The Broken Bodies, 10/27/14-11/2/14

Virtually without exception, “broke down” is racing-speak for dead; “vanned off” translates to a better-than-even chance of dead.

Broke Down:
Summer Sunset, Oct 31, Aqueduct 2 (reported euthanized)
Flashy Dame, Oct 31, Golden Gate 4 (reported euthanized)
Ansilta, Nov 2, Thistledown 8

Vanned Off:
Sea Hunt, Oct 27, Gulfstream W 6
Mama Odie, Oct 27, Zia 10
Serenity Strawfly, Oct 28, Zia 4
El Pitucon, Oct 29, Turf 6
T Jays Affair, Oct 30, Churchill 7
Princess Nene, Oct 30, Gulfstream W 7
Courtroom Drama, Oct 30, Penn 3
Jesses Giant Dunk, Oct 31, Aqueduct 3 (later confirmed dead)
Nevada, Oct 31, Parx 1
Vicar’s in Trouble, Oct 31, Santa Anita 7
L.A. Liquid Gold, Nov 1, Thistledown 1
Avalon Rose, Nov 1, Thistledown 5
Lil Corona Swingin, Nov 1, Will Rogers 10
Seattle Sass, Nov 2, Churchill 5
Fast Tracking, Nov 2, Los Alamitos 5
I Like Em Hot, Nov 2, Zia 9

Dragon Lady, Oct 29, Mountaineer 1, bled
El Caballero, Oct 31, Charles Town 4, bled
Winoneforthezipper, Oct 31, Charles Town 6, bled
Brilladora, Nov 1, Gulfstream W 2, bled

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  1. Just “business as usual,” on racetracks including broken bones, breakdowns, deaths, dumping into claiming races or at Kill Auctions.
    This business exploits their product: the racehorse. No matter what changes they claim to make the entire business model is based on the exploitation of a voiceless and defenceless horse.
    From breeding, which is the continuous impregnation of mares, to the racetrack the exploitation increases as the horses are put under tremendous strain and pressure to perform, to generate profit, and this is called horse racing. Take away the glitz, and glamour; what’s left is injuries, and death.

  2. I will keep sharing these. I’m getting shares by others who are then sharing again. The ripple is widening. Keep asking questions and answering. The horses and their uneducated loving audience will be thankful.

  3. Every time I see them use a whip on these lovely horses I want to jump through the television and cram it down the jockey’s throat. I just hate the thought that so many are abused and die.

  4. Vicar’s In Trouble had to have surgery for a non-displaced condylar fracture. He is doing fine

  5. I am pleased to report that a couple of us got together and rescued and retired the 12 year old stallion, Porfido, to Old Friends, where he will, hopefully, live a full life and NOT make any babies that need to be rescued!

    • Old Friends is strictly a retirement home for horses. So rest assured, Porfido will definitely not be making any babies. The great Silver Charm is going there as well. Thank you for helping get Porfido retired :)

  6. not to mention there running baby’s!!!!! how can you run the heck out of a baby!!,. there growth plates Are not even closed!!i till there 5!!!!! I THINK IT SHOULD BE STOPPED period!,..I think allowing them to mass produce these poor animals to run them to death is a crime against everything there is!,.. and 12 is not old for a horse! they live a long long time if care for right!,..there should be a strict breeding laws im not sorry to say that,…I dont think just because were humans we have a right to spit out 100,000,s of thousands of babys knowing what is going on!!! what the heck,.. this is the U.S.A I cant believe in our country we cant out number the abusers……..if every single person called the white house and left the message “we have had enough animal abuse!,..tell the president to pick his pen up and stop it!. stop horses from going to slaughter!!!! stop letting scumbags run horses to death and throw them away!!!!,..stop allowing genocide of the wild horse!,.. wtf People !!!!! just yesterday I voted NO to Michigan handing over control of the hunting decisions and turning Michigan into game killing state who wants to go kill things for fun??????????are you kidding me?.. if Your hunting for food for Your table,.. im all for it,.. if Your out there because You want to kill things I think You should be dropped on a island and hunted for sport! na one of Your kids first so you can feel the full impact!,,,,,if You kill things for fun your sick and should be locked up!

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