Sprague River Dead at Santa Anita

According to the Daily Racing Form, Sprague River – whom the chart had as merely “took a bad step…pulled up…vanned off” – was euthanized following yesterday’s 4th at Santa Anita. She was five days shy of her 4th birthday. Trainer, Steve Sherman; owner, Rockingham Ranch. This is horseracing.

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  1. Horrifying to watch mortally wounded filly stagger to a stop. In typical TVG fashion, the two talking heads put on their sad faces and said they would update viewers as more informaton became known. BS. Once it “became known” that the filly had suffered a catastrophic injury, she was never mentioned again. As I’ve said here before, the Racing Form jargon that seems to place the blame on the horse, the “took a bad step” nonsense, is a cover that allows racing to shrug off these ugly incidents, a way of saying, “Oh well, what can you do? Nothing.” and then go on and wait for the next fatality.

  2. Yes, Kari…racing JARGON, it is. I don’t watch racing anymore, haven’t for quite some time now. Firstly because I don’t need to see anymore abuse and horses break down and secondly because the total lack of compassion and complete insincerity concerning the wounded or dead horses by the race callers and TV commentators simply enrages me.

    RIP, little Sprague River…

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