Halos and Angels’ Hell Continues…

On November 18, 2014, I posted this on a horse named Halos and Angels:

“(Please note: This was originally published October 7th. At the request of a group working to rescue the horse, I took it down in hopes of currying favor with the connections. According to a source, though, that rescue attempt failed.)

On January 30th of this year, a then 2-year-old filly named Halos and Angels was raced for the first time (Aqueduct). On March 14th, she was vanned off after a race (again, Aqueduct) with an undisclosed injury. In June, she began a precipitous slide:

June 27, Belmont, last of 7, 29 1/2 lengths back (trainer, Naipaul Chatterpaul)
July 4, Monmouth, last of 9, 21 lengths back (Chatterpaul)
July 11 (seven days later), Monmouth, last of 6, 25 3/4 lengths back (Chatterpaul)
August 7, Finger Lakes, last of 9, 33 3/4 lengths back (John Pinnock)
September 13, Finger Lakes, last of 8, 32 1/2 lengths back (Pinnock)
September 27, Finger Lakes, 6th of 9, 13 lengths back (Pinnock)

The O. Mason Racing-owned Halos and Angels is slated to be whip-run for the 17th time (over an 8-month period) this Thursday at Finger Lakes. She has had at least one ambulance ride, has finished a combined 155 1/2 lengths back over her last six races, and is presently mired in claiming hell.

Update: Halos and Angels finished 7th of 8 on October 9th.”

Well – after vanishing from the charts for over a year, the now 4-year-old was raced Saturday in a $5,000 claiming race at Delaware Park. And the ugliness continues: 8th of 9, 25+ lengths back. She is still owned by O. Mason Racing.

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Contact info for Delaware Park:

Delaware Park Racetrack & Slots
777 Delaware Park Blvd.
Wilmington, DE 19804
Phone: 800-41-SLOTS
Email: programs@delawarepark.com
Email: socialmedia@delawarepark.com

New Castle County DA

Delaware Attorney General

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  1. Horses tell us, if we are willing to listen, what they are capable of doing in regards to performing….again, if we, as their protectors, listen. No one is listening to Halo. She is not competitive and needs to move into another career outside of racing. My heart breaks for her and the hundreds of others that are in the exact same position. I continue to applaud racing’s precipitous decline. It can’t go away soon enough for me.

  2. Yes- Halos and Angels deserves to get out of the hellish life she is living……BUT I AM A BIT CONFUSED.

    Not one rescue org can’t get the funding needed to have someone buy this horse out of her misery and retire her to some peaceful pasture somewhere? Or kept simply as someone’s beloved pet/family member, on some large parcel of land?

    No, I am not being naive’. My sister stepped up to get a young mare out of a hellhole riding school. She did not have any assist with the funds.

    With the fundraising capabilities of the net, you would think the money could be raised quickly if enough people know of this horse’s dire circumstances.

    I know for dog and cat rescue orgs( and individuals), online fund raising pleas are what we often have to resort to.

    This horse needs to be purchased out of her hell like yesterday!

    If the owners don’t want to deal with a rescue org, let a private individual purchase her and her freedom.

    We cannot save them all, because tragically, there are more horses in need than there are people to save them.

    But even saving them one by one counts.

    I am sure each *saved* horse would agree.

    • Bleue, I was the individual that asked Patrick to hold off on telling Halo’s story since there was a group of us, including some pro-racing supporters, who were trying to acquire her from the owner/trainer. However, our efforts failed. Since Halo is running in claiming races, she has been put up for sale. Unfortunately, her claiming price is $5,000. I don’t know of any rescues that have $5,000 in extra funds just sitting in a desk drawer and, even if she could be claimed, you still have to pay for shipping to get her to a safe place AFTER you find her a safe place to go. I do have someone in mind that might be willing to take her.

