Video of Maxwell Hill Breaking at Mahoning

Equibase reports that Maxwell Hill, four, “broke down” yesterday at Mahoning; he is almost certainly dead. The replay (“Replays,” Sa 2, race 7) – “[goes] to the dirt” at :47.

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  1. Watching the replay, there is a riderless horse running in the background across the track. Was not limping. I can only hope that it was Maxwell Hill and he did not break a leg. Anyone know for sure?

    • On watching the replay, Maxwell Hill went hard at the start and was leading when he broke down. MH was also the hot favourite so the pressure was on for him to win. One of his forelegs suffered a catastrophic injury and it looked like a bad break in the fetlock area. He came down very badly and of course the camera sticks with the leaders and the race continues…… Who cares about MH suffering a sickening break down and Elusive Best also nearly coming to grief when he fell over MH? Hey everyone, this is horseracing and the focus is on the first horse over the line…$$$$$$$$

      12 horses started but only 10 finished. Elusive Best looked okay but we don’t know if he suffered an injury, he most certainly suffered trauma, likely suffered grazing, abrasions, a degree of bruising and maybe some lacerations/cuts. He was lucky to have escaped serious injury/death when travelling at fast speed and then suddenly falling.

      My guess is that MAXWELL HILL was euthanased on the track – I doubt they could’ve got him in an ambulance.

      • Of course the horrific breakdown of a mere “spoke in the wheel” isn’t mentioned…why would it be? Horses die all the time – in other diciplines, in their back yards, in the wild – so what’s the big deal? “So many” racing TB’s just love their “jobs” and retire with such wonderful skills – all learned from being raced – that we can just overlook all those that suffered and died…right?

        Spoken like a true supporter of this gambling industry?…absolutely…they just aren’t as honest about their lack of caring – makes them look greedier than they already are.

        (Thank you, Carolyn, for your report. I just cannot watch one more breakdown.)

  2. MAXWELL HILL was a rising 5 year old gelding (foaling date Feb 28, 2011). He won his first race start
    at age 4 in Jan 2015 and then had a nine (9) months’ lay-off which usually indicates that a horse has suffered an injury or adverse health condition. Appears same trainer and owner for each of his 6 starts.
    Yet another racehorse death with only several starts and I find this alarming.

    PS: The photo that comes up on the Mahoning Racetrack website really does say it all! Horse no. 10 with the blue blinkers does not have the usual trainer’s initials …….. it has the $ sign ………. and he has his tongue hanging out, dirt flying everywhere on these horses’ faces, mouths, nostrils and bodies and don’t they look just SOOO HAPPY!

  3. Another gruesome, heartbreaking, breakdown of a beautiful gelding Maxwell Hill. RIP baby. When will all this killing end? I guess when the bettors find a better past time.

    Marlene Thornley

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