For $2 Bets, 8/10/15-8/16/15

The following horses were casualties on American racetracks last week.

Dead, “Humanely Euthanized,” “Broke Down” (racing-speak for dead):

Silver Reward

On a Snowy Evening


“Vanned Off” (carted off by ambulance, good chance dead):

Andariego Rock

Summer Secret

Bow Street Runner

The Dandy Fox


Media’s Delite

Maginot Line


Pure Lady Like

Sharp Richard

Cousin Ricky

Louisiana Law


Espresso Royale

El Poblano

Maverick Wave

Skiing On Butter

Miss Bulldog

Song Ahead


Special Timarron

Domer Simpson

Rinks Last Rodeo

Discretion Advised

Double Rah Rah

Spooky Ghost

Wil the Great

Capers N Wine

images (4)

“Bled,” “Returned Bleeding From the Nostrils”:

Dream Bling

Report the Storm (“bled profusely,” also vanned off)


Hermione’s Spell

(source: Equibase)

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  1. Horrific!

    Patrick, PLEASE continue to post their stats (location, age, race). It helps us when writing letters, protesting, and fighting for the lives of these race horses. Your research and reporting is vital to the cause. We take your fact-checked info to the streets, social media, and Washington. Thank you for all you do! This specific info is important as we fight together. We need it!!

  2. I am concerned with horse Jerre to Carrie who was pulled up in the 9th at Emerald Downs on Saturday, Aug. 15, 2015. Anyone with status, please reply. The horse stumbled and nearly hit the ground. TV cameras focused away from the accident as usual. No details on the horse.


    • Randall, you could put her in your “virtual stable” just go to site, type in her name in the search bar at the top to the right and then next to her name you’ll see “add to virtual stable” click on that and just follow the prompts. If she comes back racing/training then will notify you via your email.

      Found her – she’s a 2 year old filly with just 4 starts here’s her link

      Cannot help you any further – you can always try contacting the trainer.

      Ah yes, the cameras are swift to focus away if it looks like ANOTHER breakdown.

  3. RE: Jerre to Carrie – “Pulled up? Stumbled? It wouldn’t surprise me if ‘Jerre to Carrie’ ends up a death statistic in the near future.” If anyone can find out it’s Horseracing Wrongs but if I hear anything I’ll post. I’ve been concerned about “Molten Image”. If anyone has any info on this horse, please post.

  4. Silver Reward is dead.

    He was a 4-year-old bay gelding. He had raced 5 times. July 13 of this year, he finished 7th of 10, “raced near the rear of the field”. Then on July 21, he finished 8th of 9 – 18 lengths behind.

    On August 10, Silver Reward “tired in the upper stretch” and “broke down after [the] finish”.

    Silver Reward “shattered” a cannon bone and was euthanized on the track. He made $200 for his people in that race.

    200 freaking dollars for a 4 y/o horse’s life.

  5. It’s a known fact that when horses tire – which accompanies muscular fatigue – they are more prone to injury. And as is stated in this article, a horse that tires will decrease or discontinue his activity which in turn protects his limbs. Of course, that is a horse that’s “traveling” of his own accord and not a racehorse with a jockey aboard demanding sustained or even increased exertion! It’s no wonder racehorses break down in such alarming numbers! And although it’s just common sense that horses suffer pain from the whip, it is actually the outcome of the whipping – urging the horse to continue when he is seeking relief from the fatigue by slowing down – that causes the most damage! So racing apologists, call the whip a crop or a tool…and use the terms urging or maneuvering instead of whipping…what that jockey is insisting his fatigued mount do is put his limbs at an increased risk of injury when all the horse wants to do is protect himself.

    This is what happens to racehorses every day. This is what happened to Silver Reward – he “tired” yet his jockey demanded he continue…until his fatigued muscles left his limbs vulnerable to breakdown.

    “Fatigue is a normal consequence of exercise that is continued at high intensity or for prolonged periods of time. The decreased ability of the muscle to produce force is actually a safety mechanism for the body. If fatigue did not occur and force the animal to stop, the intense exercise could cause structural damage to muscle cells and supportive tissues.”

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