Three Dead Athletes on Same Golden Gate Day

The CHRB reports three dead at Golden Gate:

3-year-old Bounty On the Run, 3rd race, November 29 – “went wrong…fractured left front ankle…euthanized on the track.” Gone.

Same day, 5-year-old Surprise Sale and 2-year-old Binky Bear apparently collided – either with each other or an unnamed “loose horse” – both “expired on the track.”

Prior to their (likely violent) deaths, Surprise Sale and Binky Bear were virtual nonentities – the former a career claimer, most recently valued at $5,000 on November 19; the latter had only been raced once, finishing 9th – “winning” $105 – of 10 October 30. In other words, Shared Belief-type heartache is not forthcoming.

This is horseracing.


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  1. Wasn’t anybody watching these horses? How did they get loose? R.I.P. Binky Bear and Surprise Sale, you are now free.


    And these so called “accidents” as the racing industry regards them, are not uncommon. They don’t give a damn about these horses who live such miserable lives.

    Safety, health and well-being for these horses is not a consideration, not at all!

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