California Chrome Mercilessly Whipped While Injured

An open question to Art Sherman, Perry Martin, Steve Coburn, the 100,000 fans in attendance, the millions more watching around the world, indeed, all who were seduced by NBC’s shameful coverage: How to explain, justify, defend this?

(pick up around 2:50 mark; California Chrome has the white stripe)

3-year-old California Chrome received roughly 20 hard lashes within 15 seconds. Said celebrated jockey Victor Espinoza: “I noticed something as soon as he came out of the gate. He was not the same. By the 5/8ths pole he was just empty.” So, he beat him – mercilessly, while the horse ran on an open wound (below). In truth, Mr. Espinoza should be arrested for animal cruelty under Section 353 of NY’s Ag and Markets Law: “A person who overdrives, overloads, tortures or cruelly beats…any animal, whether wild or tame, and whether belonging to himself or to another…is guilty of a class A misdemeanor…” Anything, racing apologists?

photo credit: AP
photo credit: AP


  1. Excuse the typos! I used to follow your blog. Now I realize you are just a sensationalist.

    • I have to wonder if you are a “Chromie”…you know, a racing fan who bought into all of the hype of California Chrome, his humble beginnings, and his working class owners. You acknowledge you have followed HW, but will no longer because of what you referred to as the sensationalism here. So please help us understand how all of the news stories about CC and his connections over the last 5 weeks are any less sensational than Patrick’s commentary? Example; “America’s horse”…really? And to quote Tom Hammond’s pre-race observation: “Fans [are] lining up to get a glimpse of their hero [California Chrome]”. A hero. I would bet that the sensationalism offered up by racing publications and blogs, ESPN and NBC, you not only found acceptable but also quite enjoyable. NBC formatted to give the public what it wanted, and the racing industry appealed to the public’s emotions in its references to CC as the bargain basement-bred colt destined for greatness. Their goal was to increase the Triple Crown series viewership, and their suggestion that CC is a hero was certainly exaggeration. Sensationalism. Naturally, Patrick Battuello wishes to increase readership numbers. But that is where any semblance of sensationalism ends. What California Chrome endured in that stretch run was neither misrepresented nor exaggerated in Patrick’s piece. It happened. Those are the facts.

      I’ve seen many pro-racing/horse welfare “advocates” who were admitted “Chromies” struggle with the race and its outcome in social media over the week-end. It appears they cannot come to grips with Coburn’s embarrassing post-race rant and the devastating loss suffered by his “heroic” colt. To then admit that California Chrome endured repeated, ruthless whipping when he was clearly spent is too hurtful. That was abuse, done to “America’s horse”. And that truth hurts too much to accept.

      • First of all no horse is mercilessly beaten. Blood isn’t drawn on the hip by the whip as you must think is the case… These big beautiful animals love to run. They are bred to run.. It is my understanding from the trainer that another horse actually bumped his leg and took a gash out of his foot. It was an unfortunate accident. No one is to blame. The horse could have very easily have pulled up if he was hurt real bad. They do it many times when the injury is worse. The jockey had no idea. You know human’s are animals. They are injured in football, they are injured in track and field, they are injured in many sports. You don’t care about the humans that get hurt, what about boxing? Shouldn’t we ban all these sports? These horses love what they do, they love the attention and as long as they are not being abused I see nothing wrong with racing. If you want to go nuts about something go nuts about the real abuse of these beautiful creatures don’t take away their way of life.

  2. Ha! Stumbled out of the gate… brushed with Matterhorn “showed no ill effects”…….
    Yes Patrick- absolutely- Victor Espinoza kept whipping repeatedly in deep stretch when CC
    didn’t kick into gear fast enough. Meanwhile….Ride on Curlin and Matuszak eased

    • Victor Espinoza and the owner should have animal abuse, cruelty and intent to harm this horse that lead to the horse’s death. Forcing a horse to race with an obvious and serious injury is animal abuse. They were pretty happy with CC when he was winning, but this morning forcing CC to race when he was not healthy for the race is a serious neglect charge. Steep charges should be brought against these two and the vet who approved CC for the race that lead to CC’s death. These people are not true horsemen, they are barbaric and should never be allowed to participate in future horse races in any state.

      • The horse was injured in the gate. No-one knew until after the race. Victor did not repeatable whip him.

      • No, CC did not die, REBECCA. I confused him with Stormdefrere. This horse died at Penn on June 7, 2014 at 10:31 pm. The 5-year-old Stormdefrere, making her third start in 21 days, broke down and died in the 3rd race at Penn National. This is a short period of time for any horse to die. I read the trainer/owner pushed the not-yet-fully-mature mare to her death. CC’s injury was sustained by another horse after coming out of the gate, LISA. And the jockey, Victor Espinoza, stated he noticed something as soon as he came out of the gate. Also said he was not the same and by the 5/8ths pole he was just empty. Those were his words, yet, he kept pushing CC and ignored that something wasn’t right with the horse. Watch the video. Victor’s whipping arm was above his shoulder many times, and that positioning of his arm indicates whipping strikes on the horse. And, I’ve read too many statements that Victor DID IN FACT, repeatedly whip him, LISA. The only comment I was wrong about was that CC died, and that was all. They were very fortunate that CC did not go down. And, only time will tell if CC is seen again on the tracks or virtually disappear like many race horses have this year.

        • Diana Beall, Victor did not know of the injury until he dismounted from CC. All he knew was the horse felt off. That could be from anything, not just an injury. He might have just not liked the track for all that Victor knew. He started to whip CC left handed briefly in the stretch but realized the horse had no gas left.

      • what race did you watch Lisa? I commented too my wife how Victor Espinoza was beating CC during the home stretch…watching this video you can clearly see Victor Espinoza beating the horse with his right hand then change over too the left

      • You know what is irresponsible? Sharing your opinion on something that you clearly haven’t read up on, and know nothing about. Just about everything you wrote is completely false.

    • I see a number of comments saying Victor whipped with his right hand in the stretch ,but anyone watching he started whipping “hard” on the left side and almost lost his whip and had to fix it before he started whipping again on the left,in all around 20 + times,I think this had more to do with CC not going on as he was used in and out ,pulled back and forth then going 4 wide ,a longer harder race than he ever ran,whipped badly he just couldn’t go any more,frankly I don’t know why there wasn’t a fine and or suspension given,for sure there should have been,maybe with the ranting of the owner and Victor saying the horse wasn’t right took away what was going on,but the judges also failed on this,and if Victor really thought the horse wasn’t himself and or was injured why did he keep him running and whipping him to keep going???

  3. This whole debacle shows the true heart of this sick “sport”. It is all for the money and ego, the horses be dammed. This is not a sport it is a money making business built on the backs of these exploited horses with little in the form of universal rules and no rules concerning the welfare of the horse. Whipping a tired and even an injured horse is not even a consideration. How outrageous is that !!!

    • The fact that you know nothing about what you are saying is outrageous!! The horses love what they do.. It’s their life. They have ego’s, they love to run, they are bred to run. You want them to just hang out in a field somewhere? They would probably rather be put down. For your information there are many rules which look out for the horses welfare. Not to mention nobody that owns a horse wants their horse to get injured. They lose money if that happens.. The jockey had no idea the horse was hurt and if the horse was hurt bad enough it would have pulled up at which time the jockey would have known something… For your information there is no blood drawn when a horse is being whipped. It’s not a friggin beating with an iron rod. Make yourself useful and point your anger towards those in the sport who do break the rules and put the horses in danger. Of course there are some of these folks in the sport but they are in every sport.

      • Thank You !!! Kyanna , Theses people are idiots !!!! I was Born and raised in the horse racing business my father Hall of Fame trainer, These horses are not abused period ! this is what they are bred to do raised to do and love to do !! Any person who thinks that we abuse the animals that we love and care for 24/7 is delusional, im so sick and tired of people who have no clue what goes on , on the backside of racetrack on a daily basis telling me my animals are abused.. When its the complete opposite , if they had to pay my hay , feed , vet , farrier bills every month they may understand and mine is smaller than most … Unhealthy , abused horses do not make money !! unhealthy abused horses do not get where Chrome got to .

      • Kyana, I am beginning to think you are delusional. You state that the horses “love what they do….it’s their life”. Really? I have had TB’s for 51 years. The TB’s that I currently own, barely move out of a trot. Perhaps there is a little bucking and playing occasionally, but Fleet Crossing, Canuki, and Wakiwickedwarrior love their life off the track. Perhaps they feel lucky to have made it out of racing alive because many don’t. In fact, Canuki was inside a slaughterhouse a little over two years ago. I’m sure his owner, Ms. Barbara Price, loved him but she loved $150 more! Then you make an incredibly idiotic statement that my horses would rather be put down than “hang out in a field somewhere”. Glad to know that YOU know what my horses want. You are right where you belong, immersed in a sinister and corrupt industry!

    • Espinoza whipped CC at least 20 times coming down the stretch when the horse was, obviously, struggling. Those who say differently either have poor vision or they have trouble with basic math.

    • I just wanted to reach out to Ms. Laura Mohr and ask her why she feels the need to call those, who are anti-racing, “idiots”. I have only been involved with TB’s for 50 years so I certainly don’t have the knowledge, or experience, that Mohr has but this certainly isn’t my first time up to home plate. The racing folks love to call those of us, who are anti-racing, names. I guess it “rocks their world”! I criticized racing a few months ago, and a low level trainer, based out of Thistledown, came after me. Her name is Marilyn “Lynn” Boggs. She called me demented, goofy and girly and threatened to send her attorney after me. I’m still waiting! Now Mohr claims that we are delusional and I’m sure she will also claim that she loves her horses. Therefore, I will assume that Mohr doesn’t run her horses on drugs, including bute and Lasix, doesn’t run them injured AND gives them time off to just “be a horse”, doesn’t put them in claiming races, and retires them before they are irreparably damaged the way Marsella Delight was damaged. In addition, she follows ALL her horses to make sure they land in a safe place and, if they go to a rescue, she sends along a sizable donation because, as we ALL know, there is no such thing as a free horse. Now, it has come to my attention that many racing folks don’t seem to understand that Lasix is a drug…a dirty, dirty drug yet Mohr, and those like her, call us “idiots”. And there are those who wonder why racing is in trouble…..perhaps there are “idiots” out there, right Ms. Mohr?

      • Yes Mary i do love my horses !! and no i don’t run my horses on drugs !! Bute is no more than a mild anti inflammatory no different than ibuprofen or Naproxin !! And yes Mary i will give Lasix to my horses that need that medication because frankly i don’t enjoy watching my horse choke on there own blood !!!! And this ” dirty drug ” prevents that from happening! How would you like it if you were denied prescribed medications That you need by your DR .. ?? NO i do not run my horses horses injured nor do i know very many that do .. to do so is just irresponsible and stupid because not only does it put the horse at risk for further injury but risk the lives of other horses and riders . and to those that think that a jockey will ride no matter what ?? let me ask you this have you ever been on a horse that went down traveling at 35 +mph ? It will hurt you and could very easily kill you .. 55 $ on a losing mount is not worth your career !! And yes Mary I do give my horses time off to be a horse i happen to find that very important !! Most of the horses i have trained in my life have belonged to other people so i dont have much say in where they go after they retire or can no longer run , but the one that i do have say over go on to have other careers .. All of my pony horses are retired race horses !! Some over the years i have rescued from the kill truck ! What is you peoples deal with claiming races anyway ?? If there were no claiming races there would be alot more unwanted horses out there , it allows horses to run with others of the same class and allows for more equal competition , Now let me ask you this Mary why is it that a normal horse person takes there horse to the vet for medical care its perfectly acceptable even encouraged , but when horse trainers give there horses the best veterinary care money can buy its considered abuse by you people ?? Just Wondering .. And Mary just so you know not only am i a second generation Horse trainer im also a veterinary tech, student W/ certification in equine sports surgery , so when it comes to medications ( your Dirty Drugs ) i know what im talking about

      • I personally know Lynn and her racing operation and I take offense to that. How dare you put someones name up here without them knowing! Lynn takes great care of her horses, when they are done racing she doesn’t just “toss them aside” she takes the time to find them a home. She currently has a horse who hasn’t raced in 2 years, but she has held onto him and he is currently living at a friends farm, we would love to get him into ‘Old Friends’ but there is currently no vacancy. There are bad people in this sport who don’t deserve to own a horse, but then there are people like her that actually care about their athletes and want to make the sport better.

  4. Instead of celebrating, everyone who was there or watched on TV should be ashamed. I know I am.

  5. Horse racing has become the most animal cruelest exhibit by jockeys and horse owners. They are byfar the worse barbarians as the public and media witness the unnecessary deaths of racehorses by their hands with no mercy or respect for one of God’s most beautiful creatures. Horse racing is not a race to win, it’s a race to the death of innocent animals, horses. Cock fights and dog fights are illegal because they lead to the death of an animal. Horse racing is no different and should be declared illegal because of the obvious deaths of horses by man’s hands. This is animal cruelty to the maximum and these killers should be behind bars. They are a disgrace to the human race and are getting away with it. These people make me sick to my stomach and should not be allow to have any dealings or handling of horses. Where is the sport watching race horses drop dead on the track, or go down, break legs, get beaten by their rider and owner, having their lives end at such a young age because of greed, only to be delivered to a slaughterhouse. God help us all if this is allowed to continue. These brutal killers and their dead race horses are a part of history that will never be forgotten, and I would not want to be remembered in this way.

