Shamrock Road at 12 Races in 18 Weeks

I have previously written on Shamrock Road twice (here, here). Well, Sunday he was raced – again. That’s 12 times in a little over 18 weeks. Edward Charles Sexton continues as primary exploiter. This is horseracing.


  1. Pray that someone thinks to rescue him…not many people thinking about the horses welfare these days..scum

  2. Patrick,
    I can’t stand it! This is pure evil!! My heart aches because these beautiful creatures have no voice except those of us who speak up and take a stand. The public needs to know! Petitions for legislative bans and utilizing our criminal justice system to charge, convict, and punish these sorry human beings.

    Who in the heck do these people think they are?

    Very sad but I am moving forward with my fight to ban horse racing altogether (one step at a time) here in California. Parts of Spain have already banned bullfighting. We can do this!!!!!!!

    The harsh reality is these horses are running out of time while the humans cash in. God bless these sweet creatures!

    April C. Montgomery

    • April,

      Please share with us what you doing to move forward the banning of horse racing in California.


      • Hi Kathleen,

        To answer your question, how about protesting for starters.

        My association with the evils of this industry only started 2 months ago when I witnessed a fatal break down at Santa Anita Park on June 13, 2015 claiming a beautiful 4 y.o. chestnut filly named “Hugh Knew.” I was new to horseracing and very naive to its darkness. Now, I’m waging war on horseracing in the memory of “Hugh Knew” who changed my life forever!

        PROTEST Horseracing – Outreach @ Del Mar in San Diego: SATURDAY, 9/5/2015
        Note: This is NOT a Peta-sponsored event. Ellen Ericksen and Toni Falcone are HOSTING. I’m participating and rallying.

        SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Saturday, September 5, 2015
        11:00 a – 2:00 p
        Del Mar Thoroughbred Club
        2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd, Del Mar, California 92014 (near San Diego, CA)
        We will meet inside the parking lot at the entrance to the Thoroughbred Club.

        My email is

        Then, I will be working with PETA to develop a presence for protest at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, CA (Los Angeles) close to where I reside. There is never any real media coverage reported on all the Santa Anita break downs (deaths), injuries, whipping violations, drug violations, and get this, jockey violations for showing up drunk before they report. Taken from its Annual Report, the California Horse Racing Board (CHRB) reported 52 horse fatalities from July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014. That’s what is in this report but I believe there are more. To Santa Anita Park and home to infamous trainer, Bob Baffert, I hope you are watching us because we will be watching YOU!

        Kathleen, I hope this answers your question. I would love for you to be a part of changing the status quo — even from afar. Please feel free to reach out to me.

  3. The last 5 starts have been at Presque Isle Downs. The horse is racing every week and just turned 3 in May. This is in your face abuse. Presque Downs is complicit in this outrage. These tracks have no safeguards to protect the horse. The rules in racing are all to do with money and nothing is done to protect the horse.

    Shame on Sexton, the owner and the track.

    Presque Downs needs to hear people are watching this outrageous conduct.

  4. What they are doing to this horse is despicable. I just cannot believe that the relevant racing commissions (and their so called “vets?”) have permitted this horse to start 12 times in 18 weeks! Are they trying to kill Shamrock Road? Where’s the duty of care, especially when they claim to “love” their horses…….. what a joke.

    He has ONLY JUST turned 3 YEARS OF AGE and he’s had thirteen (13) starts already.

    PRESQUE ISLE DOWNS are you going to do something about this? or are you going to allow this abuse to continue?

  5. Carolyn how can we all help? I have shared on facebook and twitter. This is heartbreaking!

    • Linda, see Gina’s comment – excellent information advice.

      The link to its website is

      I couldn’t find a general “contact us” email address but found this –

      Ohio State Racing Commission
      77 S. High St. – 18th Floor
      Columbus, OH 43215-6108
      Phone: (614) 466-2757
      Fax: (614) 466-1900

      William Crawford
      Executive Director

      Cannot see a problem with the first port of call being the Executive Director of the Ohio State Racing Commission.

      • Carolyn, Shamrock Road isn’t racing in Ohio so I’m not sure why it has been suggested to call the ORC. Bill Crawford does head up the ORC and I have spoken to him on the phone multiple times about other situations in racing. I have been told that he is pro-slaughter so I’m sure he is in it for the horses. LOL!

  6. Hi everybody, We ALL need to call out the Ohio Racing Commission on this one since they are the only ones that can deny entry to Shamrock Road. Obviously, the Owner is running it until SR breakdowns or dies so the only way to prevent this is to express our outrage, and concern. The racetrack has little say in the matter. They just want to fill races anyways. The public has every right to call, write, fax the Ohio Racing Commission and express our outrage at this. This is blatant animal cruelty. This horse doesn’t want to race for whatever reason (probably sore). This is unacceptable and falls under a No Competition Clause in the rule of racing. Please call the ORC now.

    • I have already spoken to Ms. Debbie Howells, Racing Director at PID, about this horse. I informed her that Mr. Sexton’s “gal pal”, Mary Mead, was involved in sending a couple of Midwest’s horses to slaughter. She listened and did nothing. Surprise, surprise….

  7. I just sent an email to Presque Downs. I pray someone will step up and help this poor gelding before it is too late.

  8. All…Shamrock Road last ran at Presque Ilse which is in Pennsylvania, not Ohio.
    The PA horse racing commission phone number is 717-787-1942.

  9. I quickly looked up SR’s PP…for calls to the PA horse racing commission; his last FIVE races were at Presque Isle, 5-18, 5-26, 6-1, 6-9, and 6-21.

  10. Thanks for the clarification Joy. I thought Preque Isle was in Ohio. Sorry folks. I thought SR was in Ohio, but it does t hurt even if you sent a letter. I’m sure it will be forwarded to PA or in the least raised some eyebrows.

  11. Called and left a message for the racing commission.
    These people need to know people are watching and are aware just how complicit the commission and tracks are in this abuse. The deliberate omission of any rules to protect the horse speaks volumes about this gambling business. “We leave it up to the trainer” is a very tiresome excuse. Just keep them running and the revenue flowing. Let the unscrupulous trainers do what they want so “we” can fill race cards and stay in “business”

      • So they have no excuse.

