Shamrock Road at 12 Races in 18 Weeks

I have previously written on Shamrock Road twice (here, here). Well, Sunday he was raced – again. That’s 12 times in a little over 18 weeks. Edward Charles Sexton continues as primary exploiter. This is horseracing.


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  1. Those of you who post on the forum are foolish. Because someone doesn’t believe everything you believe, you consider them enemies. To accomplish great things it takes cooperation. Good luck.

    • The title of this blog is Horseracing Wrongs. Whether the message is here or on the other social media networks, it clearly states the same criteria and result, the end of horse racing, period. No negotiations, no compromise, nothing. That’s it. Easy to comprehend, easy to understand. But it seems that the complication comes when the simplicity is challenged. It is what it is. I understand what you are saying, but you are stating it on the wrong forum. Insulting the home of persons who are avid and productive contributors, is not a wise move.

      • Sorry to say this, but he’s entered again. This time on the turf. For the first time, that I’ve noticed, this isn’t a claiming race. This poor kid needs a break.

        Shamrock Road is entered to run on September 29, 2015, at MOUNTAINEER CASINO RACETRACK & RESORT. Race: 2 – 7:22PM

  2. Jenn, he’s not up for claiming because it is an Allowance race. I suspect that the reason he’s not in a claiming race and has been entered for this Allowance race is because it is the only one mile race for the meet (that I could see) which seems to be SR’s distance, he may not have much competition and he is one of only 2 horses (3 year olds) out of the 8 in the race carrying a lighter weight of 119 which is to his advantage and the turf will be a kinder surface as long as it doesn’t have any holes in it, being Race 2 the surface won’t be cut up much.

  3. Just turned on my computer and when i saw an email from Virtual Stable i thought it would be about one of the other horses i have.


    It is a plus that it’s Mountaineer again – the racing officials at WVRC have been informed by members of the public of their concerns for the welfare of SHAMROCK ROAD who last raced on Sept 19 at Mountaineer and on that occasion I received a response from Bill Phillips, one of the Commissioners at West Virginia Racing Commission and he stated that he would provide a copy of my email to Chairman Jack Rossi and Commissioner Gregory McDermott. He added that he would also provide a copy of my email to Joe Moore, Acting Executive Director asking him to look into this matter.

    Here are the relevant links again for the sending of emails/phone calls

    West Virginia Racing Commission
    900 Pennsylvania Avenue Suite 533
    Charleston WV 25302
    Phone 304.558-2150
    Fax: 304 558-6319

    Here is the link to the West Virginia Racing Commission

    Her is Bill Phillips’ email address (the other Commissioners’ emails are not listed)

    Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort
    State Route 2
    PO Box 358
    Chester WV 26034
    Phone: 304.387.8000

    To: the License Clerk of Mountaineer Racetrack

    Perhaps a request to Ms Pringle that she provide a copy of your email to Wayne Pacelle for his attention, given his belief that horseracing can be conducted humanely!

    The Humane Society USA
    Ms Valerie Pringle
    Equine Protection Specialist, Equine Protection
    telephone 301-258-1408

    The Humane Society of the United States
    2100 L Street NW Washington, DC 20037

    We know that SHAMROCK ROAD is just an example of many others, one of which is JILL’S REFLECTION who is another racehorse being raced into the ground over a long period of time without respite.

    And SEXTON if you are reading this, you know what you’re doing to this young horse, you are continuing to race this horse into the ground without respite when he’s desperate for at least a 3 months’ lay-off. You also know that you are playing Russian roulette with him because he is high risk. Yes, I’d imagine you’d keep your fingers and toes crossed when he races hoping that he doesn’t break down…. no explanation needed

  4. JILL’S REFLECTION a 4 year old filly is racing on Thursday Oct 1at Gulfstream Racetrack in yet another sinister claiming race

    This helpless filly has been raced into the ground for over 2 years when she should be getting lay-offs (3 months) to allow her to recover, rest and mend her body. Here is the link to her profile giving her racing history

    Her first start as a TWO YEAR OLD was on May 2, 2013 and she had 47 starts in just 2 years and it will be FIFTY-FOUR (54) starts next race. She had a couple of months off earlier in her career after her 4th race start but since then she’s had no lay-off at all.

    They make the ridiculous claim that they love their horses but don’t give a damn about their welfare…. says it all!

    Needless to say JILL’S REFLECTION is just one example of the overracing, overusing and overworking of racehorses.

  5. Despite further representations being made to the West Virginia Racing Commission and the Humane Society, SHAMROCK ROAD was passed fit to race on Sept 29 at Mountaineer. He came home 4th/6 (2 others scratched by the Stewards) by 11 lens and he was “spent” and worn out in the upper stretch according to the chart …..mmm… WONDER WHY? So as we can see here the Stewards had the power to scratch 2 others but the reasons are likely to have been in accordance with the Rules and we are not privy as to the reasons/Rules. On the other hand, there are no Rules in place to protect the horse as to the number of starts over a certain period of time, however, the Vet on duty (if consulted by the Stewards) appears to have been of the view that SR could race, at the same time conveniently ignoring his arduous racing program/history, as well as concerns by members of the public who provided factual evidence to justify their concerns.

    According to, and if I’ve read it correctly, SR did not carry the original 119 allocated? but carried 122 which would have made it harder for him and this race ended up on the dirt track, an unkind surface. He was in fact a 2 year old (foaling date May 25, 2012) when he had his first TEN (10) starts. He had twelve (12) starts in 18 weeks (Feb. 12 to June 21). In my experience, I’m seeing all the signs that this horse is barely coping and remains at high risk. Total earnings to date $20,555 ($1,082 per start). SR is earning his keep but the profit margin for the IRA is nothing to write home about. $920 for 4th/6 this last start.

    The only other 3 year old in the race, Houston Fire, won but it was his 7th start since Jan 16, 2015
    (this colt had a 4 months’ lay-off during the year)
    WHEREAS Shamrock Road has now had 19 starts since Jan 16, 2015 with no proper lay-off.

    What was it April that Sexton said to you – something along the lines that he wasn’t racing SR any harder than the others???


    And in the same race, according to
    Cap Trick who came home 2nd last by 18 lens “wilted abruptly”
    Ocean City who came home last by 21 lens “folded up after a half mile” (and this was a one mile and 70 yards race). How can anyone argue that this horse was fit for the purpose?

    This is horseracing.

  6. Just to clarify that Houston Fire began his racing career on Jan 16, 2015.
    Total career starts to date = seven (7)

  7. JILL’S REFLECTION came home 2nd last for $160 at Gulfstream on Oct 1 by 18 lengths and according to the chart she “could not sustain bid” and “had no response in the lane”. Well, doesn’t sound as though she’s coping at all and given her arduous racing program/history, that is no surprise. Her claiming price was $6,250. It appears that she’s been up for claiming since Sept 2013. To date she has earned $76,480.

