Gerryland, Kitt’s Kool Katt Dead at Finger Lakes

Two 3-year-olds died while practicing at Finger Lakes Sunday:

Gerryland (trainer Rafael Rohena) – broken right front leg
Kitt’s Kool Katt (trainer James Acquilano) – open fracture of the proximal humerus

Gerryland had yet to be raced; in her only race – a week ago – Kitt’s Kool Katt finished last of 7, 24 lengths back. 23 racehorses have been killed at Finger Lakes since April.

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    • Google or search for Finger Lakes racetrack. It is a combination thoroughbred race track and casino in Farmington, NY. Runs about 160 thoroughbred races per year. There were 20 on track horse deaths there in 2013. (Note the distinction between on track deaths and other at the track deaths.)

  1. Horses are being killed in the racing industry because they are being raced too young, drugged and whipped (the whipping forces them to run even when they’ve gone beyond their capacity). All of these things constitute both felony and misdemeanor crimes in accordance with the NYS Ag.& Mkts Laws. However, having NYRA control the laws pertaining to the protection of horses i like the NRA having control over all the laws that protect people – it’s a joke – a cover up – and a criminal enterprise allowed to continue. that’s why individuals like Steve ASSmussen and Scott Blasi continue to abuse horses.

  2. At age 3, the horse is still a baby. It’s bones aren’t strong or fully grown. The horse world knows this which is why it is traditional to back a horse aged 3 and then turn it away for the winter to restart training the following year. Even the riding suggested is light. So, why does the racing industry go against this perceived wisdom? Why race 3 year olds? Appalling.

  3. Again, two and three year olds race because a horse standing in a stall or pasture doesn’t generate revenue. In fact, it costs the owner money. Racing is a gambling industry. Therefore, it is all about the money!

  4. And more babies. Yes, what a great sport this is…killing three-year-old sentient creatures for some job, or entertainment, or ego strokes. You are absolutely correct, Mary…it’s about the money.
    RIP, little ones. We know your names, Gerryland and Kitt’s Kool Katt. We know you died in servitude to those who simply used you. Your lives mattered to us.

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