Italian Nany Dead at Penn

The 7th race last night at Penn was Italian Nany’s 51st “career” start. It was also her last, as the mare “broke down in mid stretch” and was subsequently euthanized. She was ridden by Angel Suarez and trained by Stephanie Beattie. This is horseracing.

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    • Joy, thank you for the link. What a group ! I truly feel sorry for the horses in their “care”. And racing can’t get rid of these “classy” individuals because those in the game, at all levels, are as bad as the individuals named in the article.
      Penn National is a disgrace, just like the whole ugly business
      Where are all the “good people” I keep hearing about ??

  1. The poor mare was run to death like so many others.
    She started at 2 yrs. old in $25,000 claiming races and finished up at that awful track as a $5,000 claimer. From the comments, she tried so hard in competition. It was sad to see she obviously did her best.

    I ask all those involved directly and indirectly in this business if there is any spark of decency when it comes to these horses ? I wonder if Ms. Beattie feels any twinge of guilt because she sent the mare to her death. When is it enough,16 starts in 2012 when she was 4 yrs. old and 15 starts the following year.
    This claiming game is brutal and allows the worst of abusers to play the game while the “officials” and “elite” look the other way.

    I would bet a necropsy would show obvious pathology at the site of the fatal injury. But who cares anyway, It is just one more dead horse at the track and a low level claimer at that.

    Rip Italian Nany, you are out of the clutches of these people.

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