Two More Dead at Charles Town; That’s Six in Six Days

I have confirmed two dead from Charles Town last night: 4-year-old Supersizer in the 3rd, 6-year-old Pigeon Chris in the 8th. Supersizer was being raced in the U.S. for the first time, having just been bought – they are, after all, mere commodities – in a claim at Woodbine in October. Pigeon Chris, on the other hand, spent his entire 34-race life at Charles Town. He was worth $5,000 the day he died.

With these two, Charles Town has six – yes, six – confirmed catastrophic breakdowns in its most recent six days of racing (Dec 2-Dec 10). One a day. Ugly, indeed.

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  1. PIGEON CHRIS was a 6 year old gelding who raced for 3 years and 7 months at Charles Town.
    He had 34 starts (6 wins, 9 2nds and 1 3rd) earning $103,848 averaging $3,054 per start.
    Connections et al profited nicely from this horse.

    What was in it for PIGEON CHRIS?

    Oh well, he was confined in a stall for about 23 hours each day suffering boredom and depression resulting in abnormal behaviour for an equine. Being so confined he was unable to move around which is vital for the health of the horse both physically and mentally and at risk of developing intestinal or musculoskeletal problems. Stall confinement is associated with colic. He would’ve been frustrated not being able to exercise and more likely to “misbehave” during handling and trailer loading. And unable to walk away from his droppings and urine. Likely suffered from respiratory problems given living in a stale air and dusty environment. Lived mostly in darkness when light and sunshine is vital for his health.

    He was forced to train/race when often sore and likely carrying a pre-existing injury/condition.
    He was forced to race at breakneck speed, terrified for his safety.
    He was whipped in his 34 races suffering both physical and mental pain/injury.
    And of course the drugs.
    And then on December 10 he was again forced to race but this time he DIED.
    They play Russian Roulette with racehorses.

    This is horseracing.

    • Exactly, Carolyn. There is NOTHING in this multi-billion dollar industry that benefits the HORSE. NOTHING.

  2. R.I.P. Pigeon Chris, Silver Sundara, Diamond Dozen, Oursecretsparadise. Your pain and suffering is over. Run free, babies, run free! Charles Town is a kill track.

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