The Abuse of Killer Diller

Killer Diller is a 6-year-old career claimer currently doing time at Finger Lakes. According to the website “Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds” (“helping former racehorses gallop into your heart”), the bay gelding (below) is “for sale” – and has been since September:

“This solid bay AP Indy grandson has decided he just doesn’t want to race anymore. His trainer says he is a real personality but is very quiet to handle and ride. He was super quiet for his pictures. Trainer says sound with no vices [vices?]. Young, athletic, handsome — you can go in a lot of directions with this horse!” Contact: Deb Breed 585-289-3467, Asking: $1,000


After owner/trainer Deb Breed concluded that Killer Diller “just doesn’t want to race anymore,” she has whip-run him 10 times – 7 in the last 10 weeks:

September 20th, last of 8, “stopped”
October 7th, last of 6, “broke sluggishly”
November 8th, 7th of 8 (25 lengths back), “showed little”
April 25th, 4th of 5, “weakened”
May 2nd, 5th of 6, “lagged back”
May 16th, last of 6, “never involved”
May 22nd, 4th of 5
June 7th, last of 9, “failed to take part”
June 21st, 4th of 7, “weakened”
July 3rd, last of 6, “never involved”

Ms. Breed, it’s called animal abuse. For shame.

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  1. I’ve said for years that drugging horses and running them is part of racing’s culture. Today I would like to add that racing a horse, that doesn’t want to race anymore, into the ground is another part of the culture. Those involved in racing must be proud – mighty proud – to be a part of this horrific “sport”.

  2. And I’ll give you money that there is an injury that they either didn’t bother to diagnose or they are lying about.

  3. I found this very typical. Yet instead of retiring the racehorse that “didn’t want to be a racehorse”, they just kept running it…at times until the horse became injured or until his/her existing injury worsened to the point said horse was three-legged lame. Typical. Saw it time and time again.

  4. Deb Breed should be whip-run 10 times, 7 in the last 10 weeks as she did Killer Diller. She is not a true trainer and should get out of the business for good before her animal abuse catches up with her, and it will. I wish I had the money to buy Killer Diller, even as a pasture horse. It would be worth it just to get him away from her. I tried to find her name on google, but no success. People like her are insane from greed. I pray someone buys him, but not for racing. That would be a death deal for sure.

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