Death 1 on the New Year for NY: Sharyn’s Dream

The NYS Gaming Commission reports that 2-year-old Sharyn’s Dream is dead after breaking down while training at Belmont yesterday. In all, the filly was put to the whip four times, most recently at Finger Lakes in early December. Trainer: Jeremiah Englehart; Owners/Breeders: Joseph Riccelli, Joseph Bucci.

Death # 1 in 2016 for the Empire State.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Englehart gets his name on Horseracing Wrongs again…

    As a racing fan recently stated (in outrage over YGTS’s abuse), Finger Lakes is “an absolute pit”…hence, the individuals that “pit” draws doesn’t give one much hope for their horses.

    RIP, Sharyn’s Dream. While your death is tragic on so many levels, the fact that your demise is what it took to release you from the abuse of an industry in our civilized nation is likely the most tragic. You mattered, little filly – to us. And we won’t stop exposing the abuse you fell victim to.

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