and many have died impaled on the very gates that confine them, or split their heads open on the starting gate. Some have flipped backwards and died after hitting their heads on the ground. But of course we all know that they ” Love to run”, a ridiculous statement by the apologists.

    debraolivas78 lives in her own world, and it is one I would not want to ever visit.

    Marlene Thornley

  6. Olivia, I enjoy reading your comments because it exposes just how insensitive you pro-horse racing people are despite the crying. I’ll send you some Kleenex.
    Your in a constant state of denial, and I experienced people like you on the track for many years. As much as I hate to admit it, I was one of those people. I was raised in this industry. I later owned/trained for many years.
    Unlike you, I reached the conclusion that I could no longer continue to exploit a racehorse for profit. Then another thing happened. I realized that the majority of small time owners/trainers are actually pawns in a much larger scheme. In short, most of us were being used to fill races, go broke in the meantime because, I allege, the major corruption (race fixing) is going on.
    It’s no secret that 10% of trainers are controlling 90% of the purse money. The facts show that the majority of these trainers are multiple drug violating Trainers (example Doug O’Neill) or have a high rate of horses dying in their care (example Bob Baffert) while little or nothing is done about it.
    Now we have a direct factual example of coordination between a racing commission, and an owner of a racetrack while horses were doped up to win. This is outrageous, and illegal. True to horse racing style I bet nothing comes of it.
    You ordered me to check my facts on the story provided by Hubbard. You need to read the article, and check the facts yourself. The facts are very well laid out.
    So it’s not only the horses, but people that are being exploited. This entire industry is based on exploitation. Animals, and people are destroyed in the process just to fill races for a select few to get filthy rich. There are billions wagered on horses on a daily basis, and little or nothing is going to help these horses out. Of course there are also the addicted degenerate gamblers that cause their children, and family much suffering. I won’t address this other rogue element on this forum as we focus on the horses.
    It’s not PETA, it’s not any other industry that is responsible for this except for the horse racing industry. I would think you would spend your energy focusing on the industry that is to blame, that is solely responsible for the unwanted horse race issue, and for the deaths on racetracks. The industry is to blame – they create the mess not PETA, not us.
    The industry knows that horses must be disposable in order to fill races in North America. They are well aware that there are not enough homes to go around now. Yet, they continue to breed and breed.
    These horses are being bred to run around in circles with a continuous cocktail of drugs in order to continue filling races for the very rich owners, CEO’s, and wagering companies. For example, TVG the richest wagering company in the world is not even American-based although they make billions off of American racehorses while giving little or nothing to racehorse aftercare. They pay little or no taxes in Oregon, but they operate their business here while leaving thousands of dead horses in their wake.
    To say that you care, and cry about racehorses is a dichotomy at best. The only way to really care about racehorses is not to exploit them for profit, to leave this business, and start educating people as to what exactly is going on.
    Now I will address your comment regarding PETA. I support PETA because I know that they do amazing work for animals. Unlike some posters here, I also support the Humane Society just because I think that they do good work for animals as well. I support any organization that help out animals. However, PETA stands out from all other organizations because they promote a vegan diet. This is crucial to the well being of animals on our planet. They live what they preach more so than any other animal or environmental organization on the planet.
    As for the euthanization issue. I strongly support humane euthanization. It’s the lesser of 2 evils. Would I want all animals saved? Of course I would, but as long as there are irresponsible breeders such as the horse racing industry there will always be unwanted horses or animals.