    According to connections as of her last start were –
    Jockey: Winston R Kay
    Trainer: David Rakoff
    Owner: Breakin Wind Farm
    Breeder: Rose Family Stable Ltd

    This 4 year old filly began racing on May 2, 2013 as a 2 year old. Her breeder, Rose Family Stable was her owner and Barry Rose her trainer up until June 11, 2015 when she was claimed for $10,000 (her initial claim price was $50,000) new trainer is Dario Vega and owner is World Wide Promotion Enterprises. On Sept 4, new trainer is Sergio Vega. On Sept 20 she was claimed for $6,250.
    New trainer is David Rakoff and new owner is Breakin Wind Farm.

    According to, on Oct 12, 2013 Jill’s Reflection lost her rider and DNF. BE EXTRAORDINARY (also a 2 year old filly) was raced up close, clipped heels, fell and was vanned off. Chart says JR “bumped hard” with the fallen horse and lost her jockey. I think “collided heavily” with the fallen horse would’ve been the correct description as to what happened here – when a horse is down on the ground, it is a collision. Apparently there was a Stewards’ inquiry but no action was taken. Did BE ask to be raced up so close to another horse, resulting in her being so squeezed for room, that she clipped heels? No, the equine never places itself in such a dangerous potentially lethal situation. BE who was having her very first race start has not reappeared and seems to have disappeared……I think one can safely assume that she’s DEAD.

    JILL’S REFLECTION is only 4 years of age, has not had a decent break (with the exception of a 2 months’ break early in her career) and has had FIFTY-FOUR (54) starts to date. These so called “vets” and others in the racing commissions have a duty of care to immediately place an embargo on her for a lay-off for at least 3 months.

  8. SHAMROCK ROAD is racing again at Belterra Park Racetrack on October 10 in a one mile claiming race. The overracing, overusing and overworking of this young gelding continues.

    This will be his 20th start since he began his career on Jan 16, 2015. He has not had a proper lay-off.

    Belterra Park Racetrack, Cincinnati, Ohio.
    6301 Kellogg Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45230, Phone:+1 513-232-8000
    Cannot find an email address for Belterra.

    Ohio State Racing Commission
    77 South High St. 18th Floor
    Columbus, Ohio 43215-6108
    Phone:+1 614-466-2757

    To: William Crawford
    Executive Director – Ohio State Racing Commission
    Ms Barbara Roth, Licensing – Ohio State Racing Commission


  9. UPDATE ON SHAMROCK ROAD – Another mile on the dirt in these INSIDIOUS claiming races

    Representations were made to Bill Crawford, Executive Director and Ms Barbara Roth, Licensing of the Ohio State Racing Commission prior to SHAMROCK ROAD’s recent start at Belterra Park on Oct 10 to have this 3 year old gelding scratched and an embargo placed on him to have a 3 months’ layoff on the grounds that this horse’s welfare is being disregarded by his trainer/owner, the relevant racing commissions, the relevant racetracks, stewards and the so called vets. The deliberate continuation of his arduous racing program without respite is unacceptable. Shamrock Road was permitted to start and a lay-off he was once again denied.

    From Feb 12 to June 21, 2015 this horse had 12 starts in 18 weeks which is totally unacceptable in my opinion.

    According to connections as of last start were –
    Jockey: Erin M Walker
    Trainer: Edward C Sexton
    Owner: The IRA
    Breeder: Edward Charles Sexton & Mary Grace Mead
    He came home 2nd for $1,140 (3rd place was $570). He was up for claiming ($7,500).

    According to the Chart
    Shamrock Road “set suicidal fractions”
    Shamrock Road “set the ultra fast pace while five and six wide, was used up in the stretch and began to fade”

    I’m glad I cannot look at this race. Set suicidal fractions means that this horse was FORCED to gallop at such an extreme speed that it was suicidal – YES potentially life threatening for him.
    He could’ve suffered an acute cardio respiratory failure and severe pulmonary haemorrhage, as a result of exercise induced cardiovascular failure.
    Another concern is that he set this ultra fast pace when he was 5 and 6 horses WIDE (having to cover more ground than the other horses) which leaves me speechless.

    If you are reading this SEXTON (the IRA) I can imagine what your instructions were to the hoop and I think it’s safe to say here that they would’ve been along the lines – be aggressive at the start, set a very fast pace and hit the lead no matter the circumstances (he was 5 and 6 horses wide which evidences these instructions). And highly likely there was a sling on offer for the jockey.

    The purse for this race was only $5,700 with 8 horses in the race. This sick strategy for SR to set an outrageously fast pace was in the hope that many of the others would tire giving him a good chance of winning. SR was I think the youngest and also carried the lightest weight but he still tired and we know why. I hate to think how he pulled up after this gutbuster and I wouldn’t be surprised if he lost weight and goes off his food. SR will be sour.

    3 year old Houston Fire began his career on the same day as Shamrock Road (Jan 16, 2015).
    Houston Fire – number of starts Six (6) this colt was given a 4 months’ lay-off
    Shamrock Road – number of starts TWENTY (20)
    (I had previously inadvertently stated that HF had had 7 starts).


    • Thank you CArolyn for following this story. i will continue to record the race whenever he races . i do hope they will retire him.

      i agree with you that


      along with thousands upon thousands of other over worked and abused horses.

      it is a shameful industry that should be shut down forever.

  10. Carolyn, thank you for keeping up with Shamrock Road. The horse started 4 times in September and again 11 days later on the 10th of October. How this blatant abuse is “legal” in this business speaks volumes concerning how it’s athletes are “valued”.

    The horse crosses state lines to compete and, since there is no national commission for racing, it means a complaint would have to be made to each track in each state, all with different rules. However, I don’t believe there are rules concerning frequent starts in any racing jurisdiction. The standard answer seems to be “it is up to the trainer”.

    It would be easier to file a complaint with a national governing body.
    I believe the fact that there is no national commission is by design because it facilitates the lack of accountability and the lack of uniform rules. Trying to hold anybody accountable in this business just about impossible. No animal rights group is willing to challenge the horse abuse. The only case I know of was when the ASPCA brought charges of cruelty against trainer David Jacobson for severe neglect of a horse called Huggable Tom back in the 80’s. The same trainer is now getting awards for the most wins in NY. He plays the “claiming game” a lot and is known to start horses with just 3 days between races.

    Shamrock Road is now at a $7,500 claim down from $50,000 in February of this year. It seems to me the only way to stop this horse from being run to death is for someone to pay the claim money. Money always takes precedence over the horse. This is the mentality of those in the game.

    • Thanks Rose – emails have been sent to the various Racing Commissions e.g. Kentucky, Ohio,
      Pennsylvania (no email address but sent to Presque Isle Downs) West Virginia and now Ohio again as well as the various Racetrack Clubs for good measure. Agree with you – seems it’s somewhat convenient that there’s no national body having jurisdiction over all the State Racing Commissions. If they genuinely cared for these horses, at the very least, they would have just ONE SET OF RULES AND REGULATIONS for each and every racehorse no matter what State they were in.
      Shamrock Road is racing again on Friday 16 Oct at Thistledown – I’ll put up another comment with the details.

