Three Dead Athletes on Same Golden Gate Day

The CHRB reports three dead at Golden Gate:

3-year-old Bounty On the Run, 3rd race, November 29 – “went wrong…fractured left front ankle…euthanized on the track.” Gone.

Same day, 5-year-old Surprise Sale and 2-year-old Binky Bear apparently collided – either with each other or an unnamed “loose horse” – both “expired on the track.”

Prior to their (likely violent) deaths, Surprise Sale and Binky Bear were virtual nonentities – the former a career claimer, most recently valued at $5,000 on November 19; the latter had only been raced once, finishing 9th – “winning” $105 – of 10 October 30. In other words, Shared Belief-type heartache is not forthcoming.

This is horseracing.



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    And these so called “accidents” as the racing industry regards them, are not uncommon. They don’t give a damn about these horses who live such miserable lives.

    Safety, health and well-being for these horses is not a consideration, not at all!

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