        Saw that She Sings Aling was euthanized when she broke down in the fifth race at Santa Anita yesterday. She was two. The title of the article was regarding how her jockey was released from the hospital.

  12. Exactly Rose. You all need to know that I’ve seen racing commissions throw the book at Trainers they don’t like;find any rule to apply to them. It’s usually the honest Trainers with no medication violations like myself. The rules apply to some while others get away with everything – that’s why their top Trainers. Any other Trainer would be suspended if they had rap sheets like Asmussen, Lukas, Amos, Pletcher. Bottom line? The racehorse bears the brunt of inconsistent Rules & Regulations, multiple drug-violating Trainers which sometimes results in breakdowns and deaths because the horse’s pain is masked. Then the whipping into the ground. Horrific, but this is horse racing.

  13. I had a thorough look at the Pennsylvania Racing Commission’s website and could not find an email address.
    Heaps of phone numbers for this and that.

    • Right, Carolyn…I could not find an email address, either. Here’s the phone number again for the PA horse racing commission: 717-787-1942.

    • Carolyn, here is the number for Debbie Howells, Racing Director at Presque isle. It is 814-860-8950. You will need to leave a message but Debbie has always returned my calls within a reasonable length of time. I also have her cell # but I don’t want to post it here for everyone to see.

  14. If they pass him fit to race it would be good if someone could watch the race live in case he goes amiss. Given complaints were made to the racing authorities previously and they know we are monitoring him then, in my view, we should not rely on the calling of the race and the footage.

    13 starts in 5 months is unacceptable
    14 starts in 6 months will also be unacceptable

    To think that there are no Rules in place to protect this young horse from being overraced.

  15. I have sent an email to Presque Isle Downs requesting that Shamrock Road be scratched and an embargo placed on him.


    Shamrock Road has been accepted to race on 22 August at Ellis Park in a Claiming Race. Appears same connections. This 3 yr old gelding last raced on 15 July so he’s had only just over 5 weeks break since that date. Despite representations being made to the relevant racing authorities, a proper lay-off of 3 months he was denied!

    According to, this 3 year old gelding had 13 starts in 5 months. During this prep he had 12 starts in 18 weeks which is totally unacceptable in my opinion.

    Shamrock Road may well come home either winning, placing, midfield or tailing at the end.
    Wherever this baby comes home is neither here nor there. In my opinion, this horse is being managed with disregard for its welfare based on equine scientists’ research and studies. Short preps e.g. 5-6 starts then at least a 3 months’ lay-off to recover, rest and mend his very immature bones and young body. Another young racehorse being ruined.

  17. He’s been entered to run in race 7 at Ellis Park on August 22, $5,000 claiming. Can’t someone get in touch with various local trainers to see if they’d claim him in your behalf to retire him? Have you gotten in touch with retired thoroughbred rehab places like CANTER to see if they can help you? Just tossing out ideas. Not sure if they’d help or not. I’m hoping this poor kid has a happy ending!

    • Jenn, this horse is young, he only turned 3 years of age (from foaling date) a few months ago. His owners
      THE IRA and TRIPLE T STABLES have invested in him and they will continue to race this horse until he is no longer a commercially viable commodity or someone claims him. He is not a good money earner for them to date and nearly all of his race starts have been in claiming races. It appears that after his first start he did not come up to their expectations and he was placed in a claiming race in his 2nd start. He is a gelding, no money in the breeding barn and therefore his future is not bright in that he will be raced and raced and raced. Other trainers are not an option because they’re all painted with the same brush. Rehab places are not an option for SHAMROCK ROAD at this point in time. There are no Rules in place to protect the racehorse in relation to the number and frequency of starts over a certain period of time or for mandatory spelling/lay-offs. For far too many years I’ve seen racing authorities doing absolutely nothing to intervene and I believe that they prefer to go along with trainers and owners to keep them happy, to keep racing going and to hell with the sufferings of these horses.

      And the trainer EDWARD C SEXTON (and the owners) should be brought to account for overracing this horse and for not giving it the appropriate respite essential for its welfare – I call it aggravated cruelty.

      This is horseracing.

  18. These people are unscrupulous. I contacted Steven Kogan in Tallahassee about a filly, Jill’s Reflection racing at Gulfstream. She is 4 yrs. old and had her first start in May 2013. In July 2015 she started for the 51st time. She has had two starts each month for two years without a break. Of course she was given IV Lasix each time.

    Also, I contacted NYRA regarding trainer Jacobson starting horses with as little as 3 days between races. The answer was ” we leave those decisions up to the trainer”. The classic “pass the buck” response.

    There is no national racing commission that one can go to. Each state has their own “rules” or lack thereof when it comes to the horse. Horses cross state lines all the time to compete and, yet, there is no uniformity of rules. It is truly AMAZING what this corrupt gambling industry gets away with. Politicians and others must be bought and paid for.

    Somehow these people need to be held accountable. I’m sick of it and I’m not alone.

    • Nope…no surprise here, Rose. They always pass the buck. They can always “blame” someone else. It is never their responsibility. And be certain to read about the hypocrisy of an Arkansas Racing Commission member who is also the ARCI chairman…from the Paulick Report:

      “Mark Lamberth, a member of the Arkansas Racing Commission and chairman of the Association of Racing Commissioners International, turned the dial on the BS Meter all the way up on Tuesday in a press release on RCI letterhead stating: ‘Entire Arkansas Horse Racing Industry Opposes Federal Bills.'”

      Read it all here…of COURSE they don’t want an independent, national overseeing entity! Then they wouldn’t be able to do whatever the hell they want!

    • Rose, that is absolutely terrible about Jill’s Reflection. Two years of racing twice each month, she’s only 4 years of age, has not had a break and has had FIFTY-ONE (51) starts already??? These so called “vets” and others in the racing commissions have a duty of care to immediately place an embargo on her to be spelled. I have had a few successes where I am with the racing authorities and one mare, not unlike Jill, had a connection to one of the officials but that didn’t daunt me and they eventually did the right thing by her.
      Oh yes Rose, it is so very SICK.

