Last Week’s Very Long Casualty List

The following horses were raceday casualties on American tracks last week:

Reported as died, euthanized, or “broke down” – racing-speak for dead
Pitch N Roll, Presque Isle
Tiedandtrue, Charles Town
Johnie On the Dash, Fair Meadows
Hughes Next, Finger Lakes
Jedi Mind Trick, Santa Anita
Jess One Kiss, Arapahoe
Helwan, Belmont
Kt Turtle Moves, Les Bois
Sixteen Stone, Penn
Pay the Debt, Santa Anita

Reported as “vanned off” – left via ambulance, a better-than-even chance of dead
Try a Lemon Drop, Fairmount
More Honey, Fairmount
Bluegrass Star, Mountaineer
Silverlioning, Albuquerque
Slew Up His Sleeve, Albuquerque
Valid CC, Evangeline
Seattle Sass, Indiana
Ole Pete, Louisiana
Dakota Mac, Canterbury
Lewkodonia, Golden Gate
Tannique, Golden Gate
Fleetwood Maxx, Albuquerque
Ra Ra Rass, Fair Meadows
Nasty Nando, Golden Gate
Deloro, Indiana
Our Quista, Louisiana
Foggazzo, Retama
City Cartel, Albuquerque
Shook Up, Belmont
Royal Witch, Churchill
Canny Nanny, Churchill
Jump On Down, Delta
Masterkey, Finger Lakes
Good Rider, Gulfstream
Beach Birde, Indiana
Witt’s Lizard, Lone Star
Cammazes, Los Alamitos
Who Would Know, Albuquerque
Raised With Pride, Albuquerque
Danny’s Don, Albuquerque
Stormy Deacon, Churchill
Swiss Exploit, Emerald
Bye Bye Creek, Lone Star
Weekend Hideaway, Monmouth
Deputy Heat, Santa Anita

Black Canyon, Albuquerque, “bled”
Tailored Lady, Charles Town, “returned bleeding”
Margerie, Evangeline, “stopped badly,” DNF
Backstage Pass, Finger Lakes, “fell,” DNF
Open the Bank, Charles Town, “bled”
Jack Diz, Golden Gate, “stumbled badly, then fell into the rail,” DNF
Roman Cross, Finger Lakes, “appeared in distress,” DNF
Oration, Parx, “returned bleeding from the nostrils”
Giroux, Parx, “returned sore”

(source: Equibase)

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  1. There’s probably a reason for your blind hatred of horse racing…but have you ever considerd what happens to horses in the wild?

  2. I don’t see any “blind hatred” here. This is a factual report of all the deaths and injuries related to horse racing. Collateral damage, if you will. Horses in the wild get injured or die due to the laws of nature, not man. There is a big difference!

    • Horses will run their hearts out, literally, for their owners, humans! They do NOT deserve to be treated this way in any way shape or form. Once again, it’s all about the money! SO many atrocities against SO many gentle animals that depend on us to protect them and love them.

  3. There is no hatred here. We care about all Equines they be Domestic or Wild.
    These souls lost their lives and
    what about the ones who will be placed on the road to hell to be slaughtered they have been injured or nof longer bring fame and glory to the owners.


    Takeover Target fairytale ends with group 1 star euthanized after accident

    Takeover Target, the fairytale horse which took cab driver Joe Janiak from Queanbeyan to Royal Ascot, died after a paddock accident on Saturday.

    Janiak found the injured 15-year-old on Saturday morning and nothing could be done for him and he had to be euthanized.

    “He was a fairytale horse and I don’t think there will be a story like him every again. He got me around the world,” a shattered Janiak said of his mate.

    “But he didn’t just give me joy, he was loved by a lot of people. I think punters loved him because he would more often than not win, and everywhere you go with him people wanted photos and to tell you their stories about him.

    By the end of his career Takeover Target had collected $6.3 million in stakes, won in the five capital cities in Australia and three countries around the world.

  5. Not on this casualty list is the 2011 chestnut filly Michaelas Vision. The four-year-old last ran – her first and only race – at Charles Town on June 3, 2015 for owner/trainer DAVID ROSE. She finished last of 9, “outrun”.

    Per rescuer Kelly Smith from several days ago, December 13; “Michaelas Vision update. This is the young TB mare that got injured and then was dumped at a kill auction. She needed a $3K surgery to repair her knee. The last recorded owner [per EQUIBASE, her last recorded owner – and trainer – was DAVID ROSE] said he would help cover some of the medical costs, that unfortunately did not happen, it honestly didn’t surprise me.” Smith goes on to say; “If it were not for rescues, horses like Michaela would end up shipped to a slaughter house in pain and suffering.”