    Most recently, I was a volunteer at a large scale rescue. At one time, it was a “NO KILL” shelter. Like many other NO KILL shelters they become over ridden with pets, financially burdened, and could no longer take care of the animals. Many rescues now are not individuals, but NO KILL groups whose original intentions were good, but the animals ended up in an equally worse situation when they were rescued.
    Back in August, I adopted a 12 year old German Shepherd from a rescue group. First of all, when they came for the home visit to deliver the dog, it was skin and bones. It was so neglected, and thin that I wanted to know why. The volunteers told me that they are so over ridden with dogs, and finances are so low that the dog was getting fed 1/2 can a day of dog food. Now this was supposed to be a 80 pound dog. Instead, he was about 50 pounds. Instead of me scolding them, I took him. I also gave them a $500 donation which I could not afford.
    About 7 days later the dog was suffering. He was up about 20 times per night having to urinate. I knew something was horribly wrong. He was moaning in pain, he had the weirdest skin infection that I ever saw in his groin area. Off to the vet we go. It turned out he had prostrate cancer, was not clearing his urine, and it was actually burning his insides causing these lesions on his groin area. My vet contacted their vet, and this rescue group was well aware of his condition which was not disclosed to me during the adoption. Now I don’t want to attack an organization who has good intentions, but here are my thoughts: Instead of humanely euthanizing him he wasted in a cage for 8 months with this rescue group, suffering, until I adopted him. Not only was he physically suffering, but he had mental/emotional trauma as well.
    So after I knew that his situation was grave, and that the dog was suffering, I did what any responsible pet owner should do. I put him in the car, drove him to the rescue group vet, and told her to assess the situation as I felt that Rocky needed to be humanely euthanized.
    The vet told me that she had informed this group to humanely euthanize the dog 8 months ago!. She said that more than 50% of the pets they were rescuing had serious medical conditions that warranted humane euthanasia, but because they were a NO KILL shelter they never wanted to do this. She also said that she can only recommend. Also, many of these pets, due to their serious medical conditions, don’t get adopted because people don’t have the money for their very expensive medical care. Most people can afford to feed, shelter, and basic vet work on pets, but can’t afford ongoing expensive vet bills for these type of pets. I’m one of them.
    While I was in the exam room with Rocky, We called the rescue group, and I told them how I felt. The vet told them that the dog needed to be euthanized, that he was suffering. So after having him for only 2 months, I held him tight while he was euthanized.
    I know, from experience, that this is not an isolated situation. Many dogs being held in NO KILL shelters right now are suffering because they refuse to euthanize. This is not humane. This is not okay.
    I can tell you that in the short 6 weeks that I had Rocky he received more love, more food, more attention than I think he ever had. He became so attached to me so quickly. I took him for long walks. He smiled from ear to ear (yes dogs smile). This was a dog held in a cage for 8 months that got 1 walk per day, anything that the volunteers could do.
    I’m happy for the short time we had together, but I’m also happy that he’s in a better place now. So I 100% support PETA’s position, and I don’t support NO KILL shelters. They are not feasible. I do know that the pets PETA euthanized were pets like Rocky or similar situations like this. They stepped up to the plate to ensure no more suffering for those pets, and I applaud them for this.
    The unwanted pet issue is a preventable one, but as long as their are industries like horse racing supporting the ongoing breeding of animals to exploit for profit, then there will always be animals suffering, and suffer they do.
    Whether they are running sore, lame, breaking their legs, being confined for 23 hours per day, being whipped when tired for what? To run in circles for somebody to place a $2 bet on them? Are you fu**ing kidding me?
    Horse racing is an antiquated business that should be shut down. It has no place in the 21st century.
    I must end this very long comment (sorry) on a good note.
    Olivia, I hope you read this. Another racetrack is closing its doors permanently. I applaud. This just made my day because now many horses will no longer be bred to become disposable commodities for this horrific industry. For every racetrack that closes down it translates to less unwanted horses.
    From the pro-horse racing website here’s the link:

    Now I’m going to celebrate.

    • Gina, I totally agree with you. You should write a book about this disgusting industry. I was on the backside of Hawthorne Racetrack for 7 years. I would go everyday to feed about 40 feral cats that the track owners and management totally ignored. They tried kicking me out so I bought a racehorse and got a racing license so they couldn’t kick me out. A friend on the backside put a horse of his in my name so I could could continue helping the animals back there. I rescued many racehorses that were going to be put down cause they were not winning races. I felt so sorry for the horses there, they would just stand in stalls for hours and hours and hours. I was always so happy when a friend who adopted a horse from me would send me video of the horse running with other horses having fun and rolling around in the dirt. I met a few good horse owners but the bad outweighs the good. It’s all about profit and greed. The horses pay a big price. It’s a long story but I was banned from the track trying to put a program in place to help the cats on the backside. But I got the track owners and managers in the news to show the public what they were in fact doing to the animals back there. I love horses and hate horse racing BIG TIME.

      • Thanks so much Carrie for your truthful comment. Yes, I should write a book. I really should. I spend lots of time commenting so I should spend time writing an e-book. I have lots to say. I can tell you that I’ve only brushed the surface. It will be cathartic for me.
        You put it so eloquently when you said “I love horses and hate horse racing.” I feel the same. I came to realize that loving a racehorse is not exploiting it for profit.
        The feral cat problem in most stable areas of racetracks is rampant. Hardly anybody helps them out. I will never forget when I had a horse stabled in Kentucky. There was an exercise rider who would drop off her kittens in the stable area every time her cat had kittens at home. So I decided to discuss this issue with her.
        She said she didn’t care what happened to the kittens. She said “most of them die getting kicked by horses so that’s fine by me.” I’m not exaggerating. True story.
        I offered to have her female cat at home spayed, but she didn’t believe in “birth control.” No kidding. True story. So every 12 weeks there she was, dropping off kittens. It made me sick to my stomach.
        Then, on a racetrack in Texas the owner of the track would call in exterminators who would come and trap them. I asked them what happened to them. He said we drive far, find a field, and drop them there as per the racetrack owners instructions. How nice! This owner is a multimillionaire, and has the funds to give these kittens a fighting chance or, in the least, take them in for spay/neuter.
        I can’t tell you the number of cats, and dogs that I either adopted or found homes for when I was on the racing circuit. I had 2 instances where owners just left their dogs in a stall with a note: FREE. Take him. Gone away. The unwanted dog issue always happened at a private training center because dogs are not allowed on racetracks. So one morning I saw this sign outside of a stall, and there was a purebred Jack Russell, and Yorkie. I asked around to make sure it wasn’t a joke, and everybody said take them. He has left the country. So I did. I found homes for them since I had my own 2 dogs at the time.
        At this same private training center there was a lady who kept cats in carrier cases (you know the small ones) 24/7. They lived in their own feces, and urine. She did feed, and water them, but they were suffering. I went to the management of the private facility and told them what was going on. They said “don’t you dare call in the Humane Society. We don’t want that publicity here.” If you stir up trouble we will take your stalls away.”
        I guess it never occurred to them that they could have immediately stopped the suffering by reporting her to the Humane Society. Nothing was done about it. They said it was her private property, and that nobody should touch the cats.
        I got fed up with watching, and listening to the suffering. Oddly enough, somebody went in, loaded the carriers, and gave them a better life. Of course I was accused of doing this, but they had no evidence. There you go.
        So if they aren’t killing racehorses, they are killing cats.
        Disgusting, filthy, antiquated industry that needs to go.

      • Gina and Carrie, you both make excellent points. The callous attitudes about the horses’ welfare of those employed by the industry are evident in their treatment of other animals on the backside. I, too, was involved in rescuing cats, chickens and the occasional goat at the end of the meets (not to mention scores of horses). Every spring, we would come back for the next year’s meet to find dead kittens and cats that had died of starvation and lack of shelter in the harsh Michigan winters. The dumpsters, where they would normally find food scraps to sustain them while the track was open, would be where we would find most of the dead creatures. So each November we would take a number of days to gather up the animals left to fend for themselves in the deserted barns. Every damn year.

        Something I find amazing is that Olivas “knows” why each of us battles for our cause. In that thought, I wonder if she pisses and moans on all animal welfare sites…accusing those who battle for the abused canines in puppy mills, pointing her finger at the individuals who work for release of captive marine mammals, finding fault with those who protest the enslavement of circus animals…are all activists suffering from “sour grapes syndrome”? It would certainly follow her way of thinking to scream at them, “You don’t care about the dogs that are hit and killed by autos every day!” and “Wild animals die daily!” Her constant disputing must certainly take a great deal of time.

        And as you both clearly pointed out, the “bad” greatly outweigh the “good”. If that was reversed, the industry would not be in the sorry state they are in now. Penny Chenery begging for federal intervention, Arthur Hancock requesting the same, Bill Casner rebuking his own industry “colleagues”, Congressional hearings on racehorse breakdowns and drugging, racehorse rescue organizations full to the gill and daily begging for donations, discarded racehorses found weekly in killpens, etc, etc…yes, the industry “chaos” puts all of its horses in a life-threatening existence.