      I asked one of my contacts to offer $1,000 for her but I doubt her connections will agree to let her go for that much less than the $5,000 claiming price but I don’t know for sure. If we can raise some money, I will be happy to kick in to help get this exploited horse out of racing. Do you have any ideas/suggestions on how to raise funds?

      • Hi Mary,

        You mentioned ideas! Yes!

        Actually, I am going through my records this evening , looking for a certain person and also a certain org who may wish to pull her out.

        As for transport- the immediate concern would be to just buy her out of that miserable life and put her( temp board) in a safe place until she can be relocated.

        The problem is( and I am familiar with animal rescue, as I am connected to that circuit) that time is really of the essence for this horse.

        Very much like a death row dog/ cat.

        Fundraising *could* be done by alerting horse lovers to this equine in crisis, but someone/or some org, has to claim responsibility to gaining ownership of Halo’s and Angel’s once the funds are raised.

        Who would be the individual that makes the offer to buy her?

        I think ideally, a local barn to keep her at, requires $, while a new home is found for her( unless someone – during fundraising- makes it known they would like to acquire her as a pet).

        The transport may not be so bad depending on who would like this horse as a new companion animal and where they live.

        As for attempting an initial offer of 1,000? I say it never hurts to try.

        Do we know if anyone on the inside can say how sound she is at the present time, after being run so much?

        She deserves to be saved and I am of the mindset that horses can be wonderful pets even if you do not ever ride them.
        ( The problem is, we don’t have enough people out there, who can take on a horse and all the expenses, as simply a companion animal.)

        I will touch base with Patrick if I find the exact leads I am looking for.

        If everyone puts their heads together and brainstorms- maybe Halos and Angels won’t be another casualty of racing.

      • Bleue, ask Patrick for my personal email. As of now, Halo’s connections aren’t willing to let her go. That doesn’t mean they won’t change their minds in the future. We can only wait, and hope, that, ultimately, the right thing is done for the horse.

        • I have been online for the last few days only sporadically due to the death of a friend. I saw Mary Johnson’s post and was wondering if you would please share her email addy. Please advise- thank you.

  3. Hi. I am just f/u on this post. I stumbled into this article via JoAnne Norville’s website, “Saving Baby,..” She is instrumental in Equine Rescues, specifically thoroughbreds.
    This breaks my heart. Any word on getting Halo out of there?

  4. Here is an update on Halos and Angels. I reached out to a contact and asked that individual to contact Halo’s connections in order to determine if they were willing to stop the insanity and retire the horse from racing. My contact informed me that Halo’s owner/trainer wasn’t interested in selling her because she was still “making money” for her connections. I am not joking when I state that is what these racing connections said….Halo is still “”making money” for them. Unfreaking believable! Halo has earned these delusional fools $125 in 2015 yet they declare she is still “making money”. They obviously don’t understand basic math. As long as her connections believe she is “making money”, then the exploitation will continue. Such is the sad state of horseracing.

    I will reach out to my contact again in the next three to four months and ask her to call Halo’s connections again. Although I’m not optimistic when it comes to acquiring Halo, I haven’t totally given up. I do feel it would be relatively easy to raise some funds to purchase her and I do have someone who would be willing to give her a home.

    The other option is to claim her but the claiming price, most recently, was $5,000. That is a heck of a lot of money but if anyone can come up with that amount, I do have connections that could place that claim. Reach out to Patrick for my contact info.

  5. I have been following this blog along with JoAnne Norville’s Saving Baby, page. She said that we should call the track and report this abuse to the track. She agreed 5,000 would be a lot to pay for a rescue. I am in Wisconsin and would be willing to make any phone calls needed if someone could point me in the right direction.

  6. Scratched over the weekend at Penn National. She needs to be safely retired. Running out of time.

    • Carrie, there simply are no words to describe the horrors that this sweet horse has been forced to endure yet her connections continue to exploit her because she is still “making money” for them. Unbelievable! I wish we could claim her but she will have to drop in class for that to happen. And people actually continue to wonder why I despise this industry more with each passing day!

