Ambulances and Bleeding Nostrils, 9/21/15-9/27/15

The following horses were casualties on American racetracks last week:

“Vanned Off” – carted away by ambulance, better-than-even chance dead
Il Toro D’Oro, Parx
Silver Crusader, Presque Isle
Boardwalk Baron, Thistledown
Miss Jesse, Albuquerque
Flashy Brass, Mountaineer
Lisa Sue, Zia
Thisgirlisacorker, Charles Town
Tangled Touch, Albuquerque
Lifesong, Charles Town
Andmoreexcuses, Churchill
Parke Miss, Indiana
Lilly of Gold, Belterra
Windsor’s Graduate, Charles Town
Oxnard, Churchill
Tiz Adonis, Churchill
Red Ridge, Emerald
A Oh K, Indiana
Council Thrill, Arlington
Coolington, Emerald
The One We Stole, Los Alamitos
Redheaded Witch, Thistledown
Kassino Kash, Zia
Blue Saphire, Gulfstream
Quenton, Los Alamitos
Satin N Pearls, Zia
Silverhill, Zia


“Bled”; “Returned Bleeding From the Nostrils”
Bye Bye Corona, Indiana
Fat Kat, Parx
Nemos Treasure, Zia (also vanned off)

(source: Equibase)

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  1. Based on what I can see in this photo, this horse appears to have suffered a serious injury to his near (left) fore leg. He would be in terrible pain and yet an attendant is pushing him on to the ambulance (have a look at where his hind legs are and looking wide which is not a good sign). Yep, just get him on ASAP can’t have something like this for everyone to see. Who knows what this horse’s fate was, not good I suspect! Horse looks down at his injured leg “his herd” have continued to gallop on ahead, finish the race and taken back to their stalls and he so longs to be with them for some comfort. He is so ALONE – heartbreaking.

    At the very least such an injury like this requires a splint which helps the horse a little and can sometimes in some cases prevent worsening the injury further (I’m no expert on this). However, the horse still suffers pain and shock. It is UNACCEPTABLE that splints are not available/used for ALL racehorses that suffer a limb injury on a racetrack, whether it be a claiming race or a Grade 1 race.

    Ah yes, and they declare that they just “LOVE” their horses!

    This is horseracing.

  2. I saw this online and found it to be unreal.

    Preston Stables LLC’s Flashy American, winner of the 2013 edition of the Locust Grove, looks to return to her winning ways in what could be her final career start. According to trainer Kenny McPeek, the 6-year-old mare is currently in foal to 2013 Kentucky Derby (GI) winner Orb.

    Racing while pregnant. This is a whole new level of wrong. The article went on to say that she’s racing without medicines. I think she was last in her previous race.

    • Thanks for your comment about Flashy American, Jenn. I’ve known of mares in foal racing, but not many! – maybe only two or three.

      I’m going to find the article as I’m curious what was said about the mare running without medications. Why was there a need to mention that?…is that supposed to be a good thing?…isn’t that “cruel” to make her run without them, as racing apologists who support the use of drugs in racehorses always say? Or is the mention of her not receiving medications because it would be detrimental to her otherwise? Once again, these racing folks try so hard to appear as if the welfare of their horses is important and in doing so, incriminate themselves.

      • Maybe they’re trying to look good? Like, yes, we are racing an expectant mare but we’re going to look good and not drug her up.

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