        And the “good”?…well the “good” demand the unnatural, stressful life of their horses just as the “bad” do. The “good” unload their waning horses just as the “bad” do. Graham Motion?…that’s interesting that Olivas brings him up (she mentions TWO of nearly two-THOUSAND licensed trainers? – impressive). Motion trained Creve Coeur, a 2003 gelding. CC won the Maryland Million Nursery Stakes for Motion when he was only two-years-old. But the bay gelding was soon put into claiming races by Motion and his owner and after numerous attempts and cheaper races, they were finally successful in getting rid of him – in 2007, the year Motion made 6.5 million, he sold Creve Coeur for 14K. The stakes winner, who labored in 62 races for earnings of nearly one-quarter of a million, last ran at Suffolk Downs in September of 2013 where he ran with a 4K price tag on his head, coming in last of seven horses. I messaged Anita Motion, requesting her wealthy husband acquire his former runner (I’m always appalled that WE must follow these horses and inform the individuals who profited of their former horses’ predicament!)…I still don’t know if Creve Coeur is safe or even alive. The “good” guys?…their horses are just as much objects to them as they are to the Hubbard’s of this gambling industry. You either chose the HORSE or you chose the industry.

      • Ahhh , Carrie , I remember your cat story very well , seems your efforts caused more problems , raccoons, skunks , etc. And some horseman really had problems with you .
        I watched someone like you get involved with feral cats , feeding them , etc. basically teaching them to become dependent on humans to survive instead of hunting , when that person moved , the cats then started raiding trash etc. because they were now dependent on people instead of being self reliant .

    • Gina , I come on here to read you alls comments just to see how twisted you all can make your stories .
      You all have chose horse racing as your “project” , because some of you are sour grapes , not really successful on the track , some of you just bitter , and some just needing to stand for something , but mostly because racing is an easy target .
      Yes horses are injured , yes some injuries require that the horse be put down , but you all never mention how many horses entered the starting gate on any pativular day and returned to their stalls to see another day .
      Yes there are , as I have said before bad people in racing , there are bad people every where , racing continues to work on getting stricter rules tougher rulings and ridding racing of the bad actors .
      Racing continues to work toward more and better aftercare for race horses , something you people also refuse to acknowledge , that would just be one more thing that does not fit your agenda .
      Finally on Hubbard , do I think they should come down harder on his trainer , yes I do , the fact you stated that Hubbard gave drugs to his horses , please … Hubbard did not go to the barn on race day or any other day and drug his horses. One thing I will give you on Hubbard , he talked the talk , we will see if he walks the walk .
      We agree on things that need changed to a degree , but to destroy a whole industry , no I do not agree with that at all , that is PETA. , I can not agree with one thing that sick depraved org. does , and I totally have no respect for anyone involved with them in any capacity , in fact I find anyone against HorseRacing who supports PETA to be extreme hypocrites . .

    • We appreciate the info on no kill shelters. We had no idea that an individual could end up having such a terrible experience while thinking they were doing what they thought was good.We have had to put to sleep many of our beloved animal friends because of inoperable health conditions such as cancer or kidney failure. Why on earth would a person allow an animal to suffer anymore than needed. We are selves have gone vegan here in Oregon as well due to the fact that heart disease is a genetic factor in our family history and several of our family members passed before 70! A vegan diet does not just help the animals, it also helps people to live longer too! We have had family members tested for buildup of plaque in their arteries, a very expensive test, by order of our doctor. The examining doctor was amazed that our farm owner at the age of 80 had completely clean arteries. That what ever diet we were on to keep doing it! Since the farm manager is also utilizing the same diet were sure the manager is okay too.We wish we could get others involved with the farm to do likewise but some just will not change.We only discovered a few years ago in our area that many horse people rely on winning bets to make money since the purses here in Oregon are so low in relation to racing`s operating costs We have NEVER bet on horses except when we climb aboard to ride! We also have seen illegal use of shock wave therapy used on a horse that almost killed a jockey several years back. That horse was shock waved EVERY day up to and including the day he broke BOTH legs at the top of the stretch!! We will never forget! That CRUMMY trainer is still training today in the Northwest right now, today!! We galloped horses with that unfortunate jockey over the course of 20+ years.After that devastating injury that jockey rode for a few years more but did not ride for many more years after that despite having some of the best talented hands we have ever seen.If one could place bets on losing horses as was once proposed by a wagering company, an individual could make a fortune on betting against that trainer as they are hardly ever in the money. Racing needs to be cleaned up. Our horses do like to run much to the chagrin of our neighbors! They are so glad that we do not have our Seattle Slew line stallion in the front any more as he would, when he heard a fast vehicle/truck coming from the east, he would perk up his ears and keep up with them all the way across the front of our farm until they were in at least 3rd or 4th gear! Makes it kind of difficult to ride him sometimes as he is really strong , fast and smart.We so appreciate learning things from you and others posting on this site.