  11. SHAMROCK ROAD is racing again this Friday 16 Oct at Thistledown.
    Anyone who wishes to speak up for this voiceless racehorse – relevant details below

    Thistledown Racino Racetrack
    North Randall, Ohio phone: 216-662- 8600

    Ohio State Racing Commission
    77 South High St. 18th Floor
    Columbus, Ohio 43215-6108
    Phone:+1 614-466-2757

    To: William Crawford
    Executive Director – Ohio State Racing Commission
    Ms Barbara Roth, Licensing – Ohio State Racing Commission


    Link to Shamrock’s Profile

    Despite the fact that there are no Rules in place (that I’m aware of) as to the number of starts over a certain period of time that a horse can have, I believe that the authorities do have the power to scratch this horse. An on duty racetrack vet, employed to vet the horses and find them fit to race, only has to look at SR’s arduous racing program to see that he has had no lay-off since Jan 16 2015 (9 months of racing which included 12 starts in 18 weeks). From foaling date for his first ten (10) starts he was 2 years old. It is my belief that SR’s history and the unabated racing of him, are grounds for a duty of care for the welfare of the horse to come into play, any ethical vet would know this. The Stewards can then heed the advice of the vet and scratch the horse. The following is part of the Veterinarians’ sworn oath –

    “Being admitted to the profession of veterinary medicine, I solemnly swear to use my scientific knowledge and skills for the benefit of society through the protection of animal health and welfare, the prevention and relief of animal suffering, the conservation of animal resources, the promotion of public health, and the advancement of medical knowledge”.

  12. SHAMROCK ROAD (a 3 year old gelding) – UPDATE

    SR raced at Thistledown on Friday Oct 16 and earned $192 for trailing home 24 lens last for his trainer owner Edward Charles SEXTON (the IRA).
    It was this horse’s 21st start since Jan 16, 2015 when he had his first race start.
    From foaling date for his first ten (10) starts he was only 2 years old.
    SR raced on Sept 4 and has had 6 starts since that date in a period of 6 weeks!
    Earlier in his career he had 12 starts in 18 weeks!
    SR has not had even one proper lay-off.
    According to, the Chart stated SR “hopped at the start then trailed”.
    There were 9 starters in this race and Como Se Llama (owned by Maggi Moss) came 8th, 14 lengths 2nd last, so SR’s trailing the field would’ve been very obvious indeed with a gap of TEN (10) lens between them. Oh Shamrock Road must’ve been laboring – glad I cannot look at it. “Hopped” at the start, I’m guessing that this happened when he jumped out of the gates or very soon thereafter. Stumbled, bucked but I’ve never come across “hopped” before, anyway something was going on with SR and it is highly likely because he’s so exhausted from this arduous racing without respite, he had difficulty in starting and obviously didn’t have the strength to keep up there with the field and just trailed behind, I hope he didn’t sustain an injury. This race was five and one-half furlongs so it wasn’t his usual one mile distance and he should’ve been able to handle a shorter distance, he trailed for the whole of the race!
    AND ONCE AGAIN the Stewards and the so called Vets turn a blind eye.
    AND ONCE AGAIN racing officials at the Ohio State Racing Commission were notified of the concerns for the welfare of this racehorse and this was the third occasion of such a notification
    and they once again took no action – these horses are in the stewardship of these Stewards!

    And you SEXTON are racing Shamrock Road into the ground and you’ve done it from the very beginning of his career. You know it is unlikely that he’ll be a significant money earner for you and being a gelding the only way you can get money out of him is to race him relentlessly.
    I’d like to know what you thought of this recent race at Thistledown – did it prick your conscience?
    SR must’ve looked a sorry sight in that race – don’t you think?

    It appears to me SEXTON that you are slowly but surely destroying this young horse. You have been taking risks with him and that tells me that you just don’t give a damn and I suspect you’ll just race him till he drops, you will squeeze the last drop of blood out of him, you will squeeze the last ounce of energy out of him and that nearly happened at Thistledown. And while you’re keeping yourself busy with all this what is SHAMROCK ROAD doing?

    I’ll tell you what he’s doing – he is fighting for his life, he is trying to preserve himself AGAINST ALL THE ODDS thanks to you, you cur…..!

    • I’ve seen hopped. It’s when the horse rears up a bit as they leave the gate. The horse also may or may not have been difficult to load into the gate. I wish I could claim him and save him from this abuser.

      • Thanks Jenn. We call that reared in the gates here. He would not have been keen to be loaded!

      • Agreed. I tend to think that any horse that refuses to get into the gate, or acts up in it, is either hurt, sick, or flat out doesn’t want to go. Can’t really blame them, especially one as over raced as Shamrock Road.

  13. Shamrock Road’s outrageous abuse continues because of racing’s deliberate lack of any rules to protect the horse. The vets and the stewards all look the other way simply because, even if they gave a damn about the abuse, they are “scared” for their jobs. If any one of them had a spark of decency they would speak out on behalf of this voiceless animal.

    To work in this business one has to put aside one’s conscience, integrity, as well as decency provided, of course, that any existed in the first place.

    The situation says it all in terms of what a dirty business this is. It is without any redeeming social value whatsoever.

    God help Shamrock because racing will not.

  14. Update on SHAMROCK ROAD (a 3 year old gelding)

    From his foaling date, for his first ten (10) starts he was only TWO (2) years old.

    After his last start when he came home 24 lens last for $192 at Thistledown in Ohio on October 16, he has had two (2) workouts at Churchill Downs, Kentucky. Just a 3 weeks’ break and then his first workout on November 9 and again yesterday on Nov 17.

    A 3 weeks’ break in lieu of a 3 months’ lay-off – Oh you sure are true to form EDWARD SEXTON!

    In comparison, 3 year old Houston Fire who began his career on the same day as Shamrock Road (Jan 16, 2015) has had SIX (6) starts to date, this colt was given a 4 months’ lay-off and has had a couple of recent workouts.

    Shamrock Road – number of starts to date TWENTY-ONE (21) with no lay-off.


    • I feel so bad for him. I have him in a virtual stable, which notifies me of workouts, and race entries and finishes. He was alone in this latest workout. Oh, if I had the money and ability to do so, he’d be one of many I’d claim in order to retire!!

    • He’s been entered in a stakes race. I wonder if anyone close enough to Churchill could bring a sign and protest. Imagine if it got on TV!

      Shamrock Road is entered to run on November 21, 2015, at CHURCHILL DOWNS.

      • Agreed Jenn – a dignified peaceful protest would be one sure way of raising awareness. Shamrock Road is just one solitary example of racing a horse into the ground.

        Rose raised Jill’s Reflection a while back (a 4 year old mare). JR continues to be raced into the ground – since May 2013 she’s been raced about twice each month with no lay-off, of any significance, that I could see. To date, she’s had 55 starts 49 of which have been at Gulfstream. She has failed to finish twice and in her last race came home 10th/13 at Gulfstream on Nov 14. Chart stated “began to weaken three furlongs out”. And this was in a 6 furlong race, therefore, this poor thing is stuffed half way through the race! I call it aggravated cruelty.