  7. Bleue and all others here who have good intentions by raising funds to save this poor darling filly. Stories like this infuriate me especially when it comes to funding because the horse racing industry has BILLIONS going into the wagering windows on a daily basis with little or NOTHING being put aside for situations like this. They give very little (relative to the profits) to the very commodity (the racehorse) that has generated the money. They count on big hearted people to clean up the mess that they create. They breed, breed, breed knowing that there are not enough homes to go around. They must breed in order to fill races for the obscene wagering profits coming into the wagering windows, and part of this abusive equation is horses like Halo and Angels who fills races for them. She is just another commodity, a number to bet on, another horse to exploit for profit with ill regard to her well-being.
    We see this more, and more with the onslaught of racinos. The abuse of racehorses have skyrocketed since the introduction of racinos. Facts have shown a huge increase in breakdowns, racehorses been run back to back when previously they would have 2 weeks rest, racehorses being abused like this who have no business on a racetrack let alone racing.
    Then there is the doping issue. Dope is used to cover-up chronic issues, and when the dope doesn’t work anymore the racehorse can suffer a catastrophic breakdown. It just goes on and on.
    Sadly, Halos and Angels is the ugly face of horse racing. It’s all ugly. This example just exemplifies the exploitation of a sentiment being. These racing commissions should not allow racehorses like Halos and Angels to enter the race let alone run. Something has to be done. This industry gets away with it because they police themselves. Many of these tracks operate with impunity it seems.
    Getting back to the financing of racehorses. There should be money set aside for these racehorses. There should be a financial structure in place so that people (who had nothing to do with the exploitation) can have access to funds in order to do what the horse racing industry collectively does not do in many cases, and that’s ensure a safe retirement away from the racetrack, kill auction and slaughterhouse.
    Halos and Angels is a blatant case of animal cruelty. This would never be allowed in any other setting. This abuse, and cruelty can only be conducted in an industry called horse racing. The sport of kings is nothing more than the sport of exploitation, abuse, and cruelty to animals as far as I’m concerned.

  8. Couldn’t agree with you more Gina! WHY should compassionate caring people outside of the industry be struggling to find funds and a home for the future life of a racehorse when the multi billion dollar racing industry has heaps of money to take care of its discarded horses. I would like to see a totally independent body established (governed by reputable animal welfare organisations/people) to take control of funds e.g. 1% of the total betting turnover from the racing industry. A lousy 1% is not a big ask. The racing industry creates and produces these magnificent animals and therefore it is SOLELY responsible for the horse when it is no longer useful to them. These horses are workers, earning huge amounts of money for connections, the industry et al. When we work for an employer a percentage of our salary is put into a fund for our retirement.

    • Carolyn, because the industry doesn’t care. I have asked a racing official many times why those involved don’t stand up for these horses and he repeatedly tells me, with a bit of impatience in his voice, that they simply don’t care. The vast majority do not consider these animals to be part of their family. They consider them to be machines who are expected to produce revenue.

      When Beulah was still operating, the secretary of the HBPA was Karen Harvey. Her husband, Ed Harvey, was a kill buyer middleman. She admitted to one of my contacts that the two of them sent horses to slaughter. I personally believe that sending horses to kill made Harvey more money than running his low level horses at Beulah. Sad, but true.

      Over the years, I’ve heard so many people babble that they are committed to “cleaning up” the industry. It simply can’t be done. Those people who continue to think that it can be done are either incredibly stupid or they are delusional. Although most people would say that they are against the big gaming companies operating these tracks, I actually think it is a good thing. The gaming companies do NOT want horseracing because horseracing isn’t as profitable as the slots. Therefore, with time, I personally believe that the gaming companies will put pressure on the states to decrease the number of tracks in certain areas. By the way, all the tracks here in Ohio are owned by gaming companies and I believe there are seven, including both STB and TB tracks.