  6. It was hard to tell there was even a collison. Did the jocky know that CC got stepped on? If he did, he shouldn’t have been run. Jockies use their crops all the time. This is nothing new. How would the jocky have known CC was injured without actually getting off and looking? The wound is on his fetlock, you can’t see the fetlock while riding, so blasting the jocky for abusing CC while injured is uncalled for. He most likely didn’t even know. Why do we assume the worst? I’m not a fan of horseracing but I’d like to think that having come this far, they would have chosen a compassionate rider for CC.

    • Does the fact that jockeys use their whips “all the time” give them a free pass to be excessive in their use?…and does that make striking their mounts with them acceptable?…or humane? Racehorses are also given drugs “all the time”!…that is not an excuse to continue!

      And a good rider does not have to visualize an injury to know one is present. They can tell something is amiss in how the horse travels. Regarding California Chrome’s Belmont, Espinoza stated: “[CC] was struggling”. Espinoza knew the colt was “empty”, but he repeatedly whipped him anyway. That is abuse.

      Compassionate rider? ALL of the connections want to win…jockey included.

      • No, using the crop isn’t acceptable. I was just stating its common use. Drugs are not acceptable either. Chrome may not have been bothered by it initially until he got further into the race and once out there, needed to keep moving, again, not excusing any behavior. Its a brutal industry but going by the title of the post, he isn’t the first and won’t be the last. The title of the post made it sound like it was the first time it ever happened to a horse. I’d like to see it all end or to ban riding crops, at least. Horses that like to race will go their fastest on their own.

        All jockies are not created equal. Right or wrong, CC had to keep moving or get run over. They can be compassionate. Of course they all want to win, its why their out there, its what their paid for. It isn’t a Sunday stroll. I don’t like racing but its either run or be run over. CC was moved to the outside of the pack which is less dangerous than running on the inside. He couldn’t safely stop but his risk was minimized.

      • Joy, I couldn’t agree with you more. The TC was on the line and that means lots of dollars in the breeding shed since most of these upper level horses are done racing by the age of four. It is easy to “love” a horse that is winning major races but I wonder if CC’s owners would “love” a low level claimer as much as they did their “hero”.

  7. Someone needs to beat his jokey in the face with the same crop the ban him from the sport and fine the owner.

  8. Your a complete idiot, you have no concept of horse racing. His use of the whip was far from abusive, Espinoza’s ride was standard for racing, when he angles out he’s encouraging the horse to engage the leaders when the horse fails to respond to the urging he puts his whip away inside the 1/16th pole, when it was apparent Chrome wasn’t going forward. Your statement of “mercilessly” is far from accurate, there unfortunately are things wrong with horse racing the ride aboard California Chrome was not one of them.

    • “Espinoza’s ride was standard for racing”…here in the United States, that is. If that ride had taken place in GB, for instance, he would be facing a suspension. CC was hit in succession with more than 5 strikes and Espinoza’s arm was raised above the level of his shoulder. And CC DID fail to respond, yet the whip was not put away. In addition, Espinoza admitted CC was “empty”, he was “struggling”, and he “didn’t feel the same”…he COULD have and SHOULD have taken care of the colt. He clearly did not. Fortunately, CC did that for himself.

      And it’s YOU’RE a complete idiot…

    • check the video,,,,,,,he was hit at least 20 times and hard,the others where not.

    • I love the name calling, Mr. Clark. Name calling shows us all what a classy guy you are and it lends itself to showing that you are also VERY credible! I think you are right where you belong and you need to stay there…immersed in a sinister and corrupt industry – the racing industry!

  9. I’m not disagreeing with the sentiment and outrage over this but I do find it funny that in a society that was built on the backs of the oppressed, still operates in an oppressive manner, refuses to pay the less fortunate a decent minimum living wage, pisses and moans about having to fund welfare and assistance programs for the less fortunate this outrage and discontent is missing, but a horse gets whipped, or a dog is trained to fight and suddenly you people go bat shit crazy in anger. Hmmmm seems some of you need to get your priorities straight.

    Just saying

    • So Jay, we can be assured you are addressing all of the inequities, oppressive conditions, exploitations, abuses and cruelties…as you most certainly are not going to chastise others to get their priorities in order when you’ve neglected to do so yourself…unless you do nothing. That would be my guess.

    • Why is it that some people have to cite the ills of society in general whenever people speak out concerning animal abuse.
      So since there are inequities in society one should be OK with the abuse of animals !
      It should be obvious that working to combat cruelty in the animal world is beneficial to a civilized society as a whole. One does not exclude the other.

    • Jay, then get up off your rump and address the societal issues that concern you. In other words, speak out and take action but do NOT criticize Joy and me for speaking out against the atrocities committed against animals. How do you know I don’t help the less fortunate? I know nothing about you so I would assume you know nothing about me. People have the capacity to make choices – good ones or bad ones – but the dogs and horses that race around a track don’t have a choice and it is all because some freak wants to place a bet for his or her entertainment. Pathetic, at best….

  10. I follow this site everyday. However I must say these comments are mostly out of line. CC was injured during the race not before the race. His jockey only knew he wasn’t running his usual race. That doesn’t mean he knew he grabbed a quarter. Could have thought he wasn’t taking hold or likeing the surface. The track vet and the owners would never allow him to run if he wasn’t 100% and if the jockey had any clue he was injured he would have pulled him up. Lets not overplay the fact that this was the Belmont stakes and blow this up. Takes away from the credibility of this site. Respectfully I leave this comment. Thank you.

    • Except that if CC didn’t respond to the first few slaps of the whip he should have understood something was quite wrong. I have seen many good horses go down under relentless whipping because stupid or cruel jockeys won’t accept that the horse is “off” for a serious reason. The most heartbreaking breakdowns are those in which a poor horse tries to slow because its cannon is beginning to fracture but goes down desperately trying to please the Jockey who is flogging it. No horse should be whipped 15 times in short succession. The jockey should have assumed something was very wrong. He’s lucky it wasn’t an imminent break and they didn’t go down.

    • David, I know CC suffered the injury at the start of the race, and I believe Patrick is aware of that as well. But Espinoza did acknowledge that CC was not the same – “struggling ” – “empty” – and with that knowledge, Espinoza still asked for more. I’m not even suggesting he should have pulled CC up, but the whipping in the stretch when the colt was not responding was excessive use. The fact that this happened during the Belmont, to me, is neither here nor there…except that a race replay is available for all to witness the truth. CC was struck at least 20 times in 15 seconds, successive strikes, coming from an arm that started its motion from above the level of the shoulder, and to a horse that was not responding and by the jockey’s own admission was “struggling”. Do you sincerely believe that was acceptable?

      • David, Joy’s comment is dead-on. Of course I wasn’t suggesting that Espinoza knew of the injury, but he did know something was not right with his horse. And he whipped – excessively – anyway.

        • You don’t pull a horse up because he’s not running his usual race. Jock had no idea he was injured. Are you saying that every horse that “struggles ” should pulled up?

      • this horse was whipped at least 20 times,this may have been more the issue that the moves he made 3 to 4 times in and out,,what a terrible run cc had.


  11. They should be charged!!!!!! Wake up people!!! No money in the world should protect them, and this includes the jockey who whipped him.. He should be whipped!!!!

  12. I think it should be a contest of racing horses without crops or any other punishing tool.

  13. Lisa, you are clearly in denial in claiming Espinoza did not repeatedly whip California Chrome in the stretch. It is recorded, for all to see.

    • Joy, perhaps Lisa has a problem with counting the number of times CC was struck with the whips,

      • Sheila Ivimey, Perhaps you should look at the reply closely. Most of the time he showed him the whip, not hit him.

  14. The horse ran his race. He was hemmed in down the back side forced to go 5 wide around one of the longest turns in the country. At the 1/8 pole he was responding and a length off the lead. The horse started to drift out under a left handed whip, so the rider switched sticks and CC got back on course. Soon after Espinoza saw he would not win the race and put the stick away all but standing up on him at the wire.
    He is not dead. As mentioned by one informed commenter. Although that would have been a shot in the arm for Blogs like this one. I am sure that will be disputed, but making him a martyr was a dream of more then one in here.
    As much as many wanted him to succeed other wished him to fail. To fail and have his quarter bleeding, that much sweeter…

    • I was the one who made the comment that CC died on the track, but he didn’t. I confused him with Stormdefrere. She died at Penn on June 7, 2014 at 10:31 pm. The 5-year-old mare was making her third start in 21 days, broke down and died in the 3rd race at Penn National. I read that the trainer/owner pushed the not-yet-fully-mature mare to her death. This could have easily happened to CC after sustaining his injury at the start of the race, and being pushed by his jockey, who admitted he felt something was wrong at the start of the race. So, my bad for making ONE incorrect statement about CC.

      • Drug usage at race tracks differ from state to state. Drugs given to horses ARE listed in the program the day they race.. IE Lasix or Phenylbutazone (bute) Random drug testing is done at barns as well as the winners urine in tested after the race to make sure there was no cheating. RE the use of the whip..Racing stewards from NYRA would have made a determination after the race if “excessive use of the whip was used” if so the jockey would have been suspended. Dr. Dean Richardson a well known Vet states a horse is fully grown by the age of 5. The injury to CC was a VERY MINOR injury.All that was needed was a bandage.the horse can return to training in a week.

  15. I think you should go after the biggest injustices. Watch some claiming races. If Victor didn’t try he would probably have been accused of intentionally losing the race(I think the term is throwing.) He stopped using the whip long before the finish line, that shows in my opinion that he was not abusing the horse. In the other races he stopped encouraging the horse to go faster when he was clearly winning and was keeping him safe from over running. He was actually very careful in this race in not taking risks that could have caused this horse to fall. Remember he had no idea why the horse wasn’t his normal self. He had the horse on the rail for most of the run saving ground. If you want to criticize I would suggest to lobby for getting rid of the whips all together. I think that would be more effective, overall than picking out one jockey, when there are so many and so many ways these horses are and can be abused. Start with running them too young. Start with the drugs. This was as good a Team to appropriately care for a horse as you are going to get. Go after the real dirt bags or get changes in the rules. But if he (the jockey) didn’t try he would never get a ride again from other Trainers and the handicappers would shun him as well. I am not saying I like the use of the whip in racing just looking at the whole picture. I do believe GB has better laws and regulations overall actually. I bet this Jockey probably even apologized to this horse and if he didn’t he should. They(horses) are amazingly forgiving souls.

    I personally can’t watch cheap claiming races it makes me sick. Stakes and graded horses are all slick and pampered and the bottom end well…not so much. I am certain that his over emotional co-owner would have this horse in his backyard if he could no longer run not sent to a slaughterhouse over the border. “Junior” is a more of a pet that the usual race horse $$tool, lucky for him. Consider working towards a requirement that a percentage of all race earnings at the tracks to go into an equine retirement fund. That would serve many horses, not just a few. Another percentage could perhaps come from the major TB yearling sales etc.

    I have an unraced TB who was purchased at a yearling sale, but was too small and would not have fared well physically or emotionally at a track. He is a wonderful soul and plays backstretch run on a straightaway in the back field. It is in their blood. He has never experienced many of the things people feel are unfair to many horses…like tie downs for forced head positions etc. But some things have happened before I got him…it took a year to touch his ears (and he has always loved people) He would not tolerate a “lunging whip” not even just held nearby but not raised. I can however worm without a halter and do feet the same way. They come when called. They have Toys and grass and can walk, run and roll and sleep next to friends, Perfect no, have I learned from mistakes yes, never use any “trainer” until you have watched them in action, never use any “trainer” until you are ready to stand up right away and say no to whatever you don’t want done, don’t freeze in shock. They can learn a lot, just take the time it takes and believe in yourself. Believe in your friend and soul mate. Be creative, listen to the horse and do pay attention to his/her eyes they tell all. I can not say that enough.

    I do believe it is more difficult to find safe truly considerate homes for a horse than it is for a dog and that these Mustang “breaking competition events” are similar to the coliseum games… of the Roman Empire, horrible. They don’t consider the learning speed or style of each individual animal or whom they are being “matched” with. Just an ego contest for “trainers” sanctioned by… the BLM, need I say more.

    • We report on abuses – including, obviously, those in the claiming game – daily, as a closer look at our site would reveal. This is not a case of “picking out one jockey.”

