2-Year-Old She Sings Along Dead “Of Her Own Accord” at Santa Anita

2-year-old She Sings Along is dead after breaking down at Santa Anita Thursday (5th race). From the Equibase chart: “The stewards conducted an inquiry into the stretch run before ruling SHE SINGS ALONG broke down of her own accord.” Imagine that: A 2-year-old horse – on the maturation chart, the rough equivalent of a 6-year-old child – being whipped to run at a breakneck speed “broke down of her own accord.” What an utterly abhorrent industry. Please stop betting on horseraces.

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  1. “Of her own accord”???? OF HER OWN ACCORD????? Just who do these idiots think they are! Oh well, do they really think that she just decided to end it there???? I do abhor horse racing and when something tragic happens to a horse, I get upset about it. But this morning that statement really riled me to no end – maybe cause I woke up in a bad mood with a headache, or maybe that statement just made me so mad regardless that I just could not help saying something about that. But the issue here is there is another horse, this one just a baby, that was forced to go beyond what she could. Bless her heart and rest in peace, dear sweet soul.

  2. I saw someone on the HW FB page comment about this tragedy, “The horses are committing suicide to get out of racing?”…clever and incredibly sad all at the same time.

  3. OF HER OWN ACCORD?…. Oh really….?

    How callous and disgustingly insensitive a remark about a very young horse DYING when competing in a race!

    Once again no transparency or disclosure by the Santa Anita Racetrack or the relevant Racing Commission. Speaks for itself.

    Properly conducted inquiries find the cause of death, therefore, the question must be asked “What did this inquiry find as to the cause of the death of SHE SINGS ALONG?” Further, why didn’t the stewards disclose the cause of death in the first place?

    Perhaps another attempt to hide the sickening ugly truth of the suffering of this voiceless helpless victim.

  4. She’s dead because she is not a F’n machine like they want her to be-her bones aren’t solid yet and she was whipped to death….so sad and tragic. Gave her life, had no choice all for some fat ass to make some money.
    Tracks need to be closed down–and the jockey that whipped her to her death….

  5. I did not see it but my friend who was watching on TV told me she was a very low odds favorite who had been leading throughout the back stretch when she went from 1st to 5th quite quickly. Fernando Perez should have known something was very wrong but instead starting hitting her with his stick.

  6. Given SHE SINGS ALONG was low odds favourite then it is highly likely that her connections would’ve given Perez instructions to do whatever it takes to get her over the line first (in other words, flog her).
    When a horse drops back so quickly the jockey knows something is amiss with the animal.
    When it is a catastrophic injury (which appears to be the case here) then there’s really not much he can do. However, for Perez to have chosen to whip her when she was in dire straits is ABHORRENT and it evidences that this particular jockey was a heartless cur having absolutely no regard whatsoever for the welfare of this very young horse – a two (2) year old filly. I cannot bear to think of what must’ve been going through her mind.

    I once saw a favourite so shockingly whipped and at the same time was so seriously fatigued that he couldn’t take any more and crashed into the inside rail part of which impaled him and was euthanased. A gelding that had already won hundreds of thousands of $ in prizemoney let alone the punt but they’ve got to get the last drop of blood out of them. This is horseracing.

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