  19. I am pleading with everyone to at least email (I’m also calling) until your fingers bleed on this.

    As you all know, Shamrock Road will be racing as a 3 y.o. gelding on Saturday, August 22, 2015 at Ellis Park in Henderson, KY – Race No. 7 wearing No. 9. 12 races in less than 6 mos. 14 starts in 7 mos. Last race: July 15, 2015 — just 5 weeks 2 days to rest. We all know this is animal slavery for sale.

    Please go to Copy this link exactly like I have it. It is Kentucky Horse Racing Commission’s Public Protection Cabinet. What a joke but that’s what it is. Sidebar: Every day I am engulfed in this I just can’t believe we are begging for action on what should be criminal activity punished by fine and jail/imprisonment. I’m so sick of this legalized animal slavery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I was caught whipping my dog with a stick on the sidewalk someone would call the police. I guarantee it!!!

    I am emailing everyone that has an email address because they ALL play a part. I don’t care but they all aid and abet. If you can only email a few people, I would recommend the Executive Director, Director of Racing, Medical Director, Chief State Vet, and the Director of Licensing and Enforcement.

    If for some reason (because it happened to me), the link doesn’t take you directly to their email addresses, it is simply their first name separated by a period @ For example, Marc Guilfoil, Director of Racing
    859-246-2040 would be John T. Ward, Jr., Executive Director
    859-246-2040 would be

    You can email me offline at at any time. Also, if anyone knows of any rescues that can take Shamrock Road reach out to them. The calls and emails create buzz and things can happen.

    • TY April…your advocacy and hard work for the horses’ welfare is greatly appreciated. It does not go unnoticed.

  20. We are running out of time so I started from the top down. I’ll leave the Ellis crowd up to you all and post an update later.

  21. Carolyn, you are absolutely right about the past, present, and likely future of Shamrock Road, but with all due respect, and I sincerely mean that stating, “this is horseracing” is not where we stop. Against all odds, we keep raising our voices and shouting by acting: protests, letters, emails, calls, investigations, and whatever keeps us on their back. I’m 2 months at this and I’ve spent countless hours of research, calls, and networking. Peta has already contacted me because I have screamed. Everyone keep screaming! This is life and death!

    • We will keep screaming, April. All of us. On many forums. We are and we WILL. Thank you!

  22. I’m totally with you April and am very grateful for all your hard work for the horses. I know it’s not where we stop – i’ve been doing it for many years where i am. I recently attended a race meeting near where i live, witnessed horses being whipped when out of contention, absolutely nothing in the post race reports, wrote to the relevant racing authority, got an unsatisfactory reply and wrote back. These horses were being flogged when they didn’t have a chance in hell of placing and they came home last! Pursuant to my official complaint in a later report it was disclosed that the jockeys were “spoken to” but no fine or a suspension, yet they’re fully aware of the whip rules – says it all doesn’t it! Whipping racehorses is obscene enough but whipping them when they’re going as fast as they can, are seriously fatigued and are coming last absolutely enrages me.
    I’m time poor with my research into the welfare of the racehorse and can only attend a meeting every now and then and what bothers me is that I know a lot is going on but cannot report on it unless I’m physically there to witness it. The only satisfaction I got with this recent episode was that they confirmed that the horses were definitely out of contention.

    Yes April, we will all keep on screaming about it, THAT IS FOR SURE!

  23. I know Carolyn, it’s heartbreaking. I go through periods of pure sadness and then I get extremely angry! Like I said, I really can’t believe this animal cruelty is allowed and praised as some legitimate, artful sport. To be honest with you, and I really don’t care if I offend anyone, there is no real skill, art, or talent to training a race horse. The horse runs its heart out and is pumped up with drugs! It’s whipped!! It’s fight or flight!!! We’ve all seen the terror in their eyes and when these horses throw their jockeys off I have no sympathy for the jockey and I welcome the instincts of these horses to fight back — but that’s when they are abused even more!

    Training is talent on behalf of the Bafferts, Pletchers, and ASSmussens of this world??? Give me a freakin’ break! When I saw Baffert up close with AP recently that horse looked completely lost and AP wanted to get the hell outta there. Baffert always walks ahead of AP like he’s [Baffert] some God. Baffert is a just a man with lots of money acquired from exploiting animals. You don’t need any education, sophistication, or character to do that!

    Thanks for the reply and the fight!

    • You are absolutely spot on April. Just to add, they hand out trainers’ licences to any tom, dick or harry that makes application. The criteria to qualify…… pfff….. so long as you provide documentary evidence that you have X amount of $$$ in your bank a/c to set up training ($30,000 the last time I heard) and a couple of references from trainers, you are accepted. You also do a test answering questions about racing, horses, etc. and if you don’t know the answers you just get on the phone and ask someone in the know. The industry needs trainers and owners coming in on a regular basis to keep it going, virtually anyone can become a trainer, which of course is disastrous for the horses.

      • Shamrock Road last raced on 9/4. He’s entered to race on 9/13. This is so unfair to him! He needs to be claimed by someone who will retire him.

  24. SCRATCH Shamrock Road for his SAFETY – Ellis Park – Henderson, KY on August 22, 2015
    You can email me at and use my exact letter if you want.

    Please at least email and voice your concern and protest against racing Shamrock Road this Saturday:

    Ronald G. Geary, President –; Dan Bork, Racing Secretary – Racing Office: 812-423-0372

    KENTUCKY HORSE RACING COMMISSION (KHRC) – My recommended individuals to contact:
    Marc.Guilfoil, John T. Ward, Lindsey Flora, Dr. William Farmer, Barbara Borden, Dr. Mary Scollay, Chris Clark

    *All their email addresses are their first name separated by a dot then their last name EXCEPT John T. Ward is

    For example:

    The KHRC’s Integrity Hotline email address is: and their # is 859-246-2848. This # encourages the public to call if you are aware of any improper activity or improper practice. Whether it’s there just to pacify us I don’t know…but it’s on their website.

  25. SHAMROCK ROAD: Back in August, Shamrock’s trainer (Sexton) called me personally after I complained to the Commission and Ellis Park that SEXTON was overworking Shamrock Road without a proper layoff. Remember, this industry is lawless!

