The Casualties, 8/31/15-9/6/15

The following horses were casualties on American racetracks last week:

“Died,” “Euthanized,” “Broke Down” – racing-speak for dead

Walk the Tango, Louisiana

Jls Alyssas Story, Fair Grounds

Dash, Parx

Bigreds Thrillshow, Golden Gate

“Vanned Off” – carted away by ambulance, better-than-even chance dead

Wild Hardships, Finger Lakes (subsequently confirmed dead)

High Fresa, Ruidoso

Tiz Time to Shake, Saratoga

Sophia’s Night, Delaware

Thunder Deville, Indiana

Papa’s Miracle, Mountaineer

Mandola, Saratoga

Greeley’s Gazette, Canterbury

Grand Account, Louisiana

He’s Gone Packin, Remington

Fit for Duty, Elko County Fair

Royal Gloves, Ellis

Archie Will’M, Louisiana

Seriously Silver, Remington

He’s a Rockstar, Canterbury

Potochon, Gulfstream

Strawflying Corona, Los Alamitos

Captain Jeff, Penn

Dreamy Kid, Retama

Captain’s Glory, Canterbury

Love On the Road, Del Mar (subsequently confirmed dead)

Pierson, Ellis

Lookin for Luck, Emerald

Fist Fancy Chic, Ruidoso

“Bled,” “Returned Bleeding From Nostrils”

Mr. Narian, Charles Town

Miss Hume Township, Thistledown (also vanned off)

Exponentially, Golden Gate

Miss Holicong, Parx (also vanned off)

(source: Equibase)

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One comment

  1. The photo of this horse is ABSOLUTELY HEARTBREAKING! It appears that his near (left) fore leg has broken and he tries so desperately to save himself, all the stress goes into his hinds to try and keep himself up. His mouth and his facial expression display some of his pain, terror, fear and despair to find himself in such a terrible situation. Hate to think what was going on in his mind and his mates, the herd, too far away in the distance ahead to be of any comfort to him.

    How dare we, as a civilized society, allow this to happen!

    If Governments can leave the running of horseracing to the racing industry and not intervene when evidence of animal abuse and cruelty is presented, then at the very least they are failing in their duty of care. Governments gain substantial revenue for their budgets from horseracing. It is my belief that the Government is a third party to animal abuse and cruelty because it condones, legalizes, authorizes and financially supports the horseracing industry. I believe the great majority of people find animal abuse abhorrent and unacceptable. Self regulation in an industry which exploits animals is toxic.

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