Two Fillies Killed in Same Aqueduct Race

From the official race chart (Equibase) for the 1st yesterday afternoon at Aqueduct:

BLOOPER attended the pace just off the inside in hand, had the rider sense something was amiss near the seven-sixteenths and was put to a protective hold being eased back nearing the three-eighths, her tail standing straight upwards, collapsed inwards…falling heavily…the victim of an apparent cardiac event.

SUCCESSFUL SWEEP…dug in under a drive…tragically broke down just outside the eighth pole and was subsequently euthanized.

“something amiss”; “collapsed”; “victim of an apparent cardiac event” – dead.

“dug in under a drive” (count the whacks below); “tragically broke down” – dead.

Successful Sweep was a 4-year-old filly. Her penultimate race was a last-of-10, 24+ back at Aqueduct last month.

Blooper was also four. Wondering if the “weakened” that was used to describe her last finished run (a 6th of 8 at Aqueduct last month) could have also applied to her soon-to-fail pubescent heart. (Note: It’s not clear yet whether Blooper’s death was a “breakdown,” the Gaming Commission’s explanation, or Equibase’s “cardiac event.” – Blooper down at 1:15, Successful Sweep at 1:40; the slow-motion shot of the beating that preceded SS’s death-fall begins around 4:30

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  1. Blooper was the subject of at least one denied/reversed claims in recent months. Clearly she was allowed to race under questionable health concerns.Surely, this horse should have been flagged as a Vet target. Both jockey’s could have been killed or badly injured as result of these unfortunate breakdowns. The second horse just collapsed under constant whipping with a fractured ankle. What happened to the 3 strike rule for the use of the whip? Surprised that the NYRA show actually acknowledged the incident’s but the host only reported that both jockey’s were OK…no mention of the fate of both horses. Surprised that NYRA left the replay video up on its’ web-site.

  2. clearly. aqueduct racetrack MUST BE SHUT DOWN!! ALL HORSES TRACKS MUST BE SHUT DOWN NOW !!

  3. It could happen in every sport so no one wants to get rid of them sports it is only horse racing.

    • Jessica, this could happen in every sport? Are you kidding? Surely you must be! So, according to your sick and distorted logic, two football players could snap their legs off during a game? What about two players dying on the field in a soccer match? You, dear girl, are either incredibly stupid or delusional…perhaps a bit of both.

    • I agree, Maureen. Animals – defenseless, voiceless beings – are such easy targets for exploitation by humans. It’s heart wrenching.

  4. Posting from my FB post : Think your life sux? Two 4 year olds for a $2 bet. Not even enough for admission OR a Beer or Soda. And yet, our money hungry citizens keep pushing the envelope, in hopes of a fortune! Not so cool when the horse you walked to the race is nothing but a leather halter, put down under secrecy, kinda like a drive by but NEVER is anyone accountable. Had to walk that walk enough to know ….. when they hand you the halter with the name & nothing else, dogs chewing on horse hooves outside. No cheap track, Belmont & Aqueduct.

  5. Sickening to watch these two 4 year old fillies die heartbreaking deaths. Both were up for Claiming ($25,000) in their deadly final race.
    These fillies were forced to race at high speed and I hate to think of the fear they were feeling being cruelly pressured to gallop faster and faster when they were not up to it.

    BLOOPER apparently suffered a cardiac event. Well WHY? Was it exercise induced, the stress of racing was too much for her beautiful large heart and body, was it the dangerous drugs these racehorses are injected with, was it the culmination of all? Horses do not suffer artery disease. And what about a necropsy report on Blooper – the findings should be made public. A “cardiac event” given as the reason is just not good enough. And Blooper’s tail (indicative of pain) was up long before she came down.

    SUCCESSIVE SWEEP was exhausted and the jockey continued to beat her with the whip when she was giving her all and being pushed beyond her limits. I believe the whipping caused her death because it did not allow her to slow down which her central nervous system would’ve been telling her to do being nature’s way of saying your life is being threatened. Her fatigue was so serious that her legs just couldn’t go any faster and in the process she suffered a catastrophic injury. She came home last 10th/10 by 24 lengths in her previous race but she was forced to race again. This filly was sent to her death – they played Russian Roulette with her.

    Pleased with yourselves, trainer Abigail C Adsit and owner William D McCarty?
    And why did she have 12 months off earlier in her career?

    And as for you, Angel S Arroyo, you are responsible for the sickening beating of this filly which resulted in her inexcusable death.

    These deaths are NOT accidents.
    These deaths are unashamedly accepted by the racing industry.

    PS I have watched this replay a number of times specifically to watch Successive Sweep and I am convinced that her serious fatigue and being relentlessly beaten with a whip caused her death. Just before she goes down she gets about 3 hard hits IN VERY QUICK SUCCESSION with the whip and her forelegs, in particular her near (left) fore, appear to make a significant desperate attempt to go faster and escape the pain ……

  6. This business gets away with outrageous cruelty.
    And “apparent cardiac event” as the cause of death is just plain deceitful because it sounds better than saying the horse collapsed and died. The cause of death will not be determined because racing does not give a damn and is NEVER held accountable.

    PS It seems that “cardiac event” has now replaced “heart attack” to dismiss the collapse and death of horses regardless of what really happened.

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