        Like SR, her bones and body are not being given the opportunity of a proper recovery, resting and mending period e.g. 3 months. Veterinary research scientists such as Dr Chris Riggs BVSc, PhD, DEO, Dipl. ECVS, MRCVS, head of Veterinary Clinical Services at the Hong Kong Jockey Club, have proved that bone fatigue is the most common reason for breakdown fractures.
        Also, Sue Stover, veterinarian and researcher at the University of California-Davis stated “We know that well over 85% of horses that die from a bone fracture die because the bone has a weakness”. “These are repetitive overuse injuries” Stover says. “This particular lesion is one of the main reasons that bone scanning was installed at Santa Anita. We know that well over 85% of horses that die from a bone fracture, die because the bone has a weakness. The next step is how do we detect the pre-existing injury?” Stover runs a finger over the bone. “This horse, if it was allowed to heal, would have had normal performance afterwards”.

        What more evidence does the racing industry require before it heeds the scientific research, recommendations and advice from its own experts?

        Have sent emails.


    This 4 year old mare is entered to race again at Gulfstream on November 22 (it will be her 56th start) – just eight (8) days after her last start when she came home 10th/13 at Gulfstream on Nov 14. Chart stated “began to weaken three furlongs out”. And this was in a 6 furlong race, therefore, this poor thing is stuffed half way through the race! I call it aggravated cruelty.

    The abuse of JILL’S REFLECTION continues…….. with no intervention by the so called “veterinarians”, racing authorities or Stewards who have the power, responsibility, obligation and duty of care to ensure the welfare of the horse. UTTERLY SHAMEFUL.

    • Carolyn, yes the abuse of Jill’s Reflection and Shamrock Road continues….unabated….and nothing will be done to stop it unless we, as compassionate human beings, encourage family and friends to stop betting on the horses. The racing industry is a “rogue” industry where money is king and each state plays by its own rules. Today I read an article in the Paulick Report about another exploited and abused horse, Time for a J, who was raced in Arizona when he was on the vet’s list in California. He died in the dirt when he fractured both sesamoids in his left front leg. I wonder if the scene was “sanitized” by the lovely blue screen so that the betting public wouldn’t have to witness the unpleasantness of a horse euthanized on the track. Oh, and Time for a J was only four…you know, just a baby….but who cares when there is freaking money to be made. I sometimes think that I can’t hate racing anymore than I already do, but each day brings a new level of utter disgust and contempt.

      • Mary, thank you for providing the link to the Paulick Report article about the four-year-old gelding Time for a J. I read disturbing pieces about racehorses daily, but this one was especially horrific. I would encourage readers to click on the link Mary provided – see what a racing insider had to say about what was done to Time for a J AND read the remarks from the gelding’s racing owner/trainer. That being said, the article is long and I’m afraid many will pass on reading it…so I want to highlight a several things;

        – in May of 2014, Time for a J (then 3-years-old) raced at Santa Anita in a 20K claiming race

        – in his very next race (June), he was DROPPED into a $3500 claiming race at Los Alamitos and was claimed by O/T Robert Lucas

        – Lucas ran him four more times

        – then on October 4, 2014, Time for a J was SCRATCHED from a race on a California track by the vet (meaning the horse was not sound/fit to race). California rules prohibit horses on the vet’s list from running at any track in the state (until they are deemed sound and removed from the list)

        – so Lucas took the gelding out of state – to Arizona – where he ran him once in November and twice in December

        – on December 29, trainer Kanya Kemper claimed Time for a J for $3500

        – Kemper raced him on January 14 and January 27…on the 27th, he broke his left front leg only a couple of furlongs into the race and was euthanized

        – Quotes from Robert Lucas who took the vet-listed youngster out of state to race him…”I WAS SURPRISED HE GOT CLAIMED [on December 29] BECAUSE HE HAD SUCH BAD LEGS” and “IF YOU LOOKED FROM HIS KNEES DOWN, IT WAS JUST DREADFUL”

        – (Time for a J – now remember, just four years old with such DREADFUL, BAD LEGS – had already suffered a bowed tendon in one front and a ligament injury in the other front)

        – and a quote from Kemper who claimed Time for a J on December 29…”I STARTED HEARING BAD THINGS ABOUT HIM [about Time for a J, after claiming him]

        – and lastly, according to the article, Lucas had a nice retirement “gig” lined up for Time for a J if he hadn’t died from racing with such dreadful legs – considering what he did to him while the gelding was alive, I can only imagine the “gig” was the slaughterhouse…

  16. Thank you Mary and Joy, for your posts.
    Anyone with an ounce of sense knows the business is obscenely corrupt, not to mention the animal cruelty involved.
    The situation with Parx and the issue with being able to “legally” start a horse in AZ that was declared unfit to race by the vet. in CA is outrageous. It clearly shows, among other things, why nobody in the business wants a national racing commission or any “outside” interference.

    • I just saw Shamrock Road’s race on TV. He finished either last or second last. But he finished. The TV guys were not kind to him during the post parade, but I guess it was frank honesty. “Your final horse of the race at 45 to 1 and worth every bit of that price” aka “This horse has no place being here.” I feel so bad for him. :( He has such a terrible owner.

      • Jenn, thank you for following Shamrock Road, watching his race and informing the public (tv) comments that were made about him – yes some honesty. “This horse has no place being here”.

        According to, he came home (8th/9) 2nd last by 26 AND ¾ LENS. and for this he earned $777 for his owner/trainer, (the IRA)/ Edward Sexton.

        Chart stated he “FOLDED UP” well….. we know why, given this horse’s history. No, he definitely had no place being in that race because his place should’ve been in a paddock having a desperately needed lay-off.

        Click to access CD112115USA9.pdf

      • I had almost forgotten about his race and turned to the right channel just in time to see the post parade. I was so worried for him that I paused the tv (I’m so glad for DVR!) until I thought the race would be over. On hitting “live” I managed to catch the race just as the horses finished the race. Not for the last time will I say that I wished I had the money, ability, and know how to claim him!

      • Thank you, Jenn…firstly, for being so brave to watch – for the sake of Shamrock Road. And then to honestly report back to all of us who have such concern for his welfare.

        Sexton is an abuser and a coward. Men like him feel big in exploiting animals such as horses because they themselves are so small and weak and nothing.

      • You’re welcome. I think that seeing his progress, from saddling area to the gate, can tell a lot about how the horse is doing. One of the saddest races I saw ended up with the horse not being injured at all, but the mare did not want to race. The mare’s name is Life At Ten and it was in the 2010 Breeders Cup race. I was into horse racing back then and I watched the post parade. The jockey said she didn’t seem herself but the track vet cleared her to run. She pretty much shouldn’t have been raced and, I think, she proved to me that day that she was right and the humans were wrong. Except maybe her jockey who didn’t want her to run either.

