5 Killed Friday at Clonmel in Ireland

There is bad, then there is really bad. Friday at Clonmel Racecourse in Ireland, five, yes five, horses were killed steeplechasing. According to Irish Racing, here’s how it unfolded:

“Ballintotty Boy was the first casualty in the opener when the ground was described as good. Milan Elite fell at the fifth in the fifth and he sadly failed to rise, with the ground changing to good to firm after that contest. The third fatality came in the seventh with Oscar Pearl having to be put down after she pulled up injured before four out. Two more came to grief in the bumper with newcomers Lisgreen Lad and Areyouforreal both picking up fatal injuries.”

“Two more came to grief.”

In response comes this excrement from “Clerk of the Course” Lorcan Wyer:

“Obviously we were facing into 22 degree heat [72 F] and a very warm dry evening and there is always an element of risk with summer jumping. The track as it opened up during the day obviously dried and that may have been a factor. Obviously our sympathies go out to all the connections. We at Clonmel, and at all times and at all tracks, do our best to get everyone home safe both horse and rider. Unfortunately we have had five fatalities this evening and we will look back and assess what happened.”

What happened, Mr. Wyer, is your wicked institution.


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  1. I’m ashamed of you Clonmel. This can now be your claim to fame ! Sadly, it is your infamy. I am all too familiar with that small town.

    Shame on Irish racing. But what am I saying, there is enough shame to go around, and as they say, and then some ! The brutality is unreal.

    Oh, yes please do “look back and assess what happened”, Mr. Wyer.

    In a nutshell, what happened is 5 horses were killed at your meet while running in steeple chasing races and that is outrageous…no excuses, please ! …even 72 degree heat can’t be blamed. What a joke !!

    Steeple chasing is brutal, but, of course, so is flat racing. And anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional.

  2. ALL racing, whether on the flat or over fences, needs to end. The horses do not deserve to die like this.

  3. Jumps racing is barbaric and cruel to these magnificent noble animals. It is unacceptable in today’s society which no longer tolerates animal cruelty. Horses suffer death, injuries and fear the task of galloping and jumping (which is a lethal combination for the horse) set for them purely for the “entertainment” of callous people. I am very proud of my Irish heritage in thoroughbreds when my forebears brought out from Ireland very well bred horses when racing first began in Australia. I’m ashamed to say they participated in jumps racing here but thankfully a relative said no more hurdle/steeple racing for our horses. Jumps racing has been banned in Australia with the exception of two States i.e. Victoria and South Australia. Many people and organisations including the RSPCA have been campaigning for the abolition of jumps racing in Australia……. and we will get there. I am sickened and disgusted with what happened at Clonmel. Mr Wyer you state “we…… do our best” and “and assess what happened” well perhaps i can assist you and your sadistic mob here BAN STEEPLE AND HURDLE RACING IN IRELAND FOREVER!

      • I absolutely agree with you Patrick. I have been researching the deaths of racehorses in NSW for over 5 years now. Ideally horseracing should be abolished but here in New South Wales the government relies on substantial income from the gambling. The industry claims it employs about 50,000 in NSW alone. A colleague and I have recently handed over a lengthy Submission to the NSW Government requesting serious consideration be given to the welfare of the racehorse, e.g. ban the whip, drugging, living conditions, boxed 23 hours a day, etc. Coming from a racing family i viewed racing through rose coloured glasses but it wasn’t until I worked in the industry that i saw the dark side of racing and witnessed myself how badly these defenceless noble animals are treated – just shocking! So i set out to do something about it and have had a little success in some areas but really just a drop in the ocean. There are so many powerful people in racing and the Govt. protects and supports it for some income. My argument with the government is that if it chooses to derive income from these animals it has a moral and legal obligation to ensure that the horses are not abused and mistreated. I’ve requested that major reformations be made in the racing industry for the welfare of the horses. The death of the Aga Khan’s horse, Verema, in our “famous” Melbourne Cup was one of the best things to happen because there was a public outcry here especially in social media and the industry had their backs against the wall trying to excuse her death. What sort of a society are we when we allow these animals to suffer injuries and death for gambling and “entertainment”?

  4. I cannot echo the sentiments and the facts of the afore mentioned comments more strongly. This is utter barbarism in the 21st century – what is more to the very animal upon which the whole of our supposedly civilized society has been born. They continue to be subjugated and exploited unmercifully in every possible way because the general layman is culturally hypnotized into believing that this is what they are for, with not the slightest insight or understanding of the implications to these beautiful and defenceless animals. From Her Majesty the Queen downwards anyone associated with this utterly barbaric practice should indeed be utterly ashamed!

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