    I wrote a damning but professional letter/email to 11 officials and utilized the hotline. I couldn’t find Sexton’s information but calling him is a waste of time. What’s he going to say? You’re right, ma’am. I think Shamrock Road needs to rest. You complain and protest to the Commissions, Race Tracks, and Boards that WE are WATCHING THEM. Trust me, there are some other people watching him. That’s all I can say right now. Sexton will get the message and he did! Everyone who is anti-racing knows the industry is self-policed which is why it’s going to take an act of Congress to reform it so much that the industry dies! I hope it’s in my lifetime.

    This man (like the Maurina1951’s of the world) in his voicemail to me was arrogant, and blatantly said he will continue to run Shamrock Road as this is “normal” in the industry. He felt justified because he has 47 years of experience doing it, that I [me] am just a lawyer and don’t know anything (always their narrative–we anti-racing folk don’t know anything), and that some trainers run their horses even harder than he does.

    Mr. Sexton is a purebred ignoramous! I’m originally from Texas and people like Mr. Sexton are identified as “hard core white trash red necks.” This isn’t name calling. It’s just the truth. Mr. Sexton is Irish but wears this phrase well and he probably would admit it. He knows we are watching him but he is going to get his money! Money! Money! Money!

    Unfortunately Shamrock Road will be another racehorse statistic even if he survives in spite of it all. Survive yet tattered and torn? Simply pathetic.

    Jenn, please keep us posted on Shamrock Road and thanks for sharing! NOTE: I have all the information you need to write your own emails, calls, etc. to the Commission in this blog chain (see above). State facts and statistics. Voice your protest, activism, and concern. Sexton won’t stop racing and we won’t stop advocating!!!

  26. Just to say that i posted about Shamrock Road before his last start (Sept 4) on the original thread for him “Abuse of a 3 year old” where Patrick originally raised this baby’s plight and where there is a lot of history on him. I then posted on the result of that race.

    And when there was no response i thought everyone is so busy with other stuff. Interestingly, virtual stable has not notified me of his next start and I’ve been relying on that to monitor him.

    • Carolyn, please read ALL my posts for advocacy updates on Shamrock Road and then keep us posted from your end!

      • I read all of your posts April without fail. We need to simplify and decide which thread we are going to post on in the future, either “the abuse of a 3 year old horse named shamrock road” or “Shamrock Road at 12 races”?

  27. Thanks Jenn for your monitoring. As I’ve suggested before if someone can watch his races live (I cannot do it from here) and film it because when a horse goes amiss they often cut it out. If at least a few of us are monitoring him then we shouldn’t have any problems with this case study.

    And if “Fred”, Sexton, Ellis Park officials, vets, Stewards, the relevant racing commission and any other racing authority are reading this, then I am glad. We are scrutinizing what’s going on with this racehorse.

    It came over the news this morning that the IRA (the Irish Republican Army) has been continuing with its operations, silently. Well, the IRA in Shamrock Road’s life is right on track, slowly and silently destroying this horse.

  28. I got as far as this for the Belterra Park Racetrack, Cincinnati, Ohio.

    Address: 6301 Kellogg Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45230, United States
    Phone:+1 513-232-8000

    Ohio State Racing Commission
    77 South High St.
    18th Floor
    Columbus, Ohio 43215-6108
    Phone: (614) 466-2757
    Fax: (614) 466-1900

    Link below gives the email addresses for the Ohio State Racing Commission

    SHAMROCK ROAD at Belterra Park on 13 Sept. is in Race 1 at 1.45 pm, he’s the baby in this 6 horse claiming race with the oldest being a 10 yr old gelding, Purse $7,200 and it’s a one mile, he’s carrying a lighter weight than the others. The 10 yr old Wheaton’s Express will be having his 76th start and this horse has been racing for over seven (7) years.

    • Praying for his, and the other horse’s, safety.

      Race information:

      Shamrock Road is entered on September 13, 2015 at BELTERRA PARK.

      Race: 1 – 1:45 PM


      Purse: $ 7,200. (Plus $1,000 – OTF – Ohio Thoroughbred Fund)For Three Year Olds And Upward Which Have Started For A Claiming Price Of $5,000 Or Less In 2014 – 2015. Three Year Olds, 120 Lbs.; Older, 124 Lbs. Non-winners Of A Race Since August 13 Allowed 2 Lbs. (races Where Entered For $4,000 Or Less Not ConsideredIn Allowances) (Winners For A Claiming Price Of $5,000 Or More In 2014 – 2015 Preferred). One Mile.

      PP Horse A/S Med Jockey Wgt Trainer 2 Shamrock Road 3/G Perry Wayne Ouzts 120 Edward C. Sexton

      • Jenn, the law of averages tells me that he’ll probably be okay, carrying a lighter weight than the other 5 in the race is a help to him but as we know he is at high risk given his arduous racing program (12 starts in 18 weeks). The day will come when he just might break down and will we be surprised? NO!

        Thank you Jenn for your caring and monitoring SHAMROCK ROAD.

        • That makes me a little more relieved. I’m terrible at math :) I just wish I had the money, facilities, and ability to rescue him!! I use the Equibase virtual stable to keep an eye on these horses. I saw Road to War in person when I visited Arlington one year when I was visiting my sister in Chicago. I know it will sound weird, but I think the horse spoke to me. I’d been taking pictures of the horses, because I will never outgrow that horse phase! And also I’m city bound and rarely get to see a living horse. At any rate, we locked eyes. As I looked Road to War in the eye as he walked by me on the way to the track, I swear I heard a male voice (the horse is make) in my head saying, “I’m gonna win this thing.” He was a longshot and he won.

          I’d gone to Arlington before I found this site, because I love horses. As I said, I’m terrible at math, and betting seems to involve that. This site has really owned my eyes to tragedies in racing. It’s really disgraceful that the bigger racing sites never mention how many deaths occur. A few will pop up, but I’ve noticed they’re bigger named horses. A shame that the others are unmentioned. So all of us need to keep up the good work of bringing this to light.

  29. Ah yes Mary, interesting isn’t it? Mmm Fred the Fraud, aptly said. Remember he was going back to Ireland and he’s a supporter of jumps racing – says it all! Hey Fred, if you happen to be reading this, just to let you know that my great -great- great Irish grandmother brought her magnificent Irish thoroughbreds out to Australia in the early 1800s and raced them on a track at Parramatta near Sydney that was similar to Newmarket in England (an undulating straight track no turns no bends) her horses lived on her property and lived as an equine should. As racing advanced some lunatic thought they should race around in a circle which is disastrous for the horse and the rest is history, the model of horseracing today….. pfff! It is SICK!