    Michaelas Vision is ONLY alive today – and recovering from a surgery that was necessary to repair the injury she suffered from racing/training – because someone who never demanded one thing from her cared about her. And that was NOT David Rose.

    Kelly Smith could really use some help for this little filly’s surgery costs. You can visit her FB page for information if you can assist her.

  6. Let’s MOT FORGET all the loosers and injured tbs that go “”The direct to slaughter route”

    • Oh Kelly, they are not forgotten…in fact, the deaths of countless racehorses – in training, during races, in their stalls, euthanized at rescues or on the farm & off-track training centers due to their training/racing injuries, and those who are butchered in slaughterhouses – are considered every single day because of this very blog. Not a day goes by that racehorses aren’t crippled and killed in this “sport”…and not a day passes that we are unaware of the destruction and death. It is truly barbaric. And the public is hearing about it. It’s only a matter of time….

  7. Here’s the link to the list above. It’s still in the proper columns easier to read. I tried to cross reference this list with Patrick’s list, and very upsetting that this is an entire NEW LIST of missing horses. If you can believe that?

    • I just looked at the list. In reading the owner/trainer names, we could feel certain that list includes the names of slaughtered horses.

    • Hi Gina,

      The list is troubling and so sad. I read the list very carefully and know that the TB “Ludo Bagman” had fractured his LF sesamoids, and was euthanized at Aqueduct on 12/11/2014.

      I can only pray and hope that at least some of this beautiful babies made it out to safety, but the reality of the situation is grim, knowing how the racing industry tries its hardest to hide these deaths from the public.

      Such a loss of life is shameful, to say the least. When will people wake up and see they are being murdered day after day. I wish it would all end, how I despise the racing industry!!

      Marlene Thornley

  8. Yes, Gina…disturbing and disgusting. And I’m not one bit surprised. This is a lawless, free-for-all industry where anything goes and no one answers to anyone. Their PR talk is SO CHEAP…the public isn’t clueless anymore and they’re no longer buying their PR BS.

    • Agreed. The only hope for these pathetic situations for racehorses is educating the public. It’s working. People are starting to realize that the very foundation of this industry is the exploitation of a sentiment being often ending in a horrific situation when they are no longer profitable.
      As for the younger generation (well younger than me) most want nothing to do with horse racing.
      When will this circus end?
      This industry answers to nobody, and even has the politicians on their side! In a somber move, the PA government just approved MILLIONS into the horseman purse account to save a sinking ship. If they didn’t do this, PA horse racing would have ended. Taxpayers are asking where did the 200 million from the casino go?
      Well none of it went to rescue the racehorses that’s for sure.
      Sickening these politicians to do this, and I really think that there’s some huge financial payoffs going on.
      So many industries suffering, but politicians find the time to call an emergency meeting to push through MILLIONS to save the PA horse racing industry?
      I thought it was a joke when I read it, but it’s not. See Bloodhorse website.

    • Liars, cheats and abusers. They betray the horse at the drop of a hat and think nothing of it. These people are devoid of a conscience and have gotten away with too much for too long. It will all come crashing down some day. Like the habitual drunk driver and the embezzler etc, it eventually catches up with them.

  9. My horse is on your “casualty list” of horses who have “disappeared.” He’s currently snoring in a stall with a full belly and no doubt looking forward to a long day of grazing in the sun with his buddies tomorrow. He has a better sense of humor than me and would probably laugh at this website, having enjoyed many successful years at the track and now enjoying his second career. Personally I find it obnoxious, alarmist and offensive.

    • There have been numerous times that people like Leorajo come on this Blog and state claims similar to this.
      I’ve been around this business way too long to believe what they say, but I give them the benefit of the doubt by requesting they take a legible picture of the upper lip tattoo of the horse with a time stamp on it.
      This takes about 1 minute to do on any cell phone.
      Then I request they send it to this Blog so that we can confirm what they say.
      It’s no surprise that NOT ONE of them acquiesce to this request – NOT ONE.

      So what does that tell us?
      1. They LIED.
      2. They obviously don’t care about their horse because they would want to send a pic and show them grazing in their paddock as they claim.