  7. Olivia, I will respond to your comments. First, “You all have chose horse racing as your “project” , because some of you are sour grapes , not really successful on the track , some of you just bitter.”
    My response: The only thing I’m bitter about is the racehorses dying on tracks every day. Many pro-horse racing people have used the “Gina, you weren’t successful on the track,” comment. Doesn’t bother me. It’s just sad that my horses had to run their fannies-off against such drugs as EPO, Dermorphin, repeated joint injections, dopers, cheaters, and the rest of the wild west mentality.
    Heaven knows what else? So it’s the racehorses that pay the price to fill races. That’s very upsetting. They pay the price every day on racetracks all over North America.
    Well Olivia, neither me or my racehorses are part of this horrific race industry anymore. I will not uphold an industry that exploits both horses, and people for profit. It doesn’t matter how good anybody is, or how good their intentions are because in the end racehorses are dying. Fact. They are dying every day for this industry. Moreover, you “good” folks are nowhere to be found when these racehorses end up at the slaughterhouse or while we are trying to scrape together yet another $200 to get them out of the kill auction, out of harms way. Not one of you are anywhere to be found.
    So you “good” people are merely part of the exploitation. Being a good person is making changes in your life to be good, and you obviously have not made that change. Thank goodness I have.
    Neither Longrun or any of those so called industry funded organizations gave me any money for my racehorses to assist with rehoming them despite my requests. Most of them are just another sham for this industry, to make them look like they are doing something. Even for the few they save, there are thousands going to kill auctions, and slaughter. There will never be enough homes to accommodate the ignorant breeding to fill races for this industry. As long as there is horse racing, there will be unwanted horses, horses dying, and by-products of this industry. You have decided to support that merely by participating whether your good or not. That goes for all the “good” folks of horse racing.
    Two, you wrote “racing continues to work on getting stricter rules tougher rulings and ridding racing of the bad actors.” My response: when you have Trainers like Doug O’Neill (his drug multiple violating rap sheet too long to list here) still training horses, still breaking down horses, still winning races in the industry. I rest my case. If this is your defense of getting rid of the “bad actors” you are mistaken. Then let’s look at another Trainer by the name of Bob Baffert who has plenty of horses die in his care. Just recently there were 7 horses that mysteriously died, and nothing was done about it. There are hundreds of horses that he trained that are unaccounted for, and nobody bats an eyelash!
    So again, the industry that you support has not done anything with these “bad actors.” If anything, they have revered these Trainers, given them Carte Blanche. Then there is this owner Hubbard. According to many, he has been carrying on like this for years. Nothing is ever done. This guy should be in jail let alone owning a racetrack, running his horses, doping, cheating, and then manipulating the Racing Commission. If this isn’t operating with total impunity I don’t what is.
    In fact, most of the top Trainers in this country have multiple drug violations under their belt which translates to lame horses being doped to run. We can thank the PETA undercover video of top Trainer Steve Asmussen’s barn in operation. It looked more like a doping factory than a racehorse stable. Here’s the link in case you missed it:
    Go back 20 years, the same scenarios were going on 20 years ago. This has been playing out for over 20 years, and little or nothing has changed. The only thing that has changed are the names of both the Trainers, and racehorses. To this day, Steve Asmussen is still training, and horses are still breaking down in his care mainly attributable to the ongoing abuse of drugs to mask chronic issues to keep the horses running.
    Another treat is Todd Pletcher. Years ago, back in around 1999 many of his horses were caught with cocaine in their system. Over the years, his horses have tested positive for many different drugs including mepivicaine – a potent pain masking drug similar to morphine. This drug pedlar is still training, and revered by the industry.
    Wayne Lucas – just forget it. Too numerous to mention here.
    I have just isolated a few examples, but there are many. So for you to claim that the horse racing industry is cleaning up their act is nothing less than delusional, and certainly a state of perpetual denial. I think anybody that stays in this business is stupid because not only are you upholding this system, but you have to run against these doping clowns.
    Just look at all the major stake races in North America. They are dominated by these Trainers mentioned here. Again, this translates to racehorses being doped to run, perform, and generate profit for wagering firms, rich racetrack owners, and everybody else in the industry.
    The saddest part of this entire scenario is that the racehorses pay the ultimate price. Whether it’s breaking both legs (ROCK FALL Trainer Todd Pletcher) or tearing tendons they are being run until they either drop dead or are disposable commodities. This is unacceptable.
    Third, “. you all never mention how many horses entered the starting gate on any pativular day and returned to their stalls to see another day.”
    My response: Another day of what Olivia? Another day of being confined 23 hours per day, another day of running around in a circle, another day of needles in and out of joints, in and out of jugular veins, another day of whipping when tired or not performing? Just another day of delayed lameness, breakdowns, and subsequently the kill auction perhaps where more often than not they end up.
    This is not an industry. This is an organized drug den designed to keep lame horses running for profit. It’s also a cruelty industry that uses the whip to keep them performing even when they are so obviously tired, and most likely sore.
    No Olivia, this isn’t an industry. This is an antiquated Romanesque cruelty circus that needs to be shut down now.
    You failed to mention the closing of yet another racetrack. Now, Texas, and Calgary, Alberta is on the verge of shutting down thank goodness. For every racetrack that shuts down there is less horses being bred for this cruelty circus.
    By supporting it you are part of the cruelty. You are part of the problem.
    I’ve decided to be part of the solution.