    • I totally agree with your suggestion that an independent, reputable body of horse advocates ensures that 1% of any dollar wagered gets put into a horse retirement trust fund, maintains accounting records via reputable accounting independent firm, and proceeds to administer the funds to racehorses. I have suggested this many times, and they have come up with an organization, solely industry owned, called LONGRUN. It’s something, but barely puts a dent into the unwanted OTTB problem. It’s also my understanding that LONGRUN after years in operation has secretly concluded that they can never rescue them all, and many slip through the cracks.
      Let’s face it, no matter how you cut the cake, this entire business is based on the exploitation of a racehorse. They need to fill races. There is no possible way that they can save them all. They know that. Yet, they continue to breed. That’s the foundation of this business model, and it’s seriously flawed with the racehorses paying the ultimate price.
      Another thing, racehorses like Halos and Angels (although non-performers) still generate money at the wagering window. Every time she runs she is making money for her connections (although a pittance), plus another number in the race which generates bets. She is just a commodity being exploited for profit. This example exemplifies how horrific the business model of horse racing is.
      My only hope is that Mary’s comment is correct. That the casinos will eventually get rid of the racetracks. I do know that there is lots of merit to her comment because casinos make a ton of money. Most have concluded that operating a machine is a cash cow with little or no liability, no animal or human labour factor or very little human labour factor – a pittance when compared to the enormous liabilities, and risks required to operate a horse racing industry.
      I do believe that the casinos are powerful enough to greatly reduce or shut down the business of horse racing, and it can’t come soon enough.
      In Ontario Canada, a Liberal Premier was elected who is so pro-horse racing it sickens me. It’s alleged that she received a huge amount of cash influx from proponents of horse racing during her election. While the entire education, and healthcare funds in the province were cash-strapped she initially ignored them while finding enormous amounts of time to push through (against taxpayers wishes) 100 MILLION PER YEAR for 5 years to the horse racing industry in Ontario. She’s a disgusting piece of work this women. So obvious she was put into power with lots of funding coming from horse racing proponents.
      That said, after a inquest into missing funds and taxpayer outrage, she created a total financial restructure of the horse racing industry in Ontario. Now the horse racing industry will be mainly funded by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Industry called OLG. This industry has so much money it doesn’t know what to do with it. All the money is generated by the government controlled lottery ticket system here. The OLG also controls all the slots in Ontario. They are swimming in money. So to her credit she wants total independence from taxpayers money or very little with large portion of money coming from OLG to the horse racing industry. This restructuring also included a shift from the Ontario Racing Commission to the Department of Alcohol, and Gaming with new sets or rules, and regulations.
      The OLG head issued a statement that he “looks forward to learning about the horse racing industry in order to assist them.” So now there will be a bunch of government employees attempting to learn about the business of horse racing, and how they can improve the industry. Most know little or nothing about the racehorse. This could be a good thing because I sincerely hope that some of those government employees that know nothing about horse racing will realize just how bad it is, how it’s such a waste of money, and such an abuse of racehorses. Unfortunately, we have to wait and see. I also hope that Ontario elects a government official that seriously looks into this industry and shuts it down. Historically, Ontario has given 345 MILLION PER YEAR of taxpayers money to the horse racing industry, many of this money was unaccounted for. Can you believe that? Yet, they still go ahead and fund this industry that doesn’t want any government interference to run their own business, but wants all the money from the government. They had their cake and ate it too for many years. Well that’s not happening anymore.
      So with hope and optimism for the future I sincerely hope that the casinos reach the conclusion that horse racing sucks, and shuts it down. The casinos only look at the bottom line: MONEY. The health, and welfare of the racehorse is way down on their list of priorities it seems.
      As for Halos and Angels, sadly, she’s one of many. We all can make sure that racehorses like Halos and Angels don’t suffer needlessly by speaking out about this horrendous business, calling Senators, voicing our opinions. It will take politicians, and the political process to finally shut down this business because without outside financing this business will not be viable.