    Hey Mary, do you think “Fred” might’ve got sweaty hands? Oh i think so!

    I nearly accepted a job with Coolmore (Ireland) some years ago, thank God i didn’t accept.

    • Carolyn, I think Fred the Fraud might actually be Mary Mead who sent Midwest TB’s to slaughter. Oh, and Mead is Sexton’s “gal pal”. I think they make a perfect couple!

      • Ah yes, i see that one MARY GRACE MEAD is one of the breeders along with EDWARD CHARLES SEXTON (the trainer). One can only guess at who is behind the IRA ownership. Fancy using the IRA name as an owner – speaks for itself. A dear friend of mine and her husband had to flee Northern Ireland in fear of the IRA and found refuge in Australia. Oh, so she dabbles in sending horses to slaughter?

        The racing industry declares publicly that it is anti-slaughter but bizarrely it turns a blind eye to the racehorses that are put on trucks at its racetracks (all 38 of them if my research is correct) for a horrific journey to Canada or Mexico to suffer the unspeakable process of being SLAUGHTERED! And of course some “anti slaughter racetracks” will expose a trainer every so often to be seen to be doing the right thing – oh how stupid do they think the public are! So Mary Grace Mead might possibly be “Fred” (Triple T Stables) the very recent incoming owner of SR for only a few starts……? All the energy they put into fake profiles? How pathetic!
        Perfect Couple…. yes it takes one to know one, as the saying goes.

        Poor SHAMROCK ROAD sired by the well known stallion Bellamy Road but what does that do for him to keep him safe – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Oh it’s such a joke! The victim is this magnificent young 3 year old being unashamedly raced into the ground with no consideration for his welfare – I’m ashamed to be a human being. I look at my Aussie kelpie dog sleeping at my feet and wish I was one of her species – no kidding.

  30. Correction – when i said all 38 of them above, i meant all 38 States that conduct horseracing. I do not know the exact number of racetracks for each State.

    • I’ve done more research and at the time of writing there are 30 States conducting horseracing with a total of 78 racetracks.

  31. The track where Shamrock Road is racing is as bad as his unscrupulous owner(s). Shame on Sexton and that Mead woman.

    Sexton makes me ashamed of my heritage. And maybe he knows that in ancient Celtic tradition the horse was so revered that mistreatment and slaughter were severely punished. But I doubt he knows much about such things !

    He represents his country poorly and naming his stable IRA says plenty.

    • He’s been entered again!!! What the heck?! Are they doing this because we’re so outraged about it? I’ve never heard of a horse being raced so much. Yes, he did finish third in his last two races, and I think won the race prior to those two, but why is there so small of a gap between his races?

      Shamrock Road is entered to run on September 19, 2015, at MOUNTAINEER CASINO RACETRACK & RESORT.

      Race: 2 – 7:22 PM

      CLAIMING $15,000 – $14,000


      • Thanks Jenn – i just got a notice (previously i hadn’t ticked the Entries box so that was my problem).

        It is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE what Sexton and the IRA are doing to him with the racing commissions, racetracks, stewards and vets all nodding approval…… and that speaks for itself!

        We’ve got a battle on our hands here with the death of a jumps horse and i’ve been tied up in that but
        i’m going to get back to SHAMROCK ROAD as soon as i can.

  32. This is nothing short outrageous .
    It exposes exactly what these people are about, total explotation of the horse to the point of breaking them down..
    And where are the “good people” in racing we hear about ? Some how ,some way,these racing commissions need to be held responsible for their utter negligence in terms of rules to prevent this “in your face” abuse. I’m afraid the only way to get their attention is to hurt them financially.

    But now that Mr. Pacelle of the HSUS is working with this horse exploring business to improve conditions flor the horse this might be a good place to start !! In fact, I ,think emails to the equine rep. at the HSUS re what is happening to Shamrock Road are in order !
    Let’s see some action from the HSUS.

    • I agree Rose. Remember, Mr. Pacelle believes horse racing can be safe and humane according to a recent public statement. Thus, he has sold out because it’s big business and he won’t stand up when it counts! He is two faced as far as I am concerned.

    • Pacelle also supports the weakest bill introduced in Congress ( Tonko/ Barr vs. Udall / Pitts ) and is silent on the Udall / Pitts dereg bills that must be supported.

      Rose, write him and ask him! Don’t wait for someone else. Your points are valid and well taken. He is supposed to advocate against all animal cruelty not what is politically correct. Start the campaign by writing his office. Make him answer these questions and hold him account. If not now, when? United!

    • Agreed Rose.

      This is the “contact us” link

      This is the link to the equine protection department

      Maybe someone could phone and get the name of the appropriate person and his/her email address and put it up so we can email directly re our complaint about SHAMROCK ROAD.

      Couldn’t find anything on horseracing………

  33. Representations were made to Bill Crawford, Executive Director and Ms Barbara Roth, Licensing of the Ohio State Racing Commission prior to SHAMROCK ROAD’s recent start at Belterra Park on Sept. 13 to have this horse scratched and an embargo placed on him to have a 3 months’ layoff on the grounds that this horse’s welfare is being disregarded by his trainer, owners, the relevant racing commissions, the relevant racetracks, stewards and the so called vets.
    The deliberate continuation of his arduous racing program without respite is unacceptable.
    (He had 12 starts in 18 weeks -12 Feb to 21 June)

    SR came home 3rd ($720) at Belterra Park on 9/13/15 in a 6 horse race but competed with only 4 because Wheaton’s Express, a 10 yr old gelding having his 76th start, was pulled up after the gates opened and was walked off…..? No disclosure as to why this horse had to be pulled up and unable to take part – highly likely he suffered an injury.

    SHAMROCK ROAD is entered to race again on September 19 at Mountaineer Casino Racetrack and Resort which means he will have only 5 days’ respite since his last start.

