Giant’s Lexis Dead at Los Alamitos

3-year-old Giant’s Lexis broke down in the 7th yesterday at Los Alamitos and according to the Orange County Breeze, is dead. It was the Doug O’Neill-trained horse’s first time out on an American track, having been raced previously in Peru.

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  1. Very possible that a large insurance check was collected. Aside from a possible insurance check, this Trainer is a multi-drug violating Trainer with a rap sheet of doping, cheating, and horses dying under his care. Yet, this is the type of Trainer that the industry reveres, promotes, allows to continue this abuse. Doug O’Neill is given upwards of 100 stalls at both Santa Anita, and Del Mar. His win percentage far exceeds any honest Trainer. He is a regular user of shock wave therapy on a horse’s legs (see CHRB vet records). I have seen the records during my short tenure as an Associate Steward of the CHRB. They are kept well hidden although they are legally supposed to be available to the public. This guy wouldn’t survive without his Mexican help since many times he’s not even present in the barn during training hours. It’s physically impossible to be at 2 locations at the same time. It’s almost as if he’s a program Trainer.
    A program trainer is a sure sign of some sort of alleged corruption, but so is repeated doping with very little repercussions. Moreover, when he does get suspended his stable continues unabated with wins since the horses get transferred to his Assistant Trainer. What a system? A system that backs up, covers, and permits this type of Trainer to thrive while other Trainers can never compete against this organized drug den (for lack of a better term).
    In the end, it’s the racehorse that pays the ultimate price. They are the victims of trainers like this, and the system that upholds this horrific display of animal abuse.
    The racehorse is the loser. They won’t be cashing in on any bets although they generate the money that monsters like Doug O’Neill make.
    What enrages me as well is that the wagering outlets like TVG, Bet America are making billions on wagering, pays little or no taxes to operate in the U.S., and gives little or nothing to racehorse aftercare.
    These irresponsible wagering outlets are getting away with murder in this country. By the way, O’Neill has a very strong connection to these wagering outlets as does most of the top multiple drug violating Trainers.
    How can a business be allowed to operate in this country with such impunity? While our government is so concerned about collecting taxes from somebody making $6 per hour they allow these multibillion dollar companies like TVG, Bet America to thrive unabated.
    They should not only have to pay taxes, but a mandatory percentage of their earnings should go to OTTB aftercare organizations.
    Better still, just close all the racetracks down in this country including Canada. They are nothing but a cesspool of corruption, abuse, and exploitation of both animal and human.
    There’s no place in the 21st century for this circus.

  2. Amen Gina!! It truly is a cesspool of corruption, abuse, and cruelty, and it is hard to believe that in this day and age it still exists, in this age of awareness, and animal rights.

    The TB’s time will come, when racing has gone away, and it dies a little more every day. We need to keep educating the public to the atrocities, along with exposure from PETA and some animal right groups who are with us in our fight to end this sick sport.

    We claim a victory every time a bettor walks away from disgust, at the number of breakdowns, and the visible suffering they watch them endure. The track is a great place to go if you want your heart to break. No one with an ounce of decency would be seen there.

    Marlene Thornley

  3. GIANT’S LEXIS – a 3 year old gelding (turning 4 yrs in March next year) was well bred in Kentucky.
    He first raced in Peru on December 28, 2014 placing 3rd and again on January 16, 2015 when he won his race. Total earnings $2,923. Then he does not race for nearly a whole year. Highly likely horse suffered an injury/condition.
    According to, and if I’ve read it correctly, he was sold for $60,000 as a yearling to Dona Licha Stables and it appears that Dona Licha was the owner for GL’s 3 race starts. I suspect that this horse had health issues which might be the reason for his strange racing history. To have owned a well bred horse since it was a yearling and just a few months off 4 years of age it has only raced 3 times, is puzzling. Paid $60,000 to buy him, plus the cost of nearly 3 years of maintaining/training him far exceeds his insignificant earnings of $2,923.

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