  9. Halos and Angels is entered to run at Penn National on December 18th. I think the 9th race.

    • Carrie, here is the link to her race –


      Racing at 9.37pm – they’ve got to be kidding!

      Up for claiming for $7,500.

      On May 22, 2014 she came home 2nd place and since then she has been racing poorly.
      One year and 7 months later she is still racing?

      Scratched from previous entry on Dec 12 at Penn National.

      This 4 year old filly came home 25 lengths in her last start at Delaware on Oct 17, 2015.
      Chart says “showed little” well WHY in the hell is she racing?

      Oh, we know the answer to that – just have a look at Gina’s comment above!

      “Another thing, racehorses like Halos and Angels (although non-performers) still generate money at the wagering window. Every time she runs she is making money for her connections (although a pittance), plus another number in the race which generates bets. She is just a commodity being exploited for profit. This example exemplifies how horrific the business model of horse racing is.”

  10. Link to HALOS AND ANGELS’ profile and racing history –

    the phone number for the Pennsylvania Racing Commission is 717-787-1942.
    email address not known

    Penn National Racetrack
    777 Hollywood Boulevarde
    Grantsville, PA 17028
    Phone: 717-469-2211
    email: fred.lipkin@pngaming.com

    I would imagine that the protocol would be for Penn National Racetrack to onforward any emails
    it receives to the Pennsylvania Racing Commission.

  11. I checked it out to see WHY the horse was scratched. This means a lot when it comes to future entries. Anyways, the very first time that I’ve seen this: REASON UNAVAILABLE. I’ve been around this business for 40 years, and I’ve never seen REASON UNAVAILABLE. There are usually 3 reasons for a scratch: VET, TRAINER, ALSO ELIGIBLES. I was hoping it was a Vet scratch because usually when a horse is a VET scratch it must perform an official workout to the satisfaction of the VET, and meet a minimum time requirement, before it is eligible to enter again. A TRAINER scratch usually has to do with some logistic issue so the horse is eligible to enter back. ALSO ELIGIBLE SCRATCH is when a horse enters a race that has already filled, and the horse is on a “waiting list” if you will. So if a horse scratches out of the main body of the race the horse on the waiting list gets bumped into the race. If there are no scratches in the race, and the horse doesn’t make it into the race the Trainer can enter that horse back. So the fact that the horse is listed as ‘REASON UNAVAILABLE” tells nothing to the public about the situation.
    Like I’ve always maintained racetracks are operating under total impunity it seems. It’s legally mandatory for an entered horse to be given a reason why it’s scratched. I’m very concerned about Halos and Angels. Would really like to know the reason why.
    Obviously, the horse doesn’t belong on a racetrack let alone racing, but that doesn’t preclude the fact that nobody know what has happened to the horse, and why it was scratched.
    Has Halos and Angels connections finally decide to give him a much needed retirement from racing, another career, or the kill auction?

  12. Agreed Gina, the lack of transparency and disclosure is a disgrace. The racing industry is a public industry sustained by the public and the horses are put on public display every day and therefore their welfare is open to public scrutiny.