        Anyway, I’m glad that Shamrock Road finished safely, but I really wish that, if he had to be raced at all, that he wasn’t with that guy.

      • I scan sites like Bloodhorse (and really, what kind of a name is that supposed to be?!) daily. The current thing is the award for people’s choice, created by the owner of Secretariat, Penny Chenery. The following selections were copied from the BH website:

        “…nominees were selected by the Vox Populi committee, and voters again have the option to write in a racehorse of their choice.”

        So why not write in Shamrock Road’s name? I can’t think of a better, and very visible way, to put light on this poor horse than writing in his name.

        There are only three prenominated horses picked. American Pharoah, Beholder, and Rachel’s Valentina (daughter of Rachel Alexandra).

        “The winner will be selected on the equally weighted basis of the public online poll as well as input from Mrs. Chenery and the Vox Populi committee, a group of several distinguished personalities from within and outside the racing industry who all share a keen interest and affection for the sport. Voting in the online poll, which can be found at, ends Dec. 6, with the public presentation to the 2015 winner scheduled for Jan. 9, at Santa Anita Park.”

        Let’s put Shamrock Road’s name there for all to see! Imagine if we could get “big” racing names saying “Who is Shamrock Road?” Would they review his race record and see how over raced he is? Google his name and see blogs like this crying out to get him retired? Shine light on his shady owner? Maybe this could be big for him. Hopefully in a good way.

      • Jenn!! That is a fantastic idea to vote for Shamrock Road for the Vox Populi Award!…in fact, I’ve already done it!

        FOLKS WHO CARE ABOUT SHAMROCK ROAD…please go to the site (see below) and there is a box where you can vote for one of the three horses listed OR you can write in the horse of your choice – Shamrock Road! It was the simplest thing…just type in his name and accept! DONE!

        Go to

        Then you’ll see (in blue text) “2015 Secretariat Vox Populi Award Nominees Set, Voting Now Open…Let Your Voice Be Heard”…click on that and it should be there. SUPER SIMPLE AND QUICK!

        THANKS JENN!

      • I’m glad to help!! If anyone is on facebook, Twitter, etc., maybe they can post this link as well.

  17. Mr Sexton

    It is not in your best interests to threaten me…….. The emails you have sent to me have been handed over to a lawyer.

    You stated in your first email that you have “a large pile of harassing emails to numerous tracks”. You also stated that I was trying to get in the way of you making money???

    The racing industry is a public industry sustained by the public and the horses are put on public display and therefore their welfare is open to public scrutiny. As I have previously commented on this site, I (and some other fellow commenters) have concerns about the arduous racing program for Shamrock Road who has been racing since Jan 16, 2015 without a lay-off. Emails sent by me (and some other fellow commenters have also sent emails as well) to the relevant racing authorities/tracks, are always polite. I state the facts and refer to and I also make reference to the industry’s own veterinarian scientific researchers’ findings, recommendations and advice, to substantiate my concerns.

    No, Mr Sexton, I don’t send “harassing” emails.

    Interestingly, I’ve received some replies assuring me that my correspondence would be forwarded on to the appropriate officials for their attention.

    It appears to me that the “large pile of harassing emails” that you talk about are in your possession because they’ve been sent to you by the racing authorities and I would imagine that they’re following protocol and informing you that some members of the public have genuine concerns about the welfare of Shamrock Road.

    Perhaps I should remind you that the Horseracing Wrongs site is about the welfare of the racehorse, it is a public forum, freedom of speech and everyone has the right to voice their own opinion.

    • Carolyn, Sexton, the abuser, has stated that, if he chooses to run his horses “eight days a week”, it is none of our business. That quote comes from one of my contacts that I completely trust. I have also been told, by another contact connected to Midwest TB’s, that Sexton beat a guy up in Florida and threatened to do more damage to him if he went to the authorities. Sounds to me as if Sexton thinks he is above the law and is just a low life “thug”. Also, it is important to keep in mind that Sexton is involved with Mary Mead, the girl who sent some of the Midwest TB’s to slaughter. Both are bad news, in my opinion.

      I personally don’t think that Sexton comes to this blog and reads the posts about him, but I’m sure there are pro-racing trolls that funnel some of the comments in his direction. Therefore, let me be clear. If Sexton wants to come after me, please let him know that I am ready…and waiting…for him. I refuse to be intimidated by him or any other human “monster”.

      We will continue to follow Shamrock Road much to the chagrin of the thug…Sexton. Those who support horseracing must be mighty proud to have such a vile human being in their industry.

  18. I remember her well, Jenn…what was done to her was blatant abuse. Legal, blatant abuse. I think LAT was Pletcher’s racemare so that is a partial explanation for lack of concern for her.

  19. Sexton is a predator. He admits it on a vm to me personally. Mr. Sexton will soon have lots social media attention and it’s not going to be good. Sexton, if you’re reading this, I told you people are watching you. You will be held accountable. That’s a bet you can count on!!!

    • April, I couldn’t agree with you more. Sexton is a predator. Keep every email and voicemail that he sends to you. If you have trouble with him moving forward, let me know and I will put you in touch with two other individuals who will corroborate what you are saying. They, too, have been threatened by him. He is bad, bad news.

  20. Great imagination Jenn! Exactly……. WHO is Shamrock Road? He is a HERO!
    And we will make sure that he becomes well known – he represents the hundreds and hundreds
    of horses being overraced, overused and overworked in the racing industry without any regard for their safety, health and welfare.

  21. Many thanks Joy for the link and the instructions – DONE!

    It’s just so easy to do everyone

    Go to

    Then you’ll see (in blue text) “2015 Secretariat Vox Populi Award Nominees Set, Voting Now Open…Let Your Voice Be Heard”…click on that and it should be there. SUPER SIMPLE AND QUICK!

    All you have to do is just type in SHAMROCK ROAD

  22. He has my vote. Results will be announced on Dec. 8th. !

    I think this is a great idea. My thanks to Jenn, Maureen and Joy.

    P.S. Jenn, I remember the debacle with the mare, Life at Ten, at the 2010 Breeder’s Cup. The trainer was Todd Pletcher or Teflon Todd, if you like. The trainer has the ultimate responsibility for the horses in his barn but a steward lost his job and Todd Pletcher was hardly mentioned !

  23. Just got a notification that SHAMROCK ROAD is racing again at Churchill Downs on Sunday 29 November – this will be his 23rd start since January 2015 WITHOUT A LAY-OFF!

    Race 12 at 6.03pm.

    This 3 year old gelding came home 26 LENS 2ND LAST in his last start at Churchill Downs on 21 November and at his previous start at Thistledown he came home LAST BY 24 LENGTHS.

    The overracing, overusing and overworking of this racehorse continues……

      • I voted as well. I wish you could see how many horses were written in, and how many votes each got. Is anyone posting this on their facebook/twitter/instagram/etc pages? I’m hoping social media can work for Shamrock Road! I’d love to see Penny Chenery’s face when she sees Shamrock Road written in a good number of times! I wonder if she’d be like, “And who is this?” And if his name is released as a write in, I wonder what his dirtbag owner will think.

