2-Year-Old “Breaks Back” at Los Alamitos

The California Horse Racing Board reports that 2-year-old The Heisman Kid “broke down” in Los Alamitos’ 3rd race November 15. “Immediately after the break,” say the stewards minutes, The Heisman Kid “appeared to break his back.” This is horseracing.

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  1. Yet another baby horse sacrificed! BROKE ITS BACK!!!

    What? NO x-rays, scans, bone tests, etc revealed that this baby horse had a serious spinal issue?

  2. The Heisman Kid breaks his back as a two year old. Where is the justice for this “baby”? There is none within the racing industry. Just another horse dying in the dirt and it happens daily at tracks throughout the country. However, all is not lost. We, as horse advocates, can break the back of the horseracing industry by not betting on the horses. Let racing die in the dirt. No tears will be shed by me as we slowly work toward that goal.

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