    • Agreed 100% Carolyn. The horse racing industry is an old boys club that is a firmly implanted network. The industry is rife with sexism, racism, classism, and is based on an antiquated model of animal slavery. They have been getting away with this for years. They are not used to being scrutinized or asked to be held accountable for their irresponsible behaviour. They create a mess, and leave it up to other people to clean it up.
      They have been flying under the radar while living off the avails of taxpayers, and now casinos as well.
      They have never been forced to survive on their own like millions of businesses in America successfully do every day with little or no help from anybody.
      It absolutely disgusts me that people fly to Keeneland, and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on one racehorse while expecting taxpayers, and casinos to financially support their expensive hobby.
      It’s not only financially expensive, but it’s an exploitation of both horse, and people.
      Everybody pays the price tag except for the approximate 10% of top multiple drug violating Trainers who dominate the purse money, along with their dope supporting owners, and the racetracks who support the ongoing organized drug den. Not even the racing commissions are looking out for the racehorse anymore it seems as they have become part of the equation as well.
      How does this affect the racehorse? All of this does because they are turned into pin cushions from the needles going in and out of their veins, joints, and wherever else they can find entry to dope them up, run them, and dump them when no longer profitable.
      I’ve witnessed it with my own eyes. I was a whistleblower. They quickly saw me as a bug to be squashed, and squash me they did. I vowed that I would expose them for what they are. I’ve paid a high price. Most whistleblowers pay a price. I would rather pay a price than condone such disgusting treatment of a horse, and people.
      Every animal trainer reaches a fork in the road. They stand there, and start to think about what is really going on around them. Then they have to make a decision. Either uphold the ongoing exploitation of an animal (in this case a horse) or leave.
      I left.

      • We also have paid a high price for stating our views, in a very physical way, almost 12 years ago! We walked away 10 years ago.Fortunately we had a kind, gentle stallion who brought us back to working with horses after a devastating experience. He was the only one who could have restored our confidence again. Sadly we were taken advantage of again when he became ill with a wasting away illness. The vet hospital took our farm for $10,000 for a horse they knew was going to die! To this day we don`t know exactly what caused our MUCH beloved stallions death. There so many disreputable people in the equine industry sad to say.

  13. So Halos and Angels was entered and scratched at Penn National for both the 12/12 and 12/18 race. I agree something is going on and this poor horse needs to be retired.

    • Carrie, yes Halos and Angels was scratched – great news. However, the mystery still remains as to why the horse was scratched and this is very important from a re-entry point of view. The scratch is listed as a “REASON UNAVAILABLE,” so that could mean anything. It could also mean that they turn around and re-enter this poor filly that is obviously not suitable for racing due to a multitude of issues. Another thing, nobody knows what exactly will happen to Halos and Angels if they decided to take her off the track. Your guess is as good as mine. She’s just another number, another statistic, another possibly unwanted OTTB.
      Welcome to the wonderful world of horse racing.

  14. Halos and Angels had another work out session yesterday 3/29/2016. Wondering if she will get out of this Hell before she breaks down. (DIES!)

  15. Carrie, thanks for the update. So incredibly sad that this industry continues to use, and abuse racehorses like Halos and Angels. When they are done using and abusing them to fill races, then many are dumped at kill auctions.
    I never thought I would say this, but this industry has become so abusive and unaccountable that sometimes I think they would be better off dead than alive.
    So embarrassed to submit this comment, but that’s how bad it is.
    How can our state governments continue to support these death camps either via taxpayers money, tax breaks, casinos or provide financial relief when they are at the trough for more money?
    For example, the New York Republican Senator wants financial compensation in the millions to Finger Lakes Racetrack because just down the street a Native American casino is opening with no financial obligation to support horse racing in the state – and it should be that way.
    However, the racing industry has lobbied hard to get millions to compensate them so that they can continue this abusive industry.
    If the government doesn’t give them the financial subsidies they are demanding then horse racing will shut down at Finger Lakes.
    This racetrack is predominantly a low level claiming track and we all know too well what that translates to for the racehorses – a living hell, running for their lives on more than likely doping for chronic pain, lameness, and heart issues.
    People need to start demanding that racetracks are no longer financially supported. Period.
    It’s an antiquated cruelty circus that needs to shut down.

  16. Halos and Angels raced today in the 5th race at Machining Valley Race Course. She came in 9th. Will her Hell ever end?