      • Breaking news:

        Shamrock Road was scratched from race 12 on November 29, 2015, at CHURCHILL DOWNS.

        I hope he’s okay!!!!!!! This was in my email this morning.

  24. I prayed for this in a good way – that he be able to rest. Going at this pace, this poor sweetheart is facing the inevitable demise of break down but just prolonged until he’s out of racing for good. I hope he’s ok but he also may be hurt.

    Thank everyone from the time Shamrock Road’s story has been told on this site until now for the outpouring of care and concern for him, and the EXPOSURE of this self-centered and cruel animal abuser, Sexton. Pathetic individual. This barbaric sport of horse racing will eventually die and the money will burn.

  25. Shamrock Road is scratched ! Of course, it does not say why on the entries. However, it will say whether it was by a vet. a steward or the owner/trainer when the race results are posted on the Equibase site. Check the “full charts” results It can take about 30 mins following the race for the “full chart” to be posted.

    Maybe Churchill took the hint from the emails concerning the abuse ??

  26. All 3 scratches in race 12 were by Trainer.
    I’ve heard that does not mean much as the trainer is sometimes given the “option” to scratch rather than have the horse listed s a vet. scratch. The real “reason” for the scratch is rarely, if ever disclosed, except, of course, when a race is taken “off turf”.

  27. SHAMROCK ROAD raced at Turfway Park, Florence, Kentucky on Sunday, Dec 6 and earned $118 for trailing home 26 LENS for his trainer owner Edward Charles SEXTON (the IRA). Chart said he had brief speed and then stopped.
    He went hard at the start travelling in 2nd place and then suddenly he dropped right back – yes he sure did STOP because he’s so exhausted from this arduous racing program. It was a pitiful sight to see this horse struggling to keep up with the field (his herd – safety) whilst being beaten with a whip and wearing blinkers which restricts the horse’s vision causing further stress. It is not uncommon for racehorses to go hard at the start when wearing blinkers and sometimes jockeys have difficulty in holding them back to try and stop them from using up too much energy at the beginning of the race. Whether this was the case here, I do not know.

    It was this horse’s 23rd start since Jan 16, 2015 when he had his first race start.
    From foaling date, for his first ten (10) starts he was only 2 years old.
    SR raced on Sept 4 and had 6 starts from that date in a period of 6 weeks.
    Earlier in his career he had 12 starts in 18 weeks.
    SR has not had a proper lay-off.
    In my opinion, this horse is being raced into the ground.

    This 3 year old gelding has come home distanced in his last 3 starts e.g. 24 lens, 26 lens and 26 lens.
    Earnings for his 23 starts to date = $22,782 and averaging $991 per start.

    THE OVERRACING, OVERUSING AND OVERWORKING OF SHAMROCK ROAD CONTINUES……. in the meantime, those that have the power to intervene appear, for whatever reason, to be reluctant to do so.

    The racing industry is sustained by the public, the horses are put on public display and therefore their well-being is open to public scrutiny.

  28. SHAMROCK ROAD is racing again at Turfway Park on Friday 18 December at 9.38pm Race 8.
    He is up for claiming – this time for $15,000.

    It will be his 24th start since Jan 16, 2015 when he had his first race start.
    From foaling date, for his first ten (10) starts he was only 2 years old.
    SR raced on Sept 4 and had 6 starts from that date in a period of 6 weeks.
    Earlier in his career he had 12 starts in 18 weeks.
    SR has not had a proper lay-off.
    In my opinion, this horse is being raced into the ground.

    This 3 year old gelding has come home distanced in his last 3 starts – 24 LENS, 26 LENS and 26 LENS.

  29. SHAMROCK ROAD is entered to race at Mahoning Valley on Monday Feb 22.
    He is up for claiming for $5,000.

    His new owner/trainer is Richard Zielinski.

    He last raced Dec 18, 2015 under his trainer from day one, Edward Sexton, owner The IRA, when he came home 10th/10 last by 20+ lengths.
    He was up for claiming for $15,000 but I couldn’t see any horses claimed in that race.

    • Sold privately? Fake sold? Maybe the new owner is a friend. Still wish I knew a trainer that could claim him to retire him.

  30. Thank you Carolyn. Shamrock Road is another profit slave for this despicable industry. Speaking of taxpayers money it’s with absolute disgust that I read this:

    “House Bill 965 would move $1.1 million of state lottery funds to the horse racing industry, $500,000 of which would be earmarked for the new “Maryland International,” to be run on turf at Laurel Park. The race would be scheduled five to six weeks in advance of the Breeders’ Cup, in the hopes that contenders would use it as their final prep race.”

    Why should 1.1 million dollars go to horse racing??? WHY??? There are so many other social areas that this money could be applied to. The owner Frank Stronach owns multimillion dollar farms, breeds about 200+ horses every year, is a multibillionaire and he wants STATE FUNDS to pay for ONE RACE! Are you f**king kidding me?
    How can our politicians allow this waste of money to keep being thrown into a money pit called horse racing? Should we throw all the broken bones and dead racehorses into the money pit as well?

    These people make me sick.

    • Taxpayers of Maryland need to contact their representatives and voice their concerns. Flood their phone lines and email like crazy.

      I don’t know how to do it, but maybe someone could put a petition up on a site like Force Change dedicated to getting Shamrock Road off the track and into a safe retirement.

      • Agree Jenn. Maryland residents should mobilize, and tell their politicians to stop the transfer of these funds by stopping House Bill 965.

      • Stronach can afford this easily, and probably use it in a tax write off. What are they pulling this money from and who will be adversely affected? There are far better ways to use this money with longer reaching affects than one day of racing. Bridge repair, education, funding the poor. Yet this is going to a horse race? I’d get the media involved as well. Unlike the welfare of horses, people don’t like seeing their hard earned tax dollars wasted on a rich man’s sport. Tweet, share on facebook, etc. Once the public knows, they’ll be in an uproar, and maybe it can be stopped. At the very least, it’ll be bad press for the politicians and maybe even the track. I’m not sure but isn’t it coming up for election times? Could be a double whammy.

  31. Politicians are bought and sold every day as you know. The horse racing industry has lobbyists everywhere because they have the money to make financial contributions.
    The industry has been financially supported by either taxpayers or casinos for the past 15 years because wagering is so down it’s not sufficient to financially support this rich mans hobby.
    These people go to Keeneland and pay $100,000 or more on 1 racehorse. They own multimillion dollar horse farms, pay $50,000 stud fees, buy broodmares for 6 figures, but they want everybody else to pay for it.
    Essentially, we are paying for this rich mans hobby and it must end. The financial support must end because when it does the business of exploiting racehorses for profit will end. When these rich people have to financially support their own business then they will think twice about it. It’s easy to carry on a business that everybody else pays for.
    Not only do the racehorses pay the price, but the Mexican labour does to. They are just as exploited as the racehorses although they have a voice, and more of a choice.
    Both the financial and moral cost of this business is outrageous and the time to end it is now.
    The industry uses the ‘job” card time and time again claiming they support American jobs
    There are millions of businesses in America that collectively provide more jobs than horse racing ever will, and they are not financially supported by either taxpayers or casinos, and now lotteries. Nor do they exploit animals or people. They actually pay a decent wage with benefits unlike stable help on racetracks.
    How much longer is the people and the government going to allow this to go on?