    West Virginia Racing Commission
    900 Pennsylvania Avenue Suite 533
    Charleston WV 25302
    Phone 304.558-2150
    Fax: 304 558-6319

    Here is the link to the West Virginia Racing Commission

    Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort
    State Route 2
    PO Box 358
    Chester WV 26034
    Phone: 304.387.8000

  34. SHAMROCK ROAD – September 19 at Mountaineer Racetrack – the deliberate overracing, overworking, overusing of this young horse CONTINUES UNASHAMEDLY!!!

    Bill Phillips is one of the three Commissioners whose email address is listed. I do not have a fax machine nor can I phone from here. I intend to send an email to the West Virginia Racing Commission. The other two Commissioners are –

    Gregory McDermott
    Jack Rossi (Chairman)

    Phone 304.558-2150
    Fax: 304 558-6319

    and the Mountaineer Racetrack
    Phone: 304.387.8000

    As Gina previously pointed out, it is only the relevant Racing Commission that has the power to scratch/take action on the horse but it is also a good idea to email/phone the relevant racetrack as well.
    After all, this public blatant animal abuse of SR is taking place on their premises.

    PS problems with my emails, receiving them but cannot reply or compose – hopefully this will soon be rectified.


    at Mountaineer in West Virginia – Race 2 at 7.22pm – Saturday Sept. 19

    He’s the baby in the race but carrying a heavier weight than last start when he “faltered and faded” coming home 3rd in a 5 horse race on Sept 13 which means SR has only had five days’ respite. Being the 2nd favourite he’s carrying the same weight (122) as his two main rivals in the race.

    Ah yes, he’s up for grabs again but this time for $15,000 – his previous claim was $30,000. Disclosed under owner’s details IRA (Edward C Sexton). Sole owner and trainer – what chance does the horse have!

    I’ve sent my emails

  36. Thank you all for your efforts. I will contact you all offline about another way to approach Shamrock Road’s welfare. PETA does it all the time and so can we.

  37. I, too, have been following Shamrock Road and it breaks my heart that he is being run into the ground. However, nothing being done here is illegal. The racing industry is impenetrable. It is a “rogue” industry where doing the right thing is elusive. I have seen a couple of posts where it was suggested that the Ohio Racing Commission be contacted or, more specifically, Bill Crawford, the Director. I have spoken to Crawford several times on the phone and he was quite dismissive when it came to my concerns about an industry that pays his salary. I have also heard that he is pro-slaughter but I don’t know that for sure. It is time to take off the rose colored glasses. The vast majority of those in racing don’t give a damn about the horses and I have witnessed that over and over and over throughout the years. Keep the pressure on to do the right thing for SR but don’t be surprised, or dismayed, when nothing is done to alleviate the situation.

    I wish that SR was an aberration but he isn’t. This same scenario plays out on a daily basis throughout the country. An example is Pass Me A Drink. She raced here in Ohio on a Friday and the following Monday night she raced again. I believe it was at Turfway in northern Kentucky. Two races in three days. I have followed her for a long time and tried to acquire her for $500 working through a racing official, but I was unsuccessful. I have become so discouraged due to the lack of concern about these wonderful horses who are really nothing more than machines in the eyes of those who own and race them.

    Anyone, with minimal intelligence, knows that racing can’t be “cleaned up”. It must go away. The gaming companies that own many of the tracks don’t want horseracing because it isn’t as profitable as the slots. Therefore, continue to encourage people not to bet on the horses. Without the bets, racing would die in the dirt and that is exactly where it should die…in the dirt.

    • Everything you said is true but you forgot one thing. Resistance. The status quo never changes without it. SR’s trainer called me and his bold and crass statements about the biz and SR validate your statements of truth but you know what? It doesn’t make it right and it doesn’t stop me from exposure. You know another thing?

      Do you know why we have to fight so hard now? Because this giant is so big economically because people either didn’t know the truth or they were afraid to stand up for it.

      Ladies, please continue to fight on paper, emails, protests, calls, and more importantly writing your Congressmen to cosponsor the Udall Pitts bills. NOT the Tonko/Barr bills. People who resisted got legislation on the table. That came from people who never give up!!! Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God and I’d rather be on God’s side any day.

      Let’s keep fighting!!!

      • April,

        I agree with Mary, that the way to have racing collapse is to stop the betting. No other avenue will be as successful, or as swift, as cutting off the betting to take them down.

        I have written countless letters to Governors, State legislators, Racing Commissions, Animal Welfare Groups, etc. in hopes of them sponsoring legislation, which will help the plight of the TB, and this is all well and good, however, even if legislation is enacted, these will still be small measures of change, and therefore, will not accomplish the goal of shutting down the industry; but stopping betting will.

        Both Mary and Joy have been fighting for the TB’s for many years. I believe they are the most experienced people on this site with knowledge of this disgusting industry, they know it inside and out. They also have vast experience with TB’s for most of their lives. They have rescued TB’s, dealt with the owners and trainers, seen the atrocities, and have communicated their outrage and concerns with racing industry officials, and many others involved in this business. Their knowledge and experience is invaluable.

        April, change is good, however, we want the industry to cease to exist in the most expedient manner, and stopping the betting will accomplish that the fastest.

        Marlene Thornley

  38. April, I never said that animal exploitation in ANY industry was right and I have worked to expose the atrocities for many years. I am a firm believer in resistance and I show my own personal resistance by boycotting the racetrack, Sea World, Petland, and on and on and on. How do I show my resistance? Through my wallet because, in my opinion, that is the most effective way to do so. Again, this isn’t my first time up to home plate. I have posted on this blog many times to STOP THE BETTING. If betting ceases, then racing goes away. It has always seemed quite simple to me perhaps because I am a businesswoman and I do understand basic business concepts.

    You seem to forget that I have been involved with racehorses since the 1960’s and I got my first OTTB in 1963. I galloped horses at a lay up farm before I could even drive. Also, I guess I’m a little offended by you asking me why we fight so hard. If anyone knows why we fight so hard, it would be me. I walked the backside of a low level track (and we all should know that most are low level) for many years picking up the discarded horses tossed into the trash by their owners and trainers. I currently own two that were inside Richelieu, minutes away from hanging by a meat hook as they bled out. My question to you is why haven’t you fought harder or why haven’t you fought as hard as I have? One month ago, I was contacted by a racing official who said a horse, based at Belterra, desperately needed a place to go. His name is Speak The Word and I am the person who found him a safe place to land. I also contributed $265 to pay for his shipping from the track to the rescue. Therefore, please know that I “fight” everyday to help the horses exploited by the scum in racing.

