Gulf of Aden Dead at Parx

I’ll say this about the chartwriters (or stewards or whoever is responsible) at Parx: They consistently disclose their dead in the official results, making them virtually unique in the nation. Still, this is not praise, as horses are dying on their track. Yesterday afternoon, in a 5-horse $7,500 claiming race, 5-year-old Gulf of Aden “collapsed after the finish and died.” No further details were given. The complicit: jockey Maria Remedio, trainer J Guadalupe Guerrero, owner/breeder American Thoroughbred, and all prior connections.

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  1. Every horse that collapses and dies like that, should, at the very least, be tested for drugs and have blood work in terms of electrolytes, thyroid levels and more. This testing should be mandatory at every track. No excuses !

    • Amen, Rose, but that would require the racing industry to do the right thing. I don’t think that will happen!

  2. Amen, Rose, but that would mean the racing industry would have to do the right thing for the horses. Therefore, it won’t happen!

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