    • I hate to say, but I believe this will go on for as long as people are greedy and only care about themselves and their money. It’s going to take a very High Power, or some sort of force or event, in order to get people to change and see the light. Until then, we can only do what we can to try to save as many racehorses as possible.

  32. Racing is on welfare, essentially. It can’t survive without “outside” money. If these “funds” dry up then the demise of the racing game will be at hand.

    • Exactly. That’s why I strongly support DECOUPLING (both for casinos and lotteries), Cancellation of the Interstate Horse Wagering Act, and investigation by the FBI into offshore horse racing bets that make millions and pay no taxes.
      These 3 things can end horse racing. It will take time, but I think that a major reduction of racetracks in the USA is forthcoming. The less racetracks, the less racehorses bred, the less suffering.

  33. SHAMROCK ROAD last raced and won on Feb 22 with new owner/trainer no. 2 being Richard Zielinski.

    SR was claimed for $5,000 on Feb 22 with new owner being Timothy B Troup and new trainer being Richard L Markham.

    It appears that Richard Zielinski’s name still appears as owner/trainer on the Equibase record.

    Oh, this poor horse after being raced into the ground having 24 starts from January to Dec in 2015 and now he’s where? like what’s his status?

    Does anybody out there know?

      • Jenn, thank you for your concern for Shamrock Road.

        It is possible that he’s having a lay-off.

        My query is why his new trainer and owner, with such transaction taking place on Feb 22, 2016,
        are not listed by Equibase but I hasten to add that there might’ve been a hiccup with the claiming purchase of SR.

        I just hope he’s safe, that’s all.

      • I think I get what you mean, Carolyn. I hope there wasn’t a fixed situation where SR is still with his old owners.

  34. SHAMROCK ROAD is racing at Presque Isle Downs on Wednesday, May 25. It has been three months since he last raced. I haven’t seen any workouts on equibase for him.

    HALOS AND ANGELS raced recently and came home 8th /8 last by 38 LENGTHS!!!
    The abuse of this mare is outrageous. She’s uncompetitive and being forced to endure this brutal mistreatment.

    • I don’t know what to say, Carolyn, other than that I share your heartbreak and concern over these three horses – Shamrock Road, Halos and Angels, and Jill’s Reflection. No one in the industry cares. Those who still might have even an ounce of compassion look away because they don’t want to “interfere” – it could come back to affect their own pocketbooks. The horses cannot cry for assistance, scream for help…they suffer in silence as this industry just runs them into their graves.

  35. JILL’s REFLECTION is to race at Charles Town on May 27. This mare has just turned 5 yrs of age from foaling date and already she’s had 61 starts! She was 1 yr and 10 months old when she had her very first start in Feb 2013! No doubt into training several months prior – not even 2 years of age! Just a baby!

    The abuse of this horse continues unabated. Connections, vets, stewards, et al continue to permit and witness this inexcusable aggravated cruelty upon an animal.

    This is horseracing.

  36. The abuse of Shamrock Road continues. As a 2 year old this gelding had 12 starts in 18 weeks under trainer/owner Edward Charles Sexton. On October 6, 2016, SR came home 22 LENGTHS last 10th/10. According to, the current owner is Dream Ridge Racing and trainer is Richard Markham. Yet another worrying performance but his connections continue to run him in claiming hell.

    This IS horseracing.

    • Thank you for this update. After much involvement lately with my own horsemanship training along with rescuing my first horse, I have not been as active on this site as I have been in the past. Rest assured, Mr. Sexton and many many many others will be exposed as I steamroll ahead with my plans to launch a different initiative to educate, expose, and lobby for real change in this world of animal cruelty. Thanks again for the update and all that you do, HORSERACINGWRONGS.COM!

      • Wonderful to hear from you April. Wishing you the very best with your horsemanship training and the special relationship with your rescued horse, lucky horse. Stay in touch.

    • I see that SHAMROCK ROAD recently had a workout at Presque Isle Downs.

      It has been 6 months since he has raced.

      • I wonder if something happened, like a slight injury, and he got some rest. Or maybe he finally has a decent owner who gave him some well deserved down time. Prayers for this warrior. Presque Isle is north of me. Too bad I live in a city neighborhood. I don’t think they’d let me keep a horse in my backyard!


      • Jenni, like you, my thoughts were that he was sold on so i checked Equibase and he has the same owner and same trainer. My guess is that he had a health issue because that’s a long time off for a racehorse – no appearance money or prizemoney.

      • I was so hoping that he had a new owner. I worry for horses like him. I’ll never forget a horse I saw in Chicago named Road to War. I wish I could have snatched him right off the track!


  37. The abuse of HALOS AND ANGELS continues – entered to race at Mountaineer on Wednesday, June 7.
    Bet she can hardly wait!

    Also SHAMROCK ROAD has had a couple of recent workouts – yet to see if he races again.

    Not sure what’s happening with JILL’S REFLECTION.

  38. Yes saw that Halos and Angels had a work at Thistledown last week. This was after being assured she was being retired to be a ” barrel horse” for trainer’s gf’s daughter. Clearly not. Poor girl.

    • HALOS AND ANGELS was scratched from the race at Mountaineer on June 7. Don’t know the reason.

      • Thank you, Billy. I don’t know how to navigate equibase when it comes to finding out why a horse has been scratched. I’m guessing it was the vet on duty at Mountaineer racetrack who found her not fit to start?
        Or, was it her trainer’s vet who made the call the previous evening or early the next morning (which sometimes happens here in Australia)?

  39. Race scratches are noted on the Eauibase race result page. Also, it will say vet. trainer or steward in parenthesis after the horse’s name. A vet. scratch means the track vet.

    Carolyn, thank you for keeping up with Halos and Angles, Shamrock Road and Jill’s Reflection. These horses represent what so many of their kind endure in this corrupt gambling business. Looks like Jill’s Reflection, like countless others, has just “disappeared”. So sad.

    • Yes, TY Carolyn. Jill’s Reflection – her 70th start while she was yet a 5-year-old. Oh I wonder where she is and if she needs help.

      • I wonder too, Joy, if Jill’s Reflecton is in need of help or is she beyond help just like the countless others that waited for help that rarely came.
        And as we know, there is no way of finding out in this abusive game of NO ACCOUNTABILITY. It is so very sickening.

