On Time Cat Dead at Golden Gate; Video of Red Phone Breaking Down at Turf

In addition to the twice-deadly 1st at Aqueduct, (at least) two other races saw “equine athletes” go down Sunday – one confirmed dead, the other almost assuredly:

At Golden Gate, 3-year-old On Time Cat was, according to the track’s website, “euthanized after fracturing his left-front cannon bone” in the 3rd. That, was immediately followed with this: “On Saturday Golden Gate Fields will give away a 2016 wall calendar commemorating the top horses and jockeys who have competed at the bayside venue during the track’s 75-year history.” The show, after all, must go on.

At Turf Paradise, 3-year-old Red Phone “broke down” in the 8th. The replay, below, shows the young horse completely flipping over.

Replay of Turf 8 (“Replays,” Dec 27, race 8) – first shot at 1:10, slow-motion at 2:10

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  1. JILL’S REFLECTION is entered to race on Jan 2 at Laurel. She’s up for claiming for $4,500 and this will be her 56th race start in approximately 2 ½ years.

    This mare will be 5 years of age in April 2016. She began racing on May 2, 2013 as a 2 year old.
    Her breeder, Rose Family Stable was her owner and Barry Rose her trainer up until June 11, 2015 when she was claimed for $10,000 (her initial claim price was $50,000).
    New trainer is Dario Vega and owner is World Wide Promotion Enterprises.
    On Sept 4, new trainer is Sergio Vega.
    On Sept 20 she was claimed for $6,250.
    New trainer is David Rakoff and new owner is Breakin Wind Farm.

    JR has changed hands since her last start on Nov 14 at Gulfstream –
    Number 4 trainer and owner are Wayne Potts and Moshe Mark respectively.

    She’s just a commodity being passed around and around with total disregard for her well-being.

    Link to her profile –

    In her last start on Nov 14 at Gulfstream she came home 10th/13 and according to the Chart she “WEAKENED” 3 furlongs out – and this was in a 6 furlong race.

    • Carolyn, a couple of months ago I contacted Mr. Nelson from the Fl. Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering re. the overworking of Jill’s Reflection. He did call me but did not seem knowledgeable about racing. However, he said he contacted the chief steward at Gulfstream, where Jill’s Reflection was at the time, and the steward said, while it was a lot of starts it was not unusual !!!

      The scenario just shows what a bunch of irresponsible, uncaring scoundrels are in this “business” at every level. The gall and arrogance as well as the lack of accountability of these people is overwhelming

      The filly has started approximately every 2 weeks since her first start on 5 May, 2013 when she barely was 2 yrs. old.

      Thank you for keeping up with this. I’ve thought about J’s R many times but did not have the heart to check I’m glad you are keeping tabs on the situation. Her future does not look bright.

      The industry is lawless and, even more disturbing, the “laws” of human decency are totally absent.

      • Not only is the industry “lawless” as you state, but is being heavily subsidized by taxpayers like you, and me while they fly down to Keeneland, and buy a horse for hundreds of thousands of dollars.
        There are so many hidden costs to this horrific industry. Of course the racehorse pays the ultimate price, but the industry uses the job card to continually justify this business.
        I was reminded by a pro-horse racing person the other day that the industry doesn’t get any taxpayers support at all, except for the racing commissions.
        He went on to say that the industry is self-supportive via slot machines. Maybe so, but those casino profits would be so much better used towards essential services.
        Whether we are supporting the racing commissions or subsidizing other race-related entities this business seems to operate with total impunity.
        There are many examples to support your comment, and mine.

    • PS Jill’s Reflection is now the classic “claimer” in decline. She has survived a brutal schedule, so far not to mention 4 different trainers in 5 months.
      Her breeder/ owner got his $10,000 claim money and she is thrown to the wolves.
      And that is how the game is played.

  2. RED PHONE a 3 year old filly (foaling date March 28, 2012) having her 8th race start.
    She began racing at 2 years of age.
    Her breeders were her owners for her first 5 starts. After her 4th start in Sept 2014 she had a ten (10) months’ lay-off – such a lengthy period of time usually indicates that a racehorse has suffered an injury/adverse health condition. They race her for the 5th time in July 2015. Chart says she got “tired”.

    When she next races on Sept 27, her new trainer is Justin Evans and new owner is A & A Equine Inc. and Paul Miller.

    When she next races on Dec 7, her new trainer is Edward Kereluk and new owner is Ace Racing Stable.

    When she next races in her lethal race on Dec 27, her new trainer and sole owner is Robert A Rivera and she was up for claiming for $3,000.

    Her career 8: 3-1-2 she earned $43,289 (average per start $5,411).

    Red Phone was being viciously whipped when she broke down. She’d been going well running 2nd most of the way and started to drop back (likely fatigued, experiencing pain) but jockey kept on beating her with the whip pushing her beyond her limits and then she breaks down in a sickening way flipping over completely.

    Another young horse sacrificed for greed, gambling and “human entertainment”.

  3. ON TIME CAT, another 3 year old, suffers a painful limb break and is then subsequently killed. Then they see fit to immediately announce a celebration of this track’s 75 year long history. These people must be so desensitized.
    “All the top horses” eh? No mention of the hundreds and hundreds of horses that have been maimed and killed like OTC on the Golden Gate Racetrack in the past 75 years. No, they don’t want to address the elephant in the room by revealing the dark ugly side of horseracing. In the meantime, many more members of the public are becoming aware and informed of the truth.

  4. Red Phone rest in peace my baby. This has to be one of the most brutal breakdowns that I have seen. This poor baby was being pummeled by the jockey with his whip, and then she breaks down by flipping completely over. The pain she must have suffered brings me to tears. She was beaten to her death, a very inhumane and vicious way to die, and completely unnecessary. She was going as fast as she could, and she was only a baby years old. What a waste of a precious life.

    Besides all the drugs, sending them out to race with serious injuries, and on top of these abuses, then they are beaten to go faster beyond their capabilities and end up dead in the dirt. I hate this blood sport more with each passing day. This killing of thoroughbreds has got to stop.

    Bettors – stop supporting the murder of these magnificent creatures. If you have any sense of decency, look into your heart and just stop betting. There are so many other ways to gamble where no blood is spilled. Just say no more.

    Marlene Thornley

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