17 More Kills From New Mexico

“sudden death prior to race” – “dropped dead after race” – “fell down and died after race” – “flipped in paddock, cracked skull and died”

Through a “New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act,” I have confirmed the following 17 deaths at SunRay Park in 2014:

4-year-old J C Avenue, April 20, SunRay 4
“distal radius fracture”

4-year-old Silvia’s Secret, April 22, training
“sesamoid fracture”

5-year-old Jellena, April 25, SunRay 5
“multiple fractures”

8-year-old Jess So, April 26, SunRay 3
“very serious quarter crack” (chart said finished fine)

5-year-old Me Likey Mikey, April 28, training
“sesamoid fracture”

3-year-old Jaretts Royal Dream, May 2, SunRay 8
“sudden death prior to race” (chart merely said “scratched”)

4-year-old Jesse Lady, May 3, SunRay 3
“slab fracture”

2-year-old Kitellas Gal, May 9, SunRay 4
“fracture + complete luxation”

3-year-old Happy Happy Me, May 13, training
“right shoulder fracture”

3-year-old Blazin Perfect, May 16, SunRay 6
“fracture + complete luxation” (chart said finished fine)

10-year-old Happy Humor, May 16, SunRay 9
“dropped dead after race” (chart said nothing about this)

3-year-old Zoe 14, May 18, SunRay 1
“luxation [of] fetlock”

8-year-old Eastern Gold, May 18, SunRay 5
“fell down and died on [illegible] after race” (chart said nothing about this)

3-year-old Felicias Prettylucky, May 24, SunRay 3
“flipped in paddock, cracked skull and died”

[illegible] Treasure, May 30
“illness of unknown origin”

5-year-old Fenway, June 3, SunRay 4
“fetlock complete luxation”

6-year-old Mint Humor, June 10, SunRay 6
“fractured sesamoid”

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  1. Why is this even allowed? I hope the mayor of that state can stand up and do something! Not just sit behind a big desk.

  2. New Mexico is a hell hole. Starting with Mine That Bird’s horse slaughter Owners, on down to the Cartel owners.

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