  16. You do realise, a fair amount of you are single-ing Espinoza out being the jockey of california chrome, for excessive whipping, when a lot of the other jockeys were also doing the same thing, and to say “beat this jockey in the face with same whip and ban him”, you might as well say that for about half of the jocks out there. Plus, he may have gotten specific orders or requests from the owners. But to say he should be whipped, shame on you. No matter the circumstance, don’t stoop to that level, and to say that what he did was barbaric, well to say he should be whipped, im sorry but thats pretty barbaric.
    In conclusion, your all single-ing out one person when there were many others doing the same. There truly was no way to know he was injured, all of you saying he knew something was off he should have pulled him up, can you read a horses mind? I dont think he can either, there could have been a million and one reasons he felt off other than an injury.
    So before you right or reply to other people, collect yourself and calm down before righting hateful/spiteful things.

  17. Racing’s Paulick Report on the Australian research study on the use of a whip to make a horse run faster. Like drugs, toe grabs, heel nerving — U.S. racing doesn’t really care what the rest of the world proves or does. It’s win at all cost.

    On a different subject but more disturbing: Since racing is a billion dollar gambling industry and they have agreed that it is critical that gamblers must know if a horse is wearing blinkers or has an equipment change and that must be noted in the program (yet bettors can visibly SEE whether the horse has blinkers on or not), how can they possibly think it is okay to then hide from the public what DRUGS a horse has been given? All drug records should be available to the public at any time.

  18. Serious investigations need to be conducted as to whether California Chrome was injured before the race even began. He was clearly limping as he was being led to the gates. Please look at videos of the horses being led out and you will see what I am talking about. If Coburn ran CC knowing he was injured this is more serious than anyone can imagine. We are talking serious violations of racing rules, animal cruelty, danger to all the horses and riders, as well as tampering with the odds if the truth had been known. I am not stating I know for a fact he was injured before but I am stating that we were watching him being led to the gates with Espinoza on his back and it was very obvious he was favoring his right front foot. I noticed it and so did everyone else in the room with me. Please call for an investigation! I worry about CC having owners who would subject him to this type of animal cruelty. :(

    • Are you insane or just ignorant? Do you think the owner would have let his horse run if he was injured? Do you think the stewards would have loaded the horse if he was hurt? People get REAL.Do you think the owner would have jeopardized breeding career would SEVERAL million dollars to chance a winning pool of $800000.00 Before you criticize a sport please LEARN about it. And NO the horse did not LIMP to the gate. wouldn’t every TV analyst would have seen the same thing and commented, or do you think they are in on it too?

      • Sad you cannot debate without name calling. I am a horse woman and I know when a horse is limping. Just because you didn’t see it does not mean it didn’t happen. And yes I do think that Coburn would have raced him because he was obsessed with winning the Triple Crown. An injury such as CC had could have easily been covered up before the race but would have begun to bleed afterwards. You obviously don’t know much about horseracing or you would know that there are many devious things that are done in this sport.

    • you do know there is a vet watching these horses from the time they walk into the paddock till they leave the racetrack after the race .. And will Scratch any horse that does not appear sound … your should if your so smart btw how many years have you been at the track ? 46 myself

      • Really, Ms. Mohr? Do you remember a horse by the name of Life At Ten? She was trained by one of the really big “hot shots” in racing – Todd Pletcher. Here is a quote from a blog that I read….Velazquez asked the veterinarians to look the mare over, which, according to Dr. Larry Bramlage, the on-call vet, was done. In fact, it was done by three vets and Life At Ten was deemed ok to start.

        I guess I am troubled with your comment that there is a vet watching over these horses. Yes, there is a vet, but, as you know, the vets want to keep their jobs and racing cards MUST be filled. More races equals more money going into racing’s coffers. Therefore, what you have stated above simply isn’t true, at least for Life At Ten. Perhaps her connections were ONLY interested in the $$$$$.

      • Laura, sorry that I replied to this post of yours instead of the one above but that one didn’t have a “reply” link. I do believe you stated, in a previous post, that “these people are idiots”. I assume you meant me and some others posting here that are anti-racing. Then you state that “no…I don’t run my horses on drugs, but in the next breath you babble that you do run your horses on bute and Lasix. Later in your post, you brag about your father and the fact that you are a vet tech. Again, according to you, I am an “idiot” yet you clearly do NOT know that bute and Lasix are drugs…dirty, dirty drugs. I guess I’m confused. Who exactly is the “idiot” here? I know that bute and Lasix are drugs so I am extremely concerned that you seem to be in denial when it comes to that fact. Therefore, I would like to bring you up to speed and share some info with you concerning Lasix. By the way, I have info on bute, too.

        The bleeding EXITS from the nostrils, but it originates in the LUNGS….where because of the extreme stress on the pulmonary vascular system when the jockey is asking the racehorse to run at full speed for the length of the race (under whipping), capillaries burst under the increased pressure of the increased blood supply which the horse’s body is “screaming” for…these capillaries burst, and the bleeding has its “outlet” via the nostrils. This is NOT a simple, harmless, “bloody nose”. So how do those in the industry “fix” this?…of course, not by doing the humane thing (not race the horse)…that would affect their wallet. What they do is administer Lasix. Lasix dehydrates. It decreases blood VOLUME by removing “water” from the blood (not cells)…therefore, with less blood volume, when the horse’s body is screaming for more oxygen, the heart pumps faster, forcing more blood first through the lungs for oxygenation, but NOW with the lower blood volume, there is not the increased pressure in the vascular system and the capillaries don’t burst. They “fixed” the problem of bleeding…by not only dehydrating the horse (what human runner does anyone know that dehydrates before a race!!!…NONE), but by also making the horse’s blood “thicker” with less “water” but the same amount of the “solid” portion (the cells). It is no wonder horses drop dead from cardiac events, ie, heart attacks.

        Laura, now it is a fact that Lasix is VERY detrimental to the skeletal system of young horses and, as a vet tech, I’m sure you know that. However, according to you, you say that most horses run with that drug but then say you don’t run horses on drugs. Unbelievable! I’m not even sure it is worth the time engaging you. I do believe that you are right where you belong – immersed in a sinister and corrupt industry.

  19. I also want to thank the author for this story about Horseracing Wrongs. You are very correct, Sir. California Chrome was severely whipped and this is something that should never be tolerated in any situation or any sport. It seriously grieved me to watch this and also Rosie beat General A-Rod severely too in the home stretch. Anyone who thinks this is okay is simply not human.

    • I’m glad that were getting some feedback from people in the know. People like you! Please read my posts! It’s amazing that so many people who know nothing can give such ridiculous opinions. Thanks for the post.

  20. @David Juffet – Educated people can post comments without name calling. Educated people know that horrible things happen all the time.

    • I’ve never name call on this site or in my real life. I hope your nit referring to me.

  21. Reblogged this on Political Bedlam and commented:
    I think this blog has great merit! I also wonder if California Chrome was injured before the race began. As he was being led to the paddocks I clearly saw him limping on his right front foot. I call for a full and complete investigation!

    • Terence Collier, the director of marketing at Thoroughbred auction house Fasig-Tipton, said most people he talks to value Chrome at $15 million to $20 million if he won Saturday. That’s based on a formula that includes an estimate of the horse’s stud fee.Do you think the owner was going to risk that if he knew the horse was hurt? jazz I was deeply rooted in the race comunity for many years. I know the truths of racing all too well. I also know Owners, trainers, jockeys cry and mourn when a horse goes down. I also know the sadness that comes with putting a horse down.Everyday in KY rood and riddle (the hospital) study horse injuries to see why they occur and to see how they could have been avoided.These barbarians you speak of also run, organize and promote programs such as Rerun. A rehab and placement program for retired racers. Old Friends, another organization is a retirement farm where horses can go to live out their lives. Wanna test my knowledge of horse racing Jazz? Perhaps you should focus your questions to the horse racing community for answers. Don’t just point a finger.

      • Thank you for your comments feel like I’m bring plowed under here. Have a great day!

  22. Jazziette. No way horse would have or could have run with that injury. You claim to be knowledgable but make a statement that just doesn’t wash. No way the stewards don’t see that.

    • David, I have owned and trained many horses. I am highly knowledgeable of what I speak. How many have you owned? On what do you base your theory?

      • Anyone who has to say they are “Highly Knowledgeable”, probably isn’t that knowledgeable…
        Commenting that a horse was limping going in to the gate is utterly ridiculous. If he was off before the race he surely would have been worse after and 10 times worse the next day. Funny how no one has made any statements about how sore he was walking to the van to go home. Do you know why?? Because he wasn’t. He was on his toes, bouncing around the barn the next day…

  23. Not a theory an opinion based on many years of experience as an investor in race horses. We buy at yearling sales and run at a high level. Currently have 13 in training. 12 on east coast stabled at Belmont and the Spa and 1 at Santa Anita. I see stewards and vets scratch horses every day. We would never run a horse less then 100# healthy never. That injury would shelf my horse for at least 3 months. Would turn him out. Respectfully Dave.

    • To both Daves: You wrote: “No way horse could have or would have run with that injury.” Thank you very much. You just made my point. If that had happened at the beginning of the race as trainer Art Sherman said, there would have been complete and utter chaos. I know firsthand how horses react to foot injuries and that would have been so painful to Chrome that he would have stopped and probably reared or fallen down, creating a pileup in which God only knows what would have happened. To the other Dave: You speak like an authority on horse owner’s behavior. I too have known many thoroughbred owners and I have seen it all. You theorize that Chrome’s owner would not have taken a chance because of the stud fee involved. I counter that with the fact that Coburn was so obsessed with winning the Triple Crown he would have done anything to win, even if it meant taking a chance. I personally don’t think we are talking about the sharpest knife in the drawer. It could have happened before the race. It is more likely it did happen before and not during the race because it would have been very extremely obvious if he had sustained such a painful injury. The world would have known it! Have a nice day gentlemen. It has been interesting.

      • Likewise! Nice to have an intelligent conversation enjoyed it! Have a great day. Thanks for your thoughts. Dave J.

    • Another Country great comment! Nice to see a little sanity is beginning to take over this conversation.

      • Thank You DJ, I have been beating my head against the wall in this blog for way too long.I have kept my mouth shut on most things because banter like this only brings attention. In my opinion the main reason for blogs like this one is attention, notoriety. Hating horse racing is the “In” thing now. If one of them can get famous from it, What the Hell..

        Ask them about Eventing, Polo, wearing leather, the make-up they wear that was tested on animals and most stop commenting and move on to the next post. This blogger had another page called “In Behalf of the Animals” or something similar to that. It was very informative, about all animals. Actually a very good blog. It got about 10 comments total. All the “Wonderful People” who comment in here wouldn’t want to look at themselves in the mirror after commenting in that one.

        We could never make any difference with anything we say in here. We are just peons to their royalty. Also beware pretty soon someone might come in and try to sell their book to everyone…

  24. I hate reading all these comments about how “cruel and barbaric” horse racing is. Let me tell you the exact up to date analysis on the cc situation. Going to post (the start for anyone who isnt sure about racing) cc was absulutely fine and UNINJURED, however unfortunately for all concerned (including cc) the horse in the stall on the outside clipped his fetlock (horse ankle) and created the wound that we can see in the picture. When a horse receives a shock impact injury like that They all (Shetland ponies to thoroughbreds) act in the same way and try to run from the pain. This meant that instead of stopping like a human the horse carries on running, this leaves the jockey with no idea that the horse is injured. This means that this is not a case of abuse from the jockey. I’m a national hu t jockey from Britain and all I can say is that the reason why myself, the other jockeys, owners, trainers, breeders and stable staff as well as anybody else associated in the sport (yes sport not bussiness) of horse racing get involved in the sport in the first place is that we LOVE horses. Why would we beat something that we love and dedicate our lives to. There are some elements of American racing which I’m not a fan of. The first is the type of whip you guys use. The original crock that you currently use hasn’t changed my from the early days of racing and hasn’t developed in line with animal rights. In the UK we use a hugley padded whip which works even better than a crock because the horse doesn’t drift from the whip because they are shocked every time the stick is used. I also feel that in the US you overuse the whip. In the UK we are only allowed to use the whip 8 times in the last half mile in a steeplechase and only 6 times in the last quarter mile on the flat. What this rule change does is encourages jockeys to use methods like hands and heels instead of simply hitting the horse. At first the law change was hugely contested early on but now the skill levels of jockeys has become even higher and racing is gaining a wider audiance due to us taking animal rights campaigners seriously but not above racing experts. Finally I would like to talk about thr surface that is used in American racing. Dirt is deadly if you run a horse it is 3 times more likely to break down to when it is running on turf or on a horse friendly all weather track (polytrack) these tracks are not only better for the horses as it puts less pressure on the horses leg and it can be used in any weather unlike dirt.

    Thankyou for reading and I hope this goes some way to solving the issue.

