Rule Breaker Dead at Golden Gate

7-year-old Rule Breaker is dead after breaking down while practicing at Golden Gate February 16th. He was trained by John Martin.

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  1. Any reason why you felt the need to exclude Royal Renegade from this post? She was in the same minutes list or don’t you care about her? .

    • Well, first, what kind of a question is that? Perhaps you should more thoroughly read this site before posting asinine comments. Second, Royal Renegade is omitted because he/she has no listing on Equibase. I cannot write about a horse whom I cannot identify.

      • An honest one? Even if the horse is just working as a pony, surely they deserve a mention as they are listed on the minutes. The horse has a trainer, it’s name and cause listed but you can’t make a post because you can’t identify them? It’s not like you’re listing their pedigree within the post & you can state that was the only information available….

        Just so you know, because I don’t think you have access to the JC database (?), the horse is not registered on there either.

        • I was referring to the “or don’t you care about her” question. If that’s your definition of “honest,” then you have betrayed your denseness. Again, read my site, scroll down to the “Other Wrongs” section – to imply that I, a vegan/animal rights activist, don’t care about a dead horse because he/she was just a “pony” is inane. Get your facts straight before coming on here and casting aspersions.

    • Oh Nadine – you attacked a person who is fighting for these helpless racehorses with your ill thought question. I do hope you didn’t intend to come across the way in which you did.

  2. Hi – To your knowledge, is anyone keeping statistics on these racing-related deaths by trainer and owner? If not, I would be willing to analyze this data.

  3. Nadine…please give us the link to your site from the past five years. As anti-racing supporters and animal rights activists, we would very much want to support your anti-racing work, as well…but I know nothing about it. I look forward to seeing it.

  4. Nadine, Might I suggest you join forces with Patrick and other like-minded equine welfare activists and bloggers rather than indulge in name-calling and character assassination? These practices only serve to “divide and conquer.” Playing the “who is more humane” game only makes current non-supporters wary of jumping into the battle. If you are gathering statistics on owner > trainer > dead racehorse combinations please share this information in a format, such as an Excel spreadsheet, a blog, etc. that can be readily accessed by Patrick and othets so they may collocate your stats with theirs.

  5. This is a very strange exchange of posts for such a productive blog. I’m new to this but for some reason the word troll comes to mind. Sorry just sayin.

  6. and I almost forgot the topic of this thread because of it, which is really sad for Rule Breaker. RIP horsey.

  7. Gina, my longwinded reply to Nadine might serve as an indirect response to your concern. We’re not trolling but we did stray off topic. But this battle has to be about more than mourning each dead racehorse. Patrick’s noting of each death is, I believe, intended to remind us that the goal is to end Americam racing. Each death is a link in thay chain. To do this, we have to have as much detailed and accurate information as possible. This means we have to work together in gathering

    • Kari,

      I agree with you that anyone who has research on horses being killed at the racetrack, at the barn, after they have retired, on an auction truck, etc that they do not see on the lists the Patrick puts together should share it with the list. It is overwhelming the amount of horse races that are going on and there is no way one person can track all of this.

      There is so much deception with trainers and owners. LIke what happened to Exceller. The owner did not want anyone else to own the horse and demanded it be killed and that was off in Sweden. we would not know that story unless someone went looking for that horse. Same with Ferdinand. A journalist was asked to track him down in Japan and found out he had been slaughtered but they would not admit that right away. It took a lot of work.

      Horse racing needs to be stopped all around the world. I watched the Movie “Glory” last night about black Americans fighting in the civil war to stop slavery. Slavery finally ended.

      Horse racing is slavery. I believe horse racing can end and will end when enough people walk away from gambling after they realize how evil horse racing is. Also, laws must be changed because horse racing is animal abuse.

  8. Whoops… Accidentally hit Submit too soon.

    …gathering information and not become distracted from the main goal–ending American racing. We may approach this task from different points of view but the task has to be bigger than any one of us. We can’t get sidetracked by internal squabbling. Let’s work together and share information.

  9. Patrick, I have just completed the analysis of my research of 5 seasons of racehorse deaths in my State in Australia. It was based on the deaths that the racing authority chose to disclose plus several undisclosed deaths that I was able to follow up on. One thing I am convinced of, now that I have concluded this research, is that the total number of deaths (whether it be a raceday incident, official trialling or in trackwork training) disclosed by the racing authority can be tripled if one wants to get closer to the truth. Obviously my research is of no assistance to you, however, if you have any questions let me know.

  10. At the moment my hands are tied (legal reasons). However, I should be able to send it to you in the near future.

  11. Does anyone have the status of throughbred “Bright Promise” who fell over another horse in a spill at Tampa Bay on February 6th? Thanks for any update I appreciate it. Marlene Thornley

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