The Ongoing Abuse of Chris’ Reckin Ball

On July 26th, 3-year-old Chris’ Reckin Ball was vanned off after a race at Louisiana Downs. His history since:

…sold by Preston Adams/Love Partnership to Jonas Gibson/George and Adam Ackel
…raced August 30th, 8th of 9, 15+ back
…raced again eight days later
…raced October 30th, last of 9, 32 back
…sold again, to Rodney Faulkner/R and P Racing
…raced November 24th, last of 12, 21 back
…raced again eight days later, 7th of 8, 39+ back
…raced January 12th, “stopped after a half,” DNF

Exploit, dump. Exploit, dump. This is the claiming game. This is horseracing.

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  1. I hate them all……they abuse these poor horses until they die. The only thing that matters to them is the money that the ‘winners’ can bring in……Just plain horrific treatment.

  2. Primates are much better than racing people . As usual I agree with all you post on this site. Patrick, you deserve an award for your selfless devotion and advocacy for the horses.

  3. What does one say when it’s just the same abuse day after day after day?…at every single track in this country?…what can be said anymore?…just “I am so sorry” to this abused horse, Chris’ Reckin Ball…and what good does that do for this little one…absolutely nothing.

    WE give a damn, Regina…you and I and all who support this site…WE DO!

  4. Breeding, dumping, maiming, and killing is the modus operandi of racetracks all over North America. Our racehorses deserve a better life than being a disposable commodity for a $2 bet. This is outrageous. Educate people about the real world of horse racing. Most people just watch the Kentucky Derby, and are under the impression that all racehorses go to a grassy paddock when it’s all over. We all know that nothing could be further from the truth, but the multi-billion dollar horse race industry is a powerful group who has been suppressing their dirty little secrets for too long now. Let’s use social media as our powerful tool since we don’t have the billion dollar funds that can buy powerful public relations media outlets. Let’s be a voice for the voiceless racehorse while they are maimed, and killed on a daily basis.

  5. Uh-huh,….’ Sold again to Rodney Faulkner/ R and P Racing’
    A few years back, one day at Fort Erie racetrack, it was suggested to me that I possibly unload a horse of mine to the Faulkner Boys. I didn’t of course, and still own this gorgeous mare today, 10 years later.
    Morden and Silverthorne previously trained/owned tbs should be followed as chances are, most of them do not end up anywhere good.

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