  25. KYANA…and I quote you:“You want them to just hang out in a field somewhere? They would probably rather be put down.” And YOU know what you’re talking about? Scary. Then every single racehorse that does make it out sound and alive had better be killed according to your logic. Give Michael Blowen a call and let him know how miserable all of the retired racehorses at his farms are. And then get on the horn with the other countless rescues that have the tossed-aside “athletes” of your “sport”. They all need to be euthanized, KYANA..”.they would probably rather be put down”…wow.

    And LAURA, since you agree with Kyana, you can help him/her make the phone calls to the rescues and organizations that are housing these miserable horses..hanging out in a field…those poor, unhappy horses. Funny how one of the first things those in the industry do in “discussions” with those who work to rescue the “athletes” of your “sport” is name call…IDIOTS, you say. And YOU agree with Kyana’s logic? Who are the idiots?

    LAURA, your words: “Unhealthy, abused horses do not make money.” Loaded statement you offered up. Regarding the horses making money…exactly the number one incentive for breeders/owners/trainers to do whatever it takes to get that horse to earn a check. I’ve witnessed it. Six months/year for nearly ten years. Watched it on the track and in their stalls…loaded HUNDREDS of injured horses onto my trailer…horses that only 12 hours prior had run a race with a PRE-EXISTING injury. The racing commissioner knew it, the state vet was chatting it up with whomever was around in the paddock before the race (instead of watching the horses), and the stewards did nothing. Injured horses WILL run and they DO make money. Not much, but when you’re a trainer at a low-level track with the low-level claimers (which are the majority of racehorses in this country…the “backbone” of the racing industry), you will risk a catastrophic breakdown with an already injured horse that isn’t “worth” anything anyway, except what the meat guy will pay for him/her, in order to make a few hundred bucks to support your family. ALL THE TIME. Why do the horses have to support you?…why do they have to “make money” (your words)?…why do they have to “earn their keep”? Of course you have hay, feed, vet, and farrier bills!…you have horses, you are responsible for them! Someone on this thread told “us” to “get a real job” and stop voicing our concerns about the abuse the horses in this industry endure. To that person, I encourage YOU to consider getting a “real job” so you aren’t demanding your horses “pay their way”. Pay your own way. I do.

    Bred to race…that is always a good one from racing enthusiasts. So let’s think on that one. Bred to race…bred to be a Big Lick…bred to be a halter horse…bred to be a racing greyhound…bred for food…bred to entertain the visitors at SeaWorld…bred to fight in the pit. So some human somewhere decided that their mare is going to be bred to some stallion, the resulting foal to be a racehorse. Bred to be a racehorse…guess that foal has no other option than to be a racehorse (and he is going to be MISERABLE hanging out in a field somewhere). Some imperfect human decided for that foal that he was going to run. Bred to race…it only means something to the human that made the decision…to the resulting foal, it means nothing.

    • Joy , first of all ill say again my horses are not abused and im all for horse rescue and finding retired racehorses a forever home . I not only Train but pony as well to feed my racehorses that is my REAL JOB ,, every pony horse i have had and have now is a retired race horse , i do not nor do 90% of the owner , Trainer, Jockeys , Grooms , Vets …i know agree with horse slaughter !!! And i know alot of them !! Like i said before i have been in horseracing my whole life ( 2nd Generation ) Im not sure what fantasy world you live in but do you really think all the horses should be hanging out in a field somewhere ?? truth is most horses have a job whether they race , show ,pull a wagon , chase cows or just give kids rides.. my horses do not support me , we support each other , they are my partners in my job , And yes i do have a REAL JOB I do more physical labor before 8 am on any given day than most people do in a week ! And i do that feeding training grooming spoiling my so called abused horses … Maybe you should quit insulting the racetrack people who dedicate there lives and yes it is a way of life 24/7 365 days a year caring for loving and yes morning for the horses we loose !!! And start coming up with reasonable solution to all the unwanted horses out there that get tied to a post at an auction and abandoned , or all these so called rescues that end up broke and letting a bunch of horses starve because they cant feed them .. yes i have seen that up close and personal and have fostered horses that have been the victims of these people with good intentions !!

      • Firstly, thank you Laura for the horses you’ve helped by fostering…I mean that sincerely. But Laura, it is not my responsibility to come up with “reasonable solutions” to the horse racing industry’s used-up and worn-out horses…the horses they’ve given to rescues, taken to auction, given directly to the kill buyers/dealers, or let starve in a enclosure somewhere. And all of us know there are not enough rescues with unlimited financial resources to take in the countless tossed-aside racehorses…THAT says something about the industry. Coming up with solutions for this gambling industry is no more my responsibility as it is your responsibility to come up with a solution for my “worn-out” horses. And I didn’t even make them earn their keep…

    • Joy, you ask a question….who are the idiots? Horses run injured ALL the time! Anyone who doesn’t know that is…well, you know….an idiot! Maybe some people are bred to be idiots!

  26. DAVID JUFFET, you stated you “follow this site everyday”. I’m wondering what you think of the LISTS that Patrick posts every week of racing casualties. I’ve never seen your comments on the horses that die, are pulled up, break down, vanned off. (ANOTHER COUNTRY, you should have a problem with that because according to you, we must comment on everything or nothing. David J. has only commented – that I have seen to date – on CC’s piece, so he must not want to look at himself in the mirror when Patrick brings up the low-level claimers that die every day. So in your book, his comments on this CC thread are without merit…how DARE he only address this!) And DAVID J., we know those lists are incredibly incomplete. Those lists don’t include the horses that limp into rescues only to require surgical intervention for their untreated injuries they suffered while making money for their connections…or receive the prognosis that they can only live as a pasture ornament, again due to the injuries suffered while making money…or require euthanasia since their injuries suffered while making money have made it impossible to live without daily, constant pain. Those lists don’t include the horses that are brought to auction where they are sold for the price of meat, or the horses that go directly to the KB so as not to take a chance some rescue finds your horse at New Holland or Sugarcreek or Shipsy and turns you in to your “zero-tolerance slaughter policy” track (and that is laughable). Some tracks even have the “luxury” of having TB racehorse owner Jaroslav Gold racing at their track. That is really convenient, since his “real job” is a KILL BUYER…not JUST A KILL BUYER, but the Midwest’s largest supplier of horses to a Canadian slaughterhouse. DAVID J., since you are at such a “high level”, maybe you have some connections and can do something about a horse of his that hasn’t been seen in awhile. Her name is TAKE INTEREST. Gold claimed her at Churchill (how ironic…a zero-tolerance slaughter track that allowed a kill buyer to claim a filly running at their track) in May of 2013. She’s not been seen since October 2013. And finally DAVID J., I would love to follow your horses at the NY tracks and at SA. Who’s your trainer? No claiming races? No drugs? I can assume you’re a member of WHOA? But please come and comment on the injured and dead, as well. Or are those dead and damaged beneath you? ANOTHER COUNTRY will be on your case, otherwise….

    DAVID, your question: “Do you think the owner was going to risk that if he knew the horse was hurt?” (oh and BTW, I for one do NOT think CC was injured before the race…tired as hell, yes, but injured, no). I don’t know if Coburn would or not…he certainly has seemed to be getting pretty greedy. But you and others make these statements that a horse’s connections wouldn’t risk their horse’s well-being because they are worth so much. War Emblem?..ran with knee chips. (Baffert’s quote regarding that, “Let the chips fall where they may”). I’ll Have Another?…did you SEE the vet records with everything that colt was on?…a 3 y/o with a diagnosis of osteoarthritis! Yet he ran in the KD and the PS. DO’N had no choice but to scratch him from the BS…I’m sure that was damn difficult for him. Nehro? Geez, DAVID J., I hope you pay closer attention to your horses than what Zayat did…he says he knew nothing of his horse’s horrific feet. Of course, Asmussen just LOVED that horse – that according to a 5-5-2013 Bloodhorse article after Nehro died his f****** violent death. Life at Ten?…she was CLEARLY lame in the post-parade. No one stopped her from going to the gate, did they. Not the vet, the stewards…no one. But to move on, it’s the “cheap horses” (Michael Gill’s words, not mine) that run injured…constantly. And even many of those “cheap horses” once ran at Saratoga, CD, Belmont, SA, and the other “high level tracks”, where DAVID J.’s horses run. DAVID, it’s all about the money and the ego. And it’s a gambling industry…in more ways than one…owners and trainers gamble with their “cheap horses’” lives every day. Over a ten-year period, 66% of the trainers we acquired horses from ran their horses on pre-existing injuries. 66%. And there were some trainers whose horses we never got…they went directly to licensed racing owner/kill buyer Gold.

    For the DAVID’s…you both might like to read this from The Thoroughbred Daily News, an OpEd by Bill Casner…here is just a portion:

    “This morning I viewed with revulsion the video posted by PETA. The cold hard fact is that it is a snapshot of how so many racehorses are managed. Our industry is permeated with those who have no regard for the welfare of the horse nor understanding of the growing negative perception of horse racing. The horse becomes only a tool for fulfilling their own agendas of WIN AT ALL COSTS. Until our value system changes and the horses are treated like the living, breathing, majestic animals that they are, we will continue to diminish as an industry until we no longer exist.

    Most trainers have little or no investment in the horses they train, whether it is financial or emotional. They will run red light after red light in pushing that horse until it fails and then they will call the owner and spin him a story. Every vet will tell you that 90% of the major injuries have an existing underlying pathology that precedes the eventual failure yet those trainers will tell the owner that the horse “just took a bad step” and “that’s horse racing”.

    Thank you, Bill Casner…someone in the industry with the guts to speak the truth.

    • Joy Aten, How are you today?? Great to hear from you. You seem a little perturbed. You also are throwing out there what i would do in different cases.Hell maybe you are right. I write a lot of things in a lot of blogs but I don’t remember saying everyone had to comment on everything. I did mention how no one commented in Patrick other wonderful blog. Maybe that is where your hostilities are coming from.

      Please tell me if i am wrong, because i do not have the time to research all the comments of the past, but didn’t you mention one time that euthanasia was the answer for many of the unwanted animals? I believe slaughter was the topic and I asked “what are they going to do with all the horses?”. I believe your answer was euthanasia.

      As for David Juffet. I personally don’t know him from Adam or maybe he is me with a different alias?? Naa he seems smarter then I. Seems you are upset with him for being a first time commenter. Everyone had to start somewhere.

      I am not surprised you affirmed CC was not sore going into the gate. You are one to call it like it is. I am pretty sure the owner would have wanted to run regardless.(Trainer would not let it happen). As HBO’s John Oliver said “It isn’t easy to be the least classy person at a race track” I believe that guy is right up there in the running for that.

      Well everyone the triple crown races are over and none of the horses went down on national TV. All I can say to you is “Better Luck Next Year”…

      • AC-2, I absolutely would choose humane euthanasia over slaughter. Every time. What I disagreed with is the argument that if the horses could no longer race, they would “choose” being put down over “hanging out in a field”. Come on AC-2, you know as well as I do that is ridiculous. But again, yes…if the only other option was slaughter, I choose euthanasia.

        And I LOVE to see new folks commenting!…love it! That DJ is making first-time comments on CC while he admits he reads HW “every day” yet doesn’t comment elsewhere is not one bit of a problem for me. It seems that you don’t take kindly to that…I know you said something about us never commenting on Patrick’s other blog…you were getting at the point that we are hypocritical. And clearly, it doesn’t mean that at all. DJ only comments on CC…great. I only comment (basically) on HW, that shouldn’t be an issue, either.

    • Good morning Joy. I’ve written many comments on this site. How do I feel about the list if injured and dead horses? How do you think I feel? Makes me sick and disgusted. I’ll look into the horse you mentioned,Take Interest and get back to you. Have a nice day be in touch.

    • Joy reached out and have information on Take Interest. He is stabled at thistledown. Hasn’t run I 2014 but worked out last month and is doing well. Was turned for a 5 month vacation back in training now. Glad I could help you out.

      • DJ, please see my comment below. I neglected clicking on “Reply” previously, but I did respond to your comment. And I did forget to ask you – a second time as you didn’t respond – who is your trainer?…do your horses run on medications?…do you put them into claiming races?…and are you a member of WHOA? I would very much like to follow your horses. Thank you.

  27. And finally, ANOTHER COUNTRY 2…I am really disappointed, AC-2. I thought you were tougher. “Another Country” became fed up with all of us, constantly beating his head against a brick wall, and left. But he comes back as ANOTHER COUNTRY 2…yet alas, we just continue to frustrate you…we don’t comment on Patrick’s other blog, we wear make-up that is tested on bunnies, we eat meat and drink milk and wear leather (now I’m not certain how you would have any idea about those last four things, and actually, thinking about that is a bit creepy)…and it appeared that you left again. But you DIDN’T AC-2!…you were lurking! Finally, someone comments who is on your “side” and you’re back. You just needed a buddy, a friend. And you don’t even care that HE doesn’t comment on Patrick’s other material! You know, AC-2, you can’t have it both ways!

