Leader of the Pack Dead at Belterra

I have confirmed that 3-year-old Leader of the Pack was euthanized (on the track) after the 8th Sunday at Belterra. In his only other time under the whip, way back in January, Leader finished 8th of 9. That race, he served under Kellyn Gorder; in his death race, Roberto Baca (who also doubled as owner). This is horseracing.

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  1. As long as the U.S. Run there horses on bute and lasix these tragedies will continue to happen. Dirt is a very unforgiving surface hence the need to dope horses. Thank God I race mine on turf in the UK where there are fewer deaths although it does still happen.

  2. On the subject of drugging these defenceless voiceless horses – COBALT


    Our famous BLACK CAVIAR was given COBALT when she already naturally had what it takes to be a world champion racehorse. Racing authority declared she was not overdosed with this dangerous drug during her racing career. However, if she did go over the 200 limit, as if they could possibly consider, let alone publish, such a crime!

    These trainers and so called vets stop at nothing and the racehorse suffers terribly as a result.




    http://www.thehorse.com/articles/35452/cobalt-use-in-racehorses? utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=health-news&utm_campaign=03-10-2015


    My understanding is that Hong Kong and Japan currently will not allow anything over 100 because the research into the shocking adverse affects (including death) of Cobalt is continuing and not yet concluded.

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