    A couple of weeks ago, I met a racing official for lunch in Cincinnati. As soon as I sat down, he told me about three trainers….yes, THREE trainers….who had horses with a kill buyer in Oklahoma. He asked me what the punishment should be and I told him, as did a friend of mine, that all three needed to be permanently banned from the track and that is exactly what happened. Certainly that was a small victory but a victory, nonetheless.

    Yes, April, I know about resistance and fighting against the exploitation of the racehorse because I have been doing it for years. The easiest way to get this horrific industry to go away is to stop the bets because it really is all about the money.


    Despite representations being made for this horse to be scratched and have an embargo placed on him, he was permitted to race and came home 3rd and “weakened”. Sole owner and trainer Edward Sexton (the IRA) received $1,040 for Shamrock Road’s labor on Saturday.
    The overracing, overworking and overusing of this young horse continues………
    He’s raced in Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia – done a bit of travelling.
    Wonder where and when his next start will be?

    • I’m sure we’ll find out his next race within two weeks. People complain about the short times between triple crown races. Those people should be aware of Shamrock Road’s situation.

    • Racing a horse every week is better than racing it every 4 weeks or more. Human athletes race multiple times in a day. Horses are MORE fit if they race, than if they just gallop, as long as they are getting good care. Horses need exercise to be fit in order to avoid fatigue. Just like you. If you only work out once a month at the gym, you will not be fit. If you go to the gym and work hard 4 times a week, your body will thrive.

      • You cannot begin to compare a training schedule of a human runner with a racehorse’s, Maureen. Humans don’t take their morning run for 15-20 minutes then stand in a 8×8 room the rest of the day. Humans don’t dehydrate themselves before a race. Humans don’t train for and run races at the age of 6, 7, 8, etc. As a runner, I don’t “bute” myself before a race. And I don’t have to combat the effects of Lasix for up to several days after I run a race…nor do I go “off my feed” and need to do nothing but “rest” for sometimes DAYS after…in fact, it is the exact opposite. Do horses need to be fit? – to be raced or for that matter, be made to compete in any equine discipline? – well of course! But the life of a racehorse stabled at the track does not set them up for optimum well-being and overall fitness.
        The “wear and tear” of racing…osteoarthritis at the age of three…THAT is what these horses made to run like SR endure. And much more.

        • You are right that racehorses do not get enough exercise to be fit. Racing is much harder. In 1976 I bought a horse for $300 who had small osselets, ringbone on one pastern, and had a suspensory injury that allowed m to buy him cheaply right after he broke down. He recovered so well that I raced him. Between Aug 18 and Sep 10 he raced 5 times. in order, he finished 4th, 3rd, 3rd, 2nd, and first. He got better because he was getting more fit. He was completely sound. He took the winter and spring off, living on a farm, with turnout, and being ridden on the trails. The following year he raced the same span of time and finished 3rd, 1st, 1st, and 1st. One of those races was a mile and a half. He was still sound. The problem with racing is that there are very few people who truly understand horses, or how to achieve fitness. Standing in a stall 23 hours a day and being filled with drugs that demineralize bone is NOT the way to train horses. People are ignorant and greedy. Racing should go back to being a sport – no gambling, no $100 a day training fees. In fact, I would like it if amateur riders could ride their own horses.

      • Wait a minute Maureen…you just said “Racing a horse every week is better than racing it every 4 weeks or more”…and since we’re talking about the racing schedule of SR, I can only assume you’re telling us that what is being done to SR is “better than racing [him] every 4 weeks or more”. Yet your response to my comment is “racehorses do not get enough exercise to be fit”…and again, we will apply that to SR. So what is it? Too much? Too little? Just right?

        I’ll check back later. Need to go offline for the remainder of the day.

        • And I stand by it. Work strengthens bone. Work strengthens tendons and lungs. Work builds fitness. If he had raced more often instead of galloping a mile a day – which is nothing to a horse – he would have built some fitness and if he survived the first few races, he would have grown stronger and been safer. The sad fact is that he was never fit enough to race on drugs. That is the problem. But truly it is better to race more often and have some true fitness, than to race once a month or every 5-6 weeks. Who among you thinks you can do something once every 6 weeks and NOT be injured.?

  40. You sound like fanatics. And people do not listen to fanatics. Calm and rational is much more impressive and makes people more likely to really listen to what you are saying.

    • The racing industry listens to no one….Arthur Hancock was pretty damn “calm and rational” at the Congressional hearings and has been for years. This industry does as it pleases with its goal to make money hand over fist at the expense of the horses’ welfare…all the while trying to appear as if it matters to them.

      • You will not influence those making a lot of money in racing. So you should not waste your time. You CAN influence the public, but not by sounding like fanatics. Be calm and rational like Mr. Hancock, but state the FACTS, not just “racing is evil”. People respond well to facts. There are good people who would like to be in racing, but do not want to compete with crooks, the ignorant, the cruel, and the cheats.

  41. Amen Patrick and Joy!! I cannot understand what Maureen is trying to accomplish on this site. One day she is for racing, and the next day she is against it. Her position fluctuates from day to day.

    Maureen, you say “we sound like fanatics and people don’t listen to fanatics”, well what then are you doing on this site, if you could care less about what we have to say. The one who is wasting their time is you.

    There are many open pro-racing forums who, I am sure would love to hear what you have to say. Just think you could all sit around and boast about all the TB’s that suffered and died for someone’s entertainment that day. All of you do have one thing in common, you are all morally bankrupt.

