Dead: Redneck Lazy, Getting Acquainted, Dreaming of Andy A, Lady Now, Lake Ouachita

The NFL’s Week 15 schedule was played from Saturday to Monday. Not a single player, of course, lost his life. Here is a partial list of the “equine athletes” who were killed during that same three-day stretch:

4-year-old Redneck Lazy in the 4th Saturday at Mahoning (my confirmation).

2-year-old Getting Acquainted in the 1st Saturday at Los Alamitos (Daily Racing Form). (Equibase said she “broke down of her own accord.” Imagine that.)

4-year-old Dreaming of Andy A in the 3rd Sunday at Tampa Bay (Equibase).

6-year-old Lady Now in the 4th Sunday at Los Alamitos (CHRB).

3-year-old Lake Ouachita in the 3rd Monday at Parx (Equibase).

In its 95-year history, the NFL has had one – yes, one – player die during a game. According to my data, roughly 2,000 horses died on U.S. tracks – last year alone.

Sport? Only to the ignorant or delusional.

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    • Jacqueline, yes, don’t you love that description….”of her own accord”? Perhaps we should also say that Deputy Broad went to slaughter of “his own accord” or the horse was injected with cobalt of “his own accord”! I despise this industry more with each passing day.

  1. Getting Acquainted – “broke down on her own accord”. What a ridiculous statement!! The racing industry is reaching for straws here. Are they trying to say she killed herself? The racing industry killed her plain and simple, and the thousands of others this year alone. Rest in peace Getting Acquainted, another precious life snuffed out before it even began. SICK, SICK, SICK….

    Marlene Thornley

  2. Don`t forget 3 year old filly Joanie`s Ticket, Florida bred at Portland Meadows on Tuesday too.

  3. What we could you of our experiences in the racing industry! We have tried to participate in all aspects, albeit in a very small scaled way. breeders, groom , exercise rider, saddle training of youngsters for the track.We have been told we should write a book of our experiences. We have been at the track and saw so many illegal practices being done as well as hearing the announcement of ” tomorrow, test day every one be clean!” We have pretty much given up on racing in our area. Were still small breeders trying to survive by supplying people with good tempered young thoroughbred stock for jumping or saddle horses, despite the fact that we have had our horses win at Del Mar at 69/1 odds in 2010. We have NEVER bet except when riding our own horses in front of our farm down the road much to the chagrin of our neighbors!

    • Unfortunately it may be quite sometime before we get around to writing our book of experiences within the racing industry. We still hold out hope that the business will be turned around with the elimination of all drugs and more humane practices. Simple economics and public perception of horses not being cared for properly is slowly taking hold in changing practices albeit at a glacial pace. We ourselves have started many young horses under saddle and nave NEVER used whips / spurs to teach them to go forward and be accepting of a riders requests. Most thoroughbreds are more than willing to go and want to learn new things. The smartest horse we saw at the track was one that being perfectly sound and not sore as well as knowing what to do do, was the one when the starting gate opened he didn`t move ! He knew that if he didn`t break/ run from the gate he wouldn`t get his feet sored up from a hard track and would be taken back to his stall and still be fed/ taken care of. At the time we told the horsemen at the grooms backside viewing stand that he was the smartest horse at the track! They didn`t appreciate the fact that horse had already outsmarted them! Joan and Fred.

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