    • Excellent Post Gina !

      The lack of True heart and True love for horses in the racing world is staggering to behold. Money has become their God. It is a tragic state of affairs. I Say BAN horseracing forever !

  8. You know, every day I see evidence of the abuse in the horse racing industry…and the odd thing is that so much of the information comes right from the abusers! And they think they are telling an amusing story!

    Example 1), “Kris”; ‘I quit galloping because of that horse. He stumbled so many times every morning I thought he was going to fall with me.’ “Vicky”; ‘Haha!…he was dead lame after a race and give him a little time he’d stumble around the track, and on race day, he’d give all he had.’ How can anyone even ADMIT something so blatantly cruel?…these folks are SO conditioned to the ill-treatment and suffering of the horses…

    Example 2), “Crystal”; ‘Need to rehome this guy at gulfstream park…Free…sound for riding just not racing has old flacture [sic] in ankle.’ Wait…racing is just something they love to do…and it’s just natural for them to run like that…if he’s “sound for riding”, why is he NOT sound for racing? What’s the difference? (this gelding, a gorgeous chestnut with a blaze and two socks, is only 7-years-old with a broken limb. One commenter said he wanted this free horse for his kids – I shuddered when I read that). Ruined. Before his prime. Being GIVEN away. FOUR TAA-accredited equine rescue organizations in Florida and this poor horse is being advertised for free on FB.

    The horses bred to be sold into this industry are SET UP for bad endings.

    • Joy —

      I know this is a long ended post. If you happen to have any more information about the horse, Creve Couer, you mention in an earlier post will you contact me? Or if you have information about previous owners?

      I recently adopted a severely malnourished (though very sweet) Dark Bay TB. He was rescued by the MSPCA from a severely neglectful situation, he had ended up with an auction buyer. Tattoos and unusual heel markings seem to indicate that this horse is Creve Couer. I am trying to verify his “identity”. If you know anything more about this horse I would appreciate you reaching out.

      Thank you!

  9. “The horses bred to be sold into this industry are SET UP FOR bad endings” Joy, I could not agree more ! Not many live past maturity, in fact, the majority do not make it to maturity.

    And Gina, you are exactly right regarding the business cleaning up it’s act. It will never happen because it is a corrupt gambling business at every level and the “good people” in the business (if they even exist) look the other way.

    The only thing that counts in racing is making money, no matter the price in terms of human integrity and outrageous animal cruelty. It is a great business for crooks, and animal abusers, period.