      It seems to me that “grazing” in their paddock is probably standing at a kill auction waiting for the slaughterhouse truck to come.
      Until I see evidence of their claims posted on this Blog, I take it as just another delusional race tracker.
      You would have to be either incredibly stupid and/or delusional to partake in this legitimized animal cruelty.

      • Thank You Gina !

        Excellent response. I would suggest that Individual go to and click on the video and watch underground video of horses getting shot in the face and having their throats slit while they are still alive. I would like to See if he is still laughing then.

        A lot of racehorses have ended up with that horrendous death. Ferdinand is a famous example. That individual can also scroll down at the bottom of this blog and click on U.S Horses Slaughtered and U.S Racehorses Slaughtered. How these race horses are treated and how many of these racehorses die is NO laughing matter. Many Racehorses rarely leave their stall except for workouts so it does not appear this individual has spent much time at a racetrack . Many of the people on this list who actually know what goes on at a racetrack know this is no laughing matter. I am aware of trainers and owners who text kill buyers to come get their horses to send them to a horrific death. Being forced to run is slave labor and it is a horrendous way to live and many of these horses die a horrible death. I will pray for this individual to wake up and face reality.

      • Here is a Link to the Investigations on the website that is fighting to Stop HORSE SLAUGHTER
        This is real footage with real horses. Nothing funny about this.

        Anyone that thinks race horses live a good life should click on this link and see the horrific death many of them endure after they are drugged and raced til they are of no use to the owner and trainers.

  10. Speaking Of Horse Abuse.
    This is an interesting Article on the state of Horses in Kentucky. No laughing matter here.

    Why do Kentucky lawmakers appear to despise horses?
    Posted on Apr 12, 2017 by Tuesday’s Horse

    Kentucky Livestock Derby

    It won’t be long now until the eyes of millions will be on Louisville, Kentucky and millions of dollars will be wagered on what is called the “Two Most Exciting Minutes in Sports”, a sport by the way where they think it’s funny to name racehorses Gourmet Dinner and Prime Cut.

    Here’s a joke for those folks.

    Perhaps they should name it the Kentucky Livestock Derby. After all, they are not racing anything special — just a bunch of livestock, usable, replaceable, dispensable. And anyway, what’s in a name?

    What about politicians at the State level in Kentucky? In our view, they have taken total lack of care concerning Kentucky’s horses to a baser level.

    In March, a Kentucky State bill (SB 139) reclassifying horses as livestock instead of as a domestic animal was introduced and pushed through by a lawmaker with a documented history of horse cruelty.

    Whether it’s interfering with legislation and other federal measures that would virtually eliminate horse soring and Big Lick animal cruelty, or his reported holds on bills session after session that would protect horses from slaughter at home and abroad, McConnell has proven to be a vicious enemy to horses.

    Cruelty, horse soring and horse slaughter are intrinsically linked. The scale of the pain and torment meted out to horses by sorers and slaughterers is extensive and horrific. It is truly unconscionable. McConnell not only supports but also uses his power to maintain both the soring and slaughter of horses.

    Why? It may be as simple as this — McConnell loves the money he gets for working on behalf of those who spitefully use and perpetrate cruelty against horses, and peddle their flesh for profit. McConnell probably doesn’t give a thought to the horses at all.


    • Kentucky State Bill, SB 139, was passed because of money. The campaigns of these legislatures are funded by those in the horse industry .
      The horse industry has a $3 billion plus annual economic impact on Kentucky and with breeding being one of the top contributors it is not too difficult to see where this is leading. After all, what does one do with large numbers of “unwanted” horses ? The obvious answer is to curtail breeding but there is no economic incentive for that. The bottom line is Kentucky cares about the money and does not care about the horse.

  11. This Website HORSE RACING WRONGS is the ONLY website that I have found that has the Courage to speak out on behalf of the horses in the racing World. I am very grateful for the incredible hard work of Patrick.
    He is an amazing person with tremendous dedication to truth. All those who post on this website that truly Love horses are dedicated to truth.

    None of this is a laughing matter either. Patrick exposes the truth about the World of Horse racing in a way that very few have the courage to do.

    The EU is also very concerned about DRUGGED horses coming from the US.

    LPN Slaughter plant temporary closure
    by canadianhorsedefencecoalition

    The newspaper La Petite Nation announced the temporary closing of Les Viandes de la Petite Nation (LPN) slaughter plant in Saint-André-Avellin, Quebec. The slaughterhouse was at the centre of the 2011 Canadian Horse Defence Coalition’s investigation entitled ‘Pasture to Plate’ that showed horrific abuse during the stunning process, the predatory nature of the slaughter industry from auction to plant, as well as serious violations and fraud regarding the Canadian government’s Equine Information Document.

