The Ordeal (and Death) of Special Fixin

Within the FOIA documents for Texas’ dead in 2015, there was this on an otherwise nondescript horse named Special Fixin:

“Scratched from 3rd race Retama 10-16: Severe colic, died off track [on 10-15].”

A quick check of Equibase revealed that Special Fixin had just been raced four days prior, on October 11. In that race, the 4-year-old finished 8th of 9 – almost 22 lengths back. (In fact, in SF’s only other three races, all in 2015, he never once finished above 5th, averaging 18 lengths back.) Coming off that, he was scheduled to be raced a mere five days later. But he died, horrifically, before his “connections” – Juan Martinez and Jorge Codiza – could get him back out there. (Probably) not coincidentally, the Texas tracks he was being raced at pay first through last – $100 simply for crossing the line.

How do these people sleep at night?

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  1. I wonder the same thing, Patrick…

    My heart BREAKS for Special Fixin and for ALL of the others just like him.

    What, racing apologists, WHAT is there in this industry that allows you to accept this little one’s horrific death and choose to support it despite the daily suffering of its horses?

    RIP Special Fixin – you mattered to us.

  2. These parasites sleep like babies every night, because they have no conscience or sense of decency. The agony and pain they cause, by all their abuse, could only be done by someone who has no heart or soul. This is the black abyss they operate under, where everything and anything goes, the TB is just a means to an end $$$$ is their true God, and only goal.

    Sickening as it is, so many beautiful creatures who are full of life and promise, die alone and in pain after much suffering. The injustice of each death mounts with every passing day.

    Where are you PETA, The Legal Defense Fund, and all the other crusaders for animal rights and prevention of cruelty and abuse? Someone is asleep at the switch!!!! TBs are dying in great numbers every day and desperately in need of respite. RIP “Special Fixin”, we continue to fight on your behalf, by all those on this site who respect and love the thoroughbred. We remember you…

    Marlene Thornley

  3. Special Fixin, you lived a short life full of abuse and you died a very painful death because you were caught in the web of this corrupt and cruel gambling business.
    The abuse of horses in this business is scandalous and there is no way it should be acceptable in a civilized society. Shame on the HSUS and all the other animal rights organizations for not taking a stand for the horses.

    Juan Martinez, Jorge Codiza and the others need to get real jobs and contribute to society instead of abusing horses.

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