Racehorses Who Bled, Broke, or Died, 6/23/14-6/29/14

Last week’s casualties:

Griffin Rock, Parx, race 1, broke down
Hot Bride, Parx, race 9, vanned off

Given a Rose, Indiana, race 1, vanned off
Gold ‘n White, Indiana, race 3, vanned off
Wallstreet Royal T, Indiana, race 8, vanned off

Violet Hour, Belmont, race 8, fell, DNF
Ear D’Rhythm, Belmont, race 8, fell, DNF
Roses for Romney, Belmont, race 8, confirmed dead
Pass the Lake, Charles Town, race 4, vanned off
Ms. Clampett, Delaware, race 1, vanned off

Mississippi Duel, Belmont, race 4, vanned off
Mel’s Game, Santa Anita, race 1, vanned off

Duck Commander, Arapahoe, race 6, vanned off (after winning)
Montana Red, Arapahoe, race 11, hit rail, vanned off
Sharp A, Arlington, race 6, vanned off
Toomers Oaks, Delta, race 9, vanned off
Elsaroarin, Finger Lakes, race 9, confirmed dead
Win Rich Kiss, Indiana, race 1, vanned off
Thunder Rode, Santa Anita, race 2, vanned off
Let’s Face It, Thistledown, race 7, vanned off

Commandeer, Belterra, race 2, confirmed dead
Dunoon, Canterbury, race 8, vanned off
Kela’s Game Face, Charles Town, race 2, fell, DNF
Papa Doc, Charles Town, race 4, broke down
Upkeep, Churchill, race 4, vanned off
Ok Nothanksforaskn, Delaware, race 2, vanned off
Second Down Patriot, Delta, race 2, vanned off
Ms Peggy Ann, Delta, race 4, bled
Leons Little Girl, Indiana, race 2, bled
Halos Wild, Lone Star, race 9, broke down
Purdy Kool, Los Alamitos, race 4, vanned off
The Money Room, Monmouth, race 2, vanned off
Star Crossed Lover, Penn, race 2, vanned off
Act One Scene One, Suffolk, race 5, vanned off

Aly’s Reward, Belterra, race 7, vanned off
Familiar Melody, Gulfstream, race 7, bled
Atomic Tangerine, Gulfstream, race 8, bled
Tough Orphan, Oak Tree, race 8, vanned off
Emerald Bracelet, Parx, race 7, vanned off
Dixie Banner, Prairie, race 2, vanned off
Aintgotno Home, Prairie, race 7, vanned off
Cantankerous, Ruidoso, race 9, vanned off
Ko Ko Cartel Bjt, Wyoming, race 3, vanned off

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  1. Any information on which horse collapsed on 6/29/14 at Presque Isle Race 5 and what happened? I used to think it was fun entertainment, but I felt horrible after seeing that. In trying to find out what happened, I have learned more about this “sport”, and I don’t want anything to do with it.

  2. “Casualties” – it’s just so sickeningly cruel!

    One of my recent death statistics was a 4 year old gelding racing on the gruelling (some tracks are like concrete) NSW country circuit. Had recent poor form and had come home 3rd last in its last start. Trainer/owner raced it two days later and had worked it on one of those days when he broke down just after galloping 400m in a 1400m race. Euthanased. Suffered fractures to the medial and lateral proximal sesamoid bones at the fetlock joint in a fore leg. Trainer declared horse had recovered well from racing 2 days prior and had not been subject to any veterinary treatment. Horse was slow to begin which is often indicative that all is not well with the horse.

    • How tragic, Carolyn! SO many things wrong with that scenario…and only four years old, not even fully mature. Disgusting.

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