4 Dead at Golden Gate, 1 at Los Alamitos

California has disclosed the following dead racehorses at Golden Gate Fields:

3-year-old Mapping broke down while being trained on December 3rd (trainer, Steven Miyadi). 8-year-old Suzettes Friend broke down while being trained in November – euthanized December 4th (trainer, Jerry Weaver). 2-year-old Mission Street was “found dead” in his stall on December 9th (trainer, Greg James). 5-year-old Justalittleloopy broke down while being trained on December 13th (trainer, Steve Sherman). Also, one anonymous death was reported at Los Alamitos for w/e 12/7.

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  1. I am having trouble finding the words. Thank you though Patrick for speaking the truth as hard as it is to be in touch with the deaths of these loving creatures..

  2. Up until the last few months I never heard anything about the terrible life these lovely creatures live and die. It makes me sick to know that it continues to go on without anything being done to stop it. I have never been to a horse race, bet on them, but do watch them on television on occasion mostly because they are such lovely animals. Why this horrific treatment has been allowed to go on for so long, boggles the mind. Regulations need to be established, followed, and major fines levied on those that cross the line.

  3. I wonder what the 8-year-old mare Suzettes Friend was doing for the last two-plus years… from her last race in July of 2012, until her two works in early November.

    Justalittleloopy..what a good “slave” she was…won her last two races for her “masters” before she broke down and died…shipped from California to New York and back to California again. Oh what they endure, while being forced to take part in something that is so utterly unnecessary!

    And then the babies Mapping – little bay gelding with 3 starts – and 2-year-old Mission Street, 2 races with a win and a second place finish. Used up and dead before even reaching maturity.

    Lastly, to the horse whose name we don’t know…you were unique, special, and someone at one time excitedly welcomed you into this world. RIP…your life and your death matter to us.

    Another five dead racehorses. This MUST stop.

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