      • Jill has been in my mind since I asked her former trainer if she was ok after stopping abruptly in her last race at park, and was met with a quick yes she’s fine and she walked away. Jill raced one time since then finishing 3rd at charlestown and who knows since, like rose said and we all know the countless others some that I keep an eye on are auroras secret just turned 13 yr old ran in his 151st start today, won and was claimed by people that have 2 starts as owners this horse has been with his connections his entire career which is very rare for a claimer just a bad deal for the horse yet again. And then we have transparent a 725,000 dollar yearling bought by goldolphin racing you know the guy that owns dubai millions upon millions of dollars well transparent just ran for 5k at parx for Scott lake off of a voided claim in ny this is the story of alot of horses that don’t make the derby and it would be nothing to get this horse and take care of him for the shiek and goldolphin but I’m sure he’s just been lost in the shuffle of the hundreds of horses they’ve bought and raced

      • Yes, Billy – a shocker that Aurora’s Secret was claimed. It does look like the partnership of Middleton and Pinnell is new, but I see in the Equibase Owner Profile an Archie and Donna Pinnell Living Trust – 41 starts from 2000 to present…just a few to several starts a year. I remember some of Mike Maker’s father’s (George Maker) horses at Great Lakes Downs…at least one very tragic story there – Shamanuu ran until the age of 11, broke down in his last race and was euthanized (Read the Shedrow Secrets: Brash Tony story…Shamanuu won the 2001 Claimer of the Year at GLD which was voted and decided on AFTER Shamanuu was already dead). Anyway, maybe AS was claimed in order to retire him? – guess we’ll see.

        I believe you’re correct, Billy, about Transparent – I’m sure his wealthy former owners never give him a thought. They buy and sell and race so many horses. The over-used claim “the horses are our family members” makes fools out of every single individual who uses it.

      • And the terrible thing is that either people don’t realize or don’t care that there are people that care deeply about these claimers and track warriors. I’ll never forget a thoroughbred named Road to War and I have always hoped that he didn’t end up killed on the track or in a slaughterhouse.


      • To Jenni, “people that care deeply about these claimers and track warriors.”
        Yet another delusional comment.
        If you “cared deeply” about these racehorses then you wouldn’t be in this business – period.
        Go peddle your manure elsewhere.

      • I hadn’t seen what you wrote until just now! Gina, what a terrible thing to say! I’m not in the horse racing business. Please, don’t make blind assumptions about people.

        When I said “…the terrible thing is that either people don’t realize or don’t care that there are people that care deeply about these claimers and track warriors.” I meant that the horse’s owners, like Sexton, or others who over run these horses, either don’t know or don’t care that there are people who care about these overworked horses. People like us!

        If there weren’t people like us who run sites like these, people who email oweners/trainers/commissions, people who post online on social media, people who pull thoroughbreds out of kill lots, or even buy them from trainers, or those who are able to claim them to retire them, there wouldn’t be thoroughbreds lucky enough to still be alive today.

        The only business I’m in is trying to get a job where I can build up enough money to buy a home with enough land to save one or two thoroughbreds. Though, to be honest, that’ll probably never happen because I’ve never been around a real horse before. So that dream is probably the only thing that I’m delusional about. Again, I’m not in the horse racing business. I’m kind of sad that you would be so rude like that. :(

      • Jenni, thank you for your compassion…and don’t give up on that dream of yours – you’re not delusional…you just care. I hope that sometime in the future I read about the lucky horse(s) you gave a loving home to. And in the meantime, I’m grateful for your support.

      • Jenni, I, too, care deeply about the claimers and the track warriors and that is why I walked the backside of a low level track for many years trying to help the horses that had nowhere to go. Your goal to buy land and a house where you can keep a horse is a noble one but, if you don’t have experience with horses, it probably isn’t the best idea. However, you could always “rescue” one and board the horse at a stable that has the availability of a competent trainer. Take lessons, attend clinics, and read lots of books on horse care plus surround yourself with experienced and knowledgeable people. Please don’t give up your dream. The horses need you!

      • Thanks, Mary! My aunt raised Morgans back in the 90’s, and I took riding lessons earlier than that, though I had to stop just before learning to canter because money ran out. Thoroughbreds have always pulled at my heart over any other breed, even those flashy air-trotting Arabians! I definitely won’t give up!

  40. Many thanks, Rose. In my experience, there has to be a very good reason for a track vet to scratch a horse.
    I’ve just come across a horse here that was presented to race at a remote country meeting (track as hard as a rock) with both his front legs lame, he was sore. Trainer didn’t notice this? Vet noticed and horse scratched. Interestingly, this particular trainer has had at least a couple of horses break down and die in a race on the gruelling country circuit (not unlike your claiming races except there’s no claiming).

    Yes, it looks as though JILL’S REFLECTION has gone – i think it’s been about seven (7) months since she’s raced when i last looked at her. I remember you raising JR a long time ago and her story was appalling even then but they kept on racing her. No rules in place to protect these innocent horses.
    Hate to think about where she ended up……..

    • Yes, Carolyn, it looks like Jill’s Reflection has quietly “disappeared” like so many others.
      Somebody knows what happened to her. Perhaps her last owner, Mark Moshe or her trainer, Kelsey Cartagena know what they did with her !
      She first came to my attention in July 2014 when I noticed she had started 52 times and she was a 3 yr.old at that time. I called a track official re the overworking and was told while 52 starts was a lot it was not unusual ! The young filly actually started 52 times in a space of 56 weeks and I was informed it was not unusual. She went on to rack up 26 starts for the year 2014 as a 3 yr. old.
      She never had a break just relentless training, breezing, racing, whipping, drugging for her 42 month “career” and she probably got more than Lasix !
      In her last race on 2 Nov. 2016 she came 3rd and earned her connections $1,150. She was tough but not tough enough for this brutal game.

  41. HALOS AND ANGELS a 6 year old mare has been entered to race at Mountaineer Casino Racetrack and Resort on June 26, 2017. A racetrack amongst a resort and a casino? Comes across as being somewhat sinister.
    O Mason Racing continues to race this mare when her history proves that she’s not coping with racing and is uncompetitive. On June 7 at Mountaineer, she was scratched by the vet. We don’t know why but i’d imagine it must’ve been very obvious. She last raced at Mahoning on 6 February 2017 and it seems has never raced at Mountaineer before. Ever since her very first start on January 30, 2014, all of her 38 race starts have been in claiming races over a period of 3 years and 4 months, earning a total of $32,275 – this just doesn’t seem viable. Tax benefits claiming a loss?

  42. SHAMROCK ROAD has not raced since November 15, 2016.
    He’s had 3 recent workouts: one in May and two in June 2017.
    Yet to see him race again.
    This now 5 year old gelding had 12 race starts in 18 weeks early in his career.
    He had 9 starts as a 2 year old.
    No wonder, this horse went downhill.

    Owner: Dream Ridge Racing
    Trainer: Richard Markham
    Breeder: Edward Charles Sexton and Mary Grace Mead

    Sexton was his original trainer/owner.
    SHAMROCK ROAD has changed hands a few times having had 3 different owners and trainers since his first start on January 16, 2015.

    SR is just one example only of what goes on with far too many racehorses, especially geldings.

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