Replay of 2-Year-Old Crashing at Emerald

Sunday afternoon at Emerald, 2-year-old Lookin for Luck, being whip-raced for the very first time, “fell” and was “vanned off” (Equibase). The track’s site, of course, has no word on the filly’s condition, just that the jockey broke his wrist. (I will eventually find out what happened through a FOIA request.) Anyhow, here is the replay: (“Replays,” September 6, Race 6 – Lookin for Luck crumples around the 1:05 mark)

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  1. I force myself to watch to fuel my passion about how wrong this ”sport” is.

  2. i went to my first horse race yesterday at Del Mar. I was heartbroken to discover that Tirpitz had fallen, and shocked to learn that he was euthanized. I found it disturbing to see how little regard there was for the injury of this poor animal, and how the races continued despite this serious accident. :(

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