  17. Oh Carrie. I’m so saddened by this news. This poor darling. If I had the money, I would buy her just to get her out of the hell hole called horse racing.
    I guess the “good” folks of horse racing don’t really care. In fact, the “good” folks are nowhere to be found! Standard “good” folks lack of response.
    This mare should not be allowed to Enter let alone Race. I blame the racing commissions for negligence when it comes to protecting horses like her. The commissions are just protecting this cruelty circus even denying to release the names of racehorses dying on the track! This is public information for heaven’s sake!
    Halos N Angels is running for her life. She’s running for her next flake of hay, and maybe some oats. She’s running after a steady cocktail of drugs, probably, to keep her going.
    What an existence!
    Shut down this cruelty circus. It can’t come soon enough.
    I will write a request to the Racing Commission to stop allowing her to run. That’s the best I can do, but at least it’s something.

  18. Halos and Angels is entered to race AGAIN on June 4, 2016 at thistledown. When will HER HELL end!

    • We wished we were closer! We would come and get her with our old truck/trailer and provide a place where she would just eat grass/ alfalfa hay. Have the companionship of other horses.

    • Carrie, I wish I knew. My heart breaks for Halo and for the hundreds, if not thousands, more just like her. She is immersed in an industry based on animal exploitation and those responsible for her care don’t give a damn about her well being. To them she is an object, not a sentient being. The only suggestion I have is to raise money to claim her in order to help Halo escape her “living hell.” If you want to organize a fundraiser, I would be happy to contribute.

    • I am in disbelief that that abuse of HALOS AND ANGELS still continues! And the vets, stewards and racing officials do NOTHING! Blatant animal abuse all in the name of $2 bets!!! What must future generations think of what we did to these intelligent trusting horses. We use them, we abuse them and then we kill them either on the racetrack or in the slaughterhouse where the vast majority end up.

  19. Poor Halos And Angels.
    This poor darling.
    Another victim of animal exploitation coming in the form of horse racing.
    This industry is despicable, and people who support it are equally despicable.

    • Halos and Angels is still alive. According to Equibase she trailed the field/placed 7th.We sure wish we lived closer as we would go pick her up and relieve her clearly tired heart. The stupid and owners not realizing she is no longer interested in racing. We just hate horses being forced to do something for which they clearly no longer show interest in.

      • Joan and Fred, I will bet you that the owners won’t just hand Halo over to you or to anyone else. She will have to be claimed since the scum bags will squeeze every last nickel out of her that they possibly can. As I mentioned previously, if someone wants to start a fundraiser, I would be happy to contribute.

      • The abuse of HALOS AND ANGELS continues……. and she is just one example of what many horses endure.
        This is horseracing.

      • Joan and Fred…thank you for your kindness! As Mary mentioned, at this point it is likely that the only way to acquire HAA is to claim her. And like Mary, I am very much on-board to donate to her acquisition.

      • I spoke to the farm where I board Wolfie. We are willing to take her and give her a forever GOOD home. Three of us will pitch in to pay for her board, but the Owner said that she will keep her there no matter what in case any one of us move on.
        We can’t come up with the price to purchase her or trailer her here which is in Canada. If I can connect to somebody down there or coming this way they may donate the trailer ride here?
        That’s the best I can do for this Angel that is currently being exploited by devils.

  20. I have contacted “officials” at different tracks in regard to this form of horse abuse. It is out there for all to see. I also contacted NYRA concerning Jacobs because he has started horses in as little as 3 days. The standard answer is “we leave it up to the trainer” This is just not good enough.

    I believe Keith Dane, the head of Equine Protection for the HSUS, should be contacted at kdane@hsus.org. Wayne Pacelle, of the HSUS, is now “partnered” with racing to make it more humane for the horses and this would be an excellent issue to work on !!!

  21. The industry regulates itself.
    The racehorses pay with their lives.
    This is the dirty world of horse racing.

  22. Horse racing business men make all horse owners look bad. Take the gambling out of the picture, make it into a gentlemen’s sport, instead of a mafia scam and horses will be better treated. Is there really that much profit in dog food?

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