  10. Well said Rose. I must tell you that being in the business is so bad, it’s so much worse than PETA or anybody here could ever imagine.
    If people only knew what went on.
    When they do allow people to visit it’s all staged, plus they only see a small window of operations like for 1 hour or less.
    However, living it every day is a nightmare.
    You have no idea how much these crooks, criminals, and organizers made my life a living hell.
    They intimidate anybody whom they deem as bad for the “sport,” an outspoken person like me who will not conform.
    Not only do these bullies (and there is a well-paid team of them) run you over like tractors, but they do it to the horses too.
    The entire system is designed to exploit horses, and people for profit so that a select few can get filthy rich while they watch people go broke.
    It’s a disgusting cruelty circus from front to back, from beginning to end.
    I’m so embarrassed that I was ever involved with it.
    My only positive light was my racehorse Wolfie whom I still have. Together we were a team fighting against injustice.
    Wolfie paid a price, but I made sure he got out of there alive.
    He’s doing very well in his well-deserved retirement.
    He just turned 17 years old.
    I don’t care how much I struggle to pay his board every month.
    It’s the only thing to do. I love him.

    • I’m certain you’re correct, Gina…even racing insiders exclaim of the filth in racing (some, quite unknowingly…if only they knew their comments incriminating themselves and their filthy industry were not going unnoticed, they might not be so hasty with their babbling tongues).

      This past summer, TB-owner/breeder William Koester stated (on; “I am a former state racing commissioner, so some may find it surprising that I welcome the introduction of federal legislation that supports much-needed reforms to thoroughbred horse racing. During the last 35 years of owning, breeding, and racing thoroughbreds, I have seen both the popularity and the credibility of this sport fall at an alarming rate.” Its credibility falling at an alarming rate?…no surprise here! And its popularity, as well? – GREAT news!

      Then, in late August, the Paulick Report’s piece “”Taking My Money Elsewhere: California Gets It Wrong On Lasix”, California’s equine medical director Rick Arthur stated to the CHRB; “drugs other than Lasix are being used on race day…we know that.” Comments to that piece included this by Barry Irwin; “Dr. Don Shields pretty much sums up why California racing has been in the toilet for so many years.”, and this one by an individual who identifies himself as being a former owner/trainer/steward; “there’s no doubt in my mind, unequivocally, that there’s more going into that needle than Lasix…the California racing scene is controlled by a group of people it seems…the other 90% starve, and fill races for them.”

      So even while some racing industry members exclaim their failing industry needs federal intervention and their “athletes” are being illegally drugged, the beat goes on…we are currently finding the TAA-accredited organizations FULL with all of racing’s discarded and used-up horses while WE try to find safe placement for a 5-year-old mare who has been made to run 85 times. Yes…85 races in 3.5 years. Sickening.

  11. Love your comments Joy. A video was released on YouTube that you may have watched. If you haven’t here’s the link:
    The documentary is called: “Breakdown: Death and Disarray at America’s Racetracks.” At about the half-way point they interview a groom (who was disguised) that claims many of the Trainers hire him to milkshake, and that he can milkshake a horse almost as quick as giving a needle. As I listened to this groom, it became obvious to me that he’s telling the truth. He knew too much.
    This statement has so many implications for corruption, and race fixing.
    For one thing, let’s assume that the Trainer doesn’t know that a groom is doing this. So a longshot can be given something, then they cash in big on their bets.
    One thing about racing, once they cash in on their bets even if a drug positive is found subsequently – they still keep the money.
    Then let’s assume that a Trainer may hire a vet from Mexico, but they get licensed as a groom. Given their track records in this industry that’s possible. So now a Trainer has a vet disguised as a groom that can do just about anything to a horse when nobody is watching. If this is going on, then even a record kept of vets going in and out of a stall pre-stake-race would be inaccurate.
    One could argue that the horses are tested post-race, but even that seems to be flawed.
    It’s almost impossible to receive a detailed account of the drug testing, who has possession of the tests, and where does all the paperwork go?
    This drug testing process should be on the commission website for public review.
    After all, this is public records. I suppose a FOIR could obtain these records. I know in one instance the records were “lost” so nothing was pursued.
    There are so many things that this industry hasn’t done to clean up the business, and take care of the horses. They’ve had years to do this, and nothing ever seems to get done. With all these drugs, and alleged corruption going on the possibility of racehorses dying on the track goes on every day.
    The facts are listed herein, and they are undisputable.
    This industry is about money, greed, control, elitism, egos – all at the expense of the racehorse.

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