Bettors Curse Dead at Saratoga Raceway

The NYS Gaming Commission reports that Bettors Curse is dead after breaking down in the 1st Saturday at Saratoga Casino and Raceway. The full line reads: “broke stride, pulled up, ambulanced off – vet exam showed RF ankle instability likely due to fractures – euthanized.” And that’s that.

Please stop betting on horseraces.

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  1. This report is wrong. Saratoga doesn’t even start racing until Friday and there Is no Thoroughbred horse named Bettors Curse.

  2. I realized that after I posted. I saw Saratoga and got confused. I don’t follow harness racing at all. But you don’t have the option to delete comments.

  3. The diligence and reporting on this site is to be commended. Suggest that for clarity that the standardbred and thoroughbred entries be kept separated on the blog. Reasoning is that some stats will be confusing for a visitor who is examining the information initially. For example, some standardbred horses accumulate career starts that number over 200 and race seemingly on a weekly basis.

  4. Was at the track that day, and watched the horse pull up lame. It was heartbreaking to know the results of that injury. Bettors Curse was a beautiful animal. My condolences to her owners.

  5. PROTEST AT DEL MAR Sunday July 26th

    Sunday, July 26
    at 11:30am – 1:20pm in PDT
    Tomorrow · 77°F / 65°F Partly Cloudy

    Show Map
    Del Mar Thoroughbred Club
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    Racing to the Grave:
    This past summer 16 horses died in Del Mar. This is the extended season of three more weeks of death and injury.

    Horses begin training or are already racing when their skeletal systems are still growing and are unprepared to handle the pressures of competition racing on a hard track at high speeds. One study on injuries at racetracks concluded that one horse in every 22 races suffered an injury that prevented him or her from finishing a race, while another estimated that 3 thoroughbreds die every day in North America because of catastrophic injuries during races.

    We will meet inside the parking lot, in front of the entrance to the Thoroughbred Club.

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