Rock and Roll Star, Dalglish Dead in NY

Yesterday, 4-year-old Rock and Roll Star snapped a leg while breezing at Finger Lakes and was killed. This is trainer Ralph D’Alessandro’s second (Just Mizzy) Finger Lakes death in the past month. Earlier in the week at Monticello, a Standardbred named Dalglish “collapsed and died [of a] suspected cardio vascular event” after crossing the finish line. Two more dead animals. Please stop wagering on horseraces.

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  1. The carnage is mindboggling ! I also think about those that quietly “disappear”.

    Currently I’m monitoring a mare, House on Toilsome. She is now 6yrs. old and was claimed once again in March, this time by Servis. Last year she started 15 times and this year from January to March, 8 times in 3 months !!
    I wonder how long until she breaks down or “disappears”. I’m continuing to keep track of her.
    She breezed this month at Monmouth.

    • PS I submit, racing horses at Aqueduct during the winter is cruel. House on Toilsome had 23 starts there out of her total of 41. She raced through 3 winters at Aqueduct, and we know how brutal the winter of 2013 was !!! Of course she was not alone.

      Aqueduct is a horrible track, at best. An owner, Michael Dubb, whose horses race there is on the NYRA Reorganization Board and has said he is working to improve customer experience at that track !!!! How about some improvements for the horses, Mr. Dubb !!!

      My point is, that horses have miserable lives at these awful tracks, most of which should not be in operation. But these are the venues of the ugly abusive claiming game, the backbone of this industry.

      For starters these tracks need to be closed.

  2. Winter racing is especially punishing, Rose…I fully agree. But “the show must go on”! One thing and one thing alone is considered, and that is the MAKING OF MONEY and the horses be damned.

    Interesting about Dubb, Rose…Patrick reported about Dubb’s horse Ear D’ Rhythm in his most recent post “Video of Roses for Romney’s Death at Belmont”. Ear D’ Rhythm made “solid contact” with the ill-fated Roses for Romney when she “rolled under her” AND also with the filly Violet Hour and then fell. And Dubb is concerned about the customers’ experiences and satisfaction?!?!? Wow…watching 1000-pound horses crashing into each other and then to the ground, resulting in the death of at least one, can’t do much for improving the the “customer experience”! You’ve got some serious work to be done, Mr. Dubb….how about point those customers towards the nearest casino and stop the destruction of the non-consenting horses.

    To Rock and Roll Star…to Dalglish…many of us here mourn the tragic loss of your lives…may you both RIP.

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