    So hating horse racing is the “IN” thing? So I’m probably patting myself on the back when I say I was ahead of the time, then? “We” get reamed over the coals by you, AC-2, if we defend ourselves or answer the questioning of our credibility. JAZZIETTE merely stated she is a knowledgeable horsewomen in response to someone’s attack. And one better not mention a book they’ve written on the very subject matter as Patrick’s HW blog! Yet, David J. mentions he “runs at a high level”, and you don’t say with indignation “anyone who has to mention they race at a high level probably isn’t at that high of a level”…hmmm, something’s not jiving, AC-2.

    You are right, AC-2, that nothing you say here will make a difference…to ME, at least. And I know that anything I say will not make a difference to those who see nothing wrong with horseracing. But aside from these “discussions” we get ourselves into, the convictions I share are not for the racing supporters, anyway…they are for those who are where I once was.

    • Yes Joy I am just a follower. I also lurk under bridges and watch everyone to see if they are wearing make-up.
      I don’t believe toughness has anything to do with not wanting to take the time to post comments when the 1 out of 100 I make sense in makes everyone go to the next post. I have tried to answer all questions aimed at me, but get few of my own answered. That is where the head beating comes from.

      You do have a point about the “High Level” runners. I am just the kind of person who believes that if you are such a great person, great trainer, a member of Mensa International, a cage fighter, or simply great at anything, you won’t go around telling everyone. The truly great ones that i know, don’t want anyone to know how great they are. They will let you find out on your own. A Motto of mine is “If you have to tell me how great you are, you are probably not that great. If someone else tells me how great you are, I will take it in to consideration”..Corny I know but what do you expect out of someone like me????

      Still a fan of yours Joy, and no I do not expect the same of you…

      • I forgot to ask something in my other comment to you, AC…and my memory was just jogged by something I read…do you TRULY think I thought it was SWEET when CC was injured in the race?…and that I am hoping for “better luck next time”?!? That is really insulting. Geez, AC, I can’t even watch races anymore. I go in another room and can barely hear what’s going on because my heart is pounding so damn hard (and I know what’s coming here…I’ve had racing supporters tell me “If you hate racing so much, just quit following it you idiot! – only it was “you f****** b****”). Then I watch the replay when I know no horse has gone down. I HATED seeing CC whipped like that (that hurts – don’t tell me it doesn’t) and the other two not finishing. Hate it, AC. There was nothing sweet about that. That being said, for the horses that have broken down in races that no one sees, oh how I wish THOSE races were on NBC on a Saturday afternoon. Let the general public see what racing is really about…those killing claiming races.

        Oh my comment about you not being tough?…I meant that you didn’t like being the only one getting pummeled by us. You’re back… you have your buddy, David J., to take a share of the hits. And not receiving responses to pertinent questions?…I get the same thing.

      • Joy, I am not sure if you are being facetious or not but before 2 days ago I had never heard of David Jaffet. So as for him being my buddy? I guess only time will tell, but he will never be able to take your place if that is what is bothering you.
        As for me getting pummeled? If it makes everyone feel good to believe they have me on the run, great. I am the kind of person that doesn’t mind taking one to give one. I’ve been trading punches one way or the other my whole life.

        Do I think you wanted CC to break down or come back bloody? Not you personally but I do believe there are people in here that did. It would have been the best publicity the anti-racing community could have ever had. He could if been the new poster child.

        Ok Joy. I honestly answered your question will you return the favor? Did you want CC to win? Please don’t cop out and say it wouldn’t of mattered either way. ..

  28. David Juffet, Take Interest is a mare…you sure you have that right? Still with the kill buyer, Jaron Gold? Here’s another…Marilyn’s Guy. I know where he is, but he’s headed down and soon to hit bottom. And Hundred Adams, T for Tammy, Sluggette, Mess in a Dress…oh yes, Red Tesla I believe is the horse’s name…Baffert’s. Might have the spelling incorrect. Can you find out where that horse is?

    So what do you think of Casner’s “the industry is permeated” [with those who don’t give a damn about the welfare of the horse], David?

    • Wow that’s a lot your asking of me lol! Quite the list of missing horses. I’ll try to track them down for you need a little time. Don’t spend a lot of time online. I do know that Red Telsa was vanned off last time out. I don’t know Bob but can make a call. While writing this I received another email from you. While I’m trying to open some meaningfull dialog with you my time is limited. Please don’t jam me with too much at once. To answer another question I’m a private investor that supplements funds at yearling sales for buyers. The horses I have interests in are train by Zito,Chad Brown and G. Motion. Yes I’m 100% sure that your 1st mentioned horse is alive and well in Ohio. I’ll get back to you ASAP. Have a nice day.

      • David, when you get a chance, could you please answer Joy’s question?…What do you think of Casner’s comment that the industry is permeated with those who don’t give a damn about their horses…If Casner feels this way, then why are the racing enthusiasts calling us names because we feel the EXACT same way? Even though Casner is immersed in the racing industry, at least he is telling the truth about the way the majority of the horses are treated.

  29. Two more, DAVID JUFFET…they are both already dead, but necropsy reports would be appreciated: See the Music and Open Window. Thank you.

    • This was addressed in my last post. What is your connection to this industry? What else can I assist you with?

    • You do know that Open Window was born in 1994. Last ran in 1998. How long have you been waiting on her info???

      • Another Country 2, no reply from Joy. I tried to find some middle ground fool that I am but now I realize I’m dealing with a fanatic. I’ll wait for a reply and show respect as I do in all walks of life. Bob Dylan said “even the president of the United States sometimes has to stand naked”. That’s what we have here I’m afraid to say. How low can you go expecting me to give information on horses that are 20 years old. Waste of breath. Stick with our movement for a level playing field across the board. Rick Porter is a standup guy. There’s a way to get there and will figure it out some how but I’m already there in my mind and that’s good enough for now. This may be my last post on this site. People need to come to my level I’m not going down to theirs. Have a great night. Dave J.

    • Don’t know if Gold still owns horse but she worked out on May 18 so all is well for now. After Joy asked me to look into 20yo horses I’ve got a problem. I can’t waste my time but I will give you a chance and look into your list ok? I will get back to you over the weekend. Have a nice night. Dave J.

  30. As the saying goes “the devil is in the details”. Here are some of the known “details” re the mare, Mess in a Dress :
    She was claimed by Jacobson the first time on 23 Feb. 2012 for $12,500. He started her 6 times in three months until she was claimed for $25,000. Jacobson’s profit on the horse was over $90,000 for the 3 months she was in his barn.
    During her career she was claimed over and over… fast forward to 21 March this year when Jacobson once again claimed her. She started 3 days later and started once again 6 days later (2 starts in 9 days) Jacobson’s profit this time was $14,250 in 9 days !
    In the comments section of her last race (30 March) it said “TIRED”

    Where is this “TIRED” mare now ???

    My point is, this story is emblematic of how these horses are exploited and is by no means the worst of the stories.

    I’m tired of those who say how well these Thoroughbreds are cared for and even loved.
    Those who support/defend this business must be either in denial or flat out lying.

    • The trainer you mention should go back to selling real estate. He’s an example if what’s wrong in our business. Should be barred from all tracks. Total disgrace. There’s cheaters in all walks if life and he fits that category.

      • You know the industry does zilch concerning these trainers. In fact, Jacobson was given a big write up for the most wins for a season in NY, or something to that effect. Further, shortly before his big “accomplishment” there was talk of putting cameras in his barn at Belmont !..Go figure… No, everyone looks the other way. After all, he more than helps fill the race cards and that means $$$.

        Further, when the write up was published on a pro racing site it generated so many negative comments that the moderator very quickly closed the blog down. Made me wonder if the moderator invests in Jacobson’s Drawing Away Stable !!

        All this, and yet the trainer thrives, as do many others in this business.
        You know Jacobson is far from alone in racing.

        The trainers who operate in the claiming game serve the industry well. A lot of money is generated and it provides a convenient disposal system for the upper echelons to be rid of horses not performing at an acceptable level as well as the winners that are starting to falter.

        Yes, there are cheaters in all walks of life but racing has more than a fair share. And while “cheating” is poorly tolerated in business and sports, it is given a nod and a wink in racing.

  31. Just checking comments since I was here yesterday…wow.

    Since I have to work to earn my and my animals’ keep, I cannot come here as often as some and comment as promptly as some are expecting. I will have the time to respond to comments addressed to me later tonight…briefly though…

    AC, of course I didn’t want CC to win…I’ll even give you more and tell you that which ever horse won the KD, I didn’t want that same horse to win the PS…all it did was give a short-lived shot in the arm to the industry and I want it dead, sooner than later. But I don’t want horses hurt. Like I said, promote and televise the daily claiming races. Then we’ll see how many new fans racing attracts.

    DAVID J., I might not have a ladder tall enough to reach your level, since you will not stoop down to mine…a fanatic’s.

    Finally for now, Open Window just died, breezing…her name and death were just reported in one of Patrick’s most recent pieces. She was killed on a NY track…DJ with his high-level connections should be able to receive the necropsy results. Unless they neglect to do a necropsy on this “cheap” mare.

    Good night.

    • Joy, Equibase and The Jockey Club both have one horse named “Open Window”. She was born in 1994. I believe Patrick may have received the wrong name. It is hard to believe that a 20yo mare was breezing at a NY track…

    • Joy, I couldn’t agree with you more. Televise the claiming races…show what REALLY happens to horses that put their lives on the line everyday. If the majority of racing fans knew what really goes on behind closed stall doors, racing would lose even more of its fan base every year than it is already losing, which, according to Arthur Hancock, is 4% yearly.

      • Not aware of his comments didn’t read anything don’t even know who he is. Care to enlighten me? Would be glad to read and give you my opinion. Thanks.

    • Read my post again please don’t post wrong information. I said my horses run at a high level. I didn’t say I was as person on a High level. I treat people like I want to be treated and always show respect. Don’t bother with a ladder just post fair comments that are true facts. Thank you.

      • David Juffet, I would be happy to enlighten you concerning Bill Casner. He was formerly a partner in WinStar Farms and has been elected to the board of the Jockey Club. He is a “big shot” in racing. Also, perhaps you have heard of Arthur Hancock who has publicly stated that drugs are out of control in racing. By the way, we do have TV’s in our home. I have NEVER been able to watch claiming races in the same way I could choose to watch TC races, Breeder ‘s Cup races, etc. Therefore, if I turn on my TV tomorrow, as many average Americans will, which station will televise those claiming races – NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, or CNN to list just a few.

  32. Can you give me a link so I can read his comments? Races are broadcast on HRTV and TVG nationwide each day. Thank you. I don’t pay much attention to WinStar farms. I really want to read his comments.

    • I will reach out to Joy Aten and ask her to post the link here. I have read what he has to say but didn’t save his comment. Joy saves everything! She is a wealth of info! By the way, I don’t pay much attention to HRTV and TVG. I’m not even sure we get those stations with our cable package. I would think those that are heavily involved with racing or are concerned about betting would be more interested, but I could be wrong.

  33. Thanks so much for reaching out to Joy for me. Looking forward to the link will respond as soon as I read. My wife won’t watch either channel. She’s hates the sport!

      • Lol! I like my wife too been married since 1978 and have a 3yo grandson! We watch him m/f 5 days a week while my daughter and her husband work it’s a blessing. My wife had 2 riding horses when she was younger and hates horse racing. She won’t watch any races including the ones that my horses are in. So I get slammed at home and in this site. Oh well! Good I have thick skin. Have a great weekend!

    • David Juffet, Jo Anne Normile has provided the info you requested on Bill Casner. Her post is almost at the bottom. Enjoy!

    • Lisa, why does one have to work on the backside to know about the atrocities committed against the horses in racing?

      • Yes, why does one need to work on the backside to know about the desperate plight of so many horses.
        Actually, it is more difficult to “see” what is going on when one is too close to something. Often that is because of denial, which may be a defense mechanism for some. Or maybe it is a case of “can’t see the forest for the trees” !
        I was a mild fan of racing until a relative became heavily involved in the business. I can tell you it did not take long for me to see the ugly side of racing once I started looking.
        I follow things very closely. I’m now responsible for the retirement of 11 Thoroughbreds, a drop in the bucket, sad to say.

        PS What I said about the retired Thoroughbreds will be considered by some as self promotion. I’m not happy to admit that I can do so little when there are so many in need. This is a bad business, period.

        PPS I would still like to know the status of the mare Mess in a Dress. Her. last start was 30 March. Maybe Lisa can find her through her connections on the backside ?

  34. For David Juffet and all others: Here is the link requested and if you scroll down you will find Bill Casner’s quote.

    As an invester at a high level and a wife who “hates” racing, I am surprised you seem to know so little about the industry in which you are invested — and those “investments” are not stock certificates but magnicifent living creatures that feel pain, fear, hunger, thirst, cramps (how many runners or track competitors take a diuretic before they give their all?) and boredom but are at the mercy of others who choose to give them drugs, both legal and illegal. Human athletes make that choice on their own. Trainers and veterinarians and yes, owners and investors make the decisions to give their “investments” drugs because they expect returns in the form of purse money that translates into stud fees.