    The reason for the temporary closure is due to the March 1, 2017 European Union directive which insists that horses for slaughter entering from the United States must be confined to feedlots in Canada for six months prior to slaughter. Presumably, the six month time period would lower the risk of contamination in the horse meat.

    Horse welfare advocates worry that with Canadian slaughterhouses closing, more horses will ship to Mexico, where the slaughter process is less regulated, and the treatment of animals is fraught with abuse and mistreatment. in Mexico, there are horse slaughter facilities where horses are stabbed to death instead of being shot in the face or strung up while awake and then have their throats slit.

    125,000 horses are shipped from the US every year to be brutally murdered. Many race horses are in that collection. Race Horse owners have told me directly that they know Race horse trainers TEXTING KILL BUYERS to come and pick up their DRUGGED RACE HORSE from NO KILL RACE TRACKS and take them to Canada or Mexico to be murdered as they do not want anyone to find out how drugged and injured these horses are.

  12. Thank-you Kathleen.
    The articles reveal the horrific truth behind this multi-billion dollar business.
    As long as horse racing is permitted to exist, there will be racehorses going to slaughter, just as there are racehorses DYING in the dirt for their bets – FACT.
    Most Owner/Trainers are either directly participating in furnishing racehorses to slaughter or indirectly doing it knowing full well what the consequences are.
    In 3 weeks, the Kentucky Derby will be run, and all the same Trainers will be represented in the starting gate.
    Most, if not all, of these Trainers have multiple racehorses who have DIED under their direct training methods.
    If not killed in action, then maimed in action for life, then more than likely dumped so they can run out to a sale and buy another one.
    20 horses or less will fill the starting gate on the first Saturday in May. but the reality is that thousands of racehorses get maimed and/or killed attempting to fulfill this human delusion.
    For the rest of the year, we on this Blog know full well that they are running for their lives, and many fail at surviving this vicious cycle of abuse.

    • Gina

      i just saw your post above.

      i wish that more people would WAKE UP to what you are saying…

      “As long as horse racing is permitted to exist, there will be racehorses going to slaughter, just as there are racehorses DYING in the dirt for their bets – FACT.”

      “running for their lives, and many fail at surviving this vicious cycle of abuse.”

      everyone who goes to the racetrack and gambles on horses is contributing the absolute ABUSE and cruelty these horses go through endlessly.

  13. Gina,
    Good news! I have had Jitterbug Jane since May 2015.She is The Queen, even though she’s barely 15HH.

    • Not sure why this comment is directed to me?
      I don’t recall making reference to Jitterbug Jane, but I also don’t believe you until I get a pic of the upper tattoo with a time stamp on it.
      No offense, but this is horse racing.

      • Faith Dower does indeed have Jitterbug Jane and Faith is also someone I completely trust. Please don’t question Faith’s integrity. In addition, Faith is NOT a supporter of horsesracing and has “rescued” several OTTB’s. The OTTB’s she has “rescued” remain with her….for life!

      • Gina,

        I came across your post above dated 12/20/2015 which lists disappeared horses, and Jitterbug Jane’s name caught my eye. Let me assure you that Janie is alive and well and living a comfortable life as Boss Mare of my herd of 7. I made arrangements to purchase her off the track after her final race in May 2015 (the one noted above) when she finished 50 lengths behind.

        I don’t have to prove anything to you, Gina.

        If you can’t be happy that one of the horses you were so worried about is actually safe and in a forever home, where the only expectation of her is to be a horse, then I feel sorry for YOU.

        Mary Johnson, thank you for speaking up. Your kind comments are much appreciated.

        I have nothing else to say on this and will not respond to further comments.


      • Gina….I just want to make certain this is very clear to those who read and comment here…

        Faith responded to you because Jitterbug Jane is on your list that you put in your comment from 12-20-2015 – the mare is not and was not on Patrick’s list nor did he list her in this post.

        Unfortunately, this has led to a misunderstanding and as much grief as this blog gets from racing apologists – who want to claim Patrick’s FACTS are not facts – I want this VERY CLEAR to all who read here.