    Marlene Thornley

    • I have said why I am here. I am against racing as it is today. I am here to get the facts on how many horses actually die. I am not trying to convince any of you that racing is good. I AM for change in racing, because I do not believe it is inherently wrong. It is wrong as an industry. But there doesn’t have to be abuse or cruelty. There is nothing wrong with it as an amateur sport. It will never become one, because it really is all about money. My horses were happy and not abused. They did not live their lives at the track. But just because I am against something doesn’t mean I will deny facts. And I do think you could help a lot of horses if you and your friends would support the bill for government oversight. Your stance is all or nothing. So you allow all the horses now in racing, and those who will enter it every year until racing dies – if it does – to suffer, because you don’t want to help prevent abuse. Instead you prefer to tilt at windmills. if it were children being kept in cages and forced to work, would you be the same. Would you help the children get out of the cages, even if it didn’t stop them from having to work? Would you not help them get food even if they still had to work? You claim to hate abuse, yet you do nothing to prevent abuse – unless you can get your way. You are heroes in your own minds – but you have done nothing to actually help ALL the racehorses who so desperately need it.

      • What you are defending is a sordid gambling business, nothing more, nothing less. And one horse dying for that – a lousy $2 bet – is one too many. And you are absolutely wrong on us and our movement – Racing will go; it’s but a matter of time.

        • I am not defending racing as it is today. I am against gambling on racing. I am against drugs. I am against horses spending months on end in stalls. What have I said that in any way defends racing?

            • People have always raced. Racing doesn’t mean gambling. As I said, it should be a sport, not for large amounts of money, or for gamblers. Racing is one person feeling their horse is the best, and running against another person who feels their horse is the best. It has been done since the second horse was ridden. You are talking TODAY – yes, the racing industry is sickening, I agree. But three young girls racing their ponies is NOT.

  42. Let me add that history is against you. We have abused horses since the beginning of time. they served in the military since before the wheel was invented. They died in World War I. Eight million of them. The average person sees them living the good life on TV at Derby time and knows nothing of what goes on. Unless you educate the public with FACTS, not just protestation of abuse – how will you change anything. Yes, some of you write letters – and those are tossed in the trash as being from people who are fanatics. So all or nothing is a poor stance and note helping horses.

      • Yes. But you have to think when stating your position, even with facts. Due to action movies, horror movies, video games, etc., people no longer really understand violence or death. To say 150 horses die, yes, they think it’s bad, but it doesn’t touch people’s emotions – their empathy. To say the details is what reaches people. “The horses are kept in boxes which are no more than cages. The are drugged so they cannot feel their pain, and pushed until their tendons rip and their bones break. They are whipped mercilessly” etc. etc. Just saying abuse means little to a nation where millions of dogs are cast aside and killed every year.

    • Ms. Tierney, yes, animals have been abused since the beginning of time, including horses. Does that make it right? If you saw a dog being beaten, would you not speak up or would you just babble…”Oh, I need more facts”? Of course not. Patrick posts FACTS…FACTS on breakdowns and deaths at tracks across the country. How do you know that our letters and faxes are thrown in the trash? You have no freaking idea but you want to label us “fanatics”. We are educating the public but you seem to think we are “fanatics” by doing so. You, Ms. Tierney, talk out of both sides of your mouth. Hopefully, Patrick will ban you….another “crazy baby”.

      Oh, and one more outrageous comment from you is that you aren’t defending racing as it is today. Really? What are you defending? Racing as it was 20, 30, or 40 years ago? Move on, kiddo, move on! You then babble that you are against the drugs. Once again, really? 99% of the horses race with drugs, and, yes, Lasix and bute are drugs although some of the dumb asses in racing have trouble with that concept. There is nothing in racing that benefits the horse….nothing. Got it?

  43. Imagine if all the racehorses in the United States were looking at you and saying, “Please help us.” And your response is “we can’t help you because we want racing to end.” How foolish is that?

    • I don’t have to imagine it, Maureen…”Please help us!”…that is exactly what the racehorses of our nation are BEGGING! That part you have correct. But then I must correct one important misunderstanding of yours about us…we don’t respond back – and never have – with “we can’t help you because we want racing to end”. You have no idea what my close acquaintances and I do…every single day. We don’t list it here for you or the HRW readers. We don’t “report back” with what horse(s) we’re working diligently to help. We also don’t feel the need to put our “to do list” for ALL of the tortured animals in our sick society with our check marks indicating “DONE” on this blog. Why would we do that? So really Maureen, you have no idea what we do while we advocate for the demise of this killing industry called horse racing.

      Lastly, I’m not easily offended – but I do take offense to you claiming my fellow advocates believe they are heroes. There’s nothing heroic about being a compassionate human being doing the right thing for defenseless, voiceless creatures that share this earth with us…every one of us knows that. You’ve challenged us to not be fanatical and that, I would assume, includes refraining from assigning inflammatory terms or names to those we don’t agree with. I would then expect you to do the same.

      • People on this list have specifically said they are not interested in changing racing. I am not talking about rescuing individual horses – which I have done also. I mean ALL racehorses. I have said you could support the anti-drug legislation, which would help ALL racehorses. But I was told you (collectively) had no desire to change racing – you want it to stop. Fine – but why the resistance to changing racing in the meantime – to help those horses trapped in it. Without drugs there would be far fewer breakdowns. Even if you saved 100 horses or a 1,000 horses. That is a far cry from the many thousands that don’t get saved.

    • Ms. Tierney, I was hoping that another “crazy baby” wouldn’t rear its ugly head but that is exactly what has happened here. You are either incredibly slow or just out of touch with reality. This blog is meant to shine a light on racing’s dirty secrets and, as we all should know by now, there are many dirty secrets. By exposing those dirty secrets, we are turning people away from racing with the intent purpose of helping the horses that we love so much. Yes, we do want racing to end, but, in the meantime, we must do everything in our power to speak for the horses. If you consider that foolish, then take your comments elsewhere. There are many pro-racing blogs where you could enjoy calling me, and others, “fanatics”. What you think of me is totally irrelevant. I speak for the horses…not for those who exploit them.

      I find your comment above to be truly revolting. I have helped many, many horses over the years and NOT once have I said “I can’t help you because I want racing to end”….not once, Ms. Tierney, not once. I have kissed plenty of asses in order to get a horse to safety. In fact, there were times that I felt I needed more Chapstick since I had done so much “ass kissing”.

      We are obviously at cross purposes. Therefore, it is time for you, another “crazy baby” to be put to bed.

      • Thank you, Mary!

        Yes, Maureen, we are fanatically passionate for ending horse racing. Repeat. We are fanatically passionate about ending horse racing! All of it!!

        Quit trolling and please leave.

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