1-Year-Old Dead in California, Standardbred in NY

The California Horse Racing Board has disclosed the death of an unraced 1-year-old – yes, 1-year-old – horse named Off Looks Alone. Apparently, in an April 9 “training” session at Golden Gate, the filly collided with another and broke her pelvis.

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And from NY (Saratoga Casino and Raceway): After suffering a fractured pelvis a couple months back, Standardbred Morning Joe’s “health took a turn for the worse, [and he was] found down in [his] stall.” They “got [the] horse standing – non-weight bearing – [but he] demonstrated considerable distress – [and the] decision was made to euthanize.” Morning Joe’s obit line: enslavement, exploitation, abuse, maiming, extended suffering, premature death. This is horseracing.

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  1. OMG…the deaths of these two sentient creatures are so horrific! A ONE-year-old!!…what is WRONG with these people?? And Morning Joe’s suffering!!…I don’t mean to be dramatic here, I really don’t, but visualizing that scenario – his last minutes or hours on earth – and after having been in pain for months with a broken pelvis made me weep.

    Is THIS abuse of Off Looks Alone and Morning Joe’s just “part of the game”, too, racing apologists?!?! DEFEND THESE DEATHS!…you won’t, because you can’t.

    • Joy,

      Can a broken pelvis of a horse be healed.

      How old was Morning Joe. Do you know.

      i could not find his name in Equibase.

      • Kathleen, I only know they can take a long time to heal and stall rest is the treatment plan. My vet said that often horses with pelvic fractures on stall rest required being tied to prevent them from laying down.

        I don’t know MJ’s age. What a tragedy.

  2. Horses under two years old as February of their calendar year cannot exercise, workout or be stalled at the track. The filly broke off her pony horse, ran unattended, and collided with another horse who was on the clock, injuring the jockey and bruising the training horse. The unattended two year filly broke her leg in the collision and was euthanized. my trainers horse was the bruised horse and witnessed the unfortunate accident.

    • The Golden Gates minutes had it listed as a training death; hence, why it was reported as such here. Just to be clear, I age horses according to their actual birthdays – Off Looks Alone would not have turned two till April 28. In any event, whether she was “training” or not is wholly irrelevant: Racing – your industry – is responsible for the death of this young equine.

    • FAR, FAR, FAR too many “unfortunate accident’s” so … when this trainer’s horse itself has an “unfortunate accident”, will this be blamed on the 2 year old (actually 1 1/2 year old) bruising it ? hey, when this bruised horse’s leg break’s like a twig, will that too be called another “unfortunate accident” ?

  3. Joy,

    MORNING JOY must not have been tied to prevent him from lying down.

    I could not find him Equibase.

    do they not list Standardbreds in Equibase ?

  4. This is blatant animal cruelty in both these cases. A 1 year old on a training track is insane, to say the least. These people have no common sense, or feeling for the horses whatsoever. Their lack of compassion is deplorable. They obviously are obsessed and blinded by money. Rest in peace “Off Looks Alone” precious little filly.

    How could a person be so insensitive to an animals suffering is beyond me. Did the owners bother to ease the pain of “Morning Joe” in any way by calling in a vet; or did they just leave him in his stall to languish in pain with a broken pelvis. My sense is the latter. I wouldn’t leave a goldfish to the care of most of the trainers and owners. They are all too consumed by the money, and of course the horses are the ones to suffer for their negligence and carelessness. Rest in peace “Morning Joe”. Marlene Thornley

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