Abused, MIA

A pair of abused animals who have gone missing:

4-year-old Strong Alex Cat:
May 3, Golden Gate, last, 26 lengths back
May 23, Golden Gate, “pulled up lame,” vanned off
Jul 3, Oak Tree, last, 22+ lengths back
Hasn’t been heard from since. Trainer/owner Alex Paszkeicz.

3-year-old (2 when she started) Arneli Rock:
Feb 12, Tampa Bay, second-to-last, 31+ lengths back
Mar 9, Tampa Bay, last, 44+ lengths back
May 11, Monmouth, last, 30 lengths back
May 31, Suffolk, “stumbled badly,” DNF
Jun 16, Suffolk, last, 19+ lengths back
Jun 25 (9 days later), Suffolk, second-to-last, 19+ lengths back
Hasn’t been heard from since. Trainer/owner Leandro Moreno (third in four months).

What do you suppose happens to racehorses who are no good – worse, were never any good? Something to ponder on a holiday-season Sunday morning.


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  1. Not only disgusting – completely unacceptable. But yet the norm in horseracing biz
    Test em, then collect $$ – if not, ditch em

  2. Is it possible that these horses were retired and are enjoying a second life on a farm? Both had no interest in racing. Did the owners do right by them? Is this not possible?

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