    I did not see your name as a supporter of WHOA ( nor have you commented when asked about WHOA and so I would assume you are not even aware that a few good people in racing have been trying to remove drugs from racing for 30 years. You have indicated that you are not familiar with Bill Casner so maybe you are also not familiar with the Hancocks (Sunday Silence ring a bell?), Gretchen Jackson (do you recall Barbaro?), Frank Stronach (happens to own a few racetracks in addition to Adena Springs) and the rest of the people you will find who have been working tirelessly to clean up racing. will bring you to their home page where you can read statements from these people and others.

    You really missed the NYT front page three part series that was done in 2012 which detailed the problems in racing and was subsequently followed by numerous articles both in the NYT and other national newspapers and racing blogs (including the Paulick Report if you follow that in order to follow what is happening with your “investments”)? I’m truly astounded and saddened that someone investing at a high level is so so unaware.

    As a former racing breeder, owner, and elected member of our state’s HBPA and TOBA, and always present on the backstretch during morning training, I tried to keep myself apprised so my horses were safe only to learn that there are far more bad apples than good apples and I left racing and started CANTER — the first racehorse rescue to take horses standing injured in their stalls awaiting the onsite kill buyers so they would have another alternative. When I was in charge, from our one small TB track, we took in over 100 horses a year (many we had to match meat price to obtain because the owners/trainers/investors insisted on getting paid something for their horse that they injured!). We spent over $50,000 a year on surgeries and we never refused a horse — would even match meat price on a horse we knew we would have to euthanize. Approximately 30% of the horses we took in were so “unsalvageable” per the equine orthopedic surgeon, that they had to be euthanized — unsalvageable because they were injected with cortisone repeatedly and raced repeatedly on their fractures or torn tendons and ligaments with pain killing medication in addition to joint injections. ( Peer reviewed research papers confirm that 90% of horses with catastrophic injuries had preexisting conditions so how good are the pre-race exams or is the the drugs, legal and illegal that are masking the injuries?) Either way, a situation in horse racing that has worsened in the last 20 years and has not improved. (Incidentally, I never received a dime in salary or other compension. In fact, in order to help the slow and injured horses of racing, I quit my job as a court reporter. I mention this because I’ve been accused of caring about the horses because of the huge salaries I received)

    I will not be responding again. I have provided a lot of information for those that wish to learn more about racing so they can investigate on their own. I am no longer associated with CANTER and my memoir of my experiences in horse racing and how I came to leave racing will be available in a book published by St. Martin’s Press available in October. Saving Baby – How One Woman’s Love for a Racehorse Led to Her Redemption. It can be preordered at Amazon or Barnes & Noble and reviews and information are on the Amazon site right now. A portion of book sales help provide funds to the new rescue that I co-founded with others: Saving Baby Equine Charity For those that want to know what really happens on the backstretch and for those that discount PETA with a “kill the messenger” attitude, perhaps learning the every day happenings from someone who was extremely pro-racing, I hope my memoir will be informative. Clearly, the comments here from those in racing indicate that people are not demanding change because they simply do not grasp the magnitude that drugs and abuse permeate the racing industry’s win at all cost.

    • Jo Anne, thank you for your post. There are what I call the 3 D’s in racing – deny, defend, deflect. Most of the racing folks posting here deny, as you said, the magnitude of the drug problem in racing. In fact, one poster, Ms. Mohr, states she doesn’t run her horses on drugs and then says in the next sentence that she runs her horses on bute and Lasix. There really is no help for someone such as Ms. Mohr. Then you hear all the babbling about the “good” people in racing yet those same people drug their horses, race them with injuries, maim them and sometimes send them off to slaughter. The defenders are beyond help, too. Finally, there are those who talk about a horse breaking its leg in a paddock and those are the ones that choose to deflect. They know the industry is rotten to the core so they make an attempt to shine a light somewhere else instead of on the atrocities in racing. All these people are right where they belong, immersed in a culture that “loves” the horse as long as that horse is winning. Pathetic, at best…

      • Mary , lets get our facts straight , go back and reread my post i did not say i run my horses on bute . In my state you can legally give bute 48 hr out which does no good anyway , its like taking 2 aspirin for a backache and expect it those 2 aspirin to be working to days later .. i will run a horse on lasix (given by a licensed vet ) along with some herbal supplements to a horse that needs it because im trying to prevent a catastrophic event from happening . For me not to do that would be irresponsible and frankly cruel .. furthermore all drugs have side effects you have to be educated enough to determine whether the benefit outweighs the side effect . In my barn i use a combination of holistic and veterinary med. this practice is rapidly becoming the norm .. If one of your horses Mary had an abscess in there hoof would you deny that horse bute or another pain med ?? how about a colic would not allow your horse to have Banamine and acepromazine to relieve their pain ?? I would hope you would not because , that would be cruel and Barbaric in my opinion . but yet those are some of the same “drugs” you slam us for using . I know all to well there are bad people in my industry just like there are in every walk of life , But to insult and crucify all the very competent , intelligent and hardworking horsemen and women in horse racing is not only wrong on so many levels its ignorant ,, And yes i am very defensive Of the horses in my care and my love of my job.. where in the heck do people get the idea that we sit around and collect money is just crazy and uneducated , i work very very hard and still barley break even every year , and that is the case for the majority in the industry … Im sorry Mary but you need to get your facts right ..

    • Thank you for the link. Looking forward to reading your book. Sunday Silence? Please don’t underestimate my knowledge in this industry. Your post is well intended and I thank you for that. There was no need to spew sarcasm and question my understanding of the industry. I’ve joined up with Rick Porter of Fox Hill Farm in a grass roots movement to level the playing field for all including the horses. Go to Fox Hlll and take a look at our plan to revamp our sport. Have a nice weekend.

      • David Juffet, This page does not care if you donated both your kidneys to save the life of the pope. If you have an iota of pro horse racing in you, you will not be considered a good person.

        Also I warned you about the book sales….

    • Since you insist on name dropping. Your aristocratic crowd. Stronach Stable is running horses almost everyday every day. I have yet to see one that is not on lasix. Lael Stable, Barbaro’s owners, I can only assume Ms.Jackson is still a major part of that stable. Horses running on Lasix. Lets not forget The Hancocks, surely everyone knows the Hancocks. They sold Sunday Silence to Japan as fast as they could. You know Japan the same place that slaughtered Ferdinand. Just a pillar of the racing community. Well they are rich so of course that makes them better people.

      If the WHOA members are trying to remove drugs from racing why are their horses running with drugs in them??? So yes join that exclusive club.

      CANTER, I know everyone one is tired of my rants about CANTER. The organization that actually sponsors different races every year. The same CANTER that is Pro Three day Event. If anyone wishes to deny my statements simply go to Equibase and look it up. It is all right there…

      • CANTER most certainly is not the organization today as it was when Jo Anne Normile started it on her own in 1997. She left in 2005. I’m ashamed to admit I stayed until 2008. You are correct, AC…there is a huge disconnect in exclaiming one’s commitment to racehorse welfare and love for the animals, then support the very industry that destroys and disposes of them. If they want any funds at all from the industry (TAA), they must keep their mouths shut regarding anything “negative” about the racing industry. Page 10 of the TAA application.

  35. DAVID JUFFET…and here is your post verbatim: “Read my post again please don’t post wrong information. I said my horses run at a high level. I didn’t say I was as person on a High level. I treat people like I want to be treated and always show respect. Don’t bother with a ladder just post fair comments that are true facts. Thank you.”

    AND HERE IS A PREVIOUS POST FROM YOU, EXCERPTS, VERBATIM: “Another Country 2, no reply from Joy. I tried to find some middle ground fool that I am but now I realize I’m dealing with a fanatic…This may be my last post on this site. People need to come to my level I’m not going down to theirs.”

    DAVID J….you talk out of both sides of your mouth…”I’m dealing with a fanatic” (so name calling is showing respect?) And here you go…”PEOPLE NEED TO COME TO MY LEVEL I’M NOT GOING DOWN TO THEIRS.” Really DJ?..and you accused ME of twisting your words, ie, posting “wrong information”? Those words came straight from YOUR mouth. I don’t post “wrong information”…but you clearly cannot recall your own words, then you accuse others of posting untruths. Unreal.

    That 20-year-old mare that you don’t have time for – Open Window – was reported to have died breezing on a NY track the other day. Of course that is ridiculous…ridiculous if it’s true (if so, someone truly needs criminal animal abuse charges brought against them) and ridiculous if it’s not (New York’s commission cannot even get the names correct of the horses that were killed on their tracks…incompetent!). And you asked that I “not jam you with too much at once”?…in regards to the few horses’ names I gave to you? We get that all the time!…and that is exactly what my “connection to this industry” is (since you asked)…picking up the maimed horses from your industry…THAT’S my connection.

    Quick, easy link for the Bill Casner piece for you;

    And a piece from George Strawbridge:

    • You are still the Warrior Poet.

      My many years on the track, working for many different people it was not unusual to call a young horse by their mothers name. They could have not received confirmation from the JC with an official name and they could have their mothers name on the halter. Unfortunately if that is the case it would leave me to believe the horse in question is more then likely a 2yo. Information that does not help “MY” cause but that is my honest opinion on the name mix up.
      I realize my opinion is not always asked for (Rose) but there it is anyway…

      • Yes, that sounds like the likely scenario….makes sense. Also makes me sick. A 2 y/o filly or colt dead without so much a recognition of their life and very premature death…even a name. RIP, little one.

    • Thank you for all your information. Name calling I don’t think so look up the definition if fanatic it fits you like a glove. I’ve learned a lot from reading these posts and I thank everyone for their time. I’m not your personal assistant so don’t ask me too research anything for you. You always have a twisted response and are impossible to deal with. Oh by the way I am a member oh hay and oats! Also a crusader in Rick Porters racing league. Are you familiar with that movement? I’m on your side and you don’t even see that. Your not going to kill my sport but together we can create a level playing field for all,including our horses. Sorry I’m such a bad guy.

      • Oh absolutely “I” am not going to kill your sport. Horseracing is seeing to its own demise. Although I would like to help it along.

        Sure DJ, if you don’t care to help some horses in need – given your level in racing and therefore the possibility you could connect with someone that I would not have a chance of reaching – I won’t bother you with their names. I was going to ask for your e-mail address as I have an Excel file with horses’ names…horses that have disappeared and horses that are waiting for help…help that might never come. I thought you might be open to a suggesting a few ideas or offering to assist…I won’t mention it again.

        Very odd…this last post of yours, DJ, is very different from your others. Wording, flow, spelling, punctuation. Very odd.

  36. Joy and Mary, Rose and Jo Anne. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I admire your efforts to put an end to the atrocities of this brutal sport, this sport of kings. I especially love reading Joys comments as she has no fear of pointing out with clarity and certainty that the emporer has no clothes. I am new to this blog of Patricks and so glad I found it even though it makes me so very sad.

    I gave up watching racing years ago because I couldn’t bear to see the horses injured and whipped. After Barbaro was so tragically injured in the PS I blogged my fervent prayers for his recovery and devoted much of my radio talk show to my encouragement for him and other race horses who suffered injuries. I believe Barbaro’s owners are wonderful people and did everything within their power to save him. At one point in his recovery they sent me a dozen red roses to the station along with a note saying “Barbaro would want me to know how much he appreciated my prayers. ” Yes, there are some extraordinarily good people involved in this terrible and cruel sport.

    As paradoxical as it may seem, it is true.

    Joy, thank you for defending me against AC-2 ‘s remark about me not being so knowledgeable, just because I said I was. Haha….amusing. I’m certainly not as knowledgeable as so many of you posting here on this blog. That is true. Not about the sport. But I grew up with horses and have loved them all my life.

    I’m not mad at AC2 or DJ because of anything they said about me. But I do wonder how they can make statements insinuating they know something as a fact when it would be impossible for them to know it. Same thing with their assumptions that no owner would race an injured horse or all their other assertions that everything was always on the up and up and performed with integrity.

    Not so, unfortunately.

    I love horses and I hate horse racing. I cannot tolerate any kind of animal cruelty!!! To take these glorious and delicate (yes they are delicate) babies (2 and 3yo) colts and rigorously train and then race them (often injured and shot-up) for any amount of money is criminal in my book. Unless it can be reformed and I don’t see anyway it can be, I think it should be banned.

    Sadly, I doubt this will happen because the cruelest animal on earth is man.

    Thanks again to those of you working so diligently to put an end to this horrible and cruel activity they call a sport.

    God Bless you all!

    • I never once said anything about this business being on the “Up and up” or “NO” owner would run their horse injured. That must have been someone else because I know better. I did say “If you have to tell me how knowledgeable you are, you are probably not that knowledgeable”. Maybe you are the one being sensitive.