        Gina, I understand your questioning – you don’t know Faith from Joe Blow and don’t know that she has rescued a number of at-risk TB’s directly from the track. But now you do – you know her as WE know her…someone who advocates for this horse-crippling and killing industry to go where all animal-exploiting industries should go…and one whose compassion and tenacity have brought about great endings for some very lucky used-up racehorses.

      • Patrick, thanks for clarifying this information about Jitterbug Jane.
        I’ve never posted anything about her whatsoever that I can recall although Faith provided a posting date of 12/20/2015 with no details of the post then said that she will no longer provide any more information or posts regarding this matter so I’m unable to verify this information.
        That said, I do recognize that Mary Johnson, and her team of rescue people are doing such an amazing job rescuing these poor horses.
        Anita’s Vacation had no hope until Mary Johnson rescued her, and probably paid huge vet bills to ensure her comfortable retirement.
        This is but one horse that she’s saved.
        I do accept her verification of Faith, but I also reserve the right to question people if I don’t know who is posting.
        Since we have lots of apologists claiming to have horses within their possession, and safe (that are listed on the FOIA lists), I usually ask for verification via time stamps of the upper tattoo.
        I never get a response from those people so until I do I consider their claim to be false.
        I also stand firm that anybody who rescues these discarded OTTB’s must also advocate for the shut down of horse racing although I realize that this is not always done simultaneously.

      • The list is long (from your 12-20-15 comment) so it’s difficult for me to describe where you can see JJ’s name…but I copied it and pasted it here for you, Gina…see below.

        Schuette, Sheryl Schuette, Sheryl Jitterbug Jane 8 Mountaineer 5/11/2015 Hebert, Kitty Hebert, Kitty J.J.’s Lucky Train 7 Calder (GP West) 4/5/2014 The 3 Maria’s Racing Stbl

      • I didn’t post that so there seems to be some error, but thanks anyways.

      • Gina…it’s from your comment that begins with this; “Here’s something very disturbing just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse.”…from 12-20-2015 at 4:51 PM…on this post. It’s quite a ways down in your comment…a bit challenging to find.

        I don’t want to belabor this for anyone…just trying to help clarify this. Thanks, all.

    • Faith, I don’t post the disappeared horses, Patrick does so perhaps you should have directed the post to him?
      Like I said, I’m happy that all of you rescue the dumped horses of the racing industry.
      So nice for you to do that.
      So amazing!

      • Just to be clear, I have never written about or reported on Jitterbug Jane. Again, she is not on, nor has she ever been on, any of my casualty/disappeared lists.

  14. Mary, I question anybody that comes on here and claims to have a racehorse safe and sound when I don’t know who they are.
    Your comment makes it sound like I was intentionally disingenuous when that’s not the case at all.
    I have NO IDEA who Faith is so I will continue to question, and I have the right to question people that I don’t know.
    That said, it’s nice to know that Faith is a good person and has rescued yet another dumpee of the horse racing industry.
    The work you folks are doing is great!

  15. I own Diamond Roll. He’s an incredibly happy, healthy, adored/spoiled horse.

    • Just to be clear, Diamond Roll does not appear on this post; to my knowledge, I have never reported on him. His name, however, does appear in a comment left by a reader, with whom I have no affiliation.

    • Anna, Would love to see a pic of his upper tattoo while he’s munching out in the pasture.
      Many people come on here and claim to have the horse living great, but fail to provide proof.
      If you are part of the TB rescue team (Joy Aten, Mary Johnson) that does incredible work helping horses then let us know.
      Until then, Diamond Roll is MIA to me.

      • It is not helpful that you assume everyone is a liar and/or cruel. I recognize the injustices in racing and that’s why I own a gelding who came off the track at almost a 10 years old with 94 starts. How many people want that horse? I have verified my old gelding’s tattoo number; I got it tattooed on myself. If you want to live in a world where everyone is lying, then I’m really sorry for you. But while you sit in front of a screen railing against the world, my horse is in a big warm stall with a belly full of grain, until he’s turned out in the morning by his adoring groom to graze all day with an even older OTTB.

        To the admin, his name WAS on this list or I would not have posted.

      • rosalindmaybrick, to answer your question – “How many people want that horse [your OTTB with 94 starts]?” – probably just a handful…because it’s guaranteed that every racehorse will reach the moment when their racing connections can no longer exploit them (age, injuries, conditions) and want them gone.

        Isn’t it wonderful that your ex-racehorse gets something ALL equines crave and need but is denied racehorses – to get out of that stall and “graze all day” with one of his own kind.

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