      David Juffet, I tried to warn you. If there are questions or tasks pointed your way, beware. It is a set up. I have seen it more then once. One young lady wrote how she loved racing and wished to help retired horses. She was brow beat to the point she never came back. One commenter asked how many horses she could take this weekend, when she said none the ridicule began. Of course I am paraphrasing. Those were not the exact words. <<< Cover your tracks on quotes also…

      Jazz and David this is "Thick Skin Central". Leave Mr/Ms Sensitive at the door…

      • Awwwwwww!!!! AC2…..

        Did I hurt your feelings by telling DJ to have a nice Grandfather’s Day and leaving you out? I’m sorry. I have no idea if you are a father or a mother or son or daughter or whatever. If I have mischaracterized something you said please accept my apology. It was probably due to my reaction of the visual you created of CC bouncing around the barn on his tippy toes the next day. I keep wondering how you emphatically knew that when all I have heard and read is to the contrary.

        I don’t understand why you are trying to turn DJ against the nice and caring individuals who apparently post here on a regular basis. They are not slamming him. They are not baiting him. They are including him and have been quite nice to him as far as I can see, showing an interest in his investments as well as furnishing links and long tedious posts to explain their position.

        DJ seems like a nice congenial guy. I like him. My advice to you us to stop being so paranoid. Just because you think everyone is out to get you doesn’t mean they aren’t.

        Try a little humour.

        Have a nice day.


      • I love thick skin central but thanks for the warning. Though I’m on the wrong side of the fence I’m one of the honest people in the sport. I understand the concerns of the good people who our posting comments on this site. I’ve seen a lot go down and I agree with many of their points. Thanks for watching my back but I’m a big boy and can handle what comes my way.

      • Jazz, you once again are giving yourself too much credit. It will take a whole hell of a lot more then anything on this blog to hurt my feelings. I just don’t like people stating misinformation about me. I know horses run sore. I know there are many people who are not in the up and up. Every business anymore, racing agreeablely more then most.
        The second part of my comment titled to DJ was in reguard to his 1pm comment about name calling, fanatic, and being a I

      • Personal assistant. I am sorry to inform you of this but everything is not about you…

    • JAZZIETTE, I fully agree with you that racing will never be banned. There are too many folks that make their living off these horses’ backs and they will fight tooth and nail to keep it going. Look at the denial in posts. They don’t WANT to admit the abuse.

      That being said, I do believe racing will ultimately die. Albeit, I think it’s going to be a slow, agonizing death. And that is where sites like HW can make a difference. Educating folks of horseracing’s realities will hopefully deter them from becoming new fans. And the plethora of other gambling opportunities doesn’t bode well for this dying industry, either. Maybe our growing numbers can deny resuscitation!

    • Jassiette, thank you for your support. Joy, Rose and Jo Anne feel the same way. I love horses, too, and I hate horseracing. I am very troubled, after spending years on the backside of a low level track here in Ohio, by the way the horses are treated. I have seen horror stories, not once or twice, but many, many times. I personally believe that the general public is clueless as to how many of these horses are treated so it is important to get the information out there for all to see. The racing enthusiasts, posting here, will, most likely, never “get it” so my effort is more focused with trying to get people to STOP betting on the horses. Without gambling revenue, the revolting racing industry would just go away. Another point is that racing embraces/accepts a culture of drugs, maiming horses, breaking them down and, sometimes, sending them to slaughter. Anyone who supports racing is, in my opinion, guilty of being complicit in those atrocities. I know those are strong words but I do stand by what i have just stated.

  37. PS…I still think it is possible CC was injured prior to the Belmont.

    Also, DJ, stop being so sensitive. No one said you were a bad person.

    Happy Grandfathers Day tomorrow! :)

    • Thank you so much! Was about to send a post to you but you beat me to it. If and I guess I did say anything to offend you I apologize. I sincerely am looking for major changes I horse racing. The sport isn’t going to disappear and I’m behind a level playing field for all horses on top of my list. Have a great weekend.

  38. Mary Johnson,
    I have no contacts. I worked as a groom and hot walker mostly at lower end tracks. I did have 1 horse I raced and trained. Red ran twice, first time he came in third, second time he won. He just was not interested. I retired him and he remained with me until he died at the age of 23.

    I worked at the track from the age of 12-36. 95% of the people loved their horses and would do anything for them. Most of the people I know did not race to get rich. I am sure that their for some that did not. There are bad apples of course but that is anywhere.

    I run a rescue. I have 14 horses here, TBs, QHs and Mustangs from all walks of life, including rescuing one from a supporter of PETA.

    • Thank you Lisa , I too have spent most of my career around the smaller tracks , We all work very hard for little money , often subsidizing our incomes by moonlighting , galloping ponying or cleaning stalls , and do this 7 days a week all year long in all weather , through illness and injury .. All to take care of our horses before we do ourselves .. not all racetrack people are bad .. We love our horses thats why we do it

      • Laura, I am going to respond to your message and sincerely hope that you will get back to me with the info that I request. First of all, you do say in a previous post that you pony horses and are also involved with training. I looked up “Laura Mohr” on Equibase and nothing shows up under the owner/trainer listings for that name. Perhaps you are training as part of a partnership or under another name, but I would like to know your “real” name for the purpose of gathering info on Equibase. If you can’t provide me with that info, then I would like the names of four or five of the horses that you “train”. As we know, I can then determine if your horses run on Lasix or bute, or, perhaps, both. That is public information so I am NOT asking you to provide anything that is confidential. Therefore, going forward, with the info you provide, i will be able to follow the horses that you “train”. I have a fair number of horses in my Virtual Stable so a few more won’t be a problem!

        I also need to apologize to you. You did NOT say that you run your horses on bute but, as we know, most horses run on bute the MAJORITY of the time. Therefore, that is why I asked for your credentials so that i can see for myself if, indeed, your horses run bute free. However, this is a quote from you in a previous post…”and no I don’t run my horses on drugs!!” Those are your words, not mine! You then state…”And yes Mary I will give Lasix to my horses that need that medication because frankly I don’t enjoy watching my horse choke on there own blood (by the way, it is “their” blood, not “there” blood). Please correct me if I am wrong, but Lasix is a DRUG and it is a dirty drug. Therefore, are you in denial that Lasix is a drug or do you truly not understand that it is a drug? I know that is a really tough question but please try to answer it for me. Just recently, I looked at an 8 race card at a track here in Ohio. ALL the horses were running on Lasix with the exception of ONE! I am not the sharpest tack in the box when it comes to math, but that is approximately 98% – 98% are running on Lasix. Now, let’s put Lasix aside. If I ran a horse that could potentilaly “drown in its own blood”, I wouldn’t race that horse but perhaps I have a different concept of “love” than you do. I have a feeling that racing, for you, is about the money. You do state that “unhealthy, abused horses do NOT make money” so, on some level, this is about the money. You also babble a good bit about bute and compare it to aspirin…”its like taking 2 aspirin for a backache” Aspirin can do a great deal of damage to humans as it can to other animals, including horses. In fact, I doubt if aspirin would even be approved by the FDA today because of GI bleeds being a side effect. I shared with you info on Lasix and would be happy to share with you info on bute. My question to you is why are horses racing on bute if they are pain free and healthy? If you woke up on a beautiful Sunday morning and you were feeling “great”, would you pop a couple of aspirin or another analgesic? Just wondering because I know you wouldn’t run a horse that wasn’t 100% healthy…or would you?

        Now, I am going to address one of your concerns and this will be the ONLY time that I will do so. I have been involved with horses for well over 50 years and got my first horse, an OTTB, in 1963. I mention that because this isn’t my first time up to home plate although you would like to continue to call me an “idiot” and “delusional” which, of course, is just your attempt to deflect from the atrocities committed in racing. You ask what I consider to be a truly idiotic question…”if one of your horses Mary had an abscess in there (should be “their”, but, of course, I am the idiot – LMAO!) hoof would I deny that horse bute or another pain med?? what about colic…” No, Laura, I would NOT deny my horse bute or another pain med. Let me repeat that in case this is one of your “slow” days….I would NOT deny my horse a pain med. I would NOT deny my horses banamine. I ALWAYS keep bute and banamine on hand, just to bring you up to speed. However, with your logic, if my horse had an abscess, i would treat with bute and then enter the horse in a race or another high impact sport. Drug them and run them is racing’s motto! Don’t you just love it, Laura? This is what I would do, Laura, after being in the business for 50 years. i would call the vet, wrap the hoof, soak the hoof, change the wrap, etc. AND GIVE MY HORSE BUTE FOR THE FIRST WEEK OR SO! GOT IT? I sincerely hope that I have answered your “ignorant/idiotic” question.

        I NEVER said that you, or anyone else in racing, sat around and collected money. What I have said is that racing embraces/accepts a culture of drugging horses, racing them with injuries, maiming them, sometimes breaking them down, and, oftentimes, handing them off for slaughter. That is what I said so I would strongly suggest that YOU get YOUR facts straight, dear girl. Finally, you state that you “work very very hard and still barley (should be barely, but, once again, I am the idiot) break even every year, and this is the case for the majority in the industry”. You make a good point and I believe you because i have witnessed it for years and years on the backside of a low level track. However, if I could barely break even for years, I would find other employment. I would NEVER continue to exploit animals who have no voice in how they are treated day in and day out. I would get the hell out and use my talents elsewhere but perhaps I’m not the idiot that you referred to earlier in your post. Anyone who continues to toil on the backstretch of a track and can barely make ends meet is an idiot, in my opinion.

        Please answer ALL my questions in this post and have a great day!

    • Lisa, thank you for all you do to help the horses destroyed by racing. I spent years on the backside of a low level track in Ohio. That track is now closed so you can probably guess which one it was! You mention that most people did not “get rich” at the track and i agree with you 100%. Because most tracks and horses are low level, those owners/trainers need to squeeze every penny they can out of the horse. A horse standing in a stall does not generate revenue as we both know. You say that 95% of the people “loved” their horses. That isn’t what I obseved over many years. Now, if you say they “loved” their horses but were unable to take adequate care of them, I might agree with you. These owners and trainers could barely afford to feed themselves. I got sick and tired of seeing skinny, lame horses on the walkers. Many at the track lived in their cars or trucks. In fact, one owner/trainer asked me to bring cat food to him so that his girlfriend, who was a pony rider, could feed her 40 stray cats. i took him 6 bales of hay and a 50# bag of grain because he had NOTHING to feed his horses who were racing!

      Since you run a rescue, i would like to know the name of that rescue. I have rescued for years but I am not a “rescue” if that makes any sense. I was responsible for helping to “save” Cactus Cafe and Canuki from inside a Canadian slaughterhouse about two years ago plus, in the past, I would buy horses from the low lifes at the track to keep them from going to the kill buyer middleman who, at the time, was also an owner/trainer. His name was Edward J. Harvey. Please understand that he was just one of several who made money as part of the slaughter pipeline. I no longer pay for the horses that need a place to go, but I could have easily taken 5 horses off the low level track every single week and they would have been FREE! The racing industry expects me, and others like me, to pick up the broken bodies of horses they made money on and that is what is totally unacceptable to me. Let those who support racing put their money where their mouths are!

      • Mary,
        I help all abused animals. In fact, the 3 TBs I have here were sent to me cross country by their owners as they wanted to retire them and wanted to make sure that they went to a forever home. I have a Mustang that I had to rescue from a PETA person who decided that it was only proper to let the horse loose. There are more QHs and other breeds then TBs that go to slaughter.

        The name of my place is Dreamscape. The horse I raced was named Bald N Beautiful. The tracks name was Suffolk Downs. I can honestly say that in all my years at the track, I may have seen 2-3 skinny horses. Horses who were lame were not allowed to run. The track vet took care to make sure they did not. Were their people who abused their horses or did something illegal? I am sure there is a small minority.

        I have no idea why you observed all the negative you did. Perhaps that is what you were looking for. Or you may have once had a bad experience. I really do not know.

  39. Mary nice scathing comment back to Lisa. Your not going to move forward with comments like that. Same old page always asking for something. Waste if breath I’m afraid. Putting people on the defensive will get you no where and that’s where your at.

    • Mr. Juffet, a nice “scathing” comment back to Lisa? The definition of “scathing” is bitter or severe. I asked her what was the name of her “rescue” and i told her about the broken bodies that I have picked up that have been destroyed by YOUR industry. I’m not sure what you mean by “moving forward” but I will challenge you as to one comment you made. You state that “putting people on the defensive will get me nowhere”.Shining a light on the “dirty secrets” in racing has had an effect. You are smart enough to know that. According to Arthur Hancock, racing is losing 4% of its fan base every year. Why would racing be losing 4% of its fan base every year if everthing was puppies and rainbows? However, i did make a statement that may have caused you some discomfort. The racing indsutry does expect me, and others, to pick up the bodies of those horses that it destroys and that is wrong – very wrong.

  40. By the way I’m not asking you for anything. I haven’t had a horse breakdown in 10 years. If you don’t like what your doing don’t do it and stop bitching it’s getting a tad boring. My grandson went to a county fair yesterday animals all caged up and suffering point your finger at them. My horses are healthy and happy cost us $3500 a month treated like kings.

    • DJ, since you witnessed the suffering caged-up animals at the fair (and I wholeheartedly agree that it is horrific), I hope you spoke up or will be. If we witness abuse or suffering and turn away, we are guilty of that suffering as well (Black Beauty?). And for shame, we do live in an apathetic society where abusers shout “It’s none of your business!”

      I’m not going to argue your belief your horses are treated like kings..we are clearly in opposition of each other’s convictions and neither will ever change the other’s views…as I’ve said before, we simply hold different value systems. But if you run your horses in claiming races (and since you will not disclose your horses’ names, we will never know), you will leave them unprotected and will be throwing them to the wolves. Like many, many, many “loved kings and queens” before them.

  41. Mary Johnson, I will answer a few of your questions , I have not run a horse in my name since 2009 , and yes a different last name . ( my maiden name ) I did that because my father was very highly respected . I left the track in the fall of 2009 due to an injury and some personal reasons , during my time away i also fighting an illness that landed me at Mayo a few times. I went back to the track in 2012 i no longer train my own now i am an assistant trainer and pony … At this point im not really comfortable with giving you my maiden name or my bosses name i will give a few of our horses names . Remember i am only the asst so what they run on not really my call , i can tell you that they run on nothing illegal . i can also tell you we have only had one injury this year and that horse was given by the owner to our gallop girl and lives out in a nice pasture with his buddy a miniature pony ..Now on to the drug subject , i very well know what bute does and what the side effects are . I also know very well what lasix is and what it does and what the side effects are . I did have to take Pharmacology in vet tech school ( Hey look this dumb backsider can spell the big words ) There is a fine line between drugs and medications , i see drugs as being illegal , funny when you use certain drugs its all on the up and up and when i do im doping my horse ?? Talk about hypocrisy ( hey look another big word ) And guess what i would treat an abcess the exact same way you would and no i would not drug my horse and run him because not only would that be just plain stupid it would be cruel. One of my pony horses (retired race horse ” Monarch Shuffle”) developed an abscess at the end of March I spent all of April soaking , packing etc til the abscess came out now he is turned out for the summer taking it easy ! Wow IM ABUSIVE huh ?? , Like i said before i grew up in this my business . My father was a horse trainer for 40 years and my uncle a breeder .. both of which are in the Hall of Fame in the state where im from and highly respected horseman. This is the career i chose and this is what i love and frankly i would rather be broke and happy than a miserable robot doing something i hate .. Now Back to the Lasix thing ,Mary when i was growing up the state vet had to witness the horse bleeding before they would allow you to run on Lasix . I agree with you although i do think it has its place only when needed , i think nowadays it is way over used .. Not all horses will bleed when they run. so yes i wish they would change that.. As far as other drugs or medications such as Steroids , narcotic pain killers etc.. im completely against and just for the record i don’t agree with running sore or injured horses.. Im all for OTTB rescue and have the utmost respect for anyone that is willing to help clean up horseracing . In fact i was offered a farm manager position not to long ago on Dallas Keens farm in Texas who not only a trainer but along with his wife runs a rescue.. What i don’t have any respect for is people that want hurl accusations and name call and try to destroy peoples lives all in the name of saving a horse from the cruelty of horseracing.. Oh yes i have watched the PETA video and frankly i am appalled at the lack of knowledge , the showing of only parts of conversations , the twisting of peoples statements just to get there way , Most of the so called drugs the showed on there were over the counter supplements and cimetidine used to treat ulcers . But of course the general public does not know these things. I doubt you people will ever shut us down but if you did get your way do you ever consider the ramifications of your actions ? Like the 100,000+ people you would be putting out of work or the lives and families you would destroy ? How about the local businesses that the fans and racetrack people frequent like restaurants , motels and stores ?? What about the farmers that sell hay and straw at the tracks , The feed stores tack stores ?? No you dont think about that . And worse what do you really think will happen to all them horses ??? there are not enough homes now , But you continue to attack people like me !

    • Laura, did you not call me, and others, “idiots” in one of your first posts yet you say you have “no respect” for those who name call? Does that mean you don’t respect yourself? Unreal! You are very good at talking out of both sides of your mouth. You watched the PETA video and you were NOT appalled at Nehro’s treatment? Wow! Did you watch the HBO Sports Special a couple of weeks ago where ASSmussen and Blasi were interviewed? ASSmussen said his horses did NOT run with drugs, yet, when questioned, he admitted that, yes, they ran with Lasix and I believe it was a thyroid medication and clenbuterol. Poor Steve ASSmussen….he, too, seems to have a problem being honest about the drugs that his horses are running on. I guess you’ve got to feel a little sorry for the clown! Blasi couldn’t even put a sentence together. He stuttered and stammered all over the place! However, Mary Scollay, the state vet in Kentucky, really told it like it is. I’m sure she put a nail into racing’s coffin. I can’t even get into a discussion about corticosteroids. Destruction of a horse’s joints really upsets me, possibly more than the Lasix issue. i remember being on the bakcside of the track and watching the track vet go from barn to barn to barn…injecting, and injecting and injecting. It made me sick then and it makes me sick now.

      By the way, if you were offered a farm manager’s postition with Donna and Dallas Keen in Burleson, Texas, you must be in Texas. I’m surprised you didn’t jump on that opportunity. I personally know Donna Keen. I sent two horses to her to be rehomed. I also donated a week at my condo to her in order to raise funds for Remember Me Rescue. Again, Laura, this isn’t my first time up to home plate.

      You say that I am trying to destroy peoples lives all in the name of saving a horse from the cruelty of horseracing..Therefore, you are admitting that there is cruelty in horseracing but I want to thank you for saying that you “respect” people who are trying to “clean up” horseracing. If most of the people in racing are “good” people, why does it need to be “cleaned up”? I tried for years to “clean up” horseracing, to no avail. I am done with that now. I am in this for the horses, not for those who abuse them.

      For some reason, i am very suspicious of some of the things you have stated. You obviously lied about Lasix because you said that you don’t run your horses on drugs yet you do run your horses on Lasix. You also say that you don’t run your horses on bute, and I can’t prove if that statement is true or false. You won’t divulge the names of your horses so I can’t follow them in Equibase in order to determine if they run on bute or run clean. It seems that perhaps you have something to hide. Of course, i can’t prove that but, as I said, I am suspicious that your horses don’t run on bute when they do run on Lasix.

      Finally, it is possible to do something you love AND make money, too. You don’t have to stay in racing and barely make ends meet. I’m not in racing, I make good money, and I like what I am doing. It is possible! You are right about there not being enough homes for all racing’s horses that have nowhere to go. It is incredibly sad. Because I am a business woman, iniitally it would be a lot worse if racing went bye bye, but, after a couple of years, fewer horses would be bred and, eventually, there would be fewer horses on this planet. If there is no demand (through the gambling industry), fewer horses would be supplied. That is Business 101 – supply and demand.

      If you ever want to give me the names of the horses that are in your stable, I will put them into my Virtual Stable and follow them. However, if they run on bute, which I’m sure they don’t since you only run 100% healthy horses, I will call you out on your fabrication. Fair enough?

  42. GREAT post Laura! Truth Rules! Beg to differ on one point though the industry employs more then 100k people. I for one would rather see horse farms then condos stacked 3 high. Horse racing is a wonderful industry. Stand tall and be proud of your family history. Yes we need changes but these changes won’t be motivated by the posts on this website. The changes will come from people like you and me. Before move forward you need to have a broad knowledge of the industry which is lacking in some of these posts. Stand tall soul sister loved your post. Dave J. You can contact me on linked in where people treat people with respect and don’t ask for information that is off sides and none of their business to begin with.

    • Thank you David I enjoy your posts as well .. I try to be nice and not stoop too their level but its hard , Im very proud of where i come from and who my Family is ( Ill tell you at another time ) he was one of the best horsemen i ever knew and ive met quite a few .. I will defend my love of horseracing with every thing in me because not only is it my job its my life ! Good luck with your horses btw .

      • So nice to read a positive post! I believe one makes their own luck by living life honestly. We run our older horses 5/6 times a year. 2yo not until late fall when their knees are closed and on no lasix no medication at all. I want to know if horse has bled. Doing very good against stables that run the babies on medication. Hoping to get one of are into breeders cup where medication is banned. I’d like to see all medication banned. Time will tell. Meanwhile keeping my head above water and our horses are doing great! Have a great night! Thanks for the feedback.

      • Laura, you try to “be nice and not stoop too their level (by the way, it is “to” their level, not “too” their level) yet, on one of your first posts on this page, you call us “idiots” and later you call us “delusional”. Therefore, your words ring hollow. Continue to slave on the backstretch but please don’t complain about “barely breaking even”. That is your choice to “barely break even”. At least you don’t put your life on the line everyday the way that the horses do!

    • That’s correct, DJ…”changes won’t be motivated by the posts on this website”…those posts you are referring to, I assume, by those of us “anti-racing” folks. We aren’t asking for the limited changes some of those in the racing industry have been begging for…we are educating to bring a quicker death to the industry. I’m not certain if you either listened to or read the testimony of the 2008 Congressional hearing on the drugs and breakdowns in TB horseracing. In it, Mr. Hancock begged for an independent oversight in order to stop the rampant drugging and abuse of the horses in the industry. He begged, as he had done YEARS before. And STILL nothing.

      Since horseracing is for the entertainment of the betting public (not to mention for owners’ ego stroking, connections’ bread and butter), the horses most certainly are our business! I’m a member of the betting public, for all you know. I should know what drugs have been administered to a horse I might be betting on….and as well as to the other horses in the field. The fact that you will not disclose your horses’ names surely isn’t transparent, is it…makes one wonder what it is you might be attempting to hide.

      • I am a minority investor and have several partners. My interest in most runners is around 10 to 15%. It’s not fair to list these horses being there not in my name. We don’t run horses in claiming races. Why do you want to put theses horses in your virtual stable? Nice day today at the Spa by the way.

  43. Mary, Spelling and grammar lessons again ?? Really ?? Again i said i try not to .. just to be clear i make the majority of my living on the back of a horse so yes i do put my life on the line every day

    • Gosh, Laura, you noticed that, once again, I had to give you a grammar lesson, but, remember, you are the one that called me an “idiot”. If you put your life on the line everyday, you choose to do so. The horses don’t have a choice and that, Laura, is the difference. They are exploited by the gambling industry…lives destroyed all for a freaking bet. You have no idea how much I despise the racing industry!

      • Laura don’t put your life on the line everyday. Get a nice honest job, like maybe a pharmaceutical rep. Then you will have plenty of time to to complain about the drugs your company makes or pushes on the community. With your extra time you can even try to correct everyone’s grammar.

        Ask some in here what they do for a living. Ask them if their company has ever harmed animals. I believe you will be surprised. See it is ok to harm animals just as long as they are not horses.

  44. Laura, you and Mr. Juffet have something in common. Neither of you will disclose the names of your horses so that we can follow them. Lack of transparency is the middle name of racing. Both of you are right where you belong!

    • I’m where I belong a beautiful day at Saratoga. We’re trail walking 3 horses this morning. No medication!

  45. Mr. AC2, didn’t you accuse me of selling OxyContin a fee months back, which, of course, was a lie?

    • A “FEE” months back??? WOW!!! You have the gall to correct her grammar.

      I believe I did make that statement or insinuate you were. Are you saying you don’t WORK/didn’t work for a pharmaceutical company. See that is like Laura working for a trainer. She may not like all the things her employer does. If you are or have worked in that field you are working for a drug dealer. If you are not high enough up in that organization to peddle Oxycontin doesn’t take away that your company does.(or a comparative) Companies like that have turned America into a nation of addicts.

      Many other drugs are just as bad for humans and animals. I wonder where Bute, Lasix, and all the other drugs that horses have in their systems come from? Even the ones shown on the PETA video…

      • AC2, or whoever you are because we don’t know for sure, have a wonderful day and remember one thing. If you are unhappy with a product that a company markets, do NOT purchase that product. I am unhappy with the racing industry, so I don’t bet and I encourage family and friends NOT to bet. You are unhappy with the pharmaceutical companies. Therefore, don’t purchase their products. Hurt them where it hurts the most – in their wallet. If you develop cancer, drink fruit juice instead of being treated with chemo drugs. If you cut your finger, rub an onion into the wound rather than using Neosporin. If you develop a respiratory infection or high blood pressure, just leave those untreated. You can make a difference by refusing to put money in the drug companies coffers. That is Business 101.

      • Mary, you are totally honest and you do not vacillate unlike so many others here. Frankly, at this point I take most of what they say with a grain of salt !
        You are so right when you said they are right where they belong. Of course, that would be true if you can even believe they are where they say they are !!!

      • Come on Mr. or Ms. AC2, you must know the difference between a typographical error, bad grammar and the words, to, too and